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u/NuclearShadow · 1 pointr/technology

> I just basically mean I don't want to live in a world/country where my every movement and location is tracked and recorded. I was trying to apply your view on internet tracking to location tracking citizens.

I can understand your view here, however we are living in a tech advanced world and this is going to change things. The internet is a world wide place, it's big and I believe there is no real expectation of privacy. You and I right now are discussing our ideas publicly, someone can come in and read everything we typed and can even respond to it. I will draw the line when it comes to personal emails but most of the internet is public. Even the websites you connect to require a entire network between you and the server that hosts the website. No conversation on the internet is a truly private one due to this, nor are your actions.

Now, I will say I don't have the right to view it, but law enforcement with a probable cause should be able to and they should be able to with ease. This reasons for this should be written clearly, it's not a spy program and the law should make that clear as well.

> The average person commits multiple felonies on an average day.

This is the fault of a over-bloated and unclear law system. I would agree that changes are drastically needed within our law system and this is why I would advocate my idea to be a international law that is written very clearly and ensures privacy rights unless there is probable causes for law enforcement to investigate.

> I know there are certain topics that interest me that I have not researched because I don't want them to show up in my search history.

Seeking knowledge is no a crime. I love the Roman history but that doesn't mean I wish to reinstate the Roman Empire. The only way your search records would be used against you is if you were researching something harmful and actually went and did the crime that you researched. I think you would agree that if someone researches how to make a bomb, and does so and uses the bomb their previous research would certainly be relevant evidence within the case.

> Surveillance changes behavior. As a result I believe this will also stifle progress and creativity.

Which is not entirely a bad thing. If you know that stop lights now have cameras that take pictures of the car and plates upon it. Which will lead to less people running red lights and causing accidents. Reasonable surveillance is a good thing. You can go two routes here, either the internet is a private place leaving you at the terms and mercy of the corporations which will gladly share the information with the government , or the internet is a public place, which in turn means there is no reasonable expectation of privacy. Just like at that stop light.

Also I hear the claim of it effecting progress and creativity but it always ends there. So, please offer me one example on how my idea would. I want to be clear and say specifically my idea, not involving any other ideas. Why do you believe this? If you are correct I am willing to examine and adapt my idea to best avoid such.

> I think the intentions behind your opinion is certainly noble, but I think freedom is more important.

I agree freedom is more important, which is why this would not step on
it. I'm not asking to install a government run camera into your bedroom. I'm not asking for you to stop going to your preferred websites. But what you, myself, and no one else has the right to do is commit a crime. A simple identification method is not stepping on your freedom.

> A little off topic, but it seems your original position comes from a desire to reduce harm. A plan that would reduce harm drastically more than total removal of internet anonymity would be to make refined sugar illegal/prescription only, not to mention cigarettes.

Certainly it's to reduce harm done, and I will gladly admit it's also a law enforcement tool as well. Law enforcement isn't a dirty thing as long as it's done right. I think our government has the responsibility of trying to ensure our safety and well being. Whether it be in a time where we need medical assistance to when we need law enforcement to protect us from those that wish us harm. I think my positions are reasonable but I am most certainly open to discussion.

u/tob_krean · 0 pointsr/technology

> Tesla was not a poor overlooked genius in his life.

And yet for many people (myself included) it may literally be the band Tesla, or something like the Oatmeal comic that may introduce them to the topic.

And I had numerous classes in science and engineering that certainly should have touched on his work but didn't. In fact the other week I took a tour of a museum where I needed to fill in much needed information that was otherwise a one-sided Edison homage.

But I would encourage, like you, for other people to go out and read what they can on the topic. Books like:

  • Man out of Time
  • The Inventions, Researches, and Writings of Nikola Tesla
  • Empires of Light

    And while you bring up Wozniak, you grossly exaggerate what The Oatmeal did to the point of being comical, but you know I'd almost like to read a treatment of him by The Oatmeal because Jobs will far outshadow him and I'm willing to bet he'll probably suffer the same fate in a few decades. Just the story of Breakout reminds me of a similar Edison/Tesla dichotomy

    And that perhaps is the reason people may tip the pendulum a little too far in the other direction. It just so happens that sometimes Cracked or The Oatmeal may actually introduce people to things that neither conventional media nor our "Texas approved" school books may cover adequately.

    Don't knock The Oatmeal for making a reasonable attempt to shed some light in a comical way on a topic that deserves attention. Unless you are willing to give it a rebuttal point for point and then have the author respond to it as he did Forbes as cited below.

