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u/LunaTardis · 1 pointr/CrossStitch

Hello everyone! I've been having a lot of fun with this latest project. I've learned a lot

  1. Hoops for a project that is over 10 inches both ways sucks.

  2. I love this lap stand that a poster here suggested (thank you whoever it was!! Maybe u/wildviolet ?). Notice how each side is adjustable? That means when I am doing this big project, I can shorten one side, have it sit on the arm of my chair, have the other leg longer the project is the same height, but the whole thing doesn't have to be centered on my lap. That has Really helped with shoulder pain, as I don't have to reach as far to get to the far left (or right) of the frame, and I can still sit in my comfy recliner.

  3. Always check the size of the pattern before you buy it. I thought awww cute... a little bull dog for my friend. Bought it, went to buy materials and it's the largest project I've done to date! I decided to do it anyways, Luckily she can't complain about size as it's a gift ;)

  4. Cats love lap stands. Picture of proof included.

  5. Must have cat free room/space to store lap stand if you have cats. You just can't leave it in your chair, they would get on it way too much.

  6. I love the John James petite needles. I thought they would be too small after they arrived. But after a few weeks of using them on this, they work great! I haven't had an threads break due to the eyes. Every eye fit the needle minder. I even bought some regular size needles to try from john james, but haven't bothered to try them yet.

  7. Magnetic bored is nice to hold the chart. BUT. I highly suggest get one with a stand. The flat laying one gets annoying. So does it being smaller then the paper size, as the edges get all bent up. Maybe I will buy a better one when I can afford it.

  8. the recommended amount of floss sometimes is not near enough. I don't know what they did their calculations on, but woah. I ran out of the main navy blue color by the first page.

  9. Hobby Lobby is MUCH nicer then joann's in my town for cross stitch.

    10 . Hobby lobby has a 90 day return policy. So, after I ran out of floss, I went there, bought a whole handful of the same lot. What I don't use, I can return! As long as I don't put it on a bobbin. This way I make sure to get all I need in the same lot, but don't waste too much money

  10. the bobbin cranks are a waste of money. I will be returning the one I bought. It's just 2 dollars, but it's useless.

    I think that is enough lessons for now. Hope everyone is having a great day.
u/blueyedlvrx01 · 5 pointsr/CrossStitch

This is all that's in my Amazon history relating to my cross stitching (they're US links so I hope that's ok!):

  • Cross stitching needles. These were fine the first time I ordered them, but I re-ordered and they were fatter than the ones I originally had. I have since switched to DMC brand. I got these at Michael's and love them!

  • A qsnap frame and extension kit. I love these frames for bigger projects. If you're just starting out, I would go towards a smaller project. I started out doing different text fonts to really get a feel for the craft. For smaller projects, I would use a regular embroidery hoop. Wood ones look great for a final project but I like to use plastic when stitching the work.

  • Thread Heaven. It's kind of like a thick "lotion" for your thread. It helps keep the thread untangled and allows it to thread through the holes easier. Here's how to use Thread Heaven!

  • With fabric, I usually just go to Michael's and buy some there. I started out with buying this fabric but have since stayed away from folded fabrics. It's a pain to iron out! Buy the rolled kind. I've only used aida fabric. The stuff I buy looks similar to this but there are all different kinds of counts to use (14 count = 14 dots per inch, 18 count = 18 dots per inch, etc).

    If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask! Here's a few videos I found helpful when I started:

    Overall concept of cross stitching

    Starting a thread

    Finishing a thread

    Welcome! And enjoy! :)
u/CrossStitchQuotes · 3 pointsr/CrossStitch

I haven't got this altogether on an Amazon list, some of it's from Michael's, but here you go:

Washable Embroidery pen for marking grids.


Hoopla hoop. It's plastic (wood and metal stain projects), it grips well (with the overhang), and it's my preferred hoop for working on projects. There are other plastic hoops, but not all have the one piece with an overhang, and it's the overhang that keeps the hoop pieces together tightly so you're not constantly adjusting back together. I do use wooden hoops for mounting final projects, though.

DMC 6 strand floss. I always use DMC floss, it's silkier than cheap dollar store floss, meaning it doesn't knot as much. PRISM is cheaper, yes, but it's crap compared to DMC, imho.

