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u/JayIkalima · 2 pointsr/gadgets

I'll go up the price ladder with my recommendations.

Skullcandy - Hesh 2: Probably the only pair I'd recommend in the line aside from the durable metal TiTans in the earbud range, the sound quality is very good, and fairly flat for its price of around 60 USD. The Hesh 2 has pretty good build quality for a mostly plastic pair at this price.

Sony - MDR-7506 Also another good choice, this is the more modern reboot of the older MDR-V6. The only real change that I can see is that the sticker on the earcup is now blue rather than red from the older one. Slightly treble forward, but still a good deal. It's also very easy to find replacement parts for this 100 USD pair of headphones. Warning - cord is a very long coiled 'studio' cord. Might dissuade you from buying it.

V-Moda Crossfade LP While it was 70 USD from Amazon last year around Christmas time, it goes back to its price of around 130 - 200 USD, This is for if you want good bass, awesome build quality, a cool looking pair of headphones, and warm, smooth sound to tie it all together.

Sennheiser HD-25-II You really can't go wrong with this pair. Albeit being full plastic, this design is fully modular and replacement components are available from Sennheiser's website, from earcups, to cords, to headbands and drivers, It's a very good 'lifetime' pair. The sound is almost 'clinical' for lack of a better term. For 250 USD, it's a really good pair with good noise isolation achieved by its tight fit.

V-Moda Crossfade M-100
If you REALLY want to go that far, the M-100's offer unbeatable bass quality layered with surprisingly flat mids and highs. For 310 USD, you can't go wrong with this pair. With its signature V-Moda look and durability, you're paying premium for a very good reason. Ultimate comfort, good sound isolation (Even with the V3 Bass Vents), deep, rich, warm bass with clean sound all around, it's my favourite pair out of all.

u/dragontology · 3 pointsr/gadgets

This is almost literally what I'm building tomorrow. This is the Pi kit I'm getting. It comes with a case, power supply, and heat spreaders for the Pi's chips (how important are these?). I already have the exact controller in the Arse article, or one that looks just like it, and I have a couple extra HDMI cables around. I don't have an extra microSD card, so I'm buying a 128GB one, and trading my wife for her 64GB model. I don't think I even need 64GB, not for RetroPie. I might put a couple PS1 games on it, depending on how well they can run. But I need more buttons than that controller offers, so it will mainly be for NES/Super NES/Genesis games. And then mainly the first two. Never was a big Genesis player, but ToeJam & Earl, Sonic, Altered Beast, Golden Axe, Phantasy Star... there are some real classics there. $50 for that kit makes it $10 less than the NES Classic... which was never sold here (middle of nowhere, NC).

For beginners (i.e. you have nothing yet), start with this one. It's $70, but it has a 32GB memory card and an HDMI cable, plus a case, the Pi, and a power supply. Oh and a microSD card to USB converter. For microSD card use I would actually recommend getting a USB 3.0 card reader. They're not much. And then you just need a controller.

I don't mean to imply I am not a beginner myself — I have never done this before. But I've played with Linux, I've modded Android (ran custom ROMs, firmware, and rooted four different Android phones by three manufacturers). I also build computers, though I'm only on my fourth built PC in 13 years. I'm kind of a little wet behind the ears, but I have some experience. I don't think you need that much to actually install and set up a RetroPie kit, but it helps to understand what is going on behind the scenes, in case anything goes wrong. And of course any seasoned geek will tell you, Google is your best friend, and from there, threads on Reddit, StackExchange, and Tom's Hardware are some of the best resources. Those are the search results I usually click on, in any case.

Also, not affiliated with CanaKit. I'm pretty sure theirs are the Pi kits RetroPie recommends. Or maybe it was a guide I saw. And then even before, looking to buy a Pi, I saw them on Amazon. There is another Pi kit company and their prices seem comparable, but they don't appear to have the full $70 kit (I may be wrong!), just the $50 case/power/Pi starter kit. I'm sure they're both (that brand and CanaKit) fine as long as the Pi itself is. The rest is probably just standard off-the-shelf stuff.

u/F1nd3r · 1 pointr/gadgets

I was recently shopping for a birthday gift for myself and found this one which definitely looks like a winner. Grab two for when you break the first one, couple of extra batteries and rotors and you have fun fun fun for within budget.

u/fakeplasticcrow · 2 pointsr/gadgets

Hey, I use Seinheisser HD-280 Pros at work:

