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u/KindaConfusedIGuess · 2 pointsr/GiftofGames

Okay so, keep in mind that I have chronic depression so uh... my answers may not be the most uplifting. Sorry.

Questions, Part 1

  1. Oh geez... uh... let's see... shit... Man, I don't really know. I mean, I guess probably something from when I was really little, too dumb and innocent to know just how much the world sucks. A time before I had to worry about anything. I can't really think of a specific example. Sorry :(

  2. Yesterday was pretty nice. My uncle came by and we chatted about stuff for about an hour. We never really do that anymore. He usually just calls or comes by for a brief enough moment to remind me that I'm a fuck-up and a failure at life, and to give me something like money or food that I've had to beg him for. So yeah, actually having a friendly chat about random bullshit with him was nice. Wish we could do that more often...

  3. Play video games and watch Anime. That's about all my life consists of, really.

  4. Die :D! But besides that, uh... I dunno. I don't really have any other hobbies besides gaming and watching anime.

  5. I really, really need to read more. There's so many classic books I desperately need to read, but never manage to get around to reading. In fact, I've only read one actual book in quite some time - and my friend wrote it. This one (sorry for the shameless shilling) to be specific. So when my buddy becomes famous, I have a signed copy of his first book :P.

    Buuuut... if you're willing to look outside of regular books, and would like to try out a Manga (Japanese comic, if you don't know), I highly recommend Yotsuba to! (aka Yotsuba&!). If you want something that will put a smile on your face, Yotsuba has got you covered.

    However, if you want to try something even more unique, I highly, HIGHLY recommended the When They Cry series of visual novels. Possibly my favorite written works of fiction ever, I could probably go on for hours and hours about how amazing they are. There's two separate When They Cry stories, each one being 8 games (or "books" if you want to consider them that, since they are 99.9% pure reading with no real player interaction) long. And yes, they are long. Reading the entire series straight through would probably take you more than a month. And don't let the "visual novel" name put you off - it's NOT a dating sim.

    The first series, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni (When the Cicadas Cry) is a suspense/mystery story with mildly silly mood, things do get dark. Very dark. Without spoiling too much, the story is about a kid who moves to a small town, and finds that the town holds a dark secret, where each year on the eve of their town festival, someone dies and someone else goes missing - and the source of this is event is attributed to an angry local God named Oyashiro-sama. So our hero begins to investigate the cause of the events, not believing in curses or evil Gods, but perhaps he might be biting off more than he can chew...

    On Steam, only the first 4 Higurashi "books" have been released thusfar. You can get the remaining 4 on Mangagamer's website, but this version is better since it has upgraded graphics (with the option of using the old ones too) and retains the original (awesome) soundtrack which had been changed in the old Mangagamer version. The rest of the remake should come out eventually though. I'd recommend at least checking out the first one and seeing if you like it, but keep in mind, the beginning of the story is deceptively cheerful.

    And then, there is, in my opinion, the greatest thing ever written. Umineko no Naku Koro ni (When the Seagulls Cry). It's officially a spiritual sequel to Higurashi, but you can read Umineko without having read Higurashi, but it's definitely recommended to do so if you can.

    Umineko is also 8 "books" and that package on Steam includes the first 4 of them, known as the "Question Arc" (the latter 4 being the "Answer Arc"). As for it's genre, it's a mystery. Or maybe it's fantasy. It really depends on your perspective - and whether or not you will believe in Witches.

    See, Umineko tells the tale of the wealthy Ushiromiya family, and on the eve of their annual family conference at their secluded island mansion, a letter arrives from one claiming to be a Witch, who claims that she will collect on a debt owed to her by the family - with their lives. Brutal murders occur in the name of sacrifice, to resurrect the Golden Witch, Beatrice, but our hero, Battler, doesn't believe in Witches. Even in the face of bizarre, unexplainable murders, Battler insists that the culprit must be one of the 18 people known to be on the island. But what if there is a mysterious 19th person, Beatrice? If not, who is committing the murders, and... why?

