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Allen Carr's Easy Way To Stop Smoking
The Easyway to Stop Smoking
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u/GoAskAlice · 67 pointsr/fatpeoplestories

Quitting is super hard, OP.

This might work for you.

I haven't read it, but I keep hearing from others about how well it works.

For me, I've been doing the hourly thing. I can have one cig every two hours. I'm about to move to three.

It is hell. Not going to lie, it is hell. Getting from two packs to one per day, that was hell. I still can't give it up. Yet.

Non-smokers don't get it.

I'll get there eventually. So will you. I don't want to; I love smoking, okay. But it has to go. We will die. You've got a kid now. Think about your child. You have responsibilities now. Do you want that child to grow up taking care of mommy?

u/leducdeguise · 45 pointsr/AskReddit

former smoker here. I started at 15, quit at 33. Average of 1 pack a day in the meantime.

  • first I would suggest you read the book from Allen Carr:

  • 2nd I'm of the "cold turkey" school, that is, if you stop you should stop abruptly, and not use any replacement like nicotine gums, patches, e-cigs.. or lowering your daily cigs. You would just be postponing the deadline. No use making the agony last longer...

  • 3rd, believe me when I say that quitting is easy. You probably don't think that, but when you will have quit, you will understand :)

  • 4th, watch your diet and do some physical exercise as soon as you stop! I didn't and took 24lbs/12Kg in 4 months after I quit. I wouldn't have if I had watched my diet.. and done some exercising.

  • last but not least: go to /stopsmoking, you'll find some good support there.

    hang on tight, once you REALLY want it, it's really not that hard
u/ludwigvonmises · 37 pointsr/outside

Yeah, sure thing. These were helpful for me. No doubt there are other, maybe even better resources out there.

  • Skill books on overcoming addiction
    • Recovery (Russell Brand's unique AA-style approach applicable to everything)
    • This Naked Mind (on alcohol)
    • Allen Carr's Easy Way to Stop Smoking (on tobacco)
    • These are willpower-free approaches, meaning they don't ask you to muscle through some tough initial period. They simply reorient your mind towards your desire for these things, so you never desire them again.
  • Online tutorials for understanding your psychology
  • Other resources
    • The X-Effect - a subreddit that uses a 50 day method to eliminate your association with an activity
    • Nightly journaling - Writing down your experiences with your issue, how you felt, how you overcame it, why you succumbed to it, what you plan to do next time, etc. Articulating yourself on it over and over.
u/249ba36000029bbe9749 · 35 pointsr/funny

And for anyone who just wants to know what the actual book is, it's Allen Carr's Easy Way to Stop Smoking.

u/Krandoth · 34 pointsr/worldnews

You're already over the withdrawal. What you're going through now is just mental addiction. If you can accept that cigarettes really are 100% harmful with no benefits at all, that will help you get through it - Carr's book explains this much more fully.

u/brick_shit_house · 31 pointsr/BabyBumps

I agree with all these comments here, also if you’re thinking about cosleeping, even just for naps, baby CANNOT sleep next to him. As he sleeps, the toxins and nicotine leech out of the skin. So make sure baby never sleeps directly next to him or in his side of the bed.

Husband was a smoker, finally decided to quit a month into pregnancy when we learned about this and the fact LO wouldn’t be able to be in his truck due to residue. He was given a book, said it was amazing and helped him quit cold turkey. This is the book:

u/jjohnson1979 · 30 pointsr/CasualConversation

If I may...

I bought this book on a recommendation of a friend of mine. My wife insisted I give it a shot. I read the book in 4 days, and haven't touched a cigarette since. It's been 8 and a half years!

Your mileage may vary, of course, but I love the way this book makes you rethink your relationship with tobacco. I recommend it to many people who want to quit smoking.

u/[deleted] · 29 pointsr/TrueReddit

For any smokers reading this, if you happen to be interested in quitting, I highly recommend the book, Allen Carr's Easyway to Stop Smoking. It worked for me after years of trying on my own to quit.

u/najing_ftw · 29 pointsr/lastimages

Mom died of cancer. The end was awful. It takes some time, but eventually the memories of the end fade, and the wonderful memories remain.

It’s going to be bad for awhile. I’m sorry for your loss.

Edit - Mom dies of smoking related cancer. Please quit.

This way works:

u/lilkuniklo · 24 pointsr/AskWomenOver30

Firstly - and I don't mean this in a mean way - you were a fool to think that anyone would change for you because they loved you. It's usually best policy to believe the opposite, that if they already have bad habits, that they will only become more entrenched in them as time passes. People who change for others are the exception, not the rule.

Now about the dipping. You are making this more complicated than it has to be. Either his addiction is a dealbreaker and you leave, or it isn't, and you live with it. You cannot control what other people choose to do with their own bodies. The only thing you CAN control is your own reaction to them.

Now, speaking as someone who smoked for 12 years and quit, don't listen to the bullshit about coddling "addicts." Yes, nicotine qualifies as a type of substance abuse, but it's easy as pie to quit IF you put your mind to it. This isn't like detoxing from alcohol (which can kill you if aren't in a medical environment). People who can't quit nicotine are lacking in mental fortitude. Is that a quality of someone that you want to continue to build your life with?

BTW, Aaron Carr's book was an invaluable quitting tool. It would be worth a read for you too to help you understand the illogical mentality of nicotine addicts. This book worked better than any combination of patches, gum, and lozenges. Read the reviews and believe the hype.

Oh, and my hospital recently included ear accupuncture as part of their nicotine cessation program. It's supported by our addiction physicians so that means it's not all hooey. Might be worth looking into if your SO is open to it.

u/stelitoes · 18 pointsr/boston

Do yourself a favor and buy this:

Read while you rip stoggies. You will stop smoking upon completion. Thank me later.

u/Guns_and_Dank · 16 pointsr/personalfinance

Read this, seriously.