They aren't noise canceling but they offer 32DB of sound reduction by clamping on your head and having closed ears. They truly are more of a reference monitor, but I like them with most forms of music. Had bose noise canceling before and I think these are more durable and effectively block out the sound just as well. I also think the sound quality is far superior in these puppies, but the soundstage is more flat because they are studio reference monitors. Cheers!

u/Drewby30 · -4 pointsr/gadgets

Great computer for 1,300 bucks. Not sure what price point a 970m starts at but I think it's around there as well and from what I've heard that small jump from the 960m to 970m is worth the money. However there are laptops cheaper than this that pack just about the same level of punch for almost 500 dollars less which would be the Inspiron 7559 it's got everything you need plus the back panel comes off so you can add another hard drive and more ram than the stock 8gb

But I will say the Hp has way better build quality so you get what you pay for but on a budget the 7559 is perfect.. Depends entirely how much your looking to spend but my advice is dump most of the money into the graphics card to get the most from your gaming and as far as the processor goes and i5 will do it for most people but if your opening a lot of apps at once go for the i7 you will thank yourself later.. Just my 2 cents

Edit: LOL if you are gonna down vote please submit a link to the better comp... I'm curious to see what computers you guys think are better than this without spending more than 800 Usd otherwise I'm just going to assume you are some salty ass kid and know jack shit of what your talking about.

Edit: link for the computer is here

Awesome computer runs everything amazingly for a 700 dollar price point.. The kids below have no idea what the hell they are talking about 😂

u/Grummond · 2 pointsr/gadgets

I can definitely recommend the Sansa Clip Zip. Great sound quality, twice the battery life of any smartphone, cheap, and a max of 128+8GB with a 128GB microSD card. Put Rockbox on it and you'll love it. Don't get the Sport version, you can't rockbox it and the software is still a little buggy.

There's an Mp3 player out there with 2 microSD slots, supporting 2x128GB cards right now, and they promised support for 256GB and 512GB cards when they become available. It's an expensive device but it's an "audiophile" product with amazing sound quality.

Also, this exists:

u/njb42 · 2 pointsr/gadgets

I bought the Audio Technica ATH-ANC7 for train rides to the city. Reviews said they were as good as the Bose or better, for less than 1/2 the price. I'd say that's spot on. Very comfortable for long periods, great sound, good noise canceling (but maybe a notch below the Bose).

u/rtechie1 · 1 pointr/gadgets

They're extremely easy to find on eBay. The problem is again the pricing, most of what you would want would be in the $100 range.

You're just not going to beat the Chromecast on price because Chromecast is clearly sold at a loss (or a tiny margin), like Amazon Fire TV.

If you're willing to go through the hassle of a Home Theater PC (HTPC), which is what a laptop would be, do that. That is the ideal client for streaming MKVs (aka random stuff downloaded off torrents). Long term, you'll never have to worry about compatibility, your apps being out of date, etc.

You're going to need a keyboard and mouse for setup and (based on my experience) you're going to want a good wireless keyboard and mouse, something like this:

And don't forget the remote. You really need a dedicated remote with physical buttons, you'll regret it if you don't get one.

u/Melraidin · 1 pointr/gadgets

There's some headphones that you can carry around that, while bigger than earbuds, aren't too large. Is there a reason you're not considering these?

These Koss Portapros ( are very highly rated for their style. They have a very generous warranty. They don't fold up quite as small as a pair of earbuds might but there is a limit to the size of a speaker that will still reproduce a decent range of frequencies.

I've been very happy using a pair of Koss Portapros on my commute (where I can here what's going on around me), a pair of Sennheiser HD-280s at work (blocking some of my co-workers noise), and a pair of Beyerdynamics DT-880s at home (where I don't deal with noise and I just want something that sounds as good as I can get (at a reasonable price)).

u/Do_Want · 0 pointsr/gadgets

I really like these bluetooth headphones. They are comfortable and have good sound and range. The Voice command, and music controls have worked on both my iphone and samsung galaxy s2.

At $30 bucks you'd be hard pressed to find a better value.

u/noeatnosleep · 2 pointsr/gadgets

Lifetime warranty. $40. Extremely durable, and according to people who care about audio quality, fantastic audio quality for the price.