    Sorry if I've kinda gone on a rant, but I LOVE the When They Cry series (especially Umineko) and I HIGHLY recommend it if you love a good story.

    6 . Oh.... um... Just uh... read that whole thing above, I guess lol. I'm also really fond of JRPGs, as you can see, I've put hundreds of hours into JRPGs on Steam alone, and of course, I've completed countless JRPGs on other platforms as well (I'm actually emulating Tales of Legendia on PCSX2 right now). I'm not into WRPGs at all, but I have no problem sinking dozens - or even hundreds - of hours into a good JRPG. If you haven't played many of them, I'd be happy to recommend some, if you'd like. Unfortunately, Steam is really kind of lacking in JRPGs and a lot of the last-gen JRPGs are only on PS3, which I don't have. Some of them have been ported to PC, like FF13 and Tales of Symphonia HD, but there's a lot that are still PS3 exclusive that I'd love to play, like the other Tales games and Ni no Kuni. I've considered requesting a PS3 on here at some point, actually, but I never get around to it since I figure no one would grant such a big request lol. Anyway, but yeah, at least SOME JRPGs are now coming to Steam these days. Can't wait for Tales of Berseria in January! Though I wish they'd bring these other JRPGs to PC, plus others like FF15 and Persona 5.

    Questions, Part 2

  6. Well right now, I've actually been suffering from some health problems and very little seems to be being done about them. A few months ago, I went to the hospital because I was having chest pains and they determined that the problem was damage to my esophagus from acid reflux. They gave me some medicine and sent me home, and it took several weeks for it to get any better at all, but it still kind of hurts and doesn't seem to be getting any better, not for over a month now. They tell me that I just need to take the medicine, improve my diet and exercise, and while I've done the former 2 things, the latter is impossible at the moment because I just don't feel physically capable of doing any kind of significant exercise. If I get riled up, my chest just starts to hurt more. And no, they've said it's not my heart or lungs or anything like that, they're pretty certain it's related to stomach/esophagus damage. But yeah, it's not really getting any better, which is making me feel more miserable :(

  7. Cut out all the foods I love and replaced them with fucking crap that I can't stand because the doctors said that's what I have to do. And again, it's still not really helping.

  8. Probably seen the doctor 15+ years ago when my stomach-related problems started happening in the first place.


    Now... I suppose you want to know what I want, right? :P

    First off, here's my Steam ID.

    Let's see... What do I want most that isn't a preorder... Hmm... Shame that Tales of Berseria isn't out yet lol.

    Okay wait a second, 2 weeks? Well, right now, this one game is a preorder, but in 2 weeks, It'll be out. So in that case...

  9. Planet Coaster - I had actually attempted to request this a while back, but it didn't get accepted. The reasons why I want it are all listed in that thread (as well as a rather long story that you can read if you like).

  10. I know you said to put my top 3 here, but that's really the only thing I want at the moment. Everything else is, I think, too expensive at base price to justify asking for, is not out yet, or is something that I probably wouldn't be able to make enough time to play. I had considered asking for Under Night in Birth and Melty Blood but my ability to play those entirely depends on whether or not my one friend who has the games will ever play them with me, and even though he always says he will, he never plays the fighting games we already both own with me anyway... Unless... YOU want to play them with me? :O

    As for the why I would want those 2 fighting games... well, they're made by the same company, and I'm already very experienced with the Melty Blood series and it's probably my favorite fighting game series (even though nobody ever plays it :( ).

    Okay um... I think maaaaybe this post has gone on just a little bit too long, so... I hope it's not too much for you to read, and uh... just reply to me, if you want. Especially if you're interested in any of those visual novels/manga/games/etc that I mentioned :D
u/hugoarkham · 1 pointr/GiftofGames

I would like Overwatch

I first played this game on the open beta and instantly fell in love with it, I had never played a fps game before and also wasn't fond of games with WASD movements because of bad experiences when I was younger.

