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u/mk0r · 2 pointsr/santacruz

I strongly recommend Here is how I would approach this path.

1st layer: Increase your ‘movement baseline’ — that means walking 10,000 steps per day, doing challenges like the 30/30 squat challenge and the 7/30 hanging challenge, stretching/limbering all the time. Use this YouTube playlist I’ve made for my personal training clients. Go on explorative walks and hikes in the outdoors.

2nd layer: Begin a structured strength & conditioning program using elementary gymnastics/calisthenics mixed with barbell training and high-intensity conditioning efforts such as hill sprints. Do this about 3x per week. (good coaching is absolutely imperative for this stuff. Go to Santa Cruz Strength linked above and they will set you up).

3rd layer: Develop a movement practice/hobby. Take a few months to attend 3-4 weeks of classes or focused practice in any movement modalities that have low injury risk and are practical for daily life, for example: brazilian jiu jitsu or MMA ( or, dance of any kind, rock climbing (, and on and on... give stuff a chance, be in the moment and embrace the fact that you will suck for a while but practice pays off and things become fun.

Zero'th layer: Dial in your nutrition, sleep, and lifestyle/stress-recovery. The single best place to start is here: and the author’s website

Finally — enjoy the process, be in the moment. Track progress if that motivates you but put too much focus on metrics, go by how things feel and use your intuition (evaluate before, during, and after every single action, was this beneficial/skillful, and be pliant/agile/mindful enough to ruthlessly adjust). My favorite single resource for ‘getting your mind right’ is

You are lucky to be in Santa Cruz while embarking on the health and fitness journey. I think it’s a place that can foster this kind of transformation like few others. Let me know if you have any questions about the above-mentioned, I’ll be happy to offer further suggestions or clarifications based on more specific details about your situation

u/uluscum · 1 pointr/santacruz

It takes between 40-60 hours to effectively fight a ticket and win. Is it worth your time?

If you just write a statement and go to a hearing, you will lose.

If you want to burn a work week of time and have some fun “fighting the man” and learn some stuff, then this book is excellent:

Nolo press has also been a good resource:

And I even made use of the county law library.

(Source: After getting some BS parking tickets and moving violations, I started fighting them. Lifetime, I have beaten 7 tickets, and lost twice. To win, you have to spend hours and hours preparing and navigating to a real hearing, and I only succeeded b/c of that book and because I practiced and rehearsed with a college buddy who is a lawyer now. The last ticket I got, I just paid, b/c it burns so much time and causes much stress.)

u/Black_Lace_and_Butts · 2 pointsr/santacruz

This book is pretty good. Wilder Ranch has a lot of information too, especially if you ask the docents.

u/BanzaiTree · 1 pointr/santacruz

No, not a terrible speed but a lot less than what the OP was getting. It's this Motorola modem, recommended by Comcast:

It is capable of handling up to 21.5 MBps (172 Mbps), almost twice as much as what I'm getting.

u/slugkid · 2 pointsr/santacruz

This is the book you want—Mushrooms of the Redwood Coast, 600 pages and co-written by a local kid.

u/ChargerCarl · 3 pointsr/santacruz

They come from a particular region in Mexico. The young people move up here, sell heroin to earn some money, then move back to their village with a king's ransom.

There was a book written about it:

u/Akitten84 · 1 pointr/santacruz

I finally broke down and got a kit for my family from amazon, had my eye on it for awhile, since I felt it would be more difficult finding all the individual items, too. $179.99 for a 4 person supply, theres 3 of us. There’s two huge backpacks packed with most of what’s on that list above, with room and pockets to add what you want personally. Amazon I’ve never added a link from the mobile app, not sure if it’ll work.. but if you search for emergency pack or go bag, you’d likely find it. I had rechecked when we were waiting for the power shut off from PG&E but then we never lost power. 🤷🏽‍♀️