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u/spicedpumpkins · 11 pointsr/buildapcsales

OK let's use your example. Hang on, this is going to be a long read.

THE BUILD THINKING PROCESS: Have realistic goals for your budget and build the highest resolution to fps ratio you can get for the money with a target of 60fps minimum for at least 75% of the time.

When I make a build I almost always include an adaptive sync monitor (freesync/gsync) in the budget because of exactly your scenario.

When enabled, the average person CANNOT distinguish in the middle of a fight between 130 and 144fps. Now you're going to get that super APM Korean here who will claim they can but on average most people cannot consistently distinguish above even 120hz....Linus tech tips and a bunch of other respected tech youtubers have fleshed this out ad nauseum.

With this in mind, adaptive sync alone can often mitigate loss of frames vs what you actually notice when playing, thus slightly future proofing your needs to upgrade immediately on a new hardware cycle.

When a friend, family member or colleague asks for a pc build the following questions come into play:

  1. What specific games or genre of games will you be playing?

  2. I explain to them what adaptive sync is and usually Show them this video. I also tell them I try to target them at 60fps on average as most people CAN notice below 60fps. At my house I have 1080p 75hz, 1440p 144hz/165hz and Ultrawide 3440x1440p at 120hz set ups for me and my own family and explaining to them these are $1100+, $2000+ and $3500+ builds and let them play with them. I also have built budget builds sub $600 but explain that there won't be an adaptive sync monitor in the build.

  3. Then I ask what's their top dollar budget before tax using roughly $1k, $2k and $3.5k increments and tell them what resolution and refresh rate they are buying into so they have upfront expectations of the best case scenario for frames. I also clearly explain that there will be variable fps depending on what is going on in the game and how graphics intensive it is.

    In addition, I also explain the difference in most games between med, high and ultra settings and what things you could turn off to increase frames and not notice much difference in overall gameplay (e.g. Turn off Hairworks, Reduce shadows appropriately, at higher resolutions there is little need for higher AA, etc.)


    According to most recent Steam Hardware Survey the vast majority of gamers are rocking 1050ti/1060 level of cards. These are 1080p medium to high settings cards that can deliver 30-120+ fps depending on game.

    I tell them there is ZERO need to upgrade even when new hardware comes out IF you are happy with the current FPS of games you are playing. Seriously. Who gives a shit if all they want to play are esports titles like DOTA, LOL, Overwatch, Rocket League, Fortnite, etc and are getting 60fps+ and frankly typically 100+fps in those titles with those GPUs. Why bother upgrading a 3-5 year old system at all if your gaming experience is good and you are pleased with the current results.

    When to upgrade then? When a game comes out that you know you want to play outperforms your current setup and you are willing to pay to meet the performance bar. Depending on title, this MOST of the time doesn't even require anything more than a GPU upgrade if they already have a solid CPU and RAM config.

    I'll give you the perfect example. I had a colleague who was playing mostly esports titles with a 1060ti rocking a i5 4690k with 16GBs of DDR3 but now wanted to start playing more graphic intensive games such as Witcher 3 and Monster Hunter World PC at 60fps+ and he thought he had to buy an entire new computer and came to me. He currently has a 144hz 1080p IPS gsync monitor. I said no way man. Don't throw out the baby with the bath water. His rig specific for gaming is still quite playable in most titles. I asked him if he was happy to keep his current playing resolution (1080p gsync) or if MIGHT consider going 1440p in the near future. He said he was sure he wanted to stay at 1080p for now. I suggested he just upgrade to a 2060 for $350ish bucks. He ended up getting a 2060 for a little over $350 and is extremely happy with this upgrade path. Here he thought he was going to have to spend $1500+ and was perfectly happy with the $350 upgrade.


    I take my sweet ass time and tell them it will take at least a week before I'm done building when all parts arrive (even though I can knock out most builds in a few hours) so I have no rush on myself as I build PC's for a relaxing hobby and not a job. Some people build legos or models. I like building PC's.

    Long read. I hope it helps save you some money and make a more informed PC building decision.
u/perfes · 4 pointsr/buildapcsales

Most of the monitors here are free sync and I would say have good implementations however I will include a Gsync category.


I would not recommend 4k for the 2080. It would be able to run games around 60 fps at 4k however refresh rate will make things more enjoyable. Also, 4k high refresh rate monitors are currently very expensive.


Good value companies to look at:


Pixio (Did not list since availability issues but worth looking at)



More established companies to look at:





Gigabyte (They have one monitor on the market)



TL;DR of VA vs IPS

IPS has slightly better viewing angles than VA.

IPS has slightly better colors VA.

IPS has better response time than VA.

However, VA does not have defects like IPS glow and much better contrast, so much better blacks and such.


TL;DR of TN vs IPS

IPS has much better viewing angles than TN. TN will color shift if looked at straight on.

IPS has much better colors than TN.

TN has the best response rate.

TN is basically worse in every way than VA and IPS except for response time.




Nixeus EDG 27" (NX-EDG27S v2) : $399.99

Here is one of the best value 1440p, 144hz, IPS monitors

Aorus AD27QD 27": $595.33

Arguably one of the best 1440p, 144hz IPS monitor:

VIOTEK GN27DB 27": $329.99

A good value VA panel by Viotek

Samsung CHG70 27-inch: $499.99

A good quality Samsung monitor however I would say it is overpriced, uses a VA panel

Dell S-Series 27" (S2719DGF): $368.75

A good cheap TN panel usually can be found around $300 on sale

AOC Agon AG271QX 27" : $390.00

An alternative to the dell.




LG 32GK650F-B 32": $408.98

This is the LG monitor I would recommend over the one this post has

BenQ EX3203R 32": $537.99

Here is an alternative Benq monitor

The two 32" monitors are also VA panels.




MSI Non-Glare UltraWide 21:9 Screen 34": $419.99 also there is a $20 MIR.

Here is an MSI ultrawide (21:9) 1440p inside your price range

Currently on sale on Newegg, however, remember Newegg has a terrible dead pixel policy.

Instead, I would buy it from B&H even though it is a little more expensive: $449.99

Acer ED347CKR bmidphzx 34" 21:9: $499.99

Here is an alternative ultrawide in case you don't want the MSI one

Both of the ultrawide monitors I have listed are VA panels.

VIOTEK GN35DR 35" 21:9: $449.99

Another ultrawide alternative by Viotek



Gsync monitors (Would not recommend since you are paying extra for gsync without any apparent benefits anymore since free sync now works with Nvidia GPUs)

Dell Gaming S2716DGR 27.0" : $446.00

Can be found on sale around $350 mark. This is a TN panel

Acer Predator XB271HU bmiprz 27" : $599.99

The old goto monitor before free sync became compatible with Nvidia gpus.

ASUS ROG PG279Q 27" : $699.00

The other goto monitor before free sync became compatible with Nvidia gpus.

u/TacticalPopsicle · 1 pointr/buildapcsales

There's tons of good options sub $100, HyperX Clouds are really popular on this sub, I haven't tried them myself but my friends like it and the reviews look good.

If you want a split headphone/mic system, audiotechina and sennhieser are pretty good that have headphones in sale somewhat often. Just be sure to get a decent mic like the snowball although this mic might push you over your budget with the headphonws i listed. Theres good headphones by phillips and monoprice that are ~$50 o keep you under $100. Or a cheap clip on like this zalman one I use this mic and the only issue I have is that theres no mute button but most chat programs have one so its not too bad.

As for the mic issue have you tried playing with the windows setting and your chat program? You could boost your mic and adjust the threshold to not pick up your breathing noises

u/Dubesta11 · 12 pointsr/buildapcsales

The last time they had this, most of the products sold out within hours. Here are some of the best deals:

Logitech G602 Wireless Gaming Mouse with 250 Hour Battery Life $44.99: Amazing mouse with a battery that never dies, I own one and would not go back to wired ever again.