This game blew my mind, the maps, the heroes, the abilities, everything was so beautiful and fun. On the open beta I had the most playtime as Pharah, I loved flying above the battlefield.

Last weekend we had the Free Weekend, I played nothing but Overwatch trough the whole Free duration, loved the new hero Sombra and discovered my new favorite D.Va. The Arcade Mode is also really fun, had a lot of cool matches on the Mistery Duel map and the random heroes mode.

I can easily say this is the best game I've ever played in my whole life.

Sadly I can't afford this game, I don't know how the price looks like from an american perspective but I'm from Brazil and it costs 160 Reais here and that's a LOT.

Amazon Link for the game (comes with a digital code) : Overwatch $ 34,99

Steam ID
Battlenet ID : ExiledArcher#1660

Thanks you for being so awesome

u/SeanHaruya · 1 pointr/GiftofGames

Thank you for doing this, OP.

This is my Steam ID

The game I want is not exactly a "game", but more like the DLC Expansion of that game I never thought I'd end up loving: Bloodborne - The Old Hunters.
Another game I'd love is XCOM - Enemy Unknown. I've been hearing great things about it and I've watched some gameplay. This looks really, really good to be honest.
And finally, because I think Indie games deserve some recognition (and FuturemanGaming showed me how cool the game is): Nuclear Throne. It seems INSANELY addictive and fun, and so many crazy things happen!

Finally, a funny image you say?

Happy holidays, and hope you start next year having a blast!

u/cbsa82 · 3 pointsr/GiftofGames

Ok books. I do books. I r gud reader (no really)

So some of my favorites:

The Dresden Files Series: While Harry Dresden annoys me on occasion, this is a fantastic series of books all about a wizard who advertises himself in the phone book. No, really. Its pretty damn entertaining. Start with Storm Front, the first novel. While the books are each self contained issues they all connect to each other to form a large mega narritive. Urban Fantasy!

The Percy Jackson Series: Starting with the Lightning Thief, this series of books by Rick Riordan are some of my favorites. I am a huge mythology nut, and the idea of a YA series where the kids are demigods is awesome. There are 2 primary series (one starts with The Lightning Thief and follows Percy, the second series starts with The Lost Hero) and tackle both Greek and Roman myth. He has started a new series called Magnus Chase which tackles Norse and its pretty damn good too. And there is the Kane Chronciles which deal with Egyptian...and all 3 groups take place in the same universe! Good stuff. YA Fantasy

The Rook: by Daniel O'Malley, the Rook starts with the main character waking up with no memories of her life, who she is, in a park surrounded by dead bodies wearing gloves. It gets more insane from there. I love this book, and the second in the series was pretty damn awesome as well. Long read though. Urban Fantasy at its finest.

ANYTHING By Brandon Sanderson: No. Really. Pick a book. Read it. Its good. Mistborn series, Alloy of Law series, The Rithmatist, the Reckoners, ect. Everything this man writers is gold. Just pick something and go. I admit I havent read SnapShot yet, but its on my list.

The Cape High Series: Ok so this is an indie author writing YA Superhero fiction. And its actually really good. I have read every book in the series and eagerly await the next one. It follows a group of high school super heroes, and their trials with entering the super hero world, where it turns out that Villains and Heroes for the most part are basically actors with super powers. They do deal with REAL supervillains though.

If you want more, I can give ya more.

u/hhvnr12345 · 1 pointr/GiftofGames

Thank you for the awesome week of giveaways!

I'd like to join for Bloodborne™ The Old Hunters DLC for Bloodborne. Here is my PSN profiles: hugh31098.

Since i started gaining love for the Souls game, i has always want to try Bloodborne. The fast-paced combat intrigued me since it'd open up many possibility that wasn't viable in before in previous Souls game. So i when Sony saled Bloodborne recently, i couldn't resist, eventhough i wasn't owned a PS4 at that point. Pretty much go broke to experience this, but for me it was worth it, and the PS4 showed me a new way of gaming that i've never experienced before. Right now i'm going after the Platinum trophy of Bloodborne (as you may see in the profiles, i need 2 more trophy for the base game Platinum). I couldn't afford the DLC at the moment since i'm pretty much broke at this point; and i hope you could help me out.