Allen Carr's Easy Way To Stop Smoking

u/davidecibel · 13 pointsr/Fitness

refer to other answers for calories. as for the cardio:

  1. quit smoking
  2. start doing cardio. begin with light jogging for as long as you can, followed by walking when you can't jog anymore to reach a total time of 45 minutes, start with 3 times a week. when you become able to jog for 45 minutes try to gradually run faster, and start doing it 4 times a week.

    Seriously, quit smoking. No, don't reduce the number of cigarettes. Quit. A copy of this book won't hurt
u/ci5ic · 12 pointsr/science

Many people, myself included, have used them as sort of a stepping stone to quitting. I think the draw is that the liquid comes with various concentrations of nicotine, and you can gradually reduce your intake down to 0mg juice.

My personal experience was that using e-cigs was kind of a pain in the ass, and ultimately, I was still a slave to the addiction, regardless of the nicotine content. It does not help, and if anyone thinks it does, just wait until your battery dies and you'll be scrounging for a real cigarette.

The bottom line here is that the chemical addiction of cigarettes is super super weak, and this is why even your hardcore 2-pack-a-day smokers who can't go 20 minutes without lighting up can sleep through 8 hours of withdrawls without a problem. The addiction is a matter of brainwashing into believing that cigarettes (real or fake) are something you need and want and that quitting means you're having to do without something you need or having to give up something that you want. E-cigs only serve to perpetuate that notion.

What helped me was reading this book. It took me two days, and after the second day, I went home, chucked all my e-cig gear in the trash and never looked back. I smoked for 18 years, and now I can't even take a drag without choking like a first-timer on an after school special.

For those who may be interested in quitting, here is a PDF version of the book. I hope it helps:

If you don't like the idea of pirating this book, feel free to pay for it or get it from the library. Personally, if buying/renting it is going to keep you from reading it, I'd rather provide you with an easier option in the hopes that it will be the difference between reading and not reading it.

u/Agricola86 · 11 pointsr/vegan

Sometimes I think I've created my lifestyle just to be a bummer at most peoples parties: I don't drink, I don't smoke, I don't eat animals, I would dance...but for the safety of others however, I refrain

But seriously, this book is pretty highly recommended for folks wanting to quit smoking and looking for a push, I've known several people use it to quit

u/Cody_801 · 11 pointsr/SaltLakeCity

If you smoke and want to quit there is a really good book called the easy way by Allen Carr. Just read the reviews if you’re not convinced.

u/tk338 · 11 pointsr/casualiama

Wow man! That's some dedication to a friend, just please don't get hooked yourself, it IS extremely addictive. As a quitting smoker, it wasn't until I got the wheeze at night that I really realized I had to stop.

Sure I felt like shit in the morning, but put that down to tiredness. I put a bad nights sleep down to anxiety (which is from memory somewhere back down the line why I thought I'd try it), and a cough down to something just coming up... Just passing the blame.

Props to you though man, I hope he quits soon, for both of your sakes!

Theres a community on reddit for your friend: /r/stopsmoking
and they will undoubtedly point you to 'the book'

u/hamishthedenizen · 11 pointsr/bjj

Maybe not what you were asking for but my 2c, I think you should read this book - Easy Way to Stop Smoking

I smoked for about 20 years. A friend told me, "read the book, you'll think it's a POS, and that the guy is an ass, but you won't smoke again". He was right, 18 years and counting, without any cravings. I've suggested it to several others who've had the same experience. Nothing magical, it just reframes how you think about smoking.

The book is well known in the UK, less so here. About the author

u/sterlingag · 10 pointsr/stopsmoking

Read [Allen Carr's Easyway to Stop Smoking] ( Someone said on this subreddit, it did some "vudu" magic and he quit. I picked up the book, read it over a couple of days. I'm now almost at a week without nicotine, much much easier this time than previous attempts. I've smoked my last cigarette.

Good luck!!

u/erki · 10 pointsr/DecidingToBeBetter

YES! Congrats, so excited for you! I made this same decision 3 years ago (after smoking for ~10yrs), and can honestly say it was one of the best decisions of my life. Just get through those first 3 weeks and you're home free. Haven't had a craving for years, and that voice inside my head constantly telling me I'm a fucking idiot for smoking has long since been silenced. I mean, it still tells me I'm a fucking idiot for a whole host of other reasons, but not for smoking!

You seem to have managed to quit all on your own willpower, which is something you should be very proud of. However, if you do find yourself faltering or like it's too hard, I cannot recommend Alan Carr's The Easy Way to Quit Smoking enough. It is the only no bullshit method I've come across and it really really works.

Keep it up, you have no idea how good you're going to feel once you get over this!

Pro tip: Don't say "I can't smoke" or "I'm quitting", instead say "I don't smoke" and "I have quit.", especially when you're talking to yourself. If you say "I can't" you're telling yourself that you aren't allowed to do something. Which is something we're hard-wired to argue against. If, instead, you say "I don't", you are reinforcing the personality trait of someone who does not smoke. You are reminding yourself of who you are now — a non-smoker.

u/TheIslander829 · 9 pointsr/progresspics

Smokers only stop when they want to stop themselves. I find the best way to stop is reading Allen Carr's book.

If you want to help someone stop, ask them if they're willing to read a book with an open mind, and if they don't stop smoking by the end of it to not worry about it much.

Allen Carr even left a legacy of clinics that offer your money back if you don't stay smoke-free for the rest of your life after you're done with the treatment.

u/scword · 9 pointsr/loseit

Buy and read Alan Carr's Easy way to stop smoking, my friend. It will change your world.

u/LatrodectusGeometric · 9 pointsr/todayilearned

I'm betting this one:

I could be totally wrong, but I've had multiple patients tell me that this is what got them to quit.

u/coldbeers · 8 pointsr/stopsmoking

Because it works, and does make it easy, check out the 1300+ reviews on Amazon

Source: I quit 14 years ago totally down to reading this book, it changed my life for the better

u/maybemeat · 8 pointsr/running

The single best thing you can do to improve your health and to improve your running is to quit smoking.