Logitech G510s Gaming Keyboard $59.99: A feature non-mechanical keyboard for someone more interested in looks, and their display system. Also has different colored RGB backlighting, something that is just now coming to mechanical keyboards.

Logitech Gamepad F310 $12.50: A great wired gamepad, makes any racing or indy game feel much better.

Logitech Wireless Gaming Headset G930 with 7.1 Surround Sound $69.99: Wireless with 7.1, looks great, and has a lot of positive reviews. Costs as much on sale as the G430 is full price.

Logitech Wireless All-In-One Keyboard TK820 with Built-In Touchpad $49.99: One of their new products, makes for couch browsing a lot easier.

u/Russ916 · 6 pointsr/buildapcsales

Here are a few options that I've found for you, which may suite your needs.

u/connorboy · 3 pointsr/buildapcsales

I really like it a lot. I went from 1080p 60hz -> this and the colors I got from this amazon review here made it look really really nice

Although I don't have it on 144hz yet (still on 760 GPU, waiting for MSI Gaming X 1070 to be in stock) its still a huge upgrade, they colors look really nice and the stand is super good. Also, games run really well surprisingly even though I'm on 1440p and that probably has something to do with g-sync, so that is really good as well.

Overall rating it right now solid 9/10

u/Wulf6489 · 7 pointsr/buildapcsales

These are always on sale for about $58 but figured the $46 was a pretty good deal. I bought the open box deal a few weeks ago and there was nothing wrong with them, aside from the box being torn up, but that is just my own experience, yours may differ.

So far these things are fantastic! I have them paired with a V-Moda Boompro and everything works and sounds great. There is a large community for these and a lot of tutorials on how to change out the pads and whatnot.



Here are a few links for you all




New ---> $57.99




V-Moda Boompro ---> $29.98 + Free Shipping












Replacement pad adapter for sale on Ebay.


Replacement pads without pad adapter








Discussion Thread






u/damian001 · 2 pointsr/buildapcsales

I looked up Buyoo's website... and I can say I'm glad I didn't buy the monitor. Its way too sketch! They are a very small company.

Hell, they even have a video on their website telling you how to remove reviews on Amazon..

Anyways, Buyoo is NOT a retailer. They don't sell anything specific like Newegg, Best Buy, Frys, etc. They're more like a website like Slickdeals/PCPartsPicker that is meant to find you deals... BESIDES, how can a small company that no-one's ever heard of expect to make a profit by selling these monitors for $100 less than their actual price?

...What I am thinking is Buyoo "bought" these monitors off of that Amazon scammer selling them for $137, and Buyoo is hoping they can make a $30 profit by selling them on Walmart... Except Buyoo will never receive those monitors to send out to people who placed their orders, because they don't even realize that they bought from a scammer.

u/Forty44Four · 21 pointsr/buildapcsales

These paired with a V-MODA BoomPro Mic are a perfect match, and pretty much the best gaming headset you can put together for under $100. I've had mine for about 9 months now and it is fantastic, sounds amazing and haven't had any issues with either items.

Personally I took a black marker and covered up the big R and L. Simple solution to make them look less cheap.

u/wokethebears · 5 pointsr/buildapcsales

This is the same price and doesn't use PWM. It's more or less a budget one still, no freesync, but it does have DisplayPort, and just not having PWM makes it better than the ASUS, as they are similar in most other respects.

If you're willing to spend just a little more, this is looked at as the best 144Hz 1080p TN model, its great in every respect and currently at one of the lowest prices I've seen it.

u/CrazyDave48 · 2 pointsr/buildapcsales

I use a Blue Yeti mic, but its honestly overkill for what I use it for (game chat on discord)

The Vmoda boom mic pro would be perfect with this headset.

it would plug right into the headset itself and have a better audio and mic quality than any gaming headset

edit: Haha, if you look at the "frequently bought together" section on the amazon page, the Philips headset is right there, Guess a lot of people get the vmoda mic with this

u/LezzyFaire · 2 pointsr/buildapcsales

Most headphones and music sites (including /r headphones) use the head-fi guide as a good intro to well priced headphones:

I would really recommend not getting a headset, as I find them to be overpriced as well as often times flimsy. You get much more sound for your buck by going for a nice pair of headphones and getting a mic like this:

Personally I have a pair of ATH-AD700s and I love them to death (although I did have to do the rubber band trick to get them to sit more firmly on my head, not an issue if you have a nice large head though) and with the zalman (which is an AMAZING mic for less than 10 bucks) I couldn't be happier with my set-up.

u/trazz32 · 3 pointsr/buildapcsales

I had a Zalman Clip-On Mic attached to the cable, but it had a fair amount of static. Some say having a better soundcard reduces the static, but I can't comment on that. I just replaced it with a Blue Snowball desktop mic (used from eBay for $30). It sounds really great and is perfect for teamspeak.

u/IHasIcing · 3 pointsr/buildapcsales

Sennheiser HD558 is just outside of your upper bracket by $2.99 on Amazon right now. I've never heard them, but having heard the HD598 recently, the HD558 should be a great candidate for you. The only downside would be these are open-back headphones, so they will leak a bit of sound and you can hear everything as if you don't have a headphone on at all.

For a closed-back headphone at that price range, lots of people recommends Creative Aurvana Live!, Sony MDR-V6, and Jaycar Pro Monitor Headphones (which is the same as this but less expensive). If you're into modding stuff, Fostex T50RP is considered one of the best headphone for modding and there's plenty of documentation online. Granted it is a tad over your upper bracket as well, thank the modders for that :D

u/Carefully_Crafted · 1 pointr/buildapcsales

What are you planning to do with the build?

Initial feedback is depending on what you're planning to do with it you may want a slightly better GPU to fit the 144hz screen. If you want to be able to max everything and still really get your bang for your buck I generally would suggest a 1070.

Also you may want to look at this monitor for 144hz.
It is a jump up by about $100 but it's considered basically the best monitor in your price range. There's also this if you don't like curved. Which is again considered one of if not the best panels for the range you're in.

If you're just planning on video games I'd drop the 7 1700 for a 5 1600 and toss the extra money towards a better gpu/monitor.

Also I didn't look but be sure to check that the RAM you're buying is working well with the mobo/ryzen you buy. Some of them are having problems hitting their maximum speed because it's a new architecture. So just be very sure you get one that can because Ryzen REALLY benefits from fast ram timings.

u/Klyngman_ · 3 pointsr/buildapcsales

Thanks for the response! Much appreciated. Any thoughts on how it might compare to ?

Are MSI, Acer, ASUS, Samsung and ViewSonic typically considred better buys than companies like Pixio, Nixeus, Visiontek etc...? just curious and asking questions ha ha

u/UsePreparationH · 4 pointsr/buildapcsales

You won't really see any improvement in real world performance over a cheaper Phison E12 or SM2262EN based PCIe 3.0 SSD unless are heavily into content creation. They are also TCL based drives which don't have the same downside as a QCL based on such as the Intel 660p which slows down dramatically when you hit the cache limit (although you also won't run into that issue unless doing very large file transfers to the drive). This means boot times, game load times, and application load times will all be pretty much the same and you will be better off with the currently priced $99 Sabrent Rocket 1TB PCIe 3.0 drive. Save the $70 and put it towards something else like a nice CPU cooler, double the RAM, moving from a RX 5700 to a RX 5700 XT, etc.

$99 (Use Code 09P28FWK) Sabrent Rocket 1TB PCIe 3.0 (lowest priced Phison E12)

$119 XPG GAMMIX 1TB S11 Pro (lowest priced SM2262EN)

u/fco2013 · 1 pointr/buildapcsales

For home use only (or on-the-go if you're brave, these all leak sound):

Sennheiser HD558

Sennheiser HD518

AKG K240

Audio-Technica ATH-AD500X

Grado SR80e

For both at home or on the go:

Shure SRH440 *

V-Moda Crossface M80

Sennheiser Momentum on-ear

Sony MDRV6 *

have longer cables.