Loops & Threads 14 count Aida cloth is a good place to start. This brand is more starchy than DMC brand, I find, which can make it a bit more challenging to get on the hoop, but it also stays put easier and needs less adjustment during stitching. Totally a personal preference. Aida comes in several basic colours and styles, like gold/silver dusted, pale blue, red, green, black, white, oatmeal, antique, etc. Some people hand-dye aida and sell it on Etsy for a decent price, and then you can get a much wider variety of colours if you want something unique for a project.

You'll need a nice bobbin box to organize your floss.

You'll need some floss bobbins, to organize, maybe some floss number stickers (or you could write with a sharpie), and if you're looking to see what colours of floss are available, get a colour card.

Like others have posted, try getting a kit or two first, as they give great instructions, all the supplies needed, and will get you going. Or you could just assemble the things I listed, buy a pattern from Etsy, and dive in head first!

Good luck!

u/hannibalisms · 4 pointsr/CrossStitch

I'm by no means an expert, but I can tell you how I grid! It all depends on the project for me. The Spruce has a good article on gridding, with some useful links and stuff.

For smaller ones (like less than 100 in any direction), I use a water soluble pen/marker and make little crosses at every 10; so 10,20,30, etc, and then once I've gridded the entire thing with little crosses, I connect all the lines.

It takes forever, but for me it works best because I get easily distracted and I can find my spot easily. If I'm using smaller aida (like 18 or higher) I do every 5 (because I love being miserable and taking forever to do things). Here's an example of that on something that I was working on a while ago.

For this one, I used red fishing line, because on hardanger I find it really hard on my eyes to use the marker for some reason, even though it's not that different than doing 18 aida with it. There are TONS of ways that you can grid with fishing line or anything monofilament, because using anything with multiple threads has the chance of you stitching into it and then not being able to remove your gridlines. With fishing line or Easy Count Guideline, you can't stitch into it because it's one continuous thread and made of plastic (or something) so you CAN'T stitch into it.

As for actually doing the grid with the line, I do "up 8 under 2" which is having the line above the fabric for 8 stitches, then below for 2, then up for 8, repeat until you're done, like above. Some people like up 6 under 4, which gives you that almost 5x5 grid instead of 10x10, which is what up 8 under 2 gives you.

I also only grid for the pages I want to work on, because the beauty of fishing line or guideline is that you can reuse your line! so I'll finish the vertical column of pages I have, which is 1, 4, and 7 for this project, pull out my line, and then mark my columns for pages 2, 5, and 8, and so on.

Sorry for the long (very!) answer, and as always, ymmv, and I know I'm no expert, but that's just what I do.

u/cthylla · 2 pointsr/CrossStitch

Pencil does not wash out well at all.
It's fine for smaller markings that are definitely going to be covered up by stitches, but not for much else.

I'd recommend gridding with something specifically for it like an embroidery marker or simply testing washability with scrap fabric.

As for your grandma's method, I'd recommend something like fishing line (they do come in bright colors), as it won't get accidentally pierced by your needle and should slide out when pulled from the edges when you're done.

You also don't have to grid full squares if you want to save time. Often just marking the little + at the corners of where the boxes would be is enough. Or alternating lines.
You can see some examples of gridding by googling it, but here's a tutorial I did a while ago that has some basic examples, If that helps.

u/cptutorow · 4 pointsr/CrossStitch

Beautiful work!!

I bought [this] ( off Amazon. It was my first time gridding and I gridded my SAL (Stitch-a-Long) and messed up with counting twice. So when you do grid, make a tiny line, recount there is 10 in the row, THEN do your full line. I don't know how well that pen will wash off as I haven't needed to yet, since I won't finish with my SAL until December.

By the way, you may want to do it too! It's free and you can choose any colors you want. [Here is the link.] (

I'd love to see other stitchers doing [it] ( with me!!

Happy stitching 💓💓

u/dnana1 · 3 pointsr/CrossStitch

For a floor stand, I reccomend this. I use it for every size piece and it's very secure. A set of qsnaps and extenders will pretty much cover every size and shape you need and they are easier on fabric than hoops. They are excellent with that floor frame because you feed them in by the corners and they are so stable! I linked Amazon so you get good pics, look around for better prices. Good Luck!

u/PeacefulPenguin · 2 pointsr/CrossStitch

I have two thoughts!

The first one is waste canvas, I'm not sure how well it would work on stretched canvas but it could be worth a shot! You basically stitch "disposable" Aida onto whatever surface you're stitching, and remove it once you're done. Maybe instead of stitching it on you can tape it, or adhere it some other way?

When you say stretched canvas material, are you talking about something like this? I've stitched on that before and what I did is design the pattern, flip the design (if necessary), make the grid the size of the back of the canvas, tape it to the back of the canvas, and poke holes through the canvas (using an awl or even a seam ripper). Then turn it over and you can stitch through the canvas!

I hope that made sense, but if you need clarification I'd be happy to try to explain it better!

u/SrnnMt · 6 pointsr/CrossStitch

I'd use a light colored fishing line, there is a cross stitch specific version ( but it's more expensive and basically the same thing. I've used sewing thread or floss in the past, and wouldn't recommend it. Your stitches will get caught in it, making it really hard to remove. With the plastic fishing line, you won't be able to pierce it so it just slides out.

Good luck with your new project! (and curious minds would also love to know what the pattern is :)

u/ImAladyThatsWhy · 2 pointsr/CrossStitch

Hello, this is my first time posting. I just found this sub and I'm obsessed! This is my first project that is full coverage and large. I had done a little growing up but recently picked it back up. My last 2 projects were very small and simple. I wanted to commit to something big and more complicated.

Please any tips or suggestions are SO welcome! I clearly don't have much rhyme to my sewing, just kinda go where my mood takes me.

This pattern is from amazon, colorful deer:

u/nightcatzanon · 6 pointsr/CrossStitch

Amazon FTW! I love that it is two sides and the hard plastic bobbins fit PERFECT!

Creative Options 5315 Thread Organizer

u/Mosstopy · 7 pointsr/CrossStitch

My first time finishing, and it’s these cute Pusheens! Finishing sucks, and my fabric was too thick to fit in the frame, so I had to cut the back, fit the fabric in, and then tape the back on. The backs to these are atrocious, but I’m pretty happy with the fronts. Let me know any tips or tricks to make it easier in the future!

I got the patterns from the pusheen cross stitch kit. You can find it on amazon

u/MaudeDrivesAway · 5 pointsr/CrossStitch

I wouldn't actually put the words on the hankie if you're doing crossstitch, only if you're doing embroidery..?

This might be helpful if you want the cross stitch to be even without using Aida cloth --

I used this a few times to do cross stitch on denim. I'm not sure how well it would work on sometho more fragile /thinner fabric like a hankie, but might be worth a try.

DMC DC90 Water Soluble Cross Stitch Canvas, 8 by 8-1/2-Inch, White,

Takes a few soaks in hot water to dissolve it but it's been pretty great

u/OtterMaddness · 3 pointsr/CrossStitch

I bought some Aida by the yard on Amazon and am pretty happy with it so far. It's got a great texture and feels solid.

I haven't DONE anything with it yet, the projects I need it for are bigger than the frames I have... but I'm hoping to cure that this week.

I broke down and bought it online 'cause the only brick-and-mortar source I could find within 100 miles of my house was a cute little shop a few towns over, their 16-count Aida was $50/foot for 24-in wide stuff.

u/OfficialEspurr · 4 pointsr/CrossStitch

Oh my god I did it. I'm so proud of myself! Some friends of mine picked up cross stitch, and I was all 'yeah this sounds like something I hate myself just enough to do', so I bought the Pusheen cross stitch kit off Amazon and got to stitching. The bottom's a little off but I didn't notice it until I was completely finished, so... hopefully the recipient just doesn't look too hard. I absolutely love cross stitch as a craft and I'm so excited to start my next project!

u/ginger_faerie · 2 pointsr/CrossStitch

I hope you love it as much as I love mine! I have the Diana Frame with the Z shaped legs - you can buy it as a set with a scroll frame on amazon for about $45.

One of the first reviews on there is really detailed and she shows you how you can change the leg set up from a Z to a C shape to accommodate your needs.

heres a link:

u/kota99 · 2 pointsr/CrossStitch

I specifically went for stands that could be used with a variety of frame/hoop/qsnap sizes. I tend to do projects in a variety of sizes and I will swap between qsnaps and scroll frames depending on the project so I wanted something where I wasn't limited in what I could use. Currently I've got a cheapo store brand floor stand like this one from Michael's that works ok with most of my scroll frames and qsnaps but isn't the best and the larger scroll frames and qsnaps are too heavy for the stand to stay up. It actually works great with the smaller qsnaps and scroll frames I have although the smallest size I've tried it with is the 8 inch qsnap. It's great for the price (especially with a 50% off coupon) but there are better/sturdier options available (I haven't tried them so can't recommend a specific brand). I've also got a lap stand that works with my scroll frames but it's not as stable as I would prefer and I prefer my qsnaps so it doesn't get used much. I tend to do medium to larger pieces (my current smallest will be ~16"x12", largest will be ~25"x30") though so it is fairly rare when I'm using a scroll frame or qsnap that is larger than the finished dimensions of the piece. If a piece is small enough to use the 6 inch qsnap or scroll frame I generally won't bother with using the stand.

u/Madcutlass · 1 pointr/CrossStitch

DMC smaller needles are absolute garbage. Either I couldn't thread them, or when I finally did, they shredded the thread or broke. Haven't bought DMC needles since.


I like John James petite 28 but I haven't tried Bohin. I normally thread by hand, and use a threader when I'm in a tight spot (trying to weave in the ends on the back) or with specialty thread.


I don't have shaky hands, and I don't know how my eye sight compares to yours, but maybe JJ or Bohin needles and maybe a different threader might help?

u/vanillavodka · 2 pointsr/CrossStitch

Good work! :)

You should check out this if you like subversive patterns. It's amazing.

u/sydneye · 2 pointsr/CrossStitch

I love this book - it has all sorts of little motifs, including country flags! If they're too small for your coaster, you could do a block of four stitches for every single stitch in the pattern.

Mega Mini Cross Stitch: 900 Super Awesome Cross Stitch Motifs

u/Sluisifer · 3 pointsr/CrossStitch

I have this big one:

It's pretty big, but the slots are too narrow to lay the bobbins on their sides. They do fit up&down, but it is annoying. However, if you really want everything in one box, it might be a good option. It holds at least 300 bobbins, probably up to 350 if you squeezed them in a bit.

I like the plastic bobbins.

u/Addette · 2 pointsr/CrossStitch

Mods informed me my original list got deleted for posting the pattern with the picture.

I did this in 14 count black cloth, and used pink floss for the flowers instead of red like it asked for. I got the pattern from a book on Amazon called "50 Fucking clever designs for your sassy side"

Subversive Cross Stitch: 50 F
cking Clever Designs for Your Sassy Side

u/kerrific · 2 pointsr/CrossStitch

I like using 26s and they're much easier to thread since I started using the loop start - because I fold the single strand before threading it through the eye. I've also got a nice Clover needle threader for when I can't do that. It's a lot sturdier than all the other ones I could find and my Lo-Ran threader doesn't fit through most eyes.

As far as weaving the tails in, the 26 is easier, and when that doesn't work, I use the Star De-Tailor, though there are some other tools out there that allow you to weave under the stitches and pull the loose tail through them.

u/CatIon_184 · 1 pointr/CrossStitch

Thanks!!! I’m loving it. I actually got the case from my local Facebook market place.
Found it on amazon also DMC U1635 Stitchbow Floral Needlework Travel Bag, Dark Blue

u/eeyipes · 3 pointsr/CrossStitch

If your niece has shown an interest in learning, then it's more likely that she will have the patience to give it a go. You could start with some super simple little motif patterns - stuff like this maybe. If she enjoys that, then she could move up to those cute kits you got her. I think I started when I was about 8, and would have had no problems doing those kits. Probably the hardest part is learning to count and space your stitches.

u/flyingviolin · 2 pointsr/CrossStitch

Aw thanks! I got it at Michaels - but I’m sure you can get it at most big craft stores or on amazon I just started using this kind and I really really like it.

u/Sieberella · 4 pointsr/CrossStitch

There are the three heavy hitters for pattern books for subversive cross stitch:

Feminist Cross Stitch

Subversive Cross Stitch

Improper Cross Stitch

You can also find a TON of projects on Etsy to gift your match.

If you want to do something cheaper or less, stitchers can always use more floss (310, White, Ecru, 666 are some key numbers/colors to look for) and aida (cross stitching fabric). Feel free to check out our gift giving guide for other ideas!

u/Alicrafty · 3 pointsr/CrossStitch

I work at a big chain bookstore and we carry them! They’re tiny little boxes and at my store they’re kept on an acrylic spinner with other small boxes, mostly collectible things. Also I did a quick search and found this on amazon and I’m pretty sure it’s the same thing :)

u/planetschmanet-janet · 1 pointr/CrossStitch

Next time you need bobbins then you won't need any for a long while! Bought this about a month ago. Pretty sure I'm set for life lol.

u/ashlya · 2 pointsr/CrossStitch

Haha I think my fingers need a break from all the winding! I'm surprised I don't have any calluses. :x

I got the boxes from Amazon. You can also get them at Michael's or Hobby Lobby if you have one near you. The boxes come with bobbins, so you don't need to purchase them separately. :)

u/sewwhat123 · 2 pointsr/CrossStitch

I got the font from this book on amazon:

It has a bunch of nice ones that I found pretty useful and not just a bunch of crazy style fonts.

u/cannedchampagne · 1 pointr/CrossStitch

It's called waste aida, it is very loosely woven. When I'm done I'll take tweezers and pull the aida out from behind the stitching so that it's just stitches on denim.


Here is a nice little instruction guide.


This is my first time, I got it about 80% done last night (will update photos soon!) and here's what I can recommend: get some of the little rubber sewing finger tips to better grip the needle if you're using thick fabric. Use a sharper needle than you would usually use for cross stitching, again especially if it's a thick material. And finally, again especially for thick material, buy thicker gauge needle. I also used all 6 strands of my DMC thread for the denim to make sure the pattern was very very full and stood out well.


*edit: also, I could only find 18-22 count waste aida in stores. I had to order from Amazon for 14 count.

u/autumnishleaves · 8 pointsr/CrossStitch

I've never done a stamped cross-stitch, so I can't weigh in on that.

A needle minder is just a magnet. There's a back piece that goes on the reverse of the fabric, and usually a cuter one that goes on the front, and your needle sticks to it so you don't lose it.

The blue ink lines are the grid. Most patterns have lines drawn on in 10x10 squares so it's easier to count. If you put a 10x10 grid on your fabric, as well, it makes it so you never have to count more than ten squares and it helps avoid counting mistakes. :) I use a water-soluble marker I found at Michaels, a lot of people use the DMC brand marker. You can also do it with sewing thread.

As for your last point, I open my patterns on Google Drive on my iPad. That doesn't have a way to mark stitches as completed though.

u/mooskidoodle · 5 pointsr/CrossStitch

I started this same project with a scroll frame but I found the Aida wasn’t as taught as I wanted it to be and I was always needing to tighten it. I switched to this q-snap frame and bought some extenders for it, works great.

u/bitchnstitch · 4 pointsr/CrossStitch

Use these bobbins to wind it onto with this bobbin-ator (make sure you label either with a sharpie or these stickers ) and store them in this container. Of all the ways I’ve seen stashes stored, this makes the most sense to me 🤷🏻‍♀️. It’s a great mindless activity you can handle while binge watching tv ☺️

u/losingfloss · 2 pointsr/CrossStitch

Thank you! I pull them out once I'm done with all the crosses and back stitches in a grid. It helps with the sense of accomplishment. Since I'm just using floss, it's hard to pull them out sometimes. I bought this easy count grid line. It's like colored fishing line. I'm going to try it on my next project.

u/sweetbabyginger · 6 pointsr/CrossStitch

Recently moved away from all my friends. Decided to have some fun with cross stitch while binging Netflix shows. Headed back to see them this weekend and made this for a friend moving into his new place.

Pattern is from

u/pianobritt · 2 pointsr/CrossStitch

The universal craft stand! Amazon has it here, though I've also seen them at Joanns and Michaels (not sure what stores you have available).
I definitely want to get one soon.

u/Yellow_coffee_mug · 4 pointsr/CrossStitch

I got the pattern from Amazon:

Colorful Deer counted cross stitch, Egypt cotton thread , 14ct 42x49cm 150x200 Stith counted cross stitch kits


2 months in so far and loving it!

u/snickiefritz · 8 pointsr/CrossStitch

Peg+cat shoes would be awesome!! I used a water soluble canvas, and a sharp sewing needle! The canvas I used was this one

u/pinkythepink · 2 pointsr/CrossStitch

There's this stuff I bought one time for a friend who was learning:

R & S Designs Easy-Count Guideline, 100-Yard, Red

I have never used it personally, but apparently because it's a stiffer nylon (as opposed to a different color cotton) it should be easy to take back out of the fabric once you're finished.

u/wildvi0let · 3 pointsr/CrossStitch

It is a water soluble pen. I always hand wash my projects in OxyClean and it comes out with now issue.

Yes, I ripped out my stitches and re-stitched. Below you can see my full explanation.

u/vallord · 6 pointsr/CrossStitch

I've used this stuff. It is red monofilament. I found it easy to use. I grid on larger projects. on small projects I just do a horizontal and vertical center line in 5 stitch increments so it looks like a 5 stitch dashed line if that makes sense.

u/pudgyshiba · 1 pointr/CrossStitch

No problem! It's on Amazon

It's on the front cover in the picture :) hopefully you like it!

u/misschristmastina · 3 pointsr/CrossStitch

It's my favorite font! I'm 98% sure I found it in this book:

I'm not 100% sure since I have the font memorized and I don't reference the book anymore, but I'm pretttty certain that's where I found it.

u/violet765 · 1 pointr/CrossStitch

I have two dogs who will eat anything, so I keep my current project in a DMC zipped case like this . It’s easy to open up and work, and I often just work with it like that on my lap.

I keep my extra supplies in the normal divided plastic thread boxes, and other stuff in a small plastic bin.

u/SergeantSkittles · 6 pointsr/CrossStitch

I just use plastic or cardboard bobbins with these organizers. I write the number of the thread at the top and keep them in order. I have five of them and wrote down 1, 2, 3, etc. on the outsides so I have a general idea of where to look (like I know black is 310 so it'll be in the first one). I also have a mini one that I keep colors I'm currently using (more convenient and easy to carry in my purse).

u/edanna_eldur · 5 pointsr/CrossStitch

It looks a lot like this one:

Frank A. Edmunds Universal Craft Stand,6111

I believe all the right parts are connected. And the rest of the loose parts are the frame that holds the fabric. There are so many pieces so you can make the frame the size you like. Like this one:

Frank A. Edmunds Split Rail Scroll Frame Set,2800

u/lechevalnoir · 1 pointr/CrossStitch

Yup! And there are about 8 million way sto organize it too. I'm a fan of putting them on bobbins and putting them in these clear plastic containers: link to amazon

u/PkmnMasterTash · 1 pointr/CrossStitch

I use one of these. It works wonderfully!

u/Damaniel2 · 13 pointsr/CrossStitch

They're these awesome two-sided storage boxes:

Creative Options Thread Organizer

Each one is just large enough to hold a full set of DMC.

u/plasticblanket · 3 pointsr/CrossStitch

I've never cross stitched where it's viewable on either side, so someone else can answer about that. You can purchase a water soluble marker for designing on fabric, and/or water soluble fabric for keeping the squares/acts as a guide. I use the pens a bunch and they've always come out, I've used the water soluble fabric once and it worked great.

u/MackiDoo17 · 3 pointsr/CrossStitch

It's a water soluble pen! It washes out super easily in water, it doesn't even need to be warm or hot.

This is the one I have, but there are other brands that do the same thing.

u/psychkitty · 1 pointr/CrossStitch

I’d suggest more like this one. Pencil doesn’t work well with cross stitch.

Dritz Dual Purpose Marking Pen, Blue

u/igotpwned · 1 pointr/CrossStitch

I found the EZ Graf in a huge bag of random needlepoint supplies I bought from a thrift store, and it’s probably 30 years old. I did some quick googling and it looks like it’s not a thing anymore. You could probably use a waste canvas for the same purpose, and it’s probably much less messy/time consuming! I’ve never tried one but have always wanted to.

u/dbizot · 1 pointr/CrossStitch

Follow up: looks like it’s on Amazon too!
DMC 6103 Floss Number Stickers, 630-Stickers

u/drev · 3 pointsr/CrossStitch

My mistake- I bought it on Amazon. Here's the link: Dritz Dual Purpose Marking Pen, Blue

It works pretty well. I usually just use the disappearing side to count a row of stitches, and place a small dot on the center of the last one, so it gets covered

u/Tajkaj · 2 pointsr/CrossStitch

I bought the red filiment It takes about 2 days for me to grid a 15 x 18 piece of Aida, but it helps stitching go much faster

u/TigerEyess · 7 pointsr/CrossStitch

Try this one it is the shiznit! I find it does a much better job of threading needles with bulky (multiple plies or metallics) threads than the regular ones.

u/ohcayemegan · 7 pointsr/CrossStitch

Got the pattern out of this book I bought off of Amazon - Subversive Cross Stitch: 50 F*cking Clever Designs for Your Sassy Side

u/FutureDrMadi · 1 pointr/CrossStitch

Technically, it’s a work I progress since I’m making a whole square of motifs. But I got the design out of here.

u/StratifiedBoo · 1 pointr/CrossStitch

It is! You can pick it up wherever you get aida. It looks like this:

u/_Aglaia_ · 4 pointsr/CrossStitch

Search for Aida by the yard. Eg

60'' Wide Aida Cloth White Fabric By The Yard

That said, the others are right - you will want to adjust your count because if you genuinely want a single piece you are limited by the height of the bolt and I would be stunned if you could get more that 60in.

Also I hope you are a young person, I don’t think I have enough years left on my planet to stitch something that size !!

u/BethLynn85 · 4 pointsr/CrossStitch

Self drafted quote from Ready Player One. I used this book for the font, and kind of made up the keys as I went. This was my first time using MacStitch.

u/georockgeek · 1 pointr/CrossStitch

I have this one, when I bought it a year ago, it was $6.87. It is currently $15 and change. I like the carrying handle

edit: currently cheaper at Joann's.

u/santoxeu · -1 pointsr/CrossStitch

I bought 1000 off Amazon, but I obviously don't need all 1000 so I'm selling a couple hundred of them.

25 for $3
50 for $4
100 for $5
150 for $6
200 for $7

Prices are in US dollars and include shipping to the US. PM me for shipping quotes for everywhere else.

If anyone has bought this organizer box from Amazon, these bobbins are nearly identical to the ones that come with the box.

u/ladyintheatre · 3 pointsr/CrossStitch

I just Googled aida cloth by the yard and this was one of the first results.

Edit: I realize this is 14 and you're looking for 18 I was just giving you a starting point for the search. I'm on my phone or I'd search more for you.

u/mimosho · 2 pointsr/CrossStitch

I haven’t used waste canvas, but I have used wash away, water soluble canvas

I used it on denim and it turned out really well.

u/FLZooMom · 6 pointsr/CrossStitch

When I grid I use this for white or light colored fabrics. For dark fabrics I use this. I've had no trouble with either but I don't do a full grid. With the pen I just put a dot in the corner of each 10x square and with the chalk pencil I make a cross on each corner of the 10x square. They also both come off very easily.

u/bellansa · 8 pointsr/CrossStitch

I'm seriously in love with this needle threader, which I bought following my other ones dying.

I also upgraded to John James needles, which were a refreshing change from the terrible DMC needles!!

u/[deleted] · 2 pointsr/CrossStitch

This might save you some money on bobbins 1000 for $17.93 I got this last December and haven't found one that wasn't perfect :)

u/classic_queen · 1 pointr/CrossStitch

Started this today and finished it on stream. Picked up the pattern from the Subversive Cross Stitch book I picked up from Amazon.

u/miauccellino · 4 pointsr/CrossStitch

Would totally suggest this case I got on Amazon. It’s double sided and fits A LOT of bobbins.

u/Manateebae · 12 pointsr/CrossStitch

I have the same one. I got it off Amazon : DMC U1635 Stitchbow Floral Needlework Travel Bag, Dark Blue

u/Nonennui · 2 pointsr/CrossStitch

On a budget: Ziplock quart for supplies and gallon or quart for fabric and hoop, depending on size.

Got a few bucks: This binder bag has lots of little pockets and a felt needle holder on one side, a big panel to store your work on the other, and an insert for your Stitchbow bobbins if you happen to use them for your floss.