/r/stopsmoking can help. Grab yourself a copy of Allen Carr's Easyway to Stop Smoking - it will help.

u/billet · 8 pointsr/stopsmoking

Read The Easy Way to Stop Smoking by Allen Carr. You'll be glad you did.

u/saintcosmo · 8 pointsr/Vaping

I quit smoking cold turkey (didn't wind up trying vaping until now).

Two things that helped me tremendously:

u/s18m · 7 pointsr/india

I quit smoking after 16 years but I guess it's the same issue with chewing tobacco as well. Obviously you need to be in the right frame of mind but I read a book which helped loads. It's called Alan Carr's Easy Way to Stop Smoking.

The problem with tobacco addiction (at least it was in my case) was believing I wouldn't make it a day without it. I'd smoke one minutes before sleeping and smoke one literally minutes after waking up.

This book basically takes every preconceived notion/argument you'd make (as an addict) and logically explains why you would make said argument and how to deal with it. Long story short, you won't have anything to defend your smoking addiction with after reading it. I gave it up 3 years ago and haven't felt the need to pick up a cigarette since.

OP, get the person a copy of the book. Ask them to read it with an open mind. 3 days is all you have to control for, after that it's smooth sailing. :)

EDIT: Also, don't substitute it with something else.

u/dillonsrule · 7 pointsr/QuitVaping

This is going to sound really dumb and jive, but get and read this book:

Allen Carr's Easy Way to Quit Smoking. It is all about changing your mindset so that you are happy that you are quit. It really helps with withdrawal, which is far more mental than you might expect. I know this seems really dumb, but search this sub for mentions of the book. You'll see that a TON of people on here were able to quit after reading it. I don't care where/how you get it. Download it on kindle, buy an old copy, pirate it, whatever you need to do. I think it will help you a lot!

You are on your way and sound pretty committed. I think you'll enjoy the book and it can help you a lot. The book is about quitting cigarettes, but I think you'll be able to apply the lessons to vaping as well.

u/ascw · 7 pointsr/INTP

Someone on Reddit suggested this book

And after reading I smoked my last cigarette as the book suggested, gave my pack to some random guy that was walking by, and that was it.

Afterwards I loaned the book out to quite a few people and everyone of them that read it and followed the rules quit for good.

u/simobk · 6 pointsr/AskReddit

I love how when you ask any ex-smoker, they'll tell you "Oh, I just decided it and quit!"... They never talk about the 20 failed attempts that came before.

I smoked from age 13 to 31. I quit three times after 2006. The first two times, I quit with the plan to become a social smoker. It didn't work, and I learned that for me, a single puff means I'm back to smoker status.

Third attempt, I decided there will never be a single puff anymore, and it worked. My help came from a book and a little motivation script I made.

As you can see, I'm close to two years now, and one thing is sure, I am not going back!

EDIT : If there is interest in it, I can fix an online version of the script for your own motivation (In english of course, and a little better laid out :D )

EDIT 2 : First attempt, I used patches, only to realize later that they are actually just making it harder. Seriously, this book is the best thing you can read to help yourself!

u/150LikesPerHour · 6 pointsr/Parenting

Read This

It’s only 10$ and a pleasant read. I was laughing as I was reading it! They say it’s 90% effective. Don’t know for sure, but I can assure it rly made me quit with only the effort of reading! Whichever the real % is, It should include me and my other 2 ex-smokers friends.
This book is a must read for every smoker

u/lurdawg · 6 pointsr/LifeProTips

This is a classic. Let me know if it works for you

u/I_make_sawdust · 6 pointsr/100DaysofKeto

You can do this.

When I quit smoking 11 years ago, I read this book: The Easy Way to Quit Smoking Some people really connect with this book, and others don't. I'm not debating that here.

The biggest thing I took away from this book is that there is always something to stop you from doing this - now: keto, then: stopping smoking - and if you let that something stop you, the addiction wins.

Instead, frame it like: "If I can do this now, it will be really easy for me to do this when this stressor isn't present in my life. If I can get through this now, I can get through this anytime."

Keep calm. Keto on.

And breathe every now and again.

I'm certainly not trying to diminish what you and yours have gone through - I wouldn't dare. But you can do this. This is one thing you can control right now.

u/adm7373 · 6 pointsr/golf

The community aspect is helpful for some. For me, the only thing that has gotten me off cigarettes for more than a few days is this book. After 3 quit attempts lasting between 6 months and 2 years, this one feels like it's gonna last (at like 3 weeks now).

u/capptainclutch · 6 pointsr/stopsmoking

Sorry, anytime someone refers to "the book" around here it's about this.

u/xenpro · 6 pointsr/stopsmoking

I suggest the following ... good luck

  1. Watch the following video

  2. The best stop smoking book that has worked for many

  3. Quit cold turkey

  4. The following website contains a wealth of information

  5. Try again if you fall off
u/mrkodo · 6 pointsr/Romania

Eu am tot dat peste oameni care zic de Allen Carr este si audiobook, cica face minuni.

u/LRub · 6 pointsr/The_Donald

Hey Pedes I've said it before, I'll say it again.

Just for those who may be caught up in the smoking and/or drinking trap, and thinking you're fucked cause you've tried to stop but can't. So you resigned yourself do doing your best to limit the damage --- BASED Alan Carr's books got me off both. GOT ME OFF BRAHS

First the smoking. It took me a month or so to really believe I was done smoking. I could get as drunk as I wanted and WOULD NOT SMOKE.