Also reported to be comfortable once you get the fit right.


u/LotusCSGO · 7 pointsr/gadgets

The cheap gaming laptop that actually has decent specs is the Dell Inspiron 15 7559, found here:

$700 for:

Quad Core 3.2 GHz (turbo) Intel Skylake CPU (i5-6300HQ)

NVidia GTX 960M 4GB

8GB Memory

15.6" 1080p IPS Screen


and actual usable ports. It's not exactly thin like the Asus K501UW-AB78, but it's cheaper, and has a much better CPU (albeit more power hungry). The Acer would be if you valued thinness and lightweight over performance, while this Dell I'm talking about is more performance oriented with components that put out more heat, and therefore require a larger battery and better cooling.

u/snarkfish · 3 pointsr/gadgets

see that link clark-kent posted

i own the following open:sennheiser hd 518 and closed: sennheiser hd 280 pro and can recommend both

both are circumaural (earcups surround the ear and rests on the skull) and very comfortable and sound great

i don't own these, but this is a great pair of headphones (near legendary) for an awesome price audio technica ath-m50

u/ExPerseides · 4 pointsr/gadgets

Lumia 520 on AT&T regularly retail for 50 dollars, and will outperform basically any sub $150 android phone.

They get a lot of flak because they're windows phone OS which isn't one of the two behemoths in the smartphone world, but for a starter phone they're pretty great.

u/the_wailing_walrus · 2 pointsr/gadgets

Sennheiser HD 280 pro has outstanding reviews, but is ~$75:

Often slightly cheaper (~$65), but with very good reviews is the Sony MDR-V6:

And last, but not least is the lower-priced Audio-Technica ATHM40FS for ~$55:

All good headphones, check em out.

u/Mitt_Romney_2016 · 31 pointsr/gadgets

Fiio X1. Actually made for sound quality as opposed to many players I have seen. They have a whole line of DAP's (Digital Audio Payers) ranging from the entry X1 to the more audiophile grade X5. Great reviews, hands down the best company to go with, imho. Solid aluminum with a warranty and 2 micro sd cards.

X1 $105
X5 $350 ish

u/HardlySerious · 1 pointr/gadgets

> Sure, if they allow it and their AP supports it.

No it's a feature of iPhones. I mean someone else has to have an iPhone with the password but if they do it works every time.

>There are plenty of Android phones with easily replaceable batteries

Super fast charging and battery packs really killed this use case for me.

You can get a 20K mAh charging brick for $50.

If you're already carrying a second battery it's not any less convenient. And that's the equivalent of like ~6 full phone charges.

From 0% you can get to 50% in 30 minutes.

I've never run into any situation where I had to drain my phone to 0%, but then instantly needed it back to 100% but I couldn't stand it plugged in for even a few minutes.

If I'm on the go and my phone gets low I just plug it into my brick in my backpack. And unlike your one replacement battery, I could charge a ton of things with my brick it's not just extra juice for one phone. My friends phones, a Bluetooth speaker, anything.

I kept my old Samsung forever because I liked swapping batteries too but bricks and fast charge mooted that use case for me.

u/baconandicecreamyum · 1 pointr/gadgets

I use this and an aux cable from best buy (the ones I bought on Amazon all broke or didn't work):

HomeSpot NFC-enabled Bluetooth Audio Receiver for Sound System

I find that I sometimes have to manually re-pair it or re-enable using it for media on my android phone (s3). For a couple of weeks, it stopped working, not sure what happened. It would connect to my phone but wouldn't play anything. Other than that glitch, it works well. I'm glad I have it. I paid $25.49 in March, looks like it's $27 now. Oh and I plug it into a usb dc thingie.

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/gadgets

I still think the LG Tone is the best piece of wearable tech to date. I own one and at 1/4 the cost of the Sony watch while enhancing phone functionality to a greater extent than what the watch does. To me, it's a much better deal than the sony watch.

u/theRailisGone · 8 pointsr/gadgets

In case anyone is considering this, if you know absolutely nothing about computers and want a little something to get your small child interested in technology, this can work as long as you have the cash to spare. However, it is a huge rip off otherwise. If you have any competence with computers, just get a Raspberry Pi 3 kit and plug it into your HDMI capable TV. It'll cost you a fraction of the price and have much more ability to grow with the child.

u/karma_dumpster · 3 pointsr/gadgets

Look at the FiiO X1. It's cheap and plays high res audio; much better sound quality:

iRiver audio players sound great.

You can pick one up for a tick over $100 and throw in a 128gb SD Card for $50.

u/isonlynegative · 4 pointsr/gadgets

I bought a pair of [JayBird Bluebuds X] ( last summer.

They are the most expensive headphones ive ever bought and i think they are very good. To put this in perspective I thought id list my previous inferior headphones; [Koss porta pro] ( , [AKG k81] ( , [Urbanears plattan] ( , and SEVERAL IF NOT ALL of the Beats by dre headphones that i tried in store.