Both solutions work dandy.

u/dimsumxx · 1 pointr/CrossStitch

This is the Colorful Deer cross stitch kit from Amazon

u/_75ayla_ · 1 pointr/CrossStitch

There are 42 reviews on this one and it’s the highest rated on amazon. Do you think this is a good stand?


u/rockerbabe28 · 1 pointr/CrossStitch

Here is a link to the book that the pattern was in Subversive Cross Stitch, it has a bunch of funny sayings in it. Also, the reason for the odd coloration of floss in the pattern is because the floss I was using was gradient floss.

u/ExoticPeg · 7 pointsr/CrossStitch

I have this book and it has some quite similar fonts

u/suprememongoose · 1 pointr/CrossStitch

Not OP, but it matches font #114 in my Alphabets Galore book by Leisure Arts: Amazon Link

u/Sm00chie · 1 pointr/CrossStitch

This is the box and some boxes come with 50 cards inside. I bought them at Michael's craft store for ~$3 each and an extra pack of 100 cardboard cards for ~$1.

u/Stitchee · 2 pointsr/CrossStitch

I'm assuming that thread/bobbin boxes aren't your thing?

u/lazyorbit · 3 pointsr/CrossStitch

I've tried the first 2, personal preference is option 2. Just run your tap water to the hottest temp in a bowl, soak it and it immediately fades. This is what I bought.

u/Loosea · 2 pointsr/CrossStitch

I use this. It just washes off with water.

u/TheTrueMilo · 2 pointsr/CrossStitch

Correct, the ink will wash away in water. Here is the marker: DMC Embroidery Transfer Pen

u/PTRugger · 1 pointr/CrossStitch

Hey, you tagged my Rainbow Row on Pinterest:)

It's just Aida cloth and a Q-snap Frame

u/pcversusmac · 1 pointr/CrossStitch

I haven't tried this yet myself, but DMC makes dissolvable Aida fabric!

u/picklelady · 1 pointr/CrossStitch

I'd use soluable canvase instead of waste canvas, it's much easier in my opinion.

u/elenel · 3 pointsr/CrossStitch

I use bobbins and "Santa" gave me a package of these labels for them so they look really spiffy

u/fuzzyluzzi · 2 pointsr/CrossStitch

I use Dritz Dual Purpose Marking Pen, Blue that I got at Walmart. Has both water and air soluble sides.

u/Skyblinder · 2 pointsr/CrossStitch

I've bought this kit and it comes with this pen looking thing, just wondering if it is what I think is

u/LimbusGrass · 1 pointr/CrossStitch

I have a simpler version of this, down to the visible brand markings. I bought it on Here's the link. I thought Etsy was for handmade goods, not wholesale.

u/Zetoa88 · 2 pointsr/CrossStitch

It’s currently out of stock but I would grab one when it’s available again!

u/WhistlingDoe · 1 pointr/CrossStitch

They've had them for years, but looks like they might be phasing them out, as I had a little trouble finding them online to link and give an example (I bought both of mine at JoAnn's). They designed them to be used with their Stitch Bow organizers, but I've obviously modified them to be used with bags. There's two sizes, the small one that I have photographed in the photo linked above, and a large one... similar to the one I'm linking on Amazon here:

On my large one I cut a cheap plastic 3 ring binder apart, punched holes into the back side and then taped the rings towards the middle so I could have two rows of rings for bags on my larger projects. Photo here:

u/MagicalGirlRehab · 5 pointsr/CrossStitch

I live and die by this threader, I keep 2 on hand.
Clover 8611 Needle Threader for...

u/alittledisharmony · 2 pointsr/CrossStitch

Basically I followed the tutorial here

It was my first time doing this, and taking my time and following the video's advice worked well for me.

It is called waste canvas, I bought it on Amazon

u/chulababy · 4 pointsr/CrossStitch

Pattern from the subversive cross stitch book on Amazon: Subversive Cross Stitch : 50 Designs for Your Sassy Side

u/Siyartemis · 1 pointr/CrossStitch

I have a spool of this stuff. It's a real pain to stitch it in, but extremely accurate once it's finally done.

u/Moirae87 · 1 pointr/CrossStitch

I got tired of writing them on and my handwriting is terrible, so I bought these DMC sticker labels at Joann's when they were only $2 or something on sale. The numbers are a little small though. My mom wrote all hers on a fine tip sharpie like u/yoshidrivesacar .

u/trahnse · 6 pointsr/CrossStitch

You could try waste canvas. When you're done stitching your design, you pull the waste canvas out thread by thread.

u/TyphoidMira · 1 pointr/CrossStitch

Generally high ratings, but some users complain that it can be diffocult to get to the bacl of a pattern.

u/airhornsman · 1 pointr/CrossStitch

I have this craft stand. It works quite well. It's kind of a pain to assemble though.