It's not so much a durability thing but a usability thing. You won't to hear everything going you in the subway while listening to music, and the people around you don't want to hear your music either. So that is why I recommend open headphones for home-use only, and closed back if you need pair for both applications.

For the most these headphones are easy to drive, and you should be able to power them straight out of your phone or computer.

I highly suggest reading reviews for all of these as they are very different from each other. My
personal* picks for each application:

At home:

Grado Sr80e


Sennheiser momentum

Also check out /r/headphones and, both are great resources.

u/Anberlin_ · 3 pointsr/buildapcsales

If you're in need of a mic stand to go with it, this seems to be a popular one

Edit: So I've set it up and tested it and the mic sounds great. It doesn't pick up any of my key presses or mouse clicks although you just have to mess with the thresholds and gain a little to suit your room and whatnot. The Neewer stand is nice also; easy mount and easy to move around

u/Geoffs_Review_Corner · 1 pointr/buildapcsales

If you just want good headphones for gaming and don't want to have to invest in additional gear like a DAC or headphone amp, just get the Sennheiser HD 599. I have the HD 598's and they're fantastic. Also quite popular in the gaming community. A lot of streamers either use them or have used them. They are open back though - so they will leak sound.

As for a mic, the Antlion ModMic would be my recommendation. If you don't want to spend that much, just get something cheap like this until you're ready to upgrade. I used that for years and it served me well.

u/poblopuablo · 11 pointsr/buildapcsales

>When I first turned this monitor on, not gonna lie, it was very underwhelming. Colors were washed out and it was too bright. You HAVE to calibrate this in order to see its true potential. Here is what I finally landed on. Use this for yours or atleast a starting point. You should be able to play games without adjusting in game brightness. Here we go.

>Nvidia Control Panel>Adjust desktop color settings:

> - Brightness-50%

> - Contrast-50%

> - Gamma-0.60%

> - Digital vibrance-70%

> - Hue-0


>DELL Monitor settings:

> - Brightness-26%

> - Contrast-75%

> - Color>Custom Color:

> - R-97%

> - G-99%

> - B-96%

>*Also, download the latest driver for this monitor on Dell's website.

>And you're welcome :)

u/Yulppp · 1 pointr/buildapcsales

You seem to be pretty knowledgeable, so maybe you'll have some input for me. I jumped on this yesterday as my girlfriend really wants to start making videos, but doesn't have a clue what she needs as far as video/audio recording etc. Anyways, I bought this setup to attach to my desk and use as a recording station. I don't know much about boom arms, or windscreens (and the quality thereof). I've just seen them used and Amazon suggested them and they seemed like a good deal so I jumped on them. Was surfing around after making the order, and was seeing some much more expensive boom arms, etc.. Got me to thinking maybe I bought something junky, as I have a huge pet peeve of buying quality if it's worth the extra few dimes.

Anyways, sorry for the wall of text, was just wondering what people think of this setup, given everything i just said about what I'm looking for;

Blue Microphones Yeti USB Microphone - Blackout Edition:

NEEWER Microphone Suspension Boom Scissor Arm Stand:

Dragonpad pop filter Studio Microphone Mic Wind Screen:

u/nannerb121 · 6 pointsr/buildapcsales

Not sure why they'd throw a 9900K with a 2070... i mean the price isnt God awful... but if you want to save some money I'd go with THIS ONE... quite a bit cheaper and still has a 2070... will fare just fine for the greater majority of things.


Edit: the one thing that I'd be careful with on this one is the RAM that it comes with... seems to come with 2400mhz ram... not sure how much you know about RYZEN but RAM speed matters a lot more for them compared to Intel... If you go for this computer... I'd probably take the ram out and sell it and throw in something like this. The processor will run MUCH better with that ram and youll probably only have to spend about $40-$50 more after you sell the ram that the computer comes with

u/Scalarmotion · 2 pointsr/buildapcsales

I own this mouse and generally keep it plugged in and only use it wireless when gaming (the charging cable is really stiff so it's hard to game while plugged in). It can usually handle a few hours of gaming, pretty good I guess but if you want something that can go wireless forever get the G602 which is also on sale for $40. Also note that this mouse is pretty large, perfect for my big hands but YMMV.

u/spooge1 · 1 pointr/buildapcsales

I have a pair of the LPs, paired with the XL ear cushions and the boom pro mic. It's a pretty decent setup for gaming (main reason for purchase), lots of bass, great sound. Ears get a bet warm after some time due to closed back, but still comfortable for flights and at work.

Overall it is like /u/kronbison mentioned, it's a completely different class of headphones. That being said, I also have a pair of AKG K511 headphones as spares and still chose to order the Sennheisers today as I'm looking for some new open back options.

u/rizeofthenation · 2 pointsr/buildapcsales

Same deal is also on Amazon for Prime Day. Seems like an excellent deal, all time low on camelcamelcamel and solid reviews everywhere. Been looking for a good mouse to play MMORPGs with and this seems to be the answer. Now to find a good deal on a silent click wireless....

Logitech G602 Lag-Free Wireless Gaming Mouse - 11 Programmable Buttons, Up to 2500 DPI

u/Unacceptable_Lemons · 5 pointsr/buildapcsales

TN and IPS are panel technologies that affect the perceived colors at different viewing angles. On a bad TN monitor (like my brother's TN monitor he got for ~$80 3 years ago) if you have a single color on your whole screen, even at the optimal viewing position/angle, the color will look different at the top of the screen than at the bottom, significantly so. In practice, that means in a game your screen's colors look "off". Now, if you slide out of that spot upwards or downwards (or somewhat sideways)? Instantly terrible. Colors nearly unrecognizable.

On the other hand, on a good TN, like my brother's VG248QE that he bought a year and a half ago for ~$260? You still have the colors a bit off, and you still get color shifting, but as long as you're sitting in front of it normally it's not "bothersome". I wouldn't watch movies on it from an off angle, or slouched back in my chair, but for gaming it's fine.

IPS, meanwhile, has basically all the viewing angles. Lovely colors as far as the eye can see. Downsides: cost (especially if you also want 144hz) and a little extra latency (5ms VS 1ms on TN, not really noticeable IMHO, but maybe for top-tier twitch FPS players).

The holy grail tends to be IPS + 144hz, which only exists at 1440p for some reason and not 1080p, and costs typically over $500, and until recently was in the $600-$700 range.

u/charok · 2 pointsr/buildapcsales

/r/headphones and /r/audiophile would help the most in choosing the best cans for your personal taste with your budget.

However, modmics is currently one of the popular choices as an "add on mic" to any headphone. They're pretty good and they're on the cusp of releasing their newest iteration. Another option is the Zalman clip on mic on [amazon] ( This option is much cheaper, but I had this for awhile and the wire is very fragile and broke on me :(

Either way, headphones + add on mic is usually the best way to go for best audio quality in terms of input and output.

u/CantDoWhatIDo · 61 pointsr/buildapcsales

This mic was probably my favorite purchase. Friends comment that the voice quality is stunning. I would recommend getting the Neewer mount for about 15 dollars if you're on a budget, this mic does pick up a lot of vibrations with the table stand it comes with. Also, purchase a metal 5/8 to 3/8 mic adapter if you do order the Neewer mount, the plastic one that comes with the Neewer mount is a piece of shit whose threads strip like nobody's business.

