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Mastering Bitcoin: Programming the Open Blockchain
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34 Reddit comments about Mastering Bitcoin: Programming the Open Blockchain:

u/TheGreatMuffin · 20 pointsr/Bitcoin

If I may - I humbly recommend to read a proper book on bitcoin, not some fluff piece.. Just assuming from the way that you chose your post title that you might be interested in a more substantial bitcoin reading :) Please ignore if that's not the case, don't wanna ruin your reading pleasure or anything.

Economic perspective: The Bitcoin Standard - The Decentralized Alternative to Central Banking

Not technical at all, very beginner friendly, but also not a lot of practical information: The Internet Of Money

Gently technical, beginner friendly: Inventing Bitcoin: The Technology Behind the First Truly Scarce and Decentralized Money Explained

Technical deep dives:

u/gizram84 · 11 pointsr/Bitcoin
u/slepyhed · 10 pointsr/Bitcoin

Here's a great explanation for how blockchain works:

For a more in depth understanding of Bitcoin, Mastering Bitcoin is great:


To get an idea of why Bitcoin has value, The Bitcoin Standard is great:


There are lots of videos by the authors of these books that are great also.

u/ThrowawayIrequire · 6 pointsr/cscareerquestions

Outstanding answer my man!! I have been interested in getting into blockchain development as well, and I am planning to do a project on it for my networks course this semester. My experience mainly lies with C++, and I'm comfortable with sockets as well in it(boost and regular UNIX sockets), I also did take a distributed systems course as well.

Any ideas for a semester long project? I am currently reading [this] ( and this to get started.

u/barefooter · 5 pointsr/Ripple

A rally is a period where the price continues to rise, because either new fiat money is flowing into crypto, or people are leaving one crypto for another at that time.

I use bittrex and coinbase and like them, but there are many options for exchanges. I live in Washington state, so I have less options because Kraken and Poloniex are not available here.

I'd recommend getting either a ledger nano s or trezor hardware wallet. I have a ledger and it's really cool. Others like the trezor, but I don't have experience with it. Look into both and figure out which one you like more. This is the most secure way to store many coins.

This stuff is definitely worth the effort. I think it will be a multi trillion dollar market in five years, so it's still really early days. If you have a background in tech, then you have a good advantage in assessing the technology and making a lot of money investing. Good luck to you!

Oh also, if you want to dive deeper into the tech, a good first read is Mastering Bitcoin. Even though it's about bitcoin, you'll learn the fundamentals that are used by all cryptocurrencies.
book link

u/kailey_hunter · 5 pointsr/litecoin

Blockchain Basics is probably the best high level overall business blockchain book, which focuses on proof of work mostly.

Blockchain Revolution is a good use case book. Not technical, but gets a little sci-fi with how blockchain may be used in the future.

But if you want technical, the best I've found is Mastering Bitcoin.

Business Blockchain was pretty good and gave me ideas for a couple extra slides for my Blockchain 101 presentations throughout my company.

But Book of Satoshi was probably my favorite read. It was great to get a slight history of bitcoin and see some of Satoshi's views from his perspective.

u/idelovski · 4 pointsr/croatia

Uplatio sam prije par sati, sad kažeš da sam mogao doć mukte. Nije fer.

Zar niste mogli prvi dan počet u 10:00 da se ljudi malo aklimatiziraju na Split.

Izabrao sam poslovnu radionicu kod Luke Klancira? Jesam se zeznuo? Inače sam programer ali me zanima taj dio, veza banaka, platnog sustava i budućnost financija.

Kod registracije sam izabrao riblji menu ali ako dobijem frigane srdele uzet ću piletinu.

