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u/crazymoefaux · 2 pointsr/California

While winters in CA are pretty mild, they can be pretty wet for the SF Bay Area. I doubt you'll be where snow falls, so tire chains probably won't be a necessity unless you're planning on going towards Tahoe or into the High Sierras.

Most Americans only take a week or so of vacation time when they do get away from the grindstone, so 7-10 days is pretty much what we're used to.

A travel tip to help you orient yourself: Even numbered highways run East/west, Odd numbers are North/South, for example Interstate 5 goes through California, Oregon and Washington, while Interstate 80 crosses entire the country, pretty much coast-to-coast. (In Sacramento, there's the 80/80 split - Business Route 80 runs through Sacramento, I-80 cuts around it for a shorter trip).

If you want to save a few bucks, consider renting a car that's long enough for you to sleep in. Car Camping isn't an uncommon practice, and your car will probably be better insulated than a thin nylon-skinned tent.

Also consider buying a Thomas Brothers guide, as relying on your phone for maps/directions can be an issue in the more remote areas (and using a phone internationally can be very expensive).

u/Burgerb · 10 pointsr/California

If you are interested in California and our 'Water Issues' I highly recommend you read "The Dreamt Land" by Mark Arax. Super interesting and historical account of how we got were we are with our water resources:

Amazon: The Dreamt Land: Chasing Water and Dust Across California

u/DayDreaminBoy · -1 pointsr/California

no one has a right to property and in order change that, you're moving away from our most fundamental principles, all men created equal and what not, and moving toward the the imperialistic hierarchies that we fought against. we'd create a california class that would make it even harder for someone to be a part of. when purchasing goods and services, we're all equal. anyone out of state with the money and resources to live here has just as much of a right to do so as you do. i get it, life isn't fair sometimes, but is there a more fair system that doesn't restrict the opportunities and rights of others?

> I have never even had the chance to visit another state so I don't know where I would go.

unless you're native american, the vast majority our ancestors, so most likely yours too, had never been to the U.S. before moving here but they did it without the internet or any of our modern conveniences yet here you are.

> The state has more than enough room to support everyone

room, maybe... but resources? have you looked into our water issues? you might want to check out the book Cadillac Desert. there's indicators that show the potential is maxed out.

u/tessalasset · 3 pointsr/California

I got the book years ago. It's great, too. Website came first tho.

u/Nashvillain2 · 3 pointsr/California

I recommend you lead the charge in solving that supposed problem.

u/JanitorOfSanDiego · 1 pointr/California

I used my Nikon D7000 with my 50mm 1.4/f lens and my 15-200mm lens. To edit, I used Final Cut X. I love GoPros though. My friend brought a GoPro but he didn't bring the right charger so we didn't really get to use any of that footage.

u/fields · 13 pointsr/California

The gold standard on this topic is definitely Cadillac Desert by Marc Reisner.

u/iheartgawker · 3 pointsr/California

If you're really interested I highly recommend The Bully Pulpit: Theodore Roosevelt, William Howard Taft, and the Golden Age of Journalism. It starts out with a (lengthy) biography of everyone involved before getting into the fight for the "soul" of the GOP after TR left office. It's incredibly well written and researched.

u/bski1776 · 2 pointsr/California

Well, if things are as bad as you make out, what do you care about bullet trains?

Tell you what, I'll read a bunch of articles on /r/population if you read a Julian Simon book.

u/chopchopped · 2 pointsr/California

China does not think "all that h2 stuff is garbage". Quite the contrary, they are prioritizing hydrogen/fuel cells as detailed in the "Made in China 2025" paper. FC excerpt here:

Hydrogen is how to store excess solar energy

>LA Times: California invested heavily in solar power. Now there's so much that other states are sometimes paid to take it

Solar Hydrogen: The Fuel of the Future

u/jmsbishop · 1 pointr/California

Annin Tough-Tex Woven Polyester Replacement USA Flag, High Winds 3 by 5 Foot by Annin
Is from Amazon, but if you want you can track the company directly.

u/granite_the · 2 pointsr/California

California was busy fighting both Mexico and United States

California has it's own forces that exist to today; it evolved out of the Californio lancers then formed the U.S. California Battalion also and evolved and continue today as guard units

u/Not-Now-John · 1 pointr/California

I got tired of all those flimsly useless bags and bought something like this.

u/HawkCawCaw · 1 pointr/California

There is actually a recently published history book that covers them...

It's fascinating, but one of the ending conclusions is that the linkage to the far right has hurt the evangelical cause. There numbers are finally shrinkage similarly to what happened to Mainline Protestants in the 20th century.

u/mack2nite · 3 pointsr/California

I read this book years ago and it talks all about the water shortage in the west. It has always been a problem and we've been slowly depleting underground stores for generation.