But then the side effect of that is is started drinking more. I would limit my drinking because I knew I would smoke. But once I was done smoking --- holy crap. And I live in walking distance to the bars. So yeah. I was getting bloated, and my body just was not happy.

So alcohol --- seemed impossible to quit. And a lot of people look at you weird when you quit or feel a need to use labels. Whatevs... I didn't need AA or meetings. I just needed to be convinced that alcohol is bottled misery. And it is. Now I go to parties and don't even think about drinking booze. There isn't even a temptation. Or to put it another way the temptation I have to drink is the same level of temptation I have to go to the bathroom and lick urinal cakes. Yet I still have a good time. It is so fucking wild.

You have so much to gain if you quit. Unfortunately with either, it doesn't feel that way and you can't imagine it. But trust a little. And you will be bigly rewarded.

Why the fuck would I lie? These aren't affiliate links below. I seriously want everyone to know what I know. Booze and smokes are just shitty traps, like an abusive spouse, they make you think you can't live without them. But that's bullshit. You can have your freedom and leave their sorry asses in the dust. Your freedom is your God damned natural born right. You can have it. Again, just trust a little. And keep an open mind.

Alan Carr should be a made a Saint. He's saved millions of lives. He's made my life better, my wife's and my boys. And I am sort of the fun uncle who found a little success, so my nieces and nephews are hoping seeing the point: Successful dudes don't drink. And maybe you are struggling. maybe you don't like that you're not giving the best example. But that's only because you been brainwashed into believe the big lies. You just need to be un-brainwashed. Once you are they have absolutely no power over you and when you see someone drinking or smoking, all you wish is that they knew what you knew. You really won't mind being around being with those who drink or smoke. You just know they want to stop but they haven't seen reality yet. And you won't lecture, as lectures didn't work with you, right? You already wanted to stop, you just didn't think you could.

Here's links:
Easy Way to Quit Smoking:

Easy Way to Control Alcohol (which will convince you you actually don't want to drink)

MAGA starts with you!

u/Joneszey · 5 pointsr/stopsmoking

My experience, smokers are big time deniers and carry a lot of shame about smoking. Perhaps this was not you, but it was me. I think you can help by remembering how hard it is stop smoking and accepting that this is his battle not yours. Blame, guilt,pushing & prodding tends to in-grain behavior not improve it. You can get him a book, Allen Carr's Easy Way to Quit Smoking. From there it's up to him. As far as trust, if all your trust is buried in an addict's use you will be disappointed & unhappy. Maybe your relationship would be better served looking at all the other things.

Edit: This is why I think quitting together & for each other is generally a bad idea. It adds elements to a relationship that don't belong there.

Edit 2: Link to book

u/kbryan1111 · 5 pointsr/books

The Easy Way to Stop Smoking
Tried to quit so many times before reading this. Truly easy.

u/WhoTookPlasticJesus · 5 pointsr/funny

FWIW, everyone is different. I quit 4 years ago and it seems bizarre to me that I smoked 30 cigarettes a day for 20 years. And I fucking loved smoking. But now it seems like that was something someone else did, not me. I have zero interest in it and no cravings.

As stupid as the title might be this book really did work. I scoffed at it for years while failing to quit multiple times. All it does is lay out like 10-15 different reasons why smoking sucks and then just restates them in different ways. Eventually a couple of them will resonate with you and give your brain something to latch onto. Don't get me wrong, it's still going to hurt, but it's only going to hurt for like 2 weeks during the physical withdrawal. After that, at least for me, the closest I ever got to another cigarette is that sometimes I wanted to want to smoke. I didn't actually want to smoke, I just had some nostalgia for that time.

u/hidad2 · 5 pointsr/FLMedicalTrees

Simply reading this had me quit and never look back after decades of smoking cigarettes. I used to even roll with tobacco European style, so nothing ever worked. Now tobacco free. I’m not a new age guy or anything... never used a self-help book for anything else. I’m a firm believer in this book. You don’t have to do anything, just get it and start reading.

“Allen Carr's Easy Way To Stop Smoking”

u/janhen10 · 5 pointsr/AskReddit
u/turbodonk3y · 5 pointsr/AdviceAnimals

This might help him out if he struggles any. I've heard tons of people talk about how this gave them a different outlook on quitting. Congrats to you both!

AND down-voted for trying to help.

u/newsdude477 · 5 pointsr/dataisbeautiful

To anyone considering quitting please take the time to read the Allen Carr book. As a pack a day smoker it really made me realize what I was doing and quitting was honestly simple.

u/jerbenco · 5 pointsr/cycling

The most important thing is to keep trying to quit. Everyone will have a different tactic that finally works. I read this book in one day, and I haven't had a cigarette since. (4.5 years now, from 1.5 packs of American Spirit Blues every day for 14 years) I have given it as gifts to other friends and it has helped. Maybe that will help. Biggest takeaway is that you lose nothing by quitting, and only have gains in EVERY ASPECT of your life. You aren't quitting anything, that implies you are giving something up, you are stopping, and becoming a non smoker again. Never give up, never surrender. Keep on ridin' - best of luck.

u/i__cant__even__ · 5 pointsr/GetOutOfBed

Good luck! If it helps at all, I quit smoking by reading this book and by taking Wellbutrin. The book helped me want to quit and the med helped me to ‘stay quit.’

u/SuperTallCraig · 5 pointsr/stopsmoking

Allen Carr's Easy Way To Stop Smoking


Paperback or Kindle on Amazon:

I used the exact same method as OP, over 4 years without a puff (or nicotine) now... Upvotes for everyone!! Enjoy your freedom, OP!

u/Loisdenominator · 4 pointsr/stopsmoking

If you google it there are free pdf's online.

It definitely makes you reframe smoking and a lot of us swear by it.

u/Fuzzdump · 4 pointsr/gainit

Hey man, many of us have felt the way you did. Wearing layers in summer, avoiding people... all of it. You're not alone. We can help.