Why do i think they are good? Well they have a clear crisp sound, i can hear tones in songs that i haven't heard before, and as long as you get a good fit the bass is good too (they come with three different bud sizes and three different [wing thingies] (

The battery life is 8 hrs and that is fine by me as long as you remember to charge them every other day.

I dont know if these are the most "bang for buck" headphones but unless you are a headphone and not an earbud person you probably wont be dissapointed.

u/MooseV2 · 1 pointr/gadgets

You should check out the FiiO X5. Amazing sound quality (audiophile DAP), and fantastic storage (up to 256gb).

u/Oddish · 4 pointsr/gadgets

I can recommend Sony SBH20. Inexpensive but very nice, and you can use whichever headphones you like, if you're not satisfied with the included ones.

u/sambravers · 13 pointsr/gadgets

I always advocate heavily for the FiiO X5 over the iPod Classic. It has a very similar interface, it's cheaper (now), and it supports lossless audio formats (FLAC etc). Produces much better sound and is in general a better buy.

u/JustAddBlu · 1 pointr/gadgets

Anker's Powercore 20100 is pretty great. I use it all the time and always comes in handy.

u/d1rkSMATHERS · 13 pointsr/gadgets

Built one this week, actually. Here's the guide I followed:

I bought my raspberry and 2 controllers off of Amazon. Cost me about $100 total. Canakit makes starter kits for around $80 that comes with all the hardware you need to make it ready to load games. Took about an hour to have it ready to load all your games. I have around 2k games from 5 different systems and they all fit on a 32 gb card.

Edit: I found the kit I bought. It was $70

u/Barril · 10 pointsr/gadgets

If your car is 1996 or later, you should have an ODB2 port (with some exceptions, google your specific car). The port is usually somewhere under the the dash on the driver side, but a quick google search will tell your where yours is for your car. It looks something like this.

I have used this bluetooth version to hook up to my car, and paired it with my android phone. Take a look at the responses to this comment for the various apps that know how to use the data. I liked Torque, personally.

u/xilpaxim · 1 pointr/gadgets

It's a cost vs effectiveness thing for me. Most bluetooth headphones cost an arm and a leg. These are $27 and sound great for the price. Considering it completely gets rid of wires, work about 8 hours on a single charge (I own a pair so this is personal experience) and also works as a phone headset so you can also make calls with it on, I would say it definitely is worth its pricetag.

I do get lag sometimes with various video stuff (mostly streaming websites and sometimes youtube, Netflix is very mild lag off and on) I honestly would rather have these than wired headphones for my daily commute.

u/Gadfly_on_the_Wall · 1 pointr/gadgets

I recommend saving some money and getting these. Great sound and build quality for the price.

u/Decipher · 3 pointsr/gadgets

> He's a kid rep for the company and knows very little, and shows so by not actually understanding the process of audio development.

Kid rep? He's Palmer fucking Luckey. The founder.

If you can judge headphones by their appearance, then why are these Koss consistently raved about as some of the best headphones ever? So much so they haven't needed to change a thing since 1984? The drivers on them look a lot like the ones on Crescent bay, no?

u/swennie · 9 pointsr/gadgets

you said he uses a TV as his monitor, does that mean that he's sitting on a couch or bed when he's using the computer? If so, Logitech has a keyboard with a laptop style touchpad on one side, the k400, and it's only like $30. As with every other Logitech product I have used, the quality is fantastic. In my case, I only really use the computer attached to my TV as a media player, and some light internet browsing, so having a regular mouse was unnecessary, and kind of cumbersome given the situation.

u/digital_end · 1 pointr/gadgets

If a $5 licence discourages you, this really isn't a hobby you should get involved in. Kind of like saying you lose your interest in owning a car because buying a tag is too much... the hobby itself is way more expensive than $5 would matter on.

Still though, the weight minimum is .55 pounds (8.8 ounces), and starter quads are less than half that. Or this one which is 6.4 ounces.

Pretty sure that includes the weight of the controller too. Just the quad is probably far less.

u/kornykory · 1 pointr/gadgets

I bought this Kinivo headset and I was not disappointed. They have a really good sound for $30 and the charge lasts a very long time.

Only bad things are they probably not going to be good for you if you have a big head and when the battery starts dying it lets you know very annoyingly by beeping over your tunes every 10 seconds or so.