I think it's best to summarize the post with the DLC trailer and a video from an awesome Youtuber i discovered recently: videogamedunkey.

Again, thank you for your generosity, and happy birthday!

u/Adell021 · 1 pointr/GiftofGames

I'd love to have Pokemon Moon. I haven't had my Pokemon fix in a long while and Pokemon Go is an okay distraction during traffic as long as I pay for data. But the last Pokemon game I really enjoyed was Black and White.

I bought a 3DS for Pokemon XY with all the hype. But it has let me down so badly that I'm just salty AF. Now, I have a 3DS I don't even use. But, maybe, with Moon, I'll have reason to pick it up again. XY was just too gimmicky with the 3D for me but lacked the heart that comes with the story and barely brought anything new to the plate.

It was a toss up between Sun and Moon. Sun has Vulpix, Ninetails and the cool wolf dude. But Moon has Lunala. I figure I can find someone to trade Vulpix and wolf dude with, in that case, whereas Legendary trading might not be a thing.

Also, Wicke is hot.

I really want to enjoy another Pokemon game again, enjoy the good old times.

I could grab my Nintendo ID or something (once I figure out how to), if I win. But, for now, here’s my Steam ID.

Thanks little shrimp.

And, yes, I’m still here.



u/That_Kawaii_Kid · 2 pointsr/GiftofGames

Steam Link

So the main reason I want this game is to make a custom campaign mod based around a fantasy novel I wrote. I've been modding Skyrim for years, but have always been a much greater CRPG fan. This game allows me to build exactly what I'd like, and I have a vast world already built for this to take place in. (bonus map of the continent it will be taking place on: Map

In addition to making this story driven campaign in a brand new setting, I'm really looking forward to adding custom skills and items as well.

If chosen, I'll keep you updated on my mod progress via a youtube channel I'd like to make documenting the creation of the game.

Modding this game is the part I look forward to the most, but I thoroughly enjoyed DOS 1 and have played every major CRPG that has come out in the last 20 years. I'm really looking forward to this game, but unfortunately cannot afford it myself for several months.

Thank you for your consideration!

Edit: I'd like to add some proof to some of my modding / game making claims:

As for proof, I'll offer you what I can. My KDP for the book published:

Estergate Point, a Skyrim mod I was working on before I got into RMMV:
(sorry the music sucks btw, I was trying my hand at making my own music, which has gotten MUCH better over the years)

Here is a Parallax map made with 1400 layers in photoshop for RMMV:

u/energy_tank · 1 pointr/GiftofGames


Game I want: Ys I & II Chronicles (PSN), to play on my PS Vita.

It costs 14,99, so a 20 US dollars PSN gift card would be enough (probably purchasable at Amazon or anywhere else you would prefer)

Hello, sir/madam gifter. As a 24yo English (major) student, my tastes are being shaped by literature and other studies, such as my own research on Japanese to English localization and translation, so modern games like military shooters, multiplayer arena stuff and so on and so forth are not really appealing to me anymore. It's hard to find a game that draws my attention as hard as the Ys series can do.

I've been looking to buy/start this series for a long time since most games are available for my PS Vita, but I can never find deals at the appropriate time. I just recently got a job, but I've been saving to get married (hopefully soon) and I had to dedicate my spare money to buy some clothes and keep on par with my current profession's standards (EFL teacher).

For instance, Ys Origin is currently on sale for 11,99 for the Vita (crossbuy with the PS4), but I imagine that this "I & II" compilation would be a better place to start the series. I don't mind ^allegedly outdated graphics and gameplay if the story is great, and as far as I researched it this game's story is amazing.

I would use this gift as a starting point to the series and then eventually, after beating this first two games, purchase the next game (probably following release date order, or the "story" order I heard about).

