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u/FairlyGoodGuy · 2 pointsr/lincoln

I'm not sure what it looks like after this drought, but I love the open grassland inside the Pioneers Park Nature Center. You have to go for a short walk to get there though, so no painting from your car.

If you don't mind a short drive (and a State Park entry permit), consider the observation towers at Platte River State Park or Mahoney State Park.

There are lots of beautiful vistas not far outside of town. Consider the rolling hills of the "Bohemian Alps" north of town that Ted Kooser loves so much, or my ancestors' stomping grounds to the south and southeast.

Holmes Lake Park offers lots of good scenic opportunities. I personally love to watch people walking, biking, and working out on the dam as the sun goes down on a gorgeous day. Or sometimes if you're really lucky you can catch dozens of turkey vultures circling over the dam -- I've only seen that happen around mid-morning, but they may do it other times as well.

Do you like to paint people? Try events like: SouthPointe's Friday Night Live concert series; the Stransky Park concert series; the farmers markets in the Haymarket and on Old Cheney Road; Celebrate Lincoln; Ribfest; and so on. On an ongoing basis, consider one of Lincoln's food trucks or the evening bar scene Downtown. And if you can't find something "scenic" on a Husker football game day, you aren't looking.

Hopefully one or more of those ideas generates a lead for you.

u/maverick117 · 2 pointsr/lincoln

It depends on what kind of car you drive and if you drive it much. 99% of people who park their car outside don't do anything at all. It does not get that cold here in Lincoln. Don't get me wrong it does get cold but not that cold. To have cold temperatures that would require engine heaters you have to go way north like North Dakota, Minnesota or Wisconsin and even then probably not. The only issue I know is diesel engines can benefit from a heater and that would only be occasionally. There will be ice and snow. It can be difficult for smaller cars to get around especially on side streets. You need to get a good window scraper. Something like this. You'll appreciate having the longer reach and brush to get snow off. I know way too many people who have something like this. It's hand held and can't get all your windows. They're the same idiots you'll see driving around with a tiny circle scrapped off that they can barely see through yet they're driving at regular speeds on icy roads.

u/LameTurd · 2 pointsr/lincoln

I can't help you with measurements as I don't use them when I cook but I have gotten really close with mayo, garlic, sugar, A1 steak sauce, grey poupon country dijon mustard and some salt & pepper. Make sure it's the country dijon like this and not just standard grey poupon dijon.


Add the A1 just a little at a time or it will overpower the dressing. Good luck.

u/Icalledyouin · 5 pointsr/lincoln

I've lived in Canada for 15 years and don't own a car. My work commute used to be 3 miles one way, on foot. Here's what I wear. (Links below are just to give you an idea of what things look like, because I didn't know a half-zip sweater was called a half-zip sweater.)


  • Stocking cap

    Neck (inner to outer):

  • Polar fleece cowl
  • Scarf

    I used to wear just the scarf, but with the cowl, everything is easier to keep in place if I want to cover my face on a windy winter day.

    Upper body (inner to outer):

  • Cotton undershirt
  • Long-sleeved cotton button-down shirt with collar (office drone-style)
  • Half-zip sweater
  • Lined peacoat


  • Gloves. Mitts if it's really cold.


  • Jeans

    Long underwear feels good when you're outside. Personally, I find it too hot when indoors. What can you do with it? Go to the bathroom and take it off? Then put it back on when you want to leave? Too much hassle for me unless we're talking -20 F or lower.


  • Single pair of cotton socks
  • Waterproof boots - I wear these.

    Protip 1: You probably don't need a big puffy coat if you wear layers.

    Protip 2: It's going to be cold. Your body will adapt more quickly if you resist the temptation to heat your home, etc. to tropical temperatures.

    ^(edit: formatting)
u/bling26 · 1 pointr/lincoln

I put one in my attic that works fairly well. Some day I might put outside however not sure how much more it will help. TV Antenna - RCA Outdoor Yagi Satellite HD Antenna w/ 150 Mile Range (70+ Miles from Broadcast Epicenter) Attic or Roof Mount TV Antenna, Long Range Digital OTA Antenna for Clear Reception, 4K 1080P

u/joshrice · 2 pointsr/lincoln

One other thing you can do is get a neti pot and rinse your nasal cavities out. I do this as well, especially if I've been outside a lot. It's good to do when you're actually sick too. Watching the green snot come out is pretty fun. (Usually clear any other time for me)

You should be able to find one like this at Walgreens or Target:

However, I found one that I could squeeze and get some extra pressure for when I was really stuffed up and found it much more useful. Mine is nothing like this, but this should work:

u/eminthrv · 2 pointsr/lincoln

True, but I'm trying to get ones that aren't just foam inserts, and more something like this. I'll take a peek there though in case they have something more suitable for concerts.

u/007chill · 1 pointr/lincoln

I been using these for the past couple years (same active ingredient as Zyrtec). I think adding Flonase might be what I need.

u/HayesNSean · 1 pointr/lincoln

I believe I have an omnidirectional antenna, It is just a flat box, that lookls like a sheet of paper, sort of looks like the picture on this item here. Do you know why I wouldn't be able to find ABC?

u/MixMasterHusker · 2 pointsr/lincoln

Most everyone has mentioned the needs. I'm going to mention some additional tips I've picked up over the years. Take them or leave them.

  1. New wiper blades for the winter. As u/SpinnerMaster mentioned in mid-November. That is a good time for winter blades. I get the wipers that take blade refills. The refills are a fraction of the cost of whole new blades and you just cut them to the length you need.

  2. To prevent frost on the inside of the window. Get a car dehumidifier pack. You can make them with crystal kitty litter, or silica gel, and a pair of socks. Place them in your car and it will draw the moisture out of the air that causes the frost to build up on the inside.

  3. Clear off your whole car. Windshield, roof, hood, trunk, and all lights. Windshield, so you can see. Hood, so the snow doesn't blow up onto your windshield and freeze. Roof and trunk, as u/Lord_Galahad and u/COskibum mentioned snow from your car affecting other drivers. Lights, so you can indicate when you are breaking and turning. I've been behind people stopping but was covered with so much snow I couldn't tell. If you have a good scrapper and brush it doesn't take that long.

  4. Be aware of parking bans. After a snow storm, often a ban will be placed on odd/even sides of the street to allow snow removal crews efficient clearing. Visit for more info.

u/drunkpontiff · 1 pointr/lincoln

I have this RCA amplified antenna. Seems to work OK but takes up a lot of space because I have the antennas fully extended.

u/troyhough · 3 pointsr/lincoln

I am just north of I80, in north Lincoln. I get them (12.1, 12.2, 12.3, 12.4) flawlessly. I have my antenna mounted at the highest point in the attic and pointed towards Omaha.

I use the antenna below. If you are patient and keep an eye on it, you can get it for $85-90.

Channel Master CM-4228HD High VHF, UHF and HDTV Antenna Channel Master

u/puma721 · 0 pointsr/lincoln

So you're still going to say that Lincoln drivers specifically are the problem, and not their unfamiliarity or reduced capacity to drive (old folks) or poor city planning?