Other than that, very satisfied especially for the price.

u/Bcarey1233 · 1 pointr/gadgets

These speakers fucking rock. You can buy a cheap bluetooth attachment for them too. I do not think that those cheap all-in-one bluetooth speakers are worth the price. I bought these a year ago and they are amazing.

u/hamcake · 1 pointr/gadgets

The Sennheiser HD-280 are an over-the-ear set for $85 that are a 'closed-back' design which limits outside noise.

The Klipsch S4 are $78 and are in-ear, and noise isolating.

You haven't really listed any of your constraints. Everyone wants headphones that sound great, are comfortable, and block noise. What's your budget?

u/hvyboots · 7 pointsr/gadgets

Sony MDR-V6. Bought them in 1989 for $90. I've bought new ear foam twice, lol. Still use them 4-5 hours a week at work to this day.

Durability-wise, I should add that that includes my college years where they used to ride around in my backpack for 12 hours a day and get listened to 4-5 hours per day while studying, riding public transport, etc.

And you'll notice that they get pretty decent reviews on audio quality to this day.

u/temporalarcheologist · 1 pointr/gadgets

Oh man isn't the pi 3 capable of emulating ps1 too? Wouldn't it be cheaper to just get a pi 3?

Edit: for anyone looking to get a pi, I'd recommend the canakit pi 3 starter pack

It has worked well for me and all you need apart from that is a keyboard, a controller, and a monitor of some sort (I use an old tv). I'd also recommend using Filezilla to transfer your ROMs onto the pi

u/ibseanb · 1 pointr/gadgets

No contract Nokia Lumia (Windows Phone 8.1). Small and very awesome, $29. No need for a data contract, works great with WiFi only.

u/geekswrath · 5 pointsr/gadgets

Have a pair of ATH-ANC7B's that I use for trips. The only problem with active noise cancelling headphones is they only drown out constant background noise. Think road, engine, A/C sounds. They actually make it much easier to hear someone talking to you. Granted if you are listening to music or whatever then that isn't much of a problem. Most closed, over the ear, headphones will do well for what you want but earbuds may be a better choice. I've never been able to find a pair that fit in my ear quite right though. They always fall out or develop an odd muffle to the audio.

u/youknowthatsright · 3 pointsr/gadgets

You can use any set of speakers and hook up something like [this] ( I have used one of these receivers, and it is very easy to use, and it (when working with a device) hooks up to the device automatically when in range.

u/Bossman1086 · 8 pointsr/gadgets

Check out the FiiO X5. Has two microSD card slots that can each support the 128GB ones. And the sound is way better than what you'd get from an iPod anyway.

u/SubjectiveHat · 214 pointsr/gadgets

Nintendo's "strategy" led me to successfully build a RetroPie using a RaspberryPi starter kit. Now I have a NES mini and an SNES mini all in one with just about every title ever released for both systems. And I can play Quake on it.

u/kurfu · 1 pointr/gadgets

This may be a bit out of your budget, but I've used these in my home studio for years. I've spent many hours under these things, they're comfortable, and accurate:

u/sportscrazed2 · 1 pointr/gadgets

Unfortunaltey something like that really doesn't exist. You could get an android phone with something like which will let you use any pair of headphones you want wirelessly and has a controller built in

u/tatumc · 2 pointsr/gadgets

I listen to the same types of music and I have these.

I love them.

Also, get these to replace the stock pads.

u/jonowelser · 34 pointsr/gadgets

>If you like the tech, well it's nowhere close to bees.

Especially this technology - I own the same shitty $15 rc drone that they just glued some fur on, and its blowing my mind that someone got this comical "proof of concept" published. I'm wondering if I can mail my iphone to that journal and get my AI named Siri published.

And it seems redundant to point out, but even if they figured out the technology this would never even come close to being cost effective.

u/VulturE · 6 pointsr/gadgets

That's me...the 20$ logitech one.

Works just great for couch surfing.

u/kat3l1bby · 36 pointsr/gadgets

Now they do: Old Skool NES case for Raspberry Pi 3,2 and B+

Have it myself and looks great

u/prshredder000 · 2 pointsr/gadgets

When I first heard about the Nintendo classic I went out and bought a raspberry pi kit for $75 and loaded the entire NES,SNES, and Genesis library. it has over 6000 games in total. It took a little time to setup, but it's well worth it.


u/drbaloo · 1 pointr/gadgets

I've looked at these, but I have a problem with not being able tell if the cord length is long enough for my fat head. That's why I love LG's Version. I've had them for more than 7 months and don't have any complaints about them. More expensive, but I can lay in bed without pulling my phone off the night stand.