Thanks for the opportunity for requesting my game! I wish the best of luck for everyone.

u/tbshirk · 1 pointr/GiftofGames

Hello shrimp of tiny proportion, I, as you can read, am Tbshirk. I'm a frequenter on this subreddit and have entered giveaways, and hosted some myself. Firstly, I would like to thank you for this giveaway. Even if I don't win, you're going to make somebody very happy. You're doing a great thing. Oh, and I'm entering for Pokemon Sun. Amazon Link

I want it for a pretty simple reason. Pokemon fucking rocks, and it's fun as hell! To go into a little more depth, I played Pokemon a TON as a kid. Pretty much non-stop. Anyway, now that Sun and Moon are out, I feel the need to get back into it. Not only that, but I'm going to try to complete a Living Shinydex, which will very well take me years upon years to complete, but I am extremely determined.

Thank you so much for this giveaway and I hope you, and the readers have a fantastic Thanksgiving and holiday season in general.

u/Variantoo · 1 pointr/GiftofGames

Thanks for doing this Op this is sweet

Number = 48
Item i would like = [Bloodborne DLC from amazon] (

Ive made a full request on this DLC [here] (

here is basically what i wrote incase you don't want to see the full request.

I literally bought my ps4 just for bloodborne and i have no regrets, to me this game is a masterpiece in soo many ways! The soundtrack, the gameplay, the mechanics, the multiplayer, the subtle lore! i could go on. I have platinumed the game and completed it countless times on numerous difficulties, now just over 200 hours clocked into it since the day it released and i am certain i can easily play another 100 or so if i had this DLC, the DLC isn't your regular addition of new weapons and skins etc it is more of an old school expansion, I've seen the streams, everyone I've watched play it is well impressed with the amount of sheer content there is. Bloodborne doesn't have many flaws at all, but one of the issues i do kiiiind of have with it is the lack of variety in the weapons, but from what I've seen, in the dlc they have doubled the amount of weapons ! Not only that the new areas are some of the most challenging and rewarding there have ever been in a game made by From Software. Seriously purchasing this game is the only reason i still have my PS4 and if you do too i highly recommend getting bloodborne, it will consume your life man. I could go on and on about why this game is absolutely fantastic and how this DLC most likely is too, but i really hope you understand my love for this game haha and i don't want to annoy you with my terrible expressive skills in writing. TLDR - <3 blood borne

Again thanks for the chance!

Edit: BONUS feels STORY

I had a puppy when i was kid who's name was Arrow, he was a Pomeranian and i fkin loved this cotton ball. A little background, i got him for my birthday when he was a baby, i always wanted a pet. He rarely ever barked and when he did it was super cute so one day my mom got this walking toy dinosaur and put it in front of him which 9/10 times made go him crazy and bark a lot, this... this was the worst decisions my mom had ever made. Ever since the toy incident he started to bark sooo much he would do it all the time unless he was with you, this lead to the neighbours complaining, we live in a apartment so others have the right to make complaints to the manager if we make noise, in this case if he makes noise. The complaints continued for many months until we were forced to either make him be quiet or the SPCA (Pet people) will take him away :c we tried many things such as those anti- bark collars, not the painful but the beeping ones, yeah those sucked.. so long story short we sold him to a proper home, A sad sad day that was OP.

u/cresselia_ · 1 pointr/GiftofGames

I'm a girl, I have insight x) don't give her a DVD, this is my first advice. DVDs get old and you watch it once and never again.

If she's into "girly stuff", anything and I'll repeat, ANYTHING, from this store will make her happy:
warning: this page contains intense amounts of cuteness.

(I linked a random product, I happen to find it adorable)

I just realized this is a portuguese store. my bad. If you can find in your country something like this, you're good to go. Be careful, not too childish. Cute/girly is different from childish!

Now I don't know how much you want to spend, that's why jewellery is tricky. If you can afford a watch, watches are good with anything.

a cute watch here another portugese store, sorry. I happen to own that model, I love it, just to give you an idea...

you can also go for Pandora bracelets, I personally find them a waste of money.