Edit: provided links

Link to Neewer Scissor Mount $12.50

Link to 5/8 adapter $4.95

Link to Rode PSA1 Mount if you have money to spend $98.79

EDIT 2: u/Mebbwebb stated the Neewer mount might not come with the tightening knob for the Mic. In that case you would have to use a wrench to tighten the mount where the Mic attaches to the arm. The Neewer mount I have has a tightening knob. He has linked an offer that includes a tightening knob plus the mount he linked is cheaper and comes with a free Google Cardboard promotion.


u/Wolf_Larsen_CPA · 4 pointsr/buildapcsales

This is the lowest price I have seen for this monitor on this sub. I would have bought one, but tax in CA kills the deal for me.

If you are sensitive to refurbished, for $198 at Amazon, this is brand new and very similar:

I have had great luck with ebay Manufacturer refurb monitors. I think its a great deal if you are sensitive to price.

u/soratoyuki · 2 pointsr/buildapcsales

I know it's less than ideal, but I'm really fervent about getting IPS. Given how rare good deals are, is this palatable?

u/ohnims · 1 pointr/buildapcsales

Yeah man, no problem.

I hate myself for getting into things AFTER the sale is over. But think of it this way - the BF bundle had white M50x's. I personally don't like the white M50x's, especially because they get dirty easily. I know there were other deals like giving gift cards and such, but I can't recall exactly.
Nevermind, the best BF deal was the white Blue Yeti + the black M50x's for 159.99.
Now I hate myself a little more. White ones suck anyway.

In any case, today, I ended up getting the blackout edition Blue Yeti for little over 100 from Amazon, and the HD 598 from Amazon for little over 150 (I, again, missed the BF deal for 100).
If you only play games in your room and like to watch movies and listen to music on a headset, go for a USB mic like the Blue Yeti and an open headset. The M50x's are closed, so you should be better off with the HD 598's, or even the HD 558 that is on sale right now on Amazon for 80 bucks.

u/Pontius_Pilot_ · 5 pointsr/buildapcsales

Same here. I was gonna get this $195 AOC G2460PF 144HZ on Amazon when I saw this 240HZ. Hope we win the lottery and not get bad panels. Good luck

u/xsoccer92x · 1 pointr/buildapcsales

Gotta upvote the ATH-AD700 such good headphones. Add this microphone on it and you're set. Great headphones AND great microphone.

u/xelamats · 3 pointsr/buildapcsales

You don't. This is more for a professional recording environment.


If you are looking for something tho:

These two in combination are a killer combo:

u/PM_ME_WHITE_PEOPLE · 3 pointsr/buildapcsales

Yes, this is a pretty standard price for these, but they go out of stock so I thought I'd post. Also own these, so AMA. Great cheap open back headphones with a really nice soundstage. As the regular advice goes with these, pair with a Modmic or (what I have) the v-moda boompro if you're looking for an excellent gaming setup.

u/JuanLob0 · 1 pointr/buildapcsales

Are you gaming? If you are playing pretty much any not-Destiny modern pc shooter (especially counterstrike or PUBG) you'll want a 144hz monitor.
For gaming purposes bonus monitors are nice but I'd say aim for a 1ms 144hz 1440p monitor above getting 2 cheaper monitors.
For workstation stuff, more monitors > 1 big monitor in my experience. is my monitor and I can't recommend it enough. Glorious for gaming and so good for workplace productivity that I'm aiming to get the office to fork out for one for me.

u/snaplocket · 1 pointr/buildapcsales

Dunno what you were trying to link to mate, but it is actually on Amazon for $379.99 which is a pretty good deal for a 1440p gsync monitor!

u/Godoffail · 4 pointsr/buildapcsales

Here's the Dell for anyone curious.

There's only 5 left when I posted this...possibly 4 depending on whether or not I cave.

Is G-Sync worth the extra tax? I'm dying and have been on the edge of buying a monitor for like 5 this probably the best price I will get on a similar monitor?

u/iamveryspeed · 1 pointr/buildapcsales

You're absolutely correct, the BoomPro mic will plug into any pair of headphones with a standard detachable 3.5mm audio cable. I currently use the BoomPro with my Philips SHP9500, and it's pretty great for gaming with friends. link to mic

u/Cabriel_Yaash · 1 pointr/buildapcsales

Good luck! You can find ideal calibrations for this monitor in the top comment for this amazon review.

u/ryansmith18 · 10 pointsr/buildapcsales

Y'all should watch this video if you're on the fence about buying this headset. I'm no audiophile, but I agree that they're the best headphones I've ever used. The guy in this video, however, is in fact an audiophile and is in love with them:

Also, if you're looking to use these for gaming and don't have a standalone mic, this VMODA BoomPro mic is the common recommendation. I use it daily and have no real complaints.

u/maddenman2000 · 5 pointsr/buildapcsales

If you do need a new SSD you'd be better off getting 1TB instead:

Samsung has the 860 EVO M.2 1TB for the same price as two of these.

Same with Microcenter (in-store only) but with the SATA III version.

Amazon for $168.

To be honest, you might as well wait two months for Black Friday. Chances are if they're this low now, especially given how many places have them on sale for this price, it'll be much cheaper on Black Friday.

u/gurdonbob · 1 pointr/buildapcsales

totally just jumped, but on the AMAZON LINK!!!!

(if you are wondering why i am so happy, it's because i recently bought a crucial 128GB mx SSD from amazon and their price dropped a week later, and they gave me the difference to my credit card. new egg would never do that and is a total hassle to deal with)

+1 credit to /u/haremon

u/VectorVictorious · 2 pointsr/buildapcsales

Bought mine for $430 a few months ago. The caveat is it was sold as "Used - Like New" on Amazon. Always check out the other sellers on that monitor.

Took me about 2 weeks of watching daily before I found a great deal on what should have been and what was a "like new" monitor. Looks and runs flawless for a savings of over $100.

edit: holy shit, I can't believe the lowest priced new one there is now $600.

u/athriren · 7 pointsr/buildapcsales

Amazon has some "very good" (for $465) and "like new" (for $491) in their warehouse deals as well if you're looking to save a little more money.

Additionally, the street price per camelcamelcamel for this monitor appears to have settled at $599, so bear that in mind when considering the savings.

u/SparkCube · 1 pointr/buildapcsales

Buy it from Amazon WAREHOUSE (usually great condition, if not return for replacement within 30 days):

Use code WDEARLY20 or WDEARLY to get 20% off. If it doesn't work, place the order and kindly requested via chat or phone call for the promo to be added.

Code only works for prime members, and you can use it on any amazon warehouse items.

u/Tyhan · 10 pointsr/buildapcsales

The Acer XF240H is a newer panel and the only complaint I've seen about that is that its out of the box colors are worse than the VG248QE's. It's flicker free at all brightness settings where the VG248QE uses PWM at <100 brightness. And let me tell you that you will not use it at 100 brightness.

But if you don't like that one specifically, here's another 144hz from Amazon that's newer than the VG248QE at a price I'd definitely say is worth it over the VG248QE:

u/Damieok · 1 pointr/buildapcsales

I don't believe that's compatible with the HD 558's , and i'm not aware of any adapters.

If you need a gaming mic I would suggest a ModMic for around $50, or this cheaper ($8) clip-on mic from Zalman I use the Zalman mic and honestly it works pretty great for gaming, couldn't be happier.

u/TrueDiligence · 12 pointsr/buildapcsales

Best bang for your buck in headphones these days in my opinion.

Couple things to note:

  • These are open back, you will be able to hear what is going on around you and others near you will be able to hear what you are listening to (depending on listening volume and proximity).

  • These dip under $50 frequently, don't feel pressured to jump on this deal. $160 is a ridiculous starting price.

  • The bass will be lacking (in volume not quality) compared to a lot of popular headphones (looking at you beats).

