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u/chuckit7642 · 5 pointsr/GoForGold

I was born in the United States, but I was raised in Southeast Asia. We moved to Connecticut when I was 10. My parents went to college in Connecticut and had me after they graduated, so they chose to move back to same town where I was born.

My family was upper middle class in our home country. My dad made $200,000 a year, and my mom stayed at home. They bought a beautiful new house. My mom and I painted my room pink. My siblings shared a room full of the latest toys. We had two nice cars in the driveway.

We left all of that abruptly to save our lives. My dad’s close friend was running against a corrupt politician. That politician instructed his henchmen to eliminate his opposition’s associates one by one. The gang followed my dad home. They threatened his life. They threatened our lives. My dad left our home country and got a small apartment for us, and we followed three months later with my uncle’s help. My parents couldn’t get all of their assets, so our life was hard for a few years. We had a beat up car, depended on the local food pantry for groceries, and got second-hand clothes. Our extended family back home stole our money and property from our house while we were gone. When my brother passed away, we barely had money to bury him. I cried a lot. My parents probably cried a lot too.

My parents are still tight-lipped about the circumstances that forced us to leave, but I heard some of the details when they were being interviewed by Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS). My family was granted political asylum and eventually got their green cards. I’m a US citizen because I was born here. My sister became a naturalized citizen a few years ago, and my parents just applied for citizenship last month.

We were only going to stay here for 3 years, but it has been 21 years. We are happy here, and we don’t really want to go back to our home country. It took me a while to like it here. I had to learn English, learn how to dress, and get familiar with American customs. I was bullied in middle school because I didn’t have nice clothes, I couldn’t speak English, and I didn’t have friends. Now I’m just another Asian-American who speaks fluent English and living a typical “American life.”

Edit: I’m currently reading Expat by Christina Henry De Tessan . De Tessan collected essays from women who have lived abroad and put them together into this book. I highly recommend it.

u/ykeloy · 5 pointsr/GoForGold

This is Amazon UK, and I notice your using Dollars, but these should be similar prices and probably have prime as well.

Nice little Curious George cuddly toy (No UK prime but free UK delivery)

A collection of Curious George Stories (has UK prime)

Collection of Horse Toys (has UK prime)

Basketball set (WARNING: Bad reviews, may not be too good but if it does turn out to be decent should be great! (No UK prime but free UK delivery)

Space Hopper, great for if you hate your Reddit buddy! (has UK prime, and pretty cheap)

Hope this helps!

EDIT: Also found this nice Curious George counting book, goes from 1 to 100 so pretty basic, but also has thing sot count on each page! And has UK Prime!

u/reh888 · 5 pointsr/GoForGold

You can rent the first one on Amazon for $15-25 (hardcover) and buy the second one on Amazon for $15 (paperback, $23 for kindle.) I understand free is better and times are tough, but as college textbooks go the legit way is about as good as you can ever expect it to be in this case.

I didn't reply for gold, I replied because I saw this and thought "I bet those are super cheap on Amazon" and they are.

u/duzitickle · 3 pointsr/GoForGold

Here's a cheap guitar he can learn on and beat up before his next really good guitar. I mean, 4 year olds are pretty brutal on toys. If he enjoys it, for his 6th bday, he can have a better one.

Also prime approved.

u/TauBone · 7 pointsr/GoForGold

Looks like one from this set. The only one I found in stock was this one, but the hands are above its head.

u/Alexiumz · 5 pointsr/GoForGold

Can anyone find a copy of Ode To Billy Joe on DVD in PAL format (and at a reasonable price?!)

I can only find an NTSC copy.

u/AcridZephire · 1 pointr/GoForGold

Best i could find It will ship to you when they get one.