Picking jewellery from a simple store is not easy, so unless you really know what you are looking for, so, maybe... maybe no.

Ah, just yesterday I found this crazy creepy game.
If you wanna go something simple, this is very fun, not very long, that type of jumpscare game you can play with her.

And finally, this is a really cute/weird/dark little book from Tim Burton (the guy from the Nightmare before Christmas and such...)
It's not creepy or horror but it's dark enough so she might enjoy the stories. Amazon link here

u/ForgottenKnightt · 1 pointr/GiftofGames

This might be good for the Weird/creepy stuff :P

This For the nerdy stuff.

Both pretty good books in my opinion.

I'd love FTL if I get choosen :D

Steam ID

u/BigMack97 · 3 pointsr/GiftofGames

My Nintendo Tag is Cheddar. If I could receive any game right now it would be Pokemon Sun. My favorite game series as a kid was Pokemon. I grew up watching the show with my older brother, and I saved my money to get a Gameboy and Pokemon Ruby. I took that Gameboy everywhere and eventually started getting some of the older Pokemon games. I sold my Gameboy for some stupid reason and just recently picked up a 3DS and Omega Ruby. It has been great replaying my first Pokemon game and would love to have Pokemon Sun so I can experience some of the changes they have made to the series over the years that I didn't have a DS to play Pokemon games on.

u/13DprimePlays · 1 pointr/GiftofGames

I have to recommend my favorite book, it was even made into a decent movie!

I would love Speedrunners. And if you're feeling extra generous, Nimble Quest is also on sale for $0.50 right now!

u/MechaOoccoo · 1 pointr/GiftofGames

Thanks for doing this OP, even if I don't win it's great seeing things like this.

The game I'd like is TWEWY Final Remix for the Switch. My NNID is MechaOoccoo, same as it is on here (And everywhere for that matter lol), and I am in the EU.

Thanks again OP

u/vryheid · 3 pointsr/GiftofGames

It is possible to buy digital download codes for specific games on the 3DS and then message the code to the person you are gifting to, who can then download the game for free. However, not all 3DS games (and even then, not all E-shop titles) offer these codes. Pokemon Sun and Moon is an example of one that does work, and while when I did it I bought a code directly through a Nintendo website the easiest way now seems to be from Amazon (

u/kaching335 · 1 pointr/GiftofGames

Could you possibly get a $20 PSN card from Amazon and have it emailed to me so I can get the Nathan Drake Collection for PS4?

If not, I would like RWBY: Grim Apocalypse on Steam.

Steam ID

Not exactly my #1 favorite song, but it's definitely up there

Thank you for this opportunity. :)

u/JpsCrazy · 2 pointsr/GiftofGames

Invisible Monsters by Chuck Palahniuk - A fashion model gets her jaw shot off in a terrible situation, and so the silent protagonist must reclaim her life. (Highly recommend reading the first chapter in the preview on Amazon. Also highly recommend Haunted by Palahniuk as well.)

The Language Instinct by Steven Pinker. Wonderful book that delves into the psychology behind language. Incredibly informative while maintaining entertainment.

u/NyanMario · 0 pointsr/GiftofGames

my favorite underated game is King of the hill because it's my favorite show and the game is weird

u/TriTexh · 1 pointr/GiftofGames

I haven't added this to my wishlist, and it's from a different country, but in my defense, I just found out about this. Sorry.

u/Ali-Sama · 2 pointsr/GiftofGames

The link to purchase a ps4 digital code is here.

u/JustPeter2 · 1 pointr/GiftofGames

Recommending Far Cry 2. Dude is quoting Friedrich Nietzsche, here's the book.

If you haven't watched The Thing, you should.

I've been listening to this a lot lately.

Not entering

u/D9sinc · 1 pointr/GiftofGames

That's awesome. Also for reference

>[from Amazon] (

I was curious, but the only thing that I would worry about is just the whole account thing since no matter what you would have to post an account that is public, but I'm not sure how people can see someone's Nintendo Account.