  • When paired with a V-Moda BoomPro (microphone) these make an excellent gaming headset, much better than standard gaming headsets you can get for the price.
u/mwax321 · 1 pointr/buildapcsales

This monitor holds up pretty well to IPS after some fine tuning. I have two of them mounted to a cheapo dual LCD monitor desk mount and couldn't be happier.

This post really helped with monitor color/brightness/contrast adjustments, as well as the amazon reviews

I don't overclock to 165hz right now because my 1060 card really can't handle 1440p gameplay over 120fps. Just bought a 1070, so that's about to change :)

u/Acry · 2 pointsr/buildapcsales

This mouse is fine for it's price, esp if you got it for the $25.

I recently tried several mouses from competitors to see if any matched the Deathadder feel and shape, and I came to like the which i'm using right now.

This was good for MMOs and replaced my deathadders:

I bought this also to replace my G600 for a deathadder feel that was raved about online but it was too small for me. It's got amazing reviews online for any gaming though.

u/omnomanom · 7 pointsr/buildapcsales

I don't think so, but you can always get something like

or even the V-Moda BoomPro mic

but you'll need a 3.5mm to 2.5mm adapter as well. (e: and some modding due to the twist-lock, Youtube has guides)

edit: Looks like there is bundle @ $79 which includes a mic, not many details on it though. See my post here.

u/Betrayus · 5 pointsr/buildapcsales

Good choices for 144hz 1080p TN panels are ASUS VG248QE and BENQ 2411z. Check for BENQ refurb deals, I got my 2411z refurb from 2 years ago and i love it, no issues.

and btw 5ms is no big deal, you will not notice, anything under 10ms is definitely acceptable. This video explains everything you need to know: You can't trust what manufactures put in the specs, just read reviews and use 3rd party testing results such as if you are worried about ghosting

u/Warskull · 1 pointr/buildapcsales

Not really, $100-130 is about what 1tb m.2 drives cost these days. Not even Samsung's drives actually cost $200 for 1tb these days and they tend to be the highest priced due to their reputation for performance.

It is a slight deal, saving $10-$15. $200 is a made up price.

This sub has a huge problem with being unable to recognize actual deals. They tend to fall for things selling slightly below their actual price, but with a really high MSRP listed. They are all like those housewives that would tear up Macy's and JCPenny for clothes with a 80% off sign, but still end up costing more than you would pay if you just bought them online.

This actually tends to be a bad place to find deals. You find better deals on subs dedicated to the hardware parts or using tools like PC part picker.

u/SpaceManY3k · 4 pointsr/buildapcsales

I just got this. I got tired of my G930 always disconnecting, so I'm going the good headphone + good microphone route.

I use it with Discord mainly, and I just up'd the threshold where it picks up sound. No push to talk necessary.

I also scooped this up.

It says it's not compatible with the blue yeti, but the attachment has a converter that threads with the blue yeti. It's a little tricky to wiggle it out. So far, it's hanging fine.

Hope this helps someone.

u/Hybrid-PC · 33 pointsr/buildapcsales

These are great headphones for the money. You can have a great budget gaming headset if you pair it with the V-Moda BoomPro for $30:

It may be budget, but they will blow any "gaming" headset out of the water. I got this for my brother, and they are pretty comparable to my HD58x if not better for when it comes to gaming.

u/just4747 · 0 pointsr/buildapcsales

I feel like I am seeing things but is this really the XB271HU bmiprz version, same as this one (but $100 less??:

What's the catch if you buy online shipped to you? I feel like something's not adding up... Is there some catch with buying from Microcenter's online store that I never heard about?

It is weird that nowhere on the Microcenter page does it mention the "bmiprz" type or the overclocking to 166Hz. But other things match up like specs otherwise (the fact that it's the IPS version and not the TN which is the "Abmiprz" one). I've been waiting to get this one on sale so I need to know!

u/Harleyshadow27 · 3 pointsr/buildapcsales

High quality tn is also pretty good for a budget. Look at this one during the sale, if it doesn’t go on sale, go onto and look for it there.
Otherwise, the Asus ROG would be your best bet for ips (as far as I know)
**Note these are both 165hz, so if you’re not interested in that don’t bother with this comment.

u/ScriptLoL · 2 pointsr/buildapcsales

> Also, would this bleed a lot of sound into a mic?

Not really, unless you have an obscenely sensitive mic. People around you (3-5ft) will be able to hear your music/whatever you're doing, if you like high volume. I found that I like lower volume with these, not because of others hearing my stuff, but because of how crisp and great they are.

As far as mics go, the Modmic is great. This is what I used for a while, but I hated it because it was a 2nd cord I had to deal with. I say go for a desktop mic when they get cheaper TBH.

u/TheNFCNorthRemembers · 0 pointsr/buildapcsales

You'll need to spend an additional $10 to get the free shipping, otherwise it's $46.14

Also $40 on Amazon with Free shipping

u/atg284 · 1 pointr/buildapcsales

Thanks you rock! I went ahead and bought this drive for $113. I'm not planing on cloning my OS over so it will be a fresh install. Do I have to do anything special with this drive within windows 10? Sorry I'm new to this type of storage.

u/Lenwe_Calmacil · 198 pointsr/buildapcsales


HyperX Cloud 2 - $70

Steelseries Arctis 7 - $100

Steelseries Arctis Pro with DAC - $200

Astro A50 - $200

Corsair Void Pro Wireless - $60

HyperX Cloud Stinger - $40

HyperX Cloud Pro - $50

HyperX Cloud Flight - $90



Corsair K68 - $80

Corsair K75 Mk.2 - $150

Corsair K95 - $110

Razer Huntsman - $100

HyperX Alloy Core - $30

HyperX Alloy FPS - $80



Steelseries Rival 600 - $50

Logitech G602 - $25

Razer Naga Trinity - $55

Logitech G502 - $35

Razer DeathAdder Elite - $35



Dell D2719HGF (27", 1080p, 144Hz, Freesync) on sale for $150

Acer ED323QUR (31.5", 1440p, 144Hz, Curved, Freesync) - $270

Acer KG241Q (23.6", 1080p, 144Hz, Freesync) - $188

Acer Nitro VG271 (27", 1080p, 144Hz, Freesync) - $210

Alienware AW3418DW (34", 3440x1440p, Ultrawide, 120Hz Overclocked, G-Sync) - $720

Samsung LC32JG50QQNZA (32", 1440p, 144Hz) - $300

Acer EI491CR (49", 3840x1080p Ultra.. ultrawide?, 144Hz, Freesync) - $700

Acer KB272HL (27", 1080p, up to 75Hz, Freesync) - $115

Dell S3219D (32", 1440p, Freesync) - $220

ViewSonic XG2702 (27", 1080p, 144Hz, Freesync) - $180



Internal Components

Ryzen 7 2700X - $200

Ryzen Threadripper 2920X - $250 Sold Out

MSI Armor RX 590 - $180

Sapphire RX 570 4GB - $120

Ballistix Elite 16GB (8GBx2) DDR4 3600 RAM - $105

Corsair H115i RGB Platinum - $105



Vive Pro - Up to $200 off

Samsung Galaxy S10 - $600, S10+ is 700


Some laptops and desktops on sale too, along with power supplies, routers, wifi extenders, and cases.


NOTE: The computer deals are located in two different places. PC Gaming section and PC Component section.

I've hit character limit, if I find more I'll add it underneath this


edit: Thank you to the kind redditor who gave me my first gold!

edit2: A silver too?! Thanks!

u/manbearpig2012 · 2 pointsr/buildapcsales

Like this for 51.99.... WD Blue 1TB Desktop Hard Disk Drive - 7200 RPM SATA 6 Gb/s 64MB Cache 3.5 Inch - WD10EZEX

Or a Seagate 1tb on Amazon for about 48

u/david_hofland · 1 pointr/buildapcsales

You might have good luck with pricing in your area, but under $500 for just three parts would be quite easy. r5 2600 + msi b450 tomahawk + Corsair 16gb 3000mhz comes out to <$300.