These things will make you feel better by improving your appetite, mood, and energy:

  • Get more sleep. Stop using screens after 9pm, they disrupt your sleep patterns.

  • Quit smoking. Apparently this book is extremely effective. Check out /r/stopsmoking/ for more help.

  • Drink water. This one's easy. Buy a 32 oz Nalgene, fill it up in the morning, keep it at your desk, and sip from it all day until it's finished. Additionally, drink water with all of your meals. I didn't realize I was dehydrated until I started doing this.

    These things will make you bigger:

  • Eat more food. Easier said than done, right? So let's start with one small step.

  • Drink a homemade shake every night before bed. Here is my recipe:

    >2 cups whole milk

    >1 scoop whey protein

    >2/3 cup oat flour

    >3 tbsp natural creamy peanut butter

    >5 ice cubes

    Blend until smooth and drink. It tastes decent--better than mass gainer, I'd wager--but feel free to add fruit or whatever you like. This is 1000 calories. That's probably too much for you to start with, so cut it in half. If the milk doesn't sit well with you, switch to Protein Nutmilk. This stuff is awesome. It has almost as many calories as dairy, but with much less sugar and 10g of protein.

    An extra 500 calories a day will cause weight gain, and because you're consuming it before bed, you're not affecting the rest of your meals.

    Start with that, do it consistently for a month, and then review. Did you gain weight? Great, keep it up. No? Come back and we'll re-evaluate.

    You will want to start lifting soon, but let's get these things on track first.
u/elos_ · 4 pointsr/AskMen

This bad boy right here is what got my 30 year pack a day smoker dad to quit. Might as well recommend it.

I'm not a smoker but but I gave it a read as well and reading this still changed my life. It's a very powerful read and is very, very well reviewed by both critics and readers. The patch might curb the physical issue, but this really handles the mental ones.

u/c3vin · 4 pointsr/yoga

not a pose, but worked for me

stop smoking

stop drinking

u/Tullay · 4 pointsr/AdviceAnimals

I mentioned this in another comment, but I would recommend you to read this book. It's actually very helpful, which I would not have believed before reading it.

u/fuckhead69 · 4 pointsr/yourmomshousepodcast

not sure what book she mentioned, but this is what I used

also, come drop by /r/stopsmoking

u/Firecrealgood · 4 pointsr/leaves
u/echoshield · 4 pointsr/AdviceAnimals

Allen Carr's Easy Way to Stop Smoking: The Easyway To Stop Smoking I quit the day I finished reading and haven't even wanted one since. Other than the day I hung out with old friends I hadn't seen in years and we spent the night drinking, I had about 5 that night, I have been smoke free.

u/tai376 · 4 pointsr/stopsmoking

Started smoking shisha tobacco at 16. Pipe tobacco at 18. Progressed to half a pack a day by 23. My apartment I'd been living in for the past 3 years looked like a poor fuck's private hell. Beer bottles everywhere. Ashtray overflowing. Chainsmoking at 1am in front of the computer.

After a while I wondered what would happen if I just straight up had a heart attack. Like what if I was chilling in my room and in the middle of a cigarette I just up and died in my chair, falling backwards into the river of spent booze. No one would find me for weeks. I'd just rot there while people wondered why I wasn't answering my phone or showing up at work.

It has nothing to do with your story but I just wanted to relate the feeling of absolute desperation, the need to get rid of something that is doing absolutely nothing positive for you. You can do it, you don't need it at all, because it doesn't help anything. Check out Allen Carr's book. That shit is for real. Good luck.

u/Vilavek · 4 pointsr/techsupportgore

I succeeded 3 years ago with a combination of Allen Carr's book and the r/stopsmoking sub for support. I failed numerous times to quit before then because I didn't recognize how much of a psychological battle it really was.

u/NolanaTwice · 3 pointsr/stopsmoking

It sounds crazy I know, but read this book. I first heard about it on Reddit and bought it last year. It sat around my house for a few reasons, partially because I didn't think a book could help me quit.

But I read it and I'm smoke free, happily smoke free. I've quit more times than I can count, felt horrible and always went back to smoking. This is the first time that I don't feel horrible and I'm 100% sure I'm done with nicotine forever.

Good luck!

u/Bigtraine · 3 pointsr/keto

I am not sure how it would translate to dipping, but when I quit smoking I found two resources to be very valuable.


Allen Carr's Easy Way To Stop Smoking:

u/theroot · 3 pointsr/Atlanta
u/lacunavitae · 3 pointsr/BlackPeopleTwitter

Hey man, if you find it hard, your doing it wrong. Read this....

Allen Carr's Easy Way To Stop Smoking

I read it (a few times) and haven't smoked in about 8 years and I still feel so happy to be free. Allen Carr was a good man.

u/shocking_suzi · 3 pointsr/Christianity

Good luck and I will say a special prayer for you! I was able to quit after 6 years with Allen Carr's "Easy Way To Stop Smoking" (

If you are still having trouble, I've had several friends who have used Chantix and swear it is the best way to go. There is a great support community at and I use the QuitIt app to track my progress. Even after 1.5 years, I love to look at how long it's been and what's good decision I made that day. Good luck and God bless you!

u/hazelrain · 3 pointsr/stopsmoking

So far so good? Did you make it through until now? Updates??

My words of wisdom:

Edited to add: Get this book. Right this minute, like, order it online with overnight shipping or go buy it locally but DO IT. Don't say yeah yeah and then not.... seriously. Even if it's your last few dollars, it's worth it. I tried for 5 years and this is what helped me finally get through the quitting process.

It's really hard at first and it feels like you won't get through it, but you can & will. 3 years non smoking for me, I still have nightmares that I smoked and ruined EVERYTHING. But other than that, I don't ever want to look at a cig again.