    For those interested in a follow up by The Oatmeal, here it is:

    I agree with you in spirit, but I think your line of thinking still helps perpetuate the original problem. We need to actually stop turning people like Edison, Jobs and Gates into deities in the first place and then perhaps the folklore about others who make substantial contributions that many people have little knowledge of wouldn't have to fight so hard to rise to the surface.
u/TurkAlert · 2 pointsr/technology

The antenna is pretty good, but placement was a bit of an issue - it took some time to find a good location near the TV. We get most of the major networks and PBS without a problem, but some get glitchy once in a while. I'm thinking about upgrading to this thin HD antenna, supposed to be easy to place and very highly rated. Hope your setup works out for you!

u/lotusstp · 3 pointsr/technology

Tip of the hat to the pioneers... Lawrence Roberts, Vin Cerf, Bob Taylor, Ivan Sutherland, Douglas Engelbart and J.C.R. Licklider, among many others. Well worth studying up on these dudes. Some excellent reads (available at your public library, natch): "Dealers of Lightning" an excellent book about Xerox PARC; "Where Wizards Stay Up Late" fascinating book about MIT and DARPA; J.C.R. Licklider and the Revolution That Made Computing Personal a turgid yet compelling book about J.C.R. Licklider and his contemporaries.

u/Lemzz · 5 pointsr/technology

This one is actually a lot better. I use it and it tunes ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, PBS, and a half dozen other things in perfectly clear HD. I have it mounted behind my TV, but you can put it anywhere and hook it to your coax system.

I'll emphasize again that this tunes HD, which even on a cable provider like Comcast or Warner is usually an EXTRA charge. It's a great option for me since the only TV I usually watch is on the main networks.

u/Yuzumi · 1 pointr/technology

My sister got a car with bluetooth, but here's the thing: Media playback only works on apple devices.

That's right, for android phones you can only use it for calls. I would have noped out of that right at the start no matter how good the rest of the car is.

I've had this thing for years and it still works perfect. Sounds better than any other FM transmitter I've tried and it has line out in case you have an aux in on your car as well as line in for devices that don't have bluetooth. The line in works even when something is pared, so you don't have to turn off bluetooth.

u/BreadSox · 1 pointr/technology

Ok in all seriousness get an aux to bluetooth adapter like this Kinivo BTC 450.

There are a bunch of them out there, but I have/recommend the Kinivo because it supports aptX (high quality sound over bluetooth). I think Belkin makes a pretty solid one as well.

u/coinbank · 1 pointr/technology

Yea they did. I got a mesh k cup with my keurig as a gift and it won't brew. That was actually the reason I wanted one. Now it barely gets used. I did find some degradeable cups They send you a thin plastic container with the order to store the cups in. They come in biodegradable bags as well. Plus the coffee is pretty good 8)

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/technology

Read this book:

Of course it wasn't invented by a single person, but it's pretty easy to narrow it down to a small list of those who were most responsible.

u/uv0001 · 2 pointsr/technology

Purchase any standard cable modem. If you want the same capability as what you currently have, make sure it has wifi built in as well.

Cable Modem only

Cable Modem with wifi built in.

The two I listed are just examples, you can shop around and find other brands for different prices. Just make sure on the specifications it says it's "DOCSIS 3.0" or something like that and it'll be compatible with Comcast.

DO NOT CALL COMCAST RIGHT AWAY! Only do that as a last resort since it's a pain. In most cases you can activate the new modem without calling. Take it home, disconnect your old modem and connect the new one to the cable line and hook it up to your computer. Plug it in and give it 10 mins to connect to Comcast. Open a web browser and the Comcast activation screen should come up. In put your account info, click activate and give it a good 30 mins to complete. Once you have working internet, return your old modem to the Comcast store (GO IN PERSON AND HAND IT TO A PERSON) and make sure you get a receipt.

If you have trouble activated and have to call, before calling take down the Serial Number and the Cable Mac Address on the bottom of the modem. You're gonna need to give that info to the rep so they can add it to your account.

Either way, you won't have to pay that stupid rental fee any more and you'll probably have better performance with your own modem.

u/applebloom · -1 pointsr/technology

>And if it didn't suck, what would motivate a pirate to purchase it when they already have it for free?

To support the author, studies shows that this is what people do. They use it like a rental service. Everybody knows that if they don't support the content creators they will no longer be able to create content, it's in their own best interest to pay.

>Oh right, because we're supposed to rely on the moral fortitude of someone that was willing to break the law in the first place.