If you prefer 3rd gen ryzen: r5 3600 + asus tuf x570 (wifi) + same Corsair ram comes out to <$450.

u/ShaanOSRS · 16 pointsr/buildapcsales

Way better off dishing out $60 more to get one of the best budget 144hz monitors'

Also has the addition of freesync for any AMD gpu users

u/Broakleys · 2 pointsr/buildapcsales

Which is better. This or the LG which just went on lightning deals?

ViewSonic XG2401 24 Inch 1080p 1ms 144 Hz Gaming Monitor with FreeSync Eye Care Advanced Ergonomics HDMI and DP

u/FormulaBass · 6 pointsr/buildapcsales

Your mic stand snapped? I'm pretty sure you got a defective product. The mic only weighs 1.2 pounds without the stand...

I have the $10 NEEWER stand and it's been great for about the year I've had it.

u/[deleted] · 11 pointsr/buildapcsales
  • V-moda boompro is good if your headphones have a detachable cable. You can also zip tie it to the back of your monitor (using zip tie tiedown points) and have it stick out the side.

  • I currently use a Audio-Technica ATR-2100 on a scissor stand connected via XLR to a Scarlett 2i2. This is overkill for most people, but I find the scissor stand convenient and I already had the Scarlett 2i2.

  • On an extreme budget you can get by with a clip-on mic.

  • The Antlion Mod-mic is a bit more expensive at $55, but is really nice.
u/bagelpizzaparty · 2 pointsr/buildapcsales

I've used a G402 for almost 2 years now and enjoy it thoroughly, but once I bought the G502 Spectrum for $40 on Black Friday, I can never go back to just the G402.

You can actually still get a G502 for $51.99 which is still a good deal on Amazon:

u/GlumChampion · 7 pointsr/buildapcsales

Mouse: G400 $35, free shipping

Mic: Zalman Clip-on $9, free shipping with prime

u/yuv9 · 7 pointsr/buildapcsales

I personally chose the 558s, but I'm using them exclusively on my desktop so I don't have to worry about noise leaking out at home or carrying an amp around with me.

Also for gaming I use this.

Much cheaper and excellent audio quality.

u/RealCecilHarvey · 13 pointsr/buildapcsales

That's not remotely comparable in price since it's 1/4 the size. Luckily this one is one sale for $100 pretty often so your point is still mostly valid.

u/thefistpenguin · 2 pointsr/buildapcsales

Anybody that could help me decide if the extra 43$ is worth it here for the extra 70hz? I have narrowed it down to these two monitors.

Thanks for any feedback!

u/AisbeforeB · 1 pointr/buildapcsales

Just bought my first g-sync monitor two weeks ago and the difference is very noticeable from my previous monitor. The framerate is just so much nicer. I highly recommend upgrading.

Edit: I bought the Dell S2716DG for around $505 and i've been very happy with it.

u/realmain · 0 pointsr/buildapcsales

I personally do not like LG monitors. It doesn't even have FreeSync.

Acer XF240H 24" 1080p 144hz FreeSync TN. - $257.07. Acer Recertified - $199

AOC G2460PF 24" 1080p 144hz FreeSync TN - $209.99.

Personally prefer a IPS monitor, but looks like they do not have a 23-25" IPS 1080p 144hz FreeSync Monitor. I don't need one currently, but others have asked.

If you do not care for FreeSync and want to get a good monitor:

QNIX QX2414 24" 144hz 1080p IPS - $229

I heard a BenQ XL2411T exists... but I've never seen it.

24" 1080p 144hz TN/IPS Monitor List

u/Corruptiion · 1 pointr/buildapcsales

Looks like they're slowly putting the Logitech G-series products on sale to compete with Best Buy's deal.

u/SearchMySkill · 20 pointsr/buildapcsales

Pair these up with the V-Moda boompro and you've got a very nice comfortable headset for less than $100

u/GamerFenton · 1 pointr/buildapcsales

I have that same delivery date as well. It also looks like Amazon is getting them back in stock on that date too. So hopefully this means that the date they gave us real and permanent and not just a placeholder or something.

u/Kryptogenix · 6 pointsr/buildapcsales

Nah that’s “normal”

Amazon has that discount thing a lot but its not the normal sale price. Look at almost any other product and it’ll have it lol it’s not a point of comparison

If it’s a prime day deal it’ll explicitly say

EDIT: Well hmm... CamelCamelCamel shows it as a sale price but I dont think it’s a specific prime day deal 🤷🏻‍♂️

u/madhattergm · 1 pointr/buildapcsales

I dont know, i got a sabrent rocket 1 tb off the sabrent amazon store for $125. They had a coupon for $25, its normally $150. I confirmed in crystal disk mark z370 a read of 3450 and write of 3050. So 3rd party drive makers are joining the party so i might say hold.


u/L1ghtz · 1 pointr/buildapcsales

After a few hours of learning what things mean and doing some research I have come to the conclusion that aside from some random really good sale you hit the nail on the head.

Seems G-Sync Monitors are a bit more expensive than the Freesync counterpart and I'd rather not go overboard on a monitor quite yet.

There are two monitor's on amazon I'm looking at atm: one a 24, the other a 27.

Is 70$ worth the 3" upgrade on the panel?

u/BeardedDeath · 3 pointsr/buildapcsales

its $256 on with free shipping. I just got two :)

u/astronull · -3 pointsr/buildapcsales

Not this specific one, just bought a Viotek 1440p 144hz monitor though, got it 2 days ago. Pretty impressed with price/performance compared to other monitors (no g-sync tho).

u/ComradeShyGuy · 3 pointsr/buildapcsales

4k is 4x the resolution of 1080. It doesn't matter the size of the monitor in corresponding to resolution and graphics power. 24 or 27 at 4k won't matter. It'd be the same number of pixels the gpu needs to render. Only thing that chances is the pixel density, but depending on how far you sit back, it may not matter.

I think if you want to stay at 24, I think 1440p would be good for you.

Might want to look into this monitor

u/ConcreteSnake · 108 pointsr/buildapcsales

Best way I have found to look at the upcoming sales. Picked out a few hopefuls.

NZXT 850 - 3:15 am est

Crucial P1 1TB 3D NAND NVMe PCIe M.2 SSD - 7:30 am est

Ballistix Sport LT 16GB Kit (8GBx2) DDR4 3200 - 9:55 am est

ViewSonic XG2401 24 Inch 1080p 1ms 144 Hz - 10:10 am est

NZXT AER RGB 2 - 3-Pack of 120mm RGB PWM Fans with Hue 2 Lighting Controller - 11:55 am est

XPG Spectrix D80 Liquid-Cooled RGB DDR4 3600MHz 16GB - 12:05 pm est

Cooler Master MasterLiquid LC240E RGB All-in-one CPU Liquid Cooler - 12:05 pm

NZXT H700 - 2:20pm est

u/spiffy956 · 1 pointr/buildapcsales

A lot of people say that this is a pretty good clip on mic for starting and its only $8ish.

u/Jacks_Elsewhere · 2 pointsr/buildapcsales

Purchased this mouse while rebuilding my PC as my apartment is not large enough for a dedicated work station. I use it for work and gaming and have not had any issues whatsoever. I'd highly recommend this mouse.

Also, Amazon has the mouse at $39.99 with prime shipping!

u/GianBro69 · 3 pointsr/buildapcsales

These are amazing. I bought them open box about a months ago for $37.99 on Newegg. They sound phenomenal I use them for everything form music, gaming, and watching Netflix. They're extremely comfortable, I've worn them for 6 straight hours no problem.

For gaming I highly recommend pairing them with this microphone.