u/StickyinAZ · 2 pointsr/gadgets

I am very happy with these, got them for Xmas. LG Tone Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headset - Retail Packaging - Black/Orange by LG Electronics

u/lebanes666 · 1 pointr/gadgets

Looks a lot like Cheerson CX-10, even the remote seems the same. Flies really well for a 10-15$ toy. Stock battery lasts for about 10-15 minutes depending on usage.

u/tehyosh · 8 pointsr/gadgets

Looks a lot like Cheerson CX-10, even the remote seems the same. Flies really well for a 10-15$ toy. Stock battery lasts for about 10-15 minutes depending on usage.

u/ocean_time_burger · 4 pointsr/gadgets

Haven't built mine yet but everything is arriving today and I should be set.

$70 - Cannakit (Includes raspberry pi 3 and everything you need to set it up. You can gets things a little cheaper if you order them separately but this is simple and works for me)

$10 - SNES Style USB Controller 2-pack (not necessary if you already have USB controllers)

$16 - Keyboard mouse for tv thingy (this is not a requirement but you need some form of USB keyboard and mouse to config things or you have to use SSH for everything)

So $96 total. A lot more than the $35 people try to sell you on raspberry pi's for but I think it will be a nice setup though could've gone cheaper. We'll see.

u/bcmanucd · 5 pointsr/gadgets

Yes, there are portable battery-powered bluetooth receivers with a 3.5mm audio jack. I just bought this one from Amazon: Haven't used it yet. I'll report back in a few days.

u/otacon239 · 4 pointsr/gadgets

My girlfriend's Vision:M just died last week. She had it for about 6 years. We're looking to replace it with something like this. But she really did love her little player.

u/Royce- · 1 pointr/gadgets

There are better laptops for cheaper prices available in the U.S. than this.

Ex.: Acer Aspire E 15 and Dell Inspiron 7559

u/brianwc · 1 pointr/gadgets

Not sure why you're limiting yourself to Sennheiser, but there's no need to spend more than $80 or so to get an amazing pair of over-the-ear headphones. For instance, try the Sennheiser HD-238i as it will reproduce every sound your ear can hear. You should also consider the Sony MDR-V6 Monitor Series.

u/alanmagid · 1 pointr/gadgets

A lot of Russians use the smart phone approach but I agree, awkward to mount one.
This might do. The next step up is about 300 USD.

u/fearloathingwpb · 4 pointsr/gadgets

Get yourself a prepaid smartphone like the Nokia Lumia 520 and slap in a 64gb card and voila cheap mp3 device plus streaming over WiFi when available.

u/Ceriand · 1 pointr/gadgets

If you're willing to spend a little bit more, I'd recommend the Sennheiser HD 280 Pro. They have 32 dB passive isolation, will block out most outside noise, and sound awesome.

u/alpacapicnic · 1 pointr/gadgets

This is probably not the answer you're looking for, but my office bought us Audio-Technica noise-cancelling headphones that kind of bite. They randomly work/don't work/work on one side only and barely cancel out noise to begin with. So 1, don't buy those, and 2, my solution is to wear my earbuds which are incredible IMO and then to play pink noise. The JLAB earbuds cancel a bit of noise to begin with because of the suction, so even when you're listening to music you can barely hear what's going on around you.

u/fuzzo · 1 pointr/gadgets

kinivo BT220's break the mould. reliable, durable, simple and very dynamic. and inexpensive.

u/AMACop_YouIdiot · 2 pointsr/gadgets

This is the one I got, along with the Torque Pro App on my samsung GS5, total of <$30 investment and makes it WAY easier to understand what is going on in your car. If you're in America and your car was made after 1996, it should have an OBD2 port

u/rishair · 1 pointr/gadgets

I've been using a bluetooth audio receiver that you can plug into any set of speakers to make them bluetooth enabled. The one that I have and would completely recommend is:

u/Steelering · 2 pointsr/gadgets

companies are slowing development of dumbphones for the same reason typewriters and wordprocessors got phased out by the initially much more expensive personal computers, which eventually became incredibly cheap and affordable to the point where even a quality typewriter or wordprocessor made little sense over the far more versatile PC.

the same is happening with smartphones

for instance, why bother with a dumbphone when $30 can get you a surprisingly good smartphone?

really it isn't surprising, making calls isn't even a top 5 use for a smartphone these days...the niche of a dumbphone is rapidly shrinking not unlike when typewriters and wordprocessors were being replaced by home computers.

u/Dwebster · 1 pointr/gadgets

First off im a audio engineer so what does bad mean?
well ive done all the research and for under 100$ The lg Tone is what i suggest This is what I use and I love them.

u/umaxtu · 2 pointsr/gadgets

This is the one I've got. The app I use is called TorquePro (its like 4 bucks)

u/seven_seven · 1 pointr/gadgets

Can they run off the power of a rechargeable battery like this?