Are you kidding? Everybody breaks the law on a regular basis, our country is over flowing with laws and most of them are ridiculous. Have you ever recorded a show off of TV back when VCR's were a thing? How about a song off the radio? The Supreme Court said this was okay, but what makes that different than piracy?

u/mapin · 1 pointr/technology

You can get a BT receiver that plugs into the Aux jack. Works great with my 1+1. Like this:

The only thing the 1+1 is missing is Apt-X support which would provide higher quality Bluetooth audio. That said, in the car, it all sounds great given the noisy environment you are in.

u/matu4251 · 1 pointr/technology

I got this one a few weeks ago for my wife and ended up buying another one for me to replace the one I was using. It works really well. It pairs automatically to your phone when you turn on the ignition. You can skip songs. It gives you hand free phone and access to Siri without getting your phone out. Well worth the price. Since I stopped using cable about two years ago I haven't had to fiddle with the connection to have stereo or any sound at all (every few month I had to replace the cable).

u/robertgentel · 1 pointr/technology

A while back I found several under $20 on Amazon. I bought this one and it works fine:

I used to use the 3.5mm jack but wireless is actually a nicer experience, just start the car and it pairs and I can press a button on it to start the music (and skip tracks etc).

I much prefer bluetooth everything and no wires, I am not going to mourn the 3.5mm jack, I'm looking forward to more and better wireless solutions.

u/TheEdgeOfTheInternet · 2 pointsr/technology

This is the cable modem I bought and it's worked flawlessly for me:

If you do purchase your own modem I'd recommend getting one that is DOCSIS3. DOCSIS2 modems should still work but you may not get full upload/download speeds.

As for the VPN there are a few things to take into account. For example, the VPN I use allows me to use it simultaneously for 2 devices, however, 1 of those devices can be my home router so all devices in my home go through the single vpn connection and I still have that second device slot available to run my cellphone through.

Feel free to message me and I will try to offer more advice if you'd like.

u/akatherder · 16 pointsr/technology

The three channel you listed are just standard over-the-air "network tv" channels. You can pick those up with an antenna for free. I think they're actually pretty damn good HD quality these days.

I've heard the "leaf" antennas are good:

You can go crazy and get huge outdoor antennas, but I don't think most people need those. /r/cordcutters and /r/ota should have some pretty decent info you can search up.

u/magnora7 · 3 pointsr/technology

That's not true at all! The reviews are very positive:

> He shows how the Department of Justice has led a steady march to expand their reach into the lives of ordinary Americans. The result? Panoply of laws giving them the right to prosecute just about anyone for anything at will.

u/SteveTCook · 2 pointsr/technology

Most cars with bluetooth pair automatically (and reliably) when you turn your car on. You don't need to take your phone out of your pocket many times. Just hit play to start up where you left off.

I've had 2 cars like this. In one of them, I used one of these:

Worked really well, and I liked it more than fumbling with aux cable all the time.

u/KMartSheriff · 1 pointr/technology

Don't rent. Buy one. It'll easily pay for itself over a few months. There are different cables modems as well, the more common ones are 8x4 (8 downstream and 4 upstream). The newer ones are 16x4, which work with TWC's 200+ Mbps speeds. There are even crazier modems that just recently came out that can do 24x8, which supports nearly 1 Gbps.

u/veidt_co · 1 pointr/technology

Try an aeropress. It's like a french press, but way easier to clean. I use it with espresso ground coffee and make americanos.

u/agent-wonderbread · 8 pointsr/technology

I just ordered a Surfboard 6121 and its a really great modem. Pair it with an ASUS router like this and you have a wonderful combination. The range is extremely far, you can customize a lot of settings and you don't have to pay the monthly price. Comcast was charging me $8 a month for my modem, so after 6 months ill have paid for it already (picked mine up on sale).

u/artaru · 5 pointsr/technology

I couldn't find it quickly but it was something like this.

Most of these things also have mics built in so you can talk or use Siri hands free.

u/legitfraudster · 1 pointr/technology

be ready for them to fight you on activating your modem.. see some of the reviews for this modem on Amazon:

dunno which model you purchased but if the tech isn't able to activate it be sure to look online for solutions other people found, just like folks did for this modem

u/DeepGreen · 1 pointr/technology

Use an Aeropress. Does the same job, but better. Faster to clean also.

u/rfidtag · 81 pointsr/technology

This just happened to me too. I simply went on to amazon and ordered a Mohu Leaf for $35 from the warehouse deals.