1st day is actually easier than the next. Get through 2, then 3. Then you'll be a pro at breathing and finding something, anything else to focus on and not caving in. One-at-a-time.

After a week, well... you can't blow all that progress now. That will become 2, and then it'll be a month.

A MONTH. Compared to the agony of 4 hours? YES. YES.

Then it'll be 3 months and all of a sudden, it's pretty easy to get through cravings, but you'll still have them... just MUCH weaker. (Social things are hard. Don't drink booze.)

Then 6 months. Then a year, then... well at that point, you're good.

Just make sure that you congratulate yourself for not smoking if any REALLY hard life things happen, so that you don't pick it back up as a comfort thing.

Keep going. Get through today, then tomorrow.

Okay one last edit, here's a chart of what happens to your body after quitting, minutes/hours/days etc.:

u/Sur5in · 3 pointsr/stopsmoking

Alan Carr's book, as often suggested here, is a super quick read. You could get that in before Sunday! Best of luck.

u/godisafantasy · 3 pointsr/stopsmoking

Best advice: stopping is simple, don't make it more complicated than it is. Cravings are only as tough as the emotion you put into them.
Good luck.
(and read the good book)

u/ocean_spray · 3 pointsr/gainit

I can't say much, but to add into what Wiles said, I quit smoking in February after 10 years of smoking. First off, I gained probably about 10 pounds right off the bat, not really eating extra or anything. For the first few months I went to the gym as I normally did (once or twice a week, usually doing cardio), but eventually I decided to get serious, probably around July I would say.

Once I started, I consciously made an effort to eat a shitload and I went to the gym every day during my lunch break and had lunch at my desk. I gained to 170 pretty easily with a conscious level of work. I plateaued a little bit, so I upped the calorie intake significantly (I average about 3500 or so now) and am slowly making gains through the 170s, but it's taking longer than I thought (I'm not doing GOMAD or anything, just eating a shitload).

Anyway, 8 months smokefree and I drink water by the gallon and I've never felt better in my life. I am almost never tired anymore and the only caffeine I have is a small cup of coffee at the beginning of the day, and that's more out of habit than it is because I'm tired. If you are looking to quit, try Allen Carr's Easy Way to Quit Smoking.

TL/DR: Quit smoking, drink water, eat more, you'll feel fucking great.

u/evilnight · 3 pointsr/explainlikeimfive

It's "The Easy Way" by Allen Carr. He has written several books for several different kinds of addiction.

These books are the equivalent of a warehouse full of military-grade psychological weapons you can use to hack your way out of addictions. That's not how they read, but it is the effect they have on the reader. They alter one's mindset and how one looks at the situation, turning the usual negative self talk and myths used for defense of addiction into positive thinking and hard facts used to destroy urges and overcome them. They make it very hard for you to continue lying to yourself.

They are extremely effective.

u/zomglings · 3 pointsr/stopsmoking

Hang in there! Drink water, drink juice, get a lot of exercise. It gets easier and easier, I'll have been smoke-free for three years this September, and I can barely even remember what it felt like to be a smoker anymore!

Edit: I found Allen Carr's book very helpful.

u/IShouldNotComment · 3 pointsr/stopsmoking

I quit a few weeks ago and did so painlessly and without willpower after reading Allen Carr's book. It worked for me and a lot of people on this subreddit. I would recommend it to anyone:

u/darchangel · 3 pointsr/stopsmoking

Different gimmicks work for different people but many of these (oral fixation, something to do with my hands) are just distractions from the real problem: physical and psychological addiction to nicotine. If you can face this honestly without excuses, the rest of the idiosyncrasies will all but fade away on their own.

I used the Allen Carr book this time and it helped me a lot.

Edit I was too harsh with my judgmental "without excuses." That was presumptuous of me -- I don't know your mind. With me and a few friends, I can look back and see that these were excuses for us. Admitting guilt to these was easier than admitting that we were really helpless in the face of chemical addiction. For the record, I still have a huge oral fixation and I fidget with stuff constantly, but those weren't my real barriers to quitting smoking.

u/OrangeJuliusPage · 3 pointsr/fatpeoplestories

Yeah, you bring up some very salient observations. I guess even if this cat manages to drop like 80 lbs and then put 30-40 back on, he'll still be in a better position than he is now, despite still being obese. But, the odds of him dropping and keeping off the realistically 150-180 or so he needs to are stacked against him, especially in lieu of his lack of will power or caring.

In regards to your friend, have her husband pick up an e-cig or something. Also, I'm not a smoker, but many of those who have quit have told me that this book was outstanding and the only thing that ever worked.

u/thehazben · 3 pointsr/AdviceAnimals

I quit smoking about a year and a half ago and simply read this book ----Allen Carr's Easyway to Stop Smoking----It was a huge help and honestly I was a non smoker as soon as I put it down. You can give it a shot and im sure it will help you out. ----------amazon link



u/superphotonerd · 3 pointsr/stopsmoking

Allen Carr's easyway to quit smoking. I preach about this book alot, but if I could buy every smoker a copy of this book I would. It saved my ass, and got me off those filthy things here's a link Give it a try, over 700 5* reviews can't be wrong! Read it now!

u/paigetherage · 3 pointsr/stopsmoking

You're on the hardest day, and congrats on making it this far! One of my biggest motivators to quit smoking was my girlfriend, and she has been so supportive of me -- it sounds like this girl you're seeing could be a wonderful ally for you as you quit. But remember that ultimately, you're doing the biggest favor for yourself! You should be proud of yourself for making it this far and own your victory!