Anker PowerCore 20100 - Ultra High Capacity Power Bank with 4.8A Output, PowerIQ Technology for iPhone, iPad and Samsung Galaxy and More (Black)

u/Teriyakuza · 3 pointsr/gadgets

They might be close to 30 years old, but my Sony MDR-V6s have never failed me, except maybe the ear pads.

u/RedditorGeoff · 1 pointr/gadgets

Just as an add-on, Fiio also has 2 lower end daps, the X3 and the X1. The X1 looks very similar to an iPod Classic, has expandable storage up to 128gb in micro SD cards, and supports aac and ALAC audio formats. Its also the cheapest of the lot at around $100.

Manufacture product page:
Amazon link:

u/daysidream · 3 pointsr/gadgets

Black Box G1W - $65.95 I have mine mounted underneath my rear view mirror and I can't see it while I am driving.

You have to be careful with the SD card though, this is the one I am currently using

u/sundermunich · 0 pointsr/gadgets

This is a good alternative. Less capacity, but I use for my switch and my phone all the time.

u/alek_hiddel · 2 pointsr/gadgets

The base model can be had for $35, but then you have to source your own power supply and memory card. You can go the lazy route and spend a bit more, and buy a full kit from Amazon.

Then just search youtube for "Retro Pi" and you'll find install instructions.

It'll work with any USB controller (bought the niece a USB SNES controller, use a wired 360 controller myself).

All of the needed ROM files can be easily found on the web (CoolROMS was the source of most of mine).

u/Daonewhojumps · 3 pointsr/gadgets

I know you wanted android but if you only use for spotify I would highly recommend I use this as my main phone and it has no lagg at all. Windows phone does have spotify

u/joebesser · 16 pointsr/gadgets

You can get a Nokia Lumia 520 Windows 8 GoPhone on Amazon for $29.

u/zerohere · 1 pointr/gadgets

Here is the complete starter kit with everything you need for $75


You can also buy it on Amazon for a bit less.

The only thing you will need that's not in the kit are the ROMs and controllers. The ROMs you can find practically anywhere online.

For controllers, I splurged on a couple of Buffalo USB SNES controllers for the nostalgia, but any bluetooth or USB controller will work.

u/Coomb · 46 pointsr/gadgets

Why would you pay $75 for an OBDII scanner when you can buy the same thing on Amazon for $24?

u/Probably_Important · 3 pointsr/gadgets

Yeah, I just built two of these for my dad and his brother (twins) for Father's Day. Used this case. It's overpriced and the production quality is not great, so I would much prefer Nintendo's box, but not at 80+ a pop or whatever scalpers are charging. They didn't mind anyway.

u/000040000 · 5 pointsr/gadgets

I didn't realize I was obliged to provide a suggestion. Here you go:

Sennheiser HD 380 PRO

Audio-Technica ATH-ANC7B

u/maddasher · 2 pointsr/gadgets

Why not a key board with a touch pad? a necessary component and would give you more space to work with. Plus this exists in stick form.

u/DaRam4U · 1 pointr/gadgets

If we are discussing the same model BTH220, I did not realize the inbuilt mic. exists/works. I'll have to check it out further, but the few times when I picked up a call, the caller could not hear me.

u/tisn · 11 pointsr/gadgets

"My parents owe me some money." ಠ_ಠ

Most bang for buck:

  1. Nexus 5 + one year of t-mobile's $30 5GB data plan
  2. Leatherman multitool
  3. Have a car? OBDII scan tool + Torque app for Android
u/wolfcry0 · 1 pointr/gadgets

A lot of those don't work with Ford vehicles (as I found out with my truck)

This one does though, and it's still only $24

u/AlanRoberts91 · 4 pointsr/gadgets

That wasn't the same thing AdioSiks had linked to. These aren't as cheap:

u/ooglyguy · 1 pointr/gadgets

The Nokia Lumia 520 is a smartphone with the same price as this on amazon and does everything except dual sim, plus more because it runs a full smartphone operating system (apps, etc.) Here's the phone

u/brownck · 2 pointsr/gadgets

I JUST bought this one from amazon. I'll let you know how it goes after I try it next week.

u/thunder_smash · 1 pointr/gadgets

so they bought this thing and glued horse hair to it?

u/imthelate · 1 pointr/gadgets

I bought an Anker power bank a year ago that can charge my laptop twice.