It picked up like 50 channels here. Best thing I purchased in a long time.

u/ctjwa · 1 pointr/technology

You should read the Elon Musk book that just came out. It has some real fascinating stuff about his life, and the 3 companies he owns/started. The guy is amazing.

u/MeesterGone · 1 pointr/technology

Buy your own modem. Check this list for approved devices:
I bought this one, works great:
After 8.5 months it's paid for.

u/adx · 3 pointsr/technology

The book Where the Wizards Stay Up Late is a pretty good overview. It has more details from the ARPANet days and wraps up right around the point of the combination of ARPANet, NSFNet, and CSNet to create the modern Internet.

u/magoo005 · 1 pointr/technology

I just basically mean I don't want to live in a world/country where my every movement and location is tracked and recorded. I was trying to apply your view on internet tracking to location tracking citizens.

The average person commits multiple felonies on an average day.

I know there are certain topics that interest me that I have not researched because I don't want them to show up in my search history.

Surveillance changes behavior. As a result I believe this will also stifle progress and creativity.

I think the intentions behind your opinion is certainly noble, but I think freedom is more important.

A little off topic, but it seems your original position comes from a desire to reduce harm. A plan that would reduce harm drastically more than total removal of internet anonymity would be to make refined sugar illegal/prescription only, not to mention cigarettes.

(Sorry if this is unclear or disjointed I was under general anesthesia earlier today, and am on painkillers.)

u/esaruoho · 2 pointsr/technology

throw that POS book in the bin right now and never recommend it to anyone.

the guy who wrote it was a serious hater.

Now, this one, on the other hand ( )

Mr. Seifer also had no business devoting a whole chapter to badmouthing John Keely.

And besides, John O'Neill's Prodigal Genius and Tesla's self-written My Inventions are still much more cohesive writings on the man.

Also, save yourself some time and just dig into



u/jvorn · 2 pointsr/technology

Hey btw I had a similar setup to you/distain for bluetooth transmitters, but I've been using the Titan Himbox for a while and its amazing. Plugs into aux so minimal quality loss. Love it, actually made me stop considering getting a new car.

u/Stingray88 · 1 pointr/technology

Split it with your room mates… when someone moves out before 15 months is up, give them the amount they could have saved back. If someone moves out after 15 months is up, just deal with it then.

They're $21 bucks a person (plus tax/shipping… or free if one of you have Prime). That's really not a lot of money to ask from your room mates.

What is your modem rental fee? 4$?

For someone who's concerned about the money… you don't seem very concerned about saving more money.

u/TomH_squared · 1 pointr/technology

Well, if you're still in the 20th century, sure. Now there's the Mohu Leaf, which I've heard is quite good

u/varnell_hill · 51 pointsr/technology

False. Read up on Elon. He may not be bending the metal to build the rockets, or assembling the batteries that go into Teslas (what CEO does?), but he knows a great deal about the engineering behind all their products.

If you haven't already, I highly recommend you read this.

Jobs, OTOH, had no background in computer science or engineering and never claimed to. His thing was design, which he (obviously) did really well.

u/mehgoat · 1 pointr/technology

Well it was a small Village in Croatia in 1856, so I am going to guess the record keeping may not have been the best.

Source: Tesla Man out of Time

u/brna767 · 9 pointsr/technology

It is as simple as screwing in the coax cable into the modem and picking up the phone and reading comcast the "MAC" number on the back of the router.

Here is a good one comcast accepts -

If you want to go a step further, pick up a router that accepts tomato firmware and get that going.

u/stalepolishcheetos · 133 pointsr/technology

Ordered XL but needed a Small, they delivered an XL!

Edit: this reminds me of the gallon of milk on Amazon with the funny reviews

u/Silverkarn · 2 pointsr/technology

I use this: Melitta

Works awesome, you can buy normal coffee pot filters, no need to buy the special shaped ones.

Kind of hard to tell how much water you're putting in it though, i overfill my cups often.

u/greenerT · 1 pointr/technology

I use this:

It's perfect for making a single cup of coffee, costs like $7 and I can put whatever fucking coffee in it I want. I mean it's a god damn funnel.

u/catwiesel · 2 pointsr/technology

the internet was built on the backs of a few very dedicated nerds with a very limited social life. and of course, quite a few engineers who left because they didn't want to dedicate their lives.

There is a great book about that time and the people...

Where Wizards stay up late

u/MWEAI · 1 pointr/technology

I have always had good luck out of this.
Takes about a minute for a 12 oz can.

u/thePD · 1 pointr/technology

I just added this to my car, its actually playing through a tape deck, sounds great:

u/anonworkacct · 18 pointsr/technology

There are 97% biodegradable ones on Amazon and they're super cheap as far as k-cups go!

u/cg001 · 7 pointsr/technology

I work at a retail chain selling these things and I always recommend the reusable filters.

