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Author: fbonomi


>TLDR: Evidence that Dave Kleiman (the dead partner of Wright) was also a Windows programmer with a very strong background on security.

>He developed a product (called S-Lok) distributed by S-Doc as a security tool (a sort of hardening tool-kit)

>At S-Doc, cryptography was heavily used to develop several products, broadly aimed at reliable and verifiable transmission of data and messages, centred around the idea of a an "unalterable, encrypted audit log system".

>I think this paints Kleiman as a very plausible author of the first Bitcoin software

>When the news that Craig Wright could have been Satoshi emerged, I purchased his book “ The IT Regulatory and Standards Compliance Handbook ” in order to search for clues that he was Satoshi.

>I was disappointed. The book is published in 2008; more precisely, it says “this week” referring to February 2008 (p. 644), terefore when Satoshi would have been fully working on Bitcoin.

>There book deals with other subjects, but there are several occasions where something bitcoin-like could have emerged. For example, all mentions to cryptography are rather vague (ok, the book’s subject does not require a LOT of crypto, but nevertheless...). Digital signatures are treated (they are generally called “electronic signatures”), but again nothing that echoes concepts that would return in Bitcoin.

>So, no proof that he was NOT Satoshi, but no evidence that he had similar interests in that period, either.

>I then started giving a look at the books authored by Dave Kleiman. There are a few, generally dealing with Windows security including one co-authored (among others) with Craig Wright .

>Then I stumbled on his book “ Winternals Defragmentation, Recovery, and Administration Field Guide ”
There is an interesting bio of Kleiman in that Amazon page, listing his titles, and containing:

>He has developed a Windows Operating System lockdown tool, S-Lok ( ), which surpasses NSA, NIST, and Microsoft Common Criteria Guidelines.

>So, we now know that Kleiman was a security expert, was good at Windows security, and had written software for Windows.

>The web site for the company seems down, but helps here:


>This is a mirror of the page about the program written By Kleiman on the company’s site, taken in the months he was probably working on Bitcoin.

>The software is described thus:

>The S-LokTM system is a Comprehensive System Hardening Solution that dramatically enhances your OS security by appropriately altering your system registry, security database and file system ACL's.

>(from its technical brochure )

>Nothing too exciting here. A software related to security, but a quite boring one.

>It gets more interesting when you start looking at the line of products that were being developed at s-Doc. This page lists a few PDFs about them:

>mirrored in

>Basically, it was a suite of products allowing cryptographically secure distribution of data and messages:

>S-docâ„¢ develops products that solve the most urgent business problems of the Information Age. They protect sensitive information during transport over an open network and when at rest during server storage

>It’s nothing specifically bitcoin-like, but yet it’s an environment heavily imbued with cryptography:

>The encryption algorithm (Triple DES, Skipjack or Rijndael/AES at a key length of 168, 96 and 128 bits, respectively), chosen at the time of system installation, is seeded by SITT using an RNG (Random Number Generator). Either a standard hardware white-noise generator or FIPS 186-2 approved pseudo-algorithm generates the unique encryption key for each and every transaction.

>The core of the system seems to have been “an unalterable, encrypted audit log system”.

>S-doc solutions include an unalterable, encrypted audit log system. All transaction activity and user access is available to authorized administrators, originators and compliance officers without exposing the underlying information.

>(reminding of zero-knowledge proof)

>What I also found interesting is the document about S-Doc's applications in finance and insurance:

>Once again emphasis is placed on the “unalterable, encrypted audit log system” log.

>In conclusion: There is of course no direct evidence of Bitcoin in the material, but it can be seen that S-Doc was a place where creative uses of cryptography were usual.

>Also, concepts like “unalterable, encrypted audit log system” were common knowledge at S-Doc.

>Dave Kleiman was an accomplished Windows programmer, with exactly the technical capabilities and the cultural history one would expect from the author of the Bitcoin software

>I think he is by far the best candidate for this title.

>Thanks, Dave

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Here is the post for archival purposes:

Author: CrimbleGnome420



>I haven't seen these available recently, now they seem to be available all over Amazon and elsewhere. What I would like to know:
Is this some kind of old model that will replaced with something that is about to be released?
Is this able to support the new things that I am reading about like SegWit or Lightning or something else?
How would I move my Bitcoin from my Electrum to the new Trezor and not pay a high fee to move it all?

>*Thank you all for taking the time to help people like me, you really do help move bitcoin forward!

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