Edit, moje predznanje je ovo:

Od korica do korica, skoro

Uvod pa još malo

Do pola

Plus skidanje jsona sa:

za neku iPhone aplikaciju u izradi

u/llewsor · 3 pointsr/Bitcoin

u/TheGreatMuffin gave you golden advice. you need a solid philosophical foundation of what bitcoin is - otherwise you'll get rekted by the price and fud.

start with andreas antonopoulos - watch every single video no matter how old they are or how long they are because all of the info is relevant to today. the q&a after his talks are sometimes even more valuable than his lecture.

then for a deep dive visit jameson's site to get into detail about what andreas talked about. andreas also has a couple of books:,204,203,200_QL70_&dpSrc=srch,204,203,200_QL40_&dpSrc=srch


also check out saifdean ammous' book:

very easy read and a clear explanation to the economic significance of bitcoin. good luck.

u/mattblack_crypto · 2 pointsr/ethereum

I just purchased the following books:

u/DRIP-Coin · 2 pointsr/BitcoinBeginners

Online resources are great - but I'd also advise a good book.

A good book will contain accurate, well-researched, information and is easier to learn from than the, sometimes conflicting, online information.

Mastering Bitcoin by Andreas Antonopoulos comes highly recommended.

u/EB_FIRE · 2 pointsr/cscareerquestions


The issue for you here is that BI is really just expected to know SQL, Excel, and Tableau. Maybe some very light programming in R or SAS; but honestly if you knew python reasonably well you would probably have a major advantage over everyone else in most BI departments. I imagine your company changed titles for this exact reason when they realized they didn't need the full skillset of a data scientist/analyst (or didn't want to pay for it). Anyway, most of this stuff is not directly applicable to blockchain so even though you would hypothetically have more credibility simply by the fact you are working with technology, I don't know if it would necessarily give you enough to make the jump to blockchain. An equal concern would be you getting the experience necessary to do so which as I mentioned is not likely.

Of course if you really feel this is your best way to move into tech then by all means go for it. But if I were in your shoes, I would take a second look at cloud. Building cloud based applications will give you experience that is very directly applicable to what you are trying to do. There's also more ways into cloud than data. You can come in through a lower end web/frontend role or even a devops/admin role. There's a lot of resources and employers are more willing to hire 'unconventional' candidates because they need more bodies coding. You can get by with self-learning and then build something eye catching.

I'm not sure if you have seen this already but you might look into this book:

I have read parts of it and it seems very good. It approaches the topic from a programming perspective though, but after you learn python it could be useful to you to align your knowledge of coding with blockchain.

u/edbwtf · 2 pointsr/Monero

Downloading the blockchain is much easier than understanding the code. I just synced the Bitcoin blockchain from scratch in less than 30 hours.

Just diving into the code won't get you far, I'm afraid. Monero uses difficult cryptography and Bitcoin has been optimized for performance rather than readability. (By comparison: downloading the 6 GB Fastcoin blockchain, based on an older version of Bitcoin and Litecoin, took me two weeks.)

To understand Monero, I'd start by reading the Moneropedia and the Monero StackExchange. For Bitcoin, there are educational books like the Princeton Bitcoin book, and Mastering Bitcoin by Andreas Antonopoulos (free draft).

u/tawhidkhn63 · 2 pointsr/Bitcoin

thank you but I heard that book is mostly about why we need bitcoin and basically hypes it up. I as thinking of more along the lines of what is a btc lol. Would this be good?:

u/dalebewan · 2 pointsr/Bitcoin

Mastering Bitcoin by Andreas Antonopoulos covers everything you want. It might be too technical for many readers, but honestly - either you get technical or you miss details.

Free version on github.

u/Quantumbtc · 2 pointsr/Bitcoin

Maybe it would help you to:
Watch Andreas youtube channel

Read : Mastering Bitcoin

  • Tons more of good channels on youtube
u/x102oo · 1 pointr/Bitcoin

Goes pretty deep into tech and not all is necessary to know, but its a great book.

u/mnijs · 1 pointr/Bitcoin

It is more like a high school final exam, not too difficult. Depends how much you know about bitcoin though. Funny thing is, the exam requires payment in bitcoin only, and that is a test on its own. If you used bitcoin wallets to transact you are probably half way through.

Here is the study guide

You can just use this to research the internet to clarify those aspects you don't know. The generic questions such as what is money etc are easy. Concentrate on cryptography, mining and wallets, i.e. the technical stuff specific to bitcoin.

The exam is mostly true/false choices, but pace is very fast. You have to answer questions within 16 seconds on average (20 minutes for 75 questions).

If you use bitcoin on a regular basis you are probably a bitcoin professional without the exam.

Andreas Antonopoulos, who is on board of this exam, can answer almost all your questions. Just google topics, and if you see one of his videos definitely watch it. Last but not least, if you read through his book Mastering Bitcoin you are good to go.

Free book here

Buy on Amazon

u/sonicraf · 1 pointr/Bitcoin

hmm so I am reading Mastering Bitcoin by Antonopoulos, and here is what he says:

>Transaction outputs consist of two parts:

> An amount of bitcoin, denominated in satoshis, the smallest bitcoin unit

> A cryptographic puzzle that determines the conditions required to spend the output


> The cryptographic puzzle is also known as a locking script, a witness script, or a scriptPubKey.


>The second part of each output is the cryptographic puzzle that sets the conditions for spending. Bitcoin Core shows this as scriptPubKey and shows us a human-readable representation of the script.

what the hell is he talking about :)

u/c-789 · 1 pointr/Monero

Unfortunately that's beyond my level, but someone else may chime in.

You might find "Mastering Bitcoin" by Andreas M. Antonopoulos to be helpful or at least interesting. Even though it's not Monero-centric it still has good info. The [newest version on Amazon] ( is releasing in about 2 weeks.

u/witheredeye · 1 pointr/boulder

There are a lot of great resources available. It looks a little daunting at first, but I highly recommend reading the original bitcoin whitepaper, and then spending some time watching some videos. I would first recommend this one, followed by anything that looks interesting to you from Andreas Antonopoulos - He literally wrote the book on bitcoin.

u/MarchewkaCzerwona · 1 pointr/BitcoinUK

To be honest I have more trouble selling bch than buying.

Try for desktop and mobile wallet or Electron for desktop wallet.
Fees are at the moment below £0.02 for transfer.

Bittylicious is accepting gbp bank transfer, but it is not the cheapest site. Not most expensive either tbf.

When it comes to exchanges you have to read their rules individually as they are not the same.

Edit: I also highly recommend this book.

First edition was better, but this will save you a lot of money in long run.

u/youngrubin · 1 pointr/booksuggestions

I was in the same boat as you and read a number of books on the subject. Most of those book didn't have much proof and got redundant. It felt like the books were selling me on hypothetical scenarios about how blockchain could change the world instead of explaining how it is changing the world.

That all changed with "The Internet of Money: Talks by Andreas M. Antonopoulos". This book changed the way I look cryptocurrency. I definitely reccomend it.

If you're technically inclined and want to learn more about how crypto currencies work, "Mastering Bitcoin" is a good book too.

Both these books have open source versions that can be found on github:

Internet of money:

Mastering Bitcoin:

However if you would like the kindle/softcover version you'll need to purchase them.

The internet of money:

Mastering bitcoin:

u/edouardh · 1 pointr/CryptoCurrencies

I don't give a damn about lambos. I'm a developer and what makes me thrive in my everyday life are coding challenges. But I won't ask you to understand that...

If you think the biggest interest about blockchains is making money, you are far from understanding a damn about it. Neo is a governance token, as Ethereum is too. And the real revolution rests upon that principle.

Again, some reading/watching suggestions, in case you wish to educate yourself instead of posting non-constructive comments :

u/ensignlee · 1 pointr/BitcoinMarkets

It is?

Then why is it for sale? Even the kindle version is for sale.

Maybe I'm wrong - can you point to where he said he intended the book to be free?