Anker Powercore 20100

u/DrJack3133 · 1 pointr/gadgets

It probably doesn't cost much at all. Alternatavely you could buy this and load retro pi on it. It would be compatible with a Bluetooth controller. You could load every SNES game on it and it would cost you about the same price as the SNES classic...

u/iisdmitch · 30 pointsr/gadgets

I got this, it's not exactly a NES Classic case but close enough.

u/DiabloCanyonOne · 5 pointsr/gadgets

From a technical standpoint, if you read this and understand everything you shouldn't have any problems.

As far as actually putting it together, just buy this and you'll have everything you need except a controller. You can use just about any USB gamepad, including a wired Xbox 360 controller. The trickiest thing about the assembly is probably getting the micro SD card inserted in the USB reader correctly and then in the Pie itself correctly, which isn't very difficulty.

u/TheShvarts · 6 pointsr/gadgets

These, every time.

I'm a DJ so I know sound quality and I'm also a basshead. They don't get any better than the HD280's for bang for your buck and sound quality!

u/brosiff420 · 0 pointsr/gadgets

>I JUST bought this one from amazon. I'll let you know how it goes after I try it next week.

That's a fake one. I just bought a real one from a sick deals FP deal... Takes a few weeks to ship, but video quality is worth it..

u/vQuartermaster · 1 pointr/gadgets

I put one of these in my car but it would work on a home stereo too:

Sound is clear from my Galaxy S5. Another reason I went with this one was that it comes on and goes off just from the power input so I don't need to push a button on it to turn it on. If you have a switched A/C plug on the back of your receiver you could run it off that (A/C to USB adapter.)

Only thing negative is that maybe 1 out of 20 times I get in the car I have to tell my phone to connect to it. The rest of the time it just connects when it finds it.

u/kindall · 1 pointr/gadgets

Assuming you do have an aux plug, save $20 and get this instead. It even has the NFC transmitter built in. I just got one (after suffering for a year with a cheapo USB stick audio receiver) and it's great. It uses a USB cable for power and you should be able to use the port in the car for the iPod to power it.

BTW, this app may come in handy if your phone has trouble re-connecting to the audio receiver when you start up the car.

u/thedroogabides · 1 pointr/gadgets

Idiot here. I used this guide, and purchased this kit. 75 bucks and an hour of work and I have any oldschool game I want.

u/ItsOldGreg · 11 pointsr/gadgets

I don't know about you guys but Koss porta pros are where its at. Life time warranty, amazing sound quality and durability. They usually break on me once a year and I use them everyday all day.

To whoever said 'even beats broke down on me' etc... beats are shitty headphones.

u/NarstyHobbitses · 66 pointsr/gadgets

This one was recommended in a reddit thread a few months ago and I've since bought it and love it!

I don't remember the exact post, but it was some dude in /r/videos who had his car t-boned by a bitch in a PT cruiser when she ran a red. I'm on my phone so maybe someone else knows what I'm talking about and can find it for you.

u/xveganrox · 1 pointr/gadgets

The Lumia 520 is under $50 on Amazon (or at Wal-Mart). Based on what I read in the Anandtech review, they do a whole lot more than "compare" with the Mozilla phone - they outright trounce it, because they're actually useable. All I'm arguing is that Android seems to be a vastly superior platform for extremely low cost devices, and based on this attempt, Mozilla's OS doesn't. Again, I don't even really use Android, so I don't have any personal stake in the argument, I'm just saying that I think the only newsworthiness of this is that Mozilla failed to design a good low-cost OS.

u/kajagoogoo2 · 6 pointsr/gadgets

Yeah WTF is with the 5000 mah battery? That won't hold much of a charge. It might charge a cell phone once or twice. The 20,000 mah battery from Anker is selling at $41.00 for the black one right now, yet it has dropped as low as $28 in November of last year.

I don't see the difference between this handbag and a bag with a small pocket for a power bank that I can just shove inside and then manually hook up to my phone/laptop, which is what I assume I would have to do anything, sicne the bag doesn't have wireless charging.

u/hacksoncode · 2 pointsr/gadgets

I've had a pair of Sony MDRV6 headphones for around 30 years, and they still sound great (the cover of the foam pads has deteriorated a little in that time, but you can actually get replacement covers for these things since they last so long).

Side question: Anyone know WTF is up with reddit and links tonight?