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u/edouardh · 1 pointr/CryptoCurrencies

I don't give a damn about lambos. I'm a developer and what makes me thrive in my everyday life are coding challenges. But I won't ask you to understand that...

If you think the biggest interest about blockchains is making money, you are far from understanding a damn about it. Neo is a governance token, as Ethereum is too. And the real revolution rests upon that principle.

Again, some reading/watching suggestions, in case you wish to educate yourself instead of posting non-constructive comments :

u/LambosAndBathSalts · 2 pointsr/CryptoCurrencies

no this is the best miner on amazon:

it kicks the crap out of your wussminer

u/Haramburglar · 2 pointsr/CryptoCurrencies or anything like Coincards ( is far quicker, Coincards would take several extra minutes.

I bought this one last year and have no complaints