I'm not sure if you're familiar with Allen Carr's book, but it was so important to me while I quit and I know lots of people feel the same way. He helps dispel the myth that we actually enjoy smoking. I was really suspicious of this claim at first, but about halfway through the book, my perspective completely shifted and quitting became much easier. Best of luck to you, friend -- stay strong.

u/IBetThisIsTakenToo · 3 pointsr/stopsmoking


Cold Turkey (because treating a nicotine addiction with nicotine is crazy to me) + Allen Carr's book (can't recommend it enough. Just read it) + being on vacation (made it a lot easier to avoid the normal triggers, and I was pretty far from civilization, so an hour drive each way just to get a fix was a really good deterrent to help get over that early hump)


Several times, with 2 "serious" ones that lasted more than a few weeks. First serious one failed because I was getting fucking killed at work, my boss was really up my ass, and I didn't think I could deal with the stress without smoking. Which only added new stress back into my life, but addicts aren't always logical.

Second one was going strong, had about 4 months under my belt, and and I felt invincible. 4 months, no fucking problem, I beat this. It wasn't even that hard! So why not reward myself with a smoke, only once a month, only when I'm out and drunk with my friends. That quickly became once a week. Then a few per weekend... Then after a tough day at work. You can see where that's going, I'm sure.

> 3) LASTLY.....WHAT'S the BEST ADVICE you could give someone who wants to quit smoking?

This might be the kind of cliche you didn't want to hear, but NEVER TAKE ANOTHER PUFF. No "Just one on the weekends" or "only when I'm really stressed/drinking/whatever" bullshit, once you start playing that game with yourself, you've already lost. Never let your guard down. You're a non-smoker now, start thinking like one.

That, and read Allen Carr's Easyway to Stop Smoking. Seriously. It's cheap, it's short, what do you have to lose? Try it.

u/c-fox · 3 pointsr/stopsmoking

I would read Allan Carr's Easyway Book which I found to be a great help.
You must accept that you are a drug addict, and nicotine is that drug. Cravings are just withdrawal symptoms from lack of the drug, and these cravings lessen quickly over time.
Good luck.

u/Nurse_Keto · 3 pointsr/keto

Allen Carr's Easy Way To Stop Smoking

I bought this for my dad and I plan I reading it in the near future. He's been a smoker for 30+ years. He's been smoke free for two weeks, I know that's not very long, but it's progress.

u/lewaaaaaa · 3 pointsr/leaves

Here are some things I think may help:

u/MechaSloth431 · 3 pointsr/stopsmoking

I have to mention this since it did help me and a handful of people I've passed my book along to, a large portion of this subreddit have also read this book and had success. Look at the amazon reviews too! THis book helps people, even if just to give you a good perspective on quitting. I kept smoking while reading the book and by the end I didn't even want to finish my pack. Gave it to a friend and haven't smoked since.

u/basementwest · 3 pointsr/pics

Couple ways you can help her out...

1:buy her the book Easy Way to Stop Smoking by Allan Carr, I quit for a year and a half after reading this and know about a dozen other people who have quit after reading this book. I recently fell off the wagon for about a month (relapses, they happen) but am now back on it thanks to option 2...

2:As mentioned in other comments get her an e-cig and see if she can switch to them, it's far less horrible and makes quiting cigarettes easier (it's still a rough ride off the tobacco) and it doesn't make you smell at all.

When you approach her about this, be cool about it, it's an addiction and one that is hard to kick, do whatever you can to support her in getting over it. Making her feel guilty will only make her want to go smoke and she probably won't care if you know about it or not if you come at her with a bad attitude about it.

Good luck and I hope she can kick it!

u/DothrakAndRoll · 3 pointsr/todayilearned

Hey there buddy.

I'm an alcoholic and smoked for 15 years until 8 months ago. I know exactly how you feel and totaly hear what you said in that comment and wanted to share how I quit, cause I tried a million times and couldn't do it until I tried this as a last whim before trying Chantix, which I really didn't want to do.

It sounds crazy, but it was a book with the cheesiest title ever. The Easy Way to Quit Smoking by Allen Carr.

It's hard to explain, but this worked for me, a pack and a half a day smoker of 15 days. Put this book down and put down my last cigarette with it (you're supposed to keep smoking while you read it) and never picked one up again. The craziest part was it actually wasn't that hard. It's called the easy way and it actually made it pretty easy. After that, I loaned it to a friend of mine who was a pack a day smoker for longer than me. He read it in two days and quit also. He is still clean, too. The best way I can describe it is that it made me realize I will not only still enjoy, but enjoy everything I did while smoking even more. Even if it's just standing outside breathing air instead of smoking.

I probably sound like I'm trying to sell books here but I'm really just trying to help another alcoholic smoker quit one deadly vice. Hell, I wlil buy you this book if you want to promise me you'll read it. Just PM me.

Good luck!

u/Seb4 · 3 pointsr/funny

I don't think that this comment will be read by OP, but I have something interesting for him, so here I go. This book made me stop smoking. I bought it on January 30, and got it on February 12. On February 29 I was 100% smoke free. I can drink alcohol, and I don't have any cravings. I can be with friends that smoke, and I don't have any cravings. This book changed my life.

u/rockymcg · 3 pointsr/funny

If the blowjobs don't work out, try reading Allen Carr's The Easy Way to Stop Smoking.

I never thought reading a book would get me to quit smoking, but I read it in one day two years ago and haven't smoked since! Good luck on your journey, friend.

u/oceanmutt · 3 pointsr/stopsmoking

No replies in 7 hours. You know why? I think it's because this is an extremely tough question. Meaning one for which nobody is going to be able to give you a good answer - because there isn't one. Your Dad is an adult, and any attempt to manage him like some sort of child is going to be risky. But that said, I'll try to give you a few ideas.