Here is a link to another Reddit thread about how to tune these headphone for music, it made all the difference in the world for me.

u/DanHasMoreLazers · 1 pointr/buildapcsales

The ModMic 4.0 has a better mic capsule that picks up less background noise (which may be an issue for some). See TekSyndicate's review of it, and reference the Boom Pro reviews mentionning background noise.

They are also a much more popular product, look at their YouTube exposure (specifically the 90 000 view LinusTechTip video) compared to the Boom Pros exposure.

u/whatzupdudes7 · 1 pointr/buildapcsales

IMO at this pricing $113 with that Read/ write there are better options out there.

Sabrent Rocket 1TB:

Addlink 1TB:

Silicon Power 1TB:

Read Write: 3400/3000 and TLC as well. Take a look

u/StumptownRetro · 3 pointsr/buildapcsales

I know most people game at 1080p. But honestly, this isn't far off in price from the Viotek 1440p which I think is the better purchase overall:

u/HamlnHand · -2 pointsr/buildapcsales

Even better, here's what could get you under the $60 budget. This would be if you don't mind plugging in a dedicated cable to your mic input. Been using one of these for 10 years.

Zalman clip on mic for $7

u/lord_dumbello · 3 pointsr/buildapcsales

Just bought one on amazon. They are only $9 more but with free prime shipping.

u/BrkoenEngilsh · 3 pointsr/buildapcsales

Please don't. no offense to vg248qe owners but it's a bad monitor at that price now.

the aoc g2460pf looks better for a lower price
and the viewsonic xg2401 is even better still . Both come with freesync which is just nice to have as an option even if you have nvidia now.

u/Merk1nz · 1 pointr/buildapcsales

Good call bro, for real. The 1TB is $82.08 after tax, go get it, good deal.

u/Nixflyn · 1 pointr/buildapcsales

So, looking here at this: "Used - Very Good
Item may come repackaged. Minor cosmetic imperfection on front of item (less than 1/4"x1/4"). Minor cosmetic imperfection on top or sides of item (less than 1/4"x1/4").

Would this just be a new pair that had a cosmetic defect? Because if so, I'd grab them in an instant. I've never bought from an Amazon warehouse deal.

EDIT: There's also this: "Used - Very Good
Item will come in original packaging. Packaging will be damaged.

Is that just damaged packaging, or a returned item in damaged original packaging?

u/EphemeralRain · 5 pointsr/buildapcsales

This is a horrible head set. The sound quality is awful, and there's a constant hiss from the USB amplifier. On max bass boost, the bass is muddy and intrudes on the other sound ranges; on minimum bass boost, the sound feels empty and tinny. There's no good middle ground that I found. The soundstage is also horrible, which makes it far from ideal for gaming as you can't really perceive positional audio well.

You will honestly get much better sound quality out of the Koss KSC75 with a Zalman Mic attached, for even a few bucks cheaper.

u/Hopehellsucks · -4 pointsr/buildapcsales

I can't speak for this monitor but for 8 dollars more you can get a highly recommended, well known brand Viewsonic xg2401

u/kidalive25 · 1 pointr/buildapcsales

Any suggestions on best RAM for this with a Gigabyte AB350 - Gaming 3? I'm confused on the latest with all of this since most of the search results reference Ryzen when it was newly released and everyone was stressing the Samsung RAM over the others. Would I be ok with something basic like [this] (

u/der_ninong · 2 pointsr/buildapcsales

it's also 39.99 at amazon, bestbuy (in case you have gift cards), regular newegg right now, which is weird why sell on their flash site for more lol

u/Zwetschenwasser · 1 pointr/buildapcsales

Definitely keep FreeSync in mind when you buy a monitor. If you haven't already, this 144hz 1080p FreeSync one is on sale for a good price now, assuming you haven't already made your purchase.

u/daddy_fizz · 4 pointsr/buildapcsales

One of the drives based off the reference phison E12 design like sabrent rocket or silicon power p34a80

TLC nand (not qlc like 660)

Sabrent 1TB Rocket NVMe PCIe M.2 2280 Internal SSD High Performance Solid State Drive (SB-ROCKET-1TB)


u/AzeTheGreat · 1 pointr/buildapcsales

Shit...this AOC monitor? I was looking at picking it up. Are there any comparably priced freesync 144Hz monitors? This was the best I could find by a large margin...

u/slave_ship_swag · 1 pointr/buildapcsales

Just curious, what makes this refurb @ $330 better than this NIB Asus @ $256.41?

u/jce504 · 1 pointr/buildapcsales

For anyone looking to replace a headset with these, look into removing the locking ring on the left headphone and adding a 2.5mm to 3.5mm adapter (I used this one as the metal ones on eBay/Amazon seem to be crap) and picking up a V-Moda BoomPro mic.

I bought the the HD598's over PrimeDay, did all of the above and absolutely love them.

u/SomeRandomProducer · 1 pointr/buildapcsales

Just bought this one the other day. It's exactly 199.99 but it's 1080p 144hz 1ms with Freesync

AOC G2460PF 24-Inch Free Sync Gaming LED Monitor, Full HD (1920 x 1080), 144hz, 1ms

u/Purple-Sauce · 4 pointsr/buildapcsales

Every store store does this unfortunately.

At this moment Amazon is trying to tell me a WD Blue 1TB is on sale for $49.99 and the retail price is $109.99.

u/CptBrian · -2 pointsr/buildapcsales

1M:1 contrast ratio is bad and it's LCD.

>My colors seem kind of washed out and super bright

Well, this is why.

This monitor doesn't even come close to the quality of which is only $20 more.

Even at $40 off, this is a ripoff.

u/StayFrosty7 · 16 pointsr/buildapcsales

144hz is a huge step up. If you don't have the money, then this is fine. But if you can drop the cash for a 144hz monitor, then I'd definitely go for it. It might even be worth it to check out a 1440p 100hz ultrawide.

Monitors to look at:

1080p 144hz TN

Ultrawide 1080p 144hz IPS

1440p 144hz TN(you might not be able to hit 144hz with all games on this one due to the resolution being so high)


u/BboySparrow · 6 pointsr/buildapcsales

How much better is C14 to C16?

You can get a Corsair Vengeance LPX 3200mhx for $78.

is $42 worth it for tighter timings?

u/remembertosmilebot · 1 pointr/buildapcsales

Did you know Amazon will donate a portion of every purchase if you shop by going to instead? Over $50,000,000 has been raised for charity - all you need to do is change the URL!

Here are your smile-ified links:

V-MODA BoomPro


^^i'm ^^a ^^friendly bot

u/ProfessorApple · 1 pointr/buildapcsales

I just recently bought an rx480 and have been looking at similar types of monitors. If you decide to go the AMD route, it might be worthwhile to spend the extra money on freesync like:
or for cheaper

u/kaliboy1 · 3 pointsr/buildapcsales

You can get these factory refurbished on Amazon for $63. I have purchased three of them and they all came in flawless condition. The packaging left a lot to be desired but the cans themselves looked brand new. All three still working flawlessly 2 months later. (

u/gsnee · 2 pointsr/buildapcsales

I have the 27" this is the model that I have I believe S2716DG Best buy carries it for around $350 fairly often.

u/Iheartbaconz · 1 pointr/buildapcsales

pick up a another mic if your current headset has them built in. I have Vmoda with monoprice headphones for work. At home I have these Phillips with a blue snowball mic and I love them.

u/Erosis · -1 pointsr/buildapcsales

Get the Philips SHP9500 + V-MODA BoomPro Mic. Best high-quality affordable headset by a longshot and that mic works in any 3.5 mm jack. The 9500 has been compared to $250 open-headphones in terms of quality.

u/SomeTechNoob · 1 pointr/buildapcsales

Next time, just remove all the random crap after /dp/blahblah/


Might be good to know for future posts so we don't get ragers in the comments lmao

u/acommunistspy · 6 pointsr/buildapcsales


Seems like 75$ is a very good price for these. Only been lower than $80 on amazon twice very rarely.

u/JustARental · 3 pointsr/buildapcsales

[WD Blues] ( are the same price right now on Amazon. Similarily, Newegg is running a $5 promo. I'd say that they are a better product for the same cost, unless, for whatever reason, you really want these instead.

Seagate Barracudas also go for the same price a lot.

u/broknbottle · 1 pointr/buildapcsales

Yah I somehow have no clue what I'm talking about but somehow called it when I said you probably bought trash SK Hynix RAM... Just because it's on some dumb bs QVL doesn't guarantee it will work. Instead of blowing your wad on RGBEEEES you should of bought a quality RAM kit with Samsung B-Dies (G Skill TridentZ, FlareX, etc) or Micron E-Die (Crucial Ballistix Sport, etc).

For the 3200mhz corsair lpx vengeance ram, you didn't provide the exact model but I'm guessing it's these which are definitely SK Hynix crap..

Thes are definitely SK Hynix A-Die - F4-3600C18D-16GTZN

^ This list should show you which chips are in which kits. Note that some manufactures of RAM kits will bait and switch by switching chips. They'll send out something with B-Die to reviewers or in the initial batch and then switch to SK Hynix crap.

The other thing is you never provided your PSU model which also plays an important role. I'd recommend sticking to Seasonic, re-badged PSU which are actually Seasonics or higher end Corsair models.

u/Juts · 7 pointsr/buildapcsales

Not mistreating them in any way that I know of aside regular use. I play MMO's and have middle click bound in a way that it gets very regular use, and the switch just gives out. If you look at any thread for this model mouse, there are a ton of posts about it.

Just see here:

It also does help that I use middle click to open/close tabs in firefox so its always being used in and out of games.

u/killwish · 4 pointsr/buildapcsales

amp isn't required for these. this zalman mic works great for me

u/sherl0k · 3 pointsr/buildapcsales

I have the AOC AGON 24'' 1440p 144hz. Freesync, bought originally to pair with my Vega 64. it is certifed gsync compatible as well. I bought a RTX2070 afterwards and yeah, gsync works just fine.

Dell makes a pure gsync 24'' 1440p 165hz, it goes on sale somewhat often: haven't used this before, search the subreddit and you'll find many a thread

and that's it. literally nobody else makes high refresh rate monitors at this size/resolution. these are your options.

u/shashyfication · 0 pointsr/buildapcsales

If you don't want to spend that much money consider buying these headphones instead. They are (supposedly) almost identical with a few minor differences. HD558's can be also be easily modded to sound even more like 598's.

u/MrSchram · 1 pointr/buildapcsales

WD Blue 1TB SATA 6 Gb/s 7200 RPM 64MB Cache 3.5 Inch Desktop Hard Drive (WD10EZEX)

u/terp02andrew · 1 pointr/buildapcsales

Amazon is prime-only and has tax :p
Kinda sucks, but that's probably why my Amazon GC balance has continued to get bigger and bigger. I'll probably end up using it on a new camera or something later on.

Upon further research, looks like the black kit hit $69.99 already this past June.

u/extracrispy11 · 1 pointr/buildapcsales

Good find, had the AOC G2460PF lined up for my new build but this one seems to have superior qualities at a lower price after using paypal discount code. Had to add another item to exceed +$200 code requirement so I bought a mouse bungee for ~$7. Total was $181 shipped! Now i'm settled on the AMD GPU and I dont regret it. :]

u/bapcs-3c-checker · 2 pointsr/buildapcsales

Type|Amazon|3rd Party New
Lowest|$177.99 on Sep 02, 2018|$197.99 on Aug 30, 2018
Highest|$329.99 on Jan 23, 2018|$627.59 on Jun 25, 2018

3C link

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u/pencilbagger · 1 pointr/buildapcsales

M.2 is a different connector and form factor that requires an m.2 slot , the drive uses the SATA standard to communicate with the computer but doesn't use traditional sata power and data cables and instead plugs directly into the motherboard.

They make adapter boards for m.2 if you don't have it, both sata for sata m.2 and pci express for nvme m.2 drives, but with the traditional 2.5 inch form factor 860 evo being about the same price you would be better off getting that one if you really want an 860 evo since that one will plug into regular sata data and power without the need to buy an adapter. there's not really any reason to buy an m.2 sata drive if your motherboard doesn't support it, unless you plan on upgrading soon to something that will have m.2 slots

u/ScootsiePootsie · 1 pointr/buildapcsales

Which one is better? This one, or this one? and why?

Edit: Or this one?

u/PirateBing · 1 pointr/buildapcsales

Anyone have a good recommendation for 16GB (2x8GB or 1x16GB, I don't care) of RAM to pair with this board? I'm currently eyeing the Corsair Vengeance LPX 3000MHz 2x8GB (CMK16GX4M2B3000C15) for $127

I figure that 16GB should help tide me over until RAM prices drop again.

u/ming3r · 1 pointr/buildapcsales

Its $39.99. RGB...overkill for me since I just want a functioning mouse, but its a nice touch.

Core was just bluie LED and not RGB.

u/pbcrazy96 · 7 pointsr/buildapcsales

$69 is the MSRP, but this always hovers around $50-60 ( Still a good deal at $44.99

u/YungRadish96 · 1 pointr/buildapcsales

Anyone know how the HDR is on this monitor, not a deal breaker but a buddy needs a new monitor and I showed him this viotek one but this looks like a good deal

u/Diox788 · 11 pointsr/buildapcsales

Obviously these are not $160 headphones, more around $75-$85.

I've heard fantastic reviews about these, and you can even attach a V-Moda boom pro mic.

These are open backed so the sound will leak, so use them in a quiet environment. Open backed essentially just means they have more sound stage vs closed back, and sometimes less bass. These are not tight fit headphones at all either - in fact they slide around too much if you move your head too much.

I wholly recommend these- some of the best budget cans for $60. I don't own them, but this is a cumulative review from many redditors and reviews.

u/mynamejesse1334 · 4 pointsr/buildapcsales

for about the same price, I cannot recommend the Sennheiser HD558's enough

they don't need an amp, are very neutral (though some find them "boring"), and are the most comfortable things I've ever placed on my head

$122 on Amazon right now

u/KptKrondog · 3 pointsr/buildapcsales

If you have a pair of headphones already (or find a decent cheap pair), the Zalman clip-on mic is really good.

I've been using mine for 2 years now. I bought a good pair of headphones (some Sennheiser model that was on sale for like $30) and I made my own boom. I just took a piece of heavy duty wire that I had already and electrical taped it to the headphones and then the mic just clips onto the wire. It doesn't look ghetto or anything either since the headphones are black. Have to deal with one extra cable (I just wrapped the mic cable around the headphone cable), but it can be managed.

u/Kirsel · 3 pointsr/buildapcsales

The G602 is a pretty close price to the G700s with this sale.

How do the two mice compare?

u/Couch_Lion · 1 pointr/buildapcsales

I do play alot of competitive games and have two 21.5" IPS monitors at the moment but the response times are pretty bad so for gaming I think I've landed on This One

I also have an AMD card (RX 380) so I could use the FreeSync and 144hz when I play on PC.

u/PopsturAhri · 1 pointr/buildapcsales

Okay, thanks! These rams always feel scary to purchase lol


EDIT: What makes this better than Corsair Vengeance LPX which is the same price as this with same 3200 speed?


u/officer21 · 2 pointsr/buildapcsales

Here it is for $400 on:


Best Buy


Apparently you can message them and request a price match.

No clue about ebates or tax, but 400 is still a good deal, as long as you dont have high taxes or shipping.