The K cup packs are bad coffee and too expensive. With this I get whatever coffee I want and I can make it as strong or as watery as I want. After a few times you figure out how much you want.

Saves a ton of money paying for the 10$ Dunkin Donuts coffee at walmart for something like 50 cups or 20$ for 16 pack for 16 cups.

u/turbodude69 · 1 pointr/technology

this idea has been around for years, it's not revolutionary. also, that thing looks SUPER expensive.

quick google search found this and it's already for sale.

u/caltheon · 0 pointsr/technology

You could just use a coffee dripper. Cheap, easy to use/clean and makes a perfect cup of coffee with any grounds no matter what size mug you use.

u/aboardthegravyboat · 5 pointsr/technology

Make sure it's DOCSIS 3.0 and also look at the number of channels up and down.
That one is 4 channels up and 4 channels down. It says on the box that it'll max out at 172Mbps. If you're paying for more than that, you're going to need a better one.

u/Arab_Dictator · 2 pointsr/technology

What a great deal, almost $500 less than Amazon!

u/jzollo · 1 pointr/technology

Guys, do yourself a favor and buy your own modem. Comcast obviously doesn't care about improving their reputation, this is nothing more than a cash grab.

Some Amazon links:

Motorola SB6141 ($88.24, for greater than 150mbps Service)

Motorola SB6121 ($69.99, for less than 150mbps)

They are both Comcast approved and DOCSIS 3.0. The SB6141 supports higher speeds but the 6121 should be enough for most people.

u/No_Velociraptors_Plz · 2 pointsr/technology


Ignore the folks telling you to buy a router that you can flash with Open-WRT, DD-WRT etc. That is almost never necessary and just causes additional headaches. Keep it simple.

Here's the cable modem you need for Comcast. This is a DOCSIS 3 modem so will support Comcast's fastest speeds that are available:

Here's a good wireless router that I use, never had any issues with it. Good range:

This nice thing with this one is if you have a large enough space that you are trying to cover and this wireless router doesn't do it, you can always pick up another one, run a network cable between them, and turn on "Repeater" mode on the new one. This allows it to act as a cheap wireless repeater without interfering with the addressing that your first router is doing.

Most other wireless routers can do this as well if you know how to set it up manually, but this is a nice "idiot proof" method.

Let me know if you have any other questions. I just moved out of a Comcast area so am still very familiar with what their requirements are :) I'll actually be posting my own cable modem up for sale on Amazon soon!

u/caminator · 1 pointr/technology

I have a car with only an aux input and got this Bluetooth kit from Amazon a few years ago because I was annoyed having to take my phone out of my pocket and plug it in.

It's been well worth the small cost. My phone connects automatically to it when I turn on the car, it's got pause/play, track skip and it activates Siri. You also place the button wherever you want, I have it next to the steering column behind the windshield wiper stick or whatever on the right side. Been one of my better purchases.

u/Pation · 1 pointr/technology

I'm glad you asked!

There are a few reasons for this, far better explained by the various experts that research precisely this problem. Here's an executive summary if you only have ten minutes

Or if you have only one minute, the most important concept is that we simply do not know how to program human values. If we were to create an AI, their goals would most likely not be in line with human goals. To quote a now famous line (source):

>The AI does not hate you, nor does it love you, but you are made out of atoms which it can use for something else.

u/MistaHiggins · 1 pointr/technology

I have the Blast package (50mbps) and I regularly pull almost 60mbps.

Shopped modems for a few weeks, and settled on the Zoom 5341J. Read several reviews about stability issues on the surfboard modems, but not with the Zoom modem - so I went with it instead. 8 channel DOCS 3.0 with a gigabit port.

Also, make sure that the power levels of your comcast line are within spec. When the technician first set everything up, I couldn't pull more than 25mbps because the line was at 8 dBmV and a little unstable. The tech said that he has found the most stable connection from -4 dBmV to 4 dBmV, so he cut it down with a splitter and I haven't had a problem pulling over 50mbps since then.

u/lukejames · 1 pointr/technology

OMG. They exist. Which is why articles like this piss me off so much. Why won't anyone provide a solution instead guilt trips? Try this:


u/yur_mom · 1 pointr/technology

I ended up with this one:

It was good enough for my needs and pays for itself in 8 months.

I was just pointing out the benefits of both. For my parents I have them rent because if it stops working they call Comcast and if Comcast cannot get it working they send someone out to replace it. This has already happened twice for them over a 5 year period.

u/mealsharedotorg · 41 pointsr/technology

Reminds me of the infamous reviews of Tuscan milk from Amazon. So funny the NY Times wrote an article about the reviews.

u/iHikeALot · 1 pointr/technology

Assuming her car has an AUX input jack, the Kinivo BTC450 is excellent.

u/Irish06 · 3 pointsr/technology

I decided to buy a Zoom 5341J modem. I'm tired of renting the POS that they gave me.

Here is a link for supported modems. Good luck!

u/UndeadBelaLugosi · 2 pointsr/technology

AeroPress + Tea Kettle: $32.87

Better coffee, more versatile and cheaper. Doesn't look as fancy on the counter though.

u/Chainsmoker977 · 1 pointr/technology

Here you go -

And here you go -

Fantastic bluetooth car adapter and Bluetooth headphones that last for days on a single charge. I own both. I never liked wired headphones anyway so i bought those just be rid of the tangled chord.

u/CatrickStrayze · 6 pointsr/technology

The Mohu Leaf antenna is the one I use. It picks up stations from the two cities that I'm in the middle of, each about 30-35 miles away. Plus, it's made in the USA. They also make a powered version that is supposed to get even better reception, but I can't speak for that one since I don't have it.

I use that antenna and Amazon Prime or "other" streaming sites for movies.

u/Teknik987 · 7 pointsr/technology

I use the Kinivo-BTC450 which works perfectly for my needs. Automatically connects, aptx streaming, no batteries, siri button, microphone for phone calls and music controls. For a reasonable price, been using mine now for a couple years.

u/doctor_midnight · 8 pointsr/technology

if you like this subject matter, "Where Wizards Stay Up Late" is a must read... read it while getting my BS in Comp Sci

u/s0matica · 1 pointr/technology

Yeah, my sister bought one for my parents for Christmas as their Cuisinart maker conveniently bit the dust a week or so before Christmas.

They started off just getting mass box of Maxwell House pods from costco or something.

I showed them this:

and they haven't looked back. Can still use whatever store bought or beans they want, and no waste from the lids & plastic pods. I take it this is what Keurig doesn't want people using?! Pretty silly, considering THEY produced this thing...

u/tehDevil · 1 pointr/technology

Really? Then how about this

Made by Keurig?

They're trying to get rid of the unofficial one-time use market, not their own refills.

I don't know how stupid Keurig would have to be to believe they can move their 'refill' market into a 'k-cup purchasing' mindset.

u/hexydes · 6 pointsr/technology

> Imagine SpaceX having 100 times larger budget... We probably would have already built a few bases on the Moon and flights to Mars every few months...

We tried that. It's called NASA and their machine of contractors. As it turns out, having 100 times larger budget just means you become a large political target, you get 10x increases in layers of bureaucracy, and your goals are written, changed, thrown away, and written over again every 4-8 years. In other words, if SpaceX had 100 times larger budget, it'd probably come from sources they don't control, and they'd end up getting controlled in the process.

There's a reason why Musk won't take SpaceX public, even though they'd probably receive a massive cash injection. He has a vision for SpaceX, and wants to control that vision with an iron fist. If you read the Ashlee Vance biography about Elon Musk, you'll know that he is regretful of having to take Tesla public, and the last year shows exactly why. When you're trying to change the future, you don't want to spend time, energy, and focus answering to shareholders wondering how you're going to get them a dividend in the next quarter.

u/YouOnlyLurkOnce · 3 pointsr/technology

I went through three variations on this device before finding one that works well. It's this one:

5 months in and it's still batting 1000 by every metric I can think of.

u/chancegold · 1 pointr/technology

$30 and works like a charm. 3rd time in just this thread I've suggested it, and I still can't say enough good things about it.

u/Fr0gm4n · 4 pointsr/technology

Are you using a real Keurig filter or a knockoff? I've never had grounds in the cup and I've had the same Keurig reusable filter for a couple years. I almost never use the K-cups for my morning joe.

EDIT: I fill the filter to the top and tap it a little to settle the grounds a bit. Also, don't use too fine of a grind.

u/ekno · 3 pointsr/technology

You might need them to get you a new modem. Sometimes they give you old hardware if you didn't opt for a 30mbps+ package that uses a newer modem. My mom has a similar problem right now, she had 20mbps upgraded to 30mbps and they never upgraded her to a docsis 3 modem. Also I think you can get the correct modem for about $60 at Amazon and save on the modem subscription fee until Google Fibre rolls out for you.

u/ERIFNOMI · 1 pointr/technology

[Motorola SB6141 $69] (

That's 4 bound download channels. At the rate ISPs move, that thing will die before you need more than that. Motorola makes great modems.

u/TL_DRead_it · 1 pointr/technology

It`s not as hard as you might think...

Although, the required equipment to actually turn this into usable uranium U-235 might be slightly more expensive....

u/WolfofAnarchy · 2 pointsr/technology

This one is a must-read

The rest was basically more factual stuff about how Tesla and SpaceX operate, how they get revenue, how they implement changes, what drives them, their marketing & PR, etc.

u/krej · 1 pointr/technology

Maybe in the UK but not in the US.

u/klitchell · 1 pointr/technology

I don't know about the one OP is talking about but it's basically a reusable filter you can put coffee grounds in.

u/TheCodeIsBosco · 1 pointr/technology

So, I've already got one of these. I'll use it until my Keurig dies and then I'll go back to the standard coffee pot.

u/LordOfTheGiraffes · 1 pointr/technology

I just make my coffee manually with one of these.

u/audionautics · 3 pointsr/technology

This guy?

Is it really that different than drip coffee? I see these suggested all the time, but I've never tried one.

u/MoreLogicalThanYou · 1 pointr/technology

Throw in an HD antenna for the networks since it's a one time cost.

u/SirSid · 4 pointsr/technology

There's a company out in california that makes k-kup compatible cups using all biodegradable materials. And they are cheaper than store brand generics. They come out to 37 cents a cup instead of 50 for store brand and 75 for keurig brand

u/gfxlonghorn · 2 pointsr/technology

This Bluetooth reciever is so much better than plugging in your aux cable every time you get into your car : .

u/DivinityCycle · 1 pointr/technology

No big deal. I'm a Comcast subscriber. I prefer to have my various functions broken out in dedicated devices, so that if I change ISPs I don't have to get a new router.

I've been using this guy:

That modem should let you get online if you have Comcast cable, but you'll need a separate router for the stuff you want to do.

u/FUTT_BUCKER_ · 1 pointr/technology

I actually really like this thing. I have an 06 Accord with a big stupid touchscreen that I don't use and no aux jack. Only issue with the transmitter is that CDs have a higher max volume.

u/flatcurve · 1 pointr/technology

Soundbot SB360. It costs less than $20, plugs directly into the 3.5mm aux port, connects with your phone within 3-4 seconds of powering up, works as a pretty decent hands-free speakerphone (depending on placement) and has A2DP controls on it for pausing and skipping songs.

(For the record I think Apple ditching the 3.5mm port is bullshit, but I've been using the SB360 for a couple years now and it's great.)

u/pTymN · 0 pointsr/technology

We're all guilty of something. Its more of a matter of who the police watch more than who is committing crimes.

The only murderer I ever talked at length with at a bar was a white girl. My black friends understand the power of a good beatdown to fix attitudes. White people mentality is that the person must be erased, not just adjusted.

u/PA2SK · 1 pointr/technology

I cut the cord years ago and have no intentions of going back. One suggestion - look into an HD antenna similar to the Mohu Leaf:

I get razor sharp over the air programming. A lot of it is mindless daytime tv but it's really nice having live, local news, that was the one thing I was really missing.

u/boomerxl · 5 pointsr/technology

There's his autobiography.

Biographies of him tend to either be sycophantic or overly critical, with one notable exception; Tesla: Man out of time.

u/Lurking_Grue · 2 pointsr/technology

I hear ya.

My ford was just driving me nuts. Every morning I had to use voice commands to set it to bluetooth and that barely worked. On top of that the car would wait 15 seconds and send a play command so I would start driving away and my podcast would suddenly stop and I couldn't really disable those features. The interface was wobbly as hell.

I went though the trouble to upgrade the firmware on my car and it just introduced more bugs like an audio dropout every 20 seconds.

I finally gave up and bought one of these:

The experience was SO much better as my car would stay in Aux and there is a physical button for that and I just hit play on the device and it just plays.

Funny thing is every so often my car will fuck up and it is on some random radio channel and aux no longer functions until I turn off the car, open the door and start over.

Seriously, car manufactures have to fucking clue when it comes to software.

u/flanl · 3 pointsr/technology

$29.75 for 80 San Francisco Bay Fog Chaser cups is tough to beat.

It's good stuff for Keurig coffee, and the cups are 97% biodegradable, so you don't have to feel like a schmuck for wasting a shit ton of plastic.

u/fermion72 · 1 pointr/technology

I'm just about to finish up Superintellgence, by Nick Bostrom, and I'm a bit scared of AI now. Bostrom elaborates on a ton of ways that AI could go horribly wrong (for humans, and possibly for the Universe, and I'm only slightly exaggerating on that), and I'm not sure we will get it right. Maybe, but I'm not convinced it will be as easy as Kurzweil suggests.

u/mumrah · 1 pointr/technology

What you can do is limit your dependence on them. Cancel TV, get Netflix. Buy your own DOCSIS3 modem, return that rental garbage. Cancel phone, get a your own number and a VoIP bridge. The internet service from TWC (my provider) is reasonably priced for the speed and quality IMO. TV and Phone are highway robbery


u/aagpeng · 1 pointr/technology

You trying to tell me that my diamond HDMI cable is not worth $13,000? We can fight.

u/nuqqet9k · 2 pointsr/technology

It's strange. There's no right answer for "what router should I get?" there are so many options and every user is different. But for the question "what modem should I get?" there's basically one right answer:

u/kymosabei · 1 pointr/technology

I know you have a lot of disdain for them, but I purchased this one 2 years ago:

And haven't had an issue since. It's basically CD quality audio, and has the ability to drown out whole local stations; it's unreal.

u/sourbrew · 4 pointsr/technology

Get a zoom, not this, surfboards have been hated for a few years now.

u/YoYossarian · 4 pointsr/technology

Here's one that I just ordered. It comes with a recommendation from Elon Musk as well. This is a subject Kurzweil discusses at length in his books, though his approach is far more optimistic. He avoids the cataclysm by saying humans and AGI will work together as one, but his point basically concedes humanity's destruction if we don't cooperate/merge.

u/ImNot_NSA · 3 pointsr/technology

Elon Musk's fear of AI was amplified by the nonfiction book he recommended called SuperIntelligence. It is written by an Oxford professor and it's scary

u/pswdkf · 1 pointr/technology

This is the biggest issue I have with the iPhone 7. I want to connect the Aux of my car and also be able to charge my phone on longer road trips. My gf's car has CarPlay, and that shit blows. CarPlay is very finicky and loses connection randomly and sometimes will just straight up not work at all (won't even charge the phone). For my car, which doesn't have CarPlay, I'd end up having to buy the Bluetooth Aux adapter, such as this:

Kinivo BTC450 Bluetooth Hands-Free Car Kit for Cars with Aux Input Jack (3.5 mm) - supports aptX

Stupid move getting rid of the 3.5mm port.

u/Heretical_Fool · 5 pointsr/technology

Don't forget that gallon of milk that started the whole "leave stupid reviews on stupid products on Amazon," thing.

u/greenbuggy · 1 pointr/technology

Average American commits 3 felonies a day. Are you really going to bullshit us that you're going eagerly give the DA every shred of evidence they need to lock you away, take away your rights and cost you thousands of dollars in court & attorney fees even if you aren't convicted? And don't give me any of that "if you don't have anything to hide" bullshit, the legal system still puts the hurt on plenty of innocent people or people who committed "crimes" that don't have a victim.

u/iScreme · -15 pointsr/technology

You are such a fucking nimrod that you failed to realize that 'Three Felonies a Day' is the name of a god damn book.

The article might not be your regular Faux News quality, but it sure as hell has all the information an article needs to have.

In short

>Well that's one of the worst articles I've claimed to have read


u/Afatassninja · 3 pointsr/technology

My isp blew my modem while I was at their offices complaining about their shit tier service. I know this because during the time that I was at their office my buddys were chatting on skype and my internet magically went out at the exact time that I was up there, it stayed out for a week because we didn't know what was wrong and it took them a week to actually show up to tell us we needed a new modem This was only a month old before it just suddenly stopped working. They tried to tell me that it wouldn't handle their 50mbps internet because he had no fucking clue what the hell he was talking about.

u/fstorino · 3 pointsr/technology

> The average professional in this country wakes up in the morning, goes to work, comes home, eats dinner, and then goes to sleep, unaware that he or she has likely committed several federal crimes that day. Why? The answer lies in the very nature of modern federal criminal laws, which have exploded in number but also become impossibly broad and vague. In Three Felonies a Day, Harvey A. Silverglate reveals how federal criminal laws have become dangerously disconnected from the English common law tradition and how prosecutors can pin arguable federal crimes on any one of us, for even the most seemingly innocuous behavior.