On Smoking - You could, 1) Give him a printed or audio copy of Allen Carr's "Easy Way to Stop Smoking". A lot of people here swear by this book. 2) Tell him that the 46K quitters on this subreddit tell him he's fooling himself if he thinks he can just "cut back". It doesn't work that way. 95% of quitters who have even a single cigarette afterward will end up fully relapsing. 3) If he's at all computer literate, you could suggest he get signed up on this subreddit. And 4) Tell him you're sorry for hounding him, and that if he really doesn't want to give up smoking, you'll understand.

On Strokes - My Dad had a transient ischemic attack a couple of years ago as well. I'd suggest that you ask your Dad if he's had an ultrasound done on his carotid artery (on his neck). Most stokes originate from this area, and there are new surgical techniques available now for treating plaque buildups here. If this were my Dad, I'd consider him having this "duplex ultrasound scan" done a lot more important than quitting smoking.

Good luck, and try not to worry too much. TIA's (ministrokes) are not that uncommon, and most people live long lives after experiencing one.

u/Vataburger · 3 pointsr/leaves

hey this is long, so feel free to take your time reading this, just don't ignore it cause i'm about to suggest something to you that might help your addiction.

first off, i hope you're doing well friend. i may not know you, but i do care. if you're feeling suicidal, i urge you to talk to someone. this is from the reddit suicidewatch faq.

secondly, good on you for throwing away the cigs. if you're having trouble quitting smoking nicotine, i suggest reading the book "Stop Smoking Now" by Allen Carr. if you don't mind reading a pdf version, you can use this, otherwise you can get a copy on amazon for cheap here. the great thing about the book is that it's short, only 100 or so pages.

if you have doubts about quitting through reading a book, trust me, i had the same doubts. you don't even have to quit right away, the book tells you you can smoke as you're reading it. it was incredibly hard for me to go cold turkey, until i came across this book. i tried lots of different things (substitutes like gum, vapes, even more weed) to help me quit, all to no avail. then i picked up allen carr's book, and by the last page i was done smoking. i had no need for another one.

the other great thing about the book is that i believed it helped put me in the right mindset to quit smoking weed. it might not work the same for you, but i highly suggest reading this if you're having trouble with nicotine addiction. if this book doesn't help, then read his other book which is also very helpful, link is here. it's a bit longer, but it goes even more into depth and solidifies the points in his first book.

NOTE: make sure to pay attention to all the points that he makes in his first book, otherwise you might find yourself smoking again, meaning you'll have to pick up the second book. that's what happened to me, but the second book still helped me quit. i thought that i could smoke a cigarette during a night out drinking cause it had been months past since my last one...

everything one step at a time

u/aardvarksauce · 3 pointsr/stopsmoking

I am an official English to English translator. I think what they are trying to refer you to is this book:

u/johnec4 · 3 pointsr/MaddenUltimateTeam

If you have interest in all at quitting smoking (and you likely do, since I doubt that you would encourage your kids (if applicable) to smoke).

Anyway, you should try this book. I did it and kicked my addiction a number of years ago! It's great. Best get to SMOKE while you QUIT! :-D

u/lisowczyk · 3 pointsr/DecidingToBeBetter

Read a book! It might sound crazy, but after that i completly lost my cravings for cigs. The Book title is: The easy way to stop smoking.

This one!


u/rarepossibility · 3 pointsr/Buddhism

The easy way to stop smoking - Allen Carr

I recommended this book to 2 people who recommended this to several more people and they all have completely quit smoking.

u/JeahNotSlice · 3 pointsr/nba

Serious or Hilarious? Not at all sure, but just in case, this worked for me: 7 years smoke free (after 16 years/ pack-a-day).

u/mwilkens · 3 pointsr/stopsmoking

I recently quit using Chantix as well. The thing about Chantix is that it's not a miracle drug, it does an amazing job at helping with the physical withdrawal symptoms, but you will have to deal with the mental withdrawals on your own. Just make sure you are really ready to quit smoking before you start taking it.

I recommend reading, The Easy Way to Quit Smoking by Allen Carr, it will really help getting your mind in the right place to quit.

Good luck to you! And don't be alarmed about the side effects too much, I have never experienced anything more than mild nausea.

u/KelPte · 3 pointsr/stopsmoking

I know it sounds stupid, but maybe buy him this book. I don't want to advertise it, but many people here report it helped them immensely.

I have read it and although I don't "blame" it for my quit, it helped somehow. It puts you in the right mindset for quitting, and if he really wants to quit, I guess that's a good start.

u/BirdTurgler · 3 pointsr/personalfinance

For the smoking, I'd recommend Alan Carr's The Easy Way to Quit Smoking book. After seeing it recommended dozens of times I finally read it and quit two years ago. No nicotine at all since then.

u/HisDarkSide123 · 3 pointsr/ankylosingspondylitis

Yes you can. Just spend 30 minutes every day for a month:

u/MisallocatedRacism · 3 pointsr/Texans

Read this:

Worked like a charm for me. Sounds silly but it flipped my switch after 10 years and a few failed attempts.

u/orangepeeling · 3 pointsr/AskMen

I would also recommend "The easy way to quit smoking" book, which my long term smoking friend used to stop and found it very helpful.

u/MotorBoats · 2 pointsr/AskReddit

Allen Carr's Easyway to Stop Smoking

Worth every penny.

u/unwashed_masses · 2 pointsr/stopsmoking

Question... Have you read Alan Carr's Easy way to stop smoking? He breaks the myth of you "liking it". This makes quitting easier. If you haven't, then check out some of the reviews at

u/ithinkimay · 2 pointsr/relationships

When you're ready to quit: This book will help you!

Seriously. I started when I was 12, quit when I was 28. Tried everything, then tried this book.

u/MrsFunner · 2 pointsr/BabyBumps
  1. Your co-workers are assholes. Seriously.

  2. Good job sticking up for yourself! I'm glad they apologized. If either of them says one more inappropriate thing about your pregnancy, report them for sexual harassment.

  3. I'm glad the owner's wife was there, even though it sounds like you're not. Hