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u/Chewbongka · 2 pointsr/boulder

You don't need a guidebook for what you are looking for, the classic one by Bob Horan is the go to guide if you want to buy one but most of that info is already on MP. If you are limited on time and want to spend more time climbing than hiking just stick to exploring the easy access options on MP.

Best option when you get to town is drive up Flagstaff and start walking around, there is enough V0-V2's to keep you busy for weeks.

If you want to cool down head to Eldo and warm up traversing the base of Wind Tower or Whale's Tail. You can also head up Boulder Canyon and there is a nice little cliff behind Elephant buttress that has great views and fun bouldering with a nice top out.

u/witheredeye · 1 pointr/boulder

There are a lot of great resources available. It looks a little daunting at first, but I highly recommend reading the original bitcoin whitepaper, and then spending some time watching some videos. I would first recommend this one, followed by anything that looks interesting to you from Andreas Antonopoulos - He literally wrote the book on bitcoin.

u/justdonald · 3 pointsr/boulder

Here's some info on rec soccer leagues:

Harlow platts park has soccer goals and is open and free to use 24/7. not sure if there are nets in there or not - there were as of last december but they looked kind of crummy:,-105.2477406,48a,35y,39.08t/data=!3m1!1e3 , but it looks like you can buy your own for like $15 if you feel like putting them up:

u/shibbolething · 1 pointr/boulder

Thanks, I'll read the book mentioned in the article. A good starter/companion reader for those interested in water history out here is Cadillac Desert: The American West and Its Disappearing Water. It's older, but it's been revised over the years and is a great place to start.

u/crazyninjanick · 3 pointsr/boulder

I used a lot when I first moved out here, which was very helpful.

I've also got a heavily dog-eared copy of this book, which is good (a lot of overlap with the website, but different context):

Lastly, and I don't know if this applies to you or not, my dog is a big fan of this book:

Hope this helps, welcome to the area!

u/rylanb · 2 pointsr/boulder

I don't know offhand where to get milk crates. Behind grocery stores, I guess. Been a long time since I needed 'em. But they are handy for storing all my vinyl. Absolut Vinyl sells white finished wood boxes for $18 - $20 that you can stack up, I think. You could also get a rolling metal cart kinda like this: I had a friend use that with plywood on the shelves to prevent them from slipping through. Side benefit, you can roll 'em around!

What kinda music do you collect on vinyl?

u/pursehook · 2 pointsr/boulder

Fortune Prod 001 AccuSharp Knife and Tool Sharpener $7.50

I have this one. It seems to work fine -- it is crazy cheap -- but I don't have major sharpening needs.

A friend who used to work in a kitchen was once over cooking and sharpened a bunch of my knives with ceramic -- the bottom of a tea cup. Just a tip, if anyone wants to show off sometime. :)

u/__PROMETHEUS__ · 3 pointsr/boulder

Knife sharpening is incredibly easy, there is no reason to pay someone to do it unless you've got a damaged blade. Plus it's going to get dull again with use, so why not do it yourself?

A few options:

Inexpensive, great reviews($5): KitchenIQ

Mid grade, I love this one ($37): Chef's Choice Diamond

Not cheap, does serrated as well ($150): Chef's Choice Trizor

You can go the manual route and get wet stones, but that's a bit more time consuming and not really needed unless you've got some nice blades.

u/tmtreat · 1 pointr/boulder

I didn't know the trick about sitting on the bulge for even inflation. Cool!

Here's the one I got a couple years ago which I absolutely love.

u/karldafog · 2 pointsr/boulder

Thanks for the tip. I originally reached out to the person who created the table. She recommended sanding it and then reapplying this varnish which she originally put on the table ~5yrs ago. Unfortunately, she lives in Oakland or I'd ask her to help out!

u/kabob17 · 3 pointsr/boulder

I highly recommend a reading of "The Beast in the Garden", about the history of mountain lions (and their interactions with humans) in Boulder. Them kitties deserve some serious respect!

u/DirtPow · 2 pointsr/boulder

If anyone's interested in learning more about Rocky Flats I'd highly recommend Full Body Burden

Will never look at that area the same as I drive by, and definitely won't recreate the area if it's turned into Open Space trails.

u/robacarp · 3 pointsr/boulder

Care to give any gear recommendations? I've been in the market for a decent sharpening kit for a while. Have any recommendations? Years ago I used a controlled angle system like this with great results, but I'm not sure if it'll be up to the task of a chefs knife.

u/ChillSygma · 1 pointr/boulder

Still, be careful. Eye contract improved pedestrian recognition a bit but doesn't even come anywhere close to 100%

I believe there are also studies where motorcyclist perceived eye contact but the drivers were blind to the situation. Can't find that one so I am not 100% certain. It was referenced in what I think is one of the best books ever that everyone should read. And then also become a late merger.

u/Mountainclimber26 · 3 pointsr/boulder

guide book

This will be your best bet. Also sorry if the link is wonky, I'm not good at phone stuff

u/blackbeard8 · 3 pointsr/boulder

They make citronella based products, generally referred to as "shield sprays." Definitely not as intense as pepper spry but allegedly gets the job done.

u/drzowie · 17 pointsr/boulder

The Beast in the Garden should be required reading for new Boulderites.

u/gekogekogeko · 5 pointsr/boulder

Hi Boulder! I'm investigative journalist and anthropologist Scott Carney and I have a book coming out on January 7th called "What Doesn't Kill Us" which is about how I learned to control my body temperature under the direction of Dutch fitness guru Wim Hof. Last January I claimed mount Kilimanjaro in just a pair of shorts and hiking boots while the temperature dropped to -30.

This is a trailer for the book:

I recently learned that that the American Cancer society is raising money for cancer research by doing a Polar Bear Plunge on January 7th and I've created a team to jump into the ice together. I'll reach you a useful breathing method that I used to get to the top of Kili in just 28 hours and show you how not to panic when you jump into ice water.

See you there, maybe?

u/GOTO_Velociraptor · 1 pointr/boulder

It was basically one of these with a simple padlock locking it together.

I don't know if they cut the cable or smashed the lock, there wasn't any debris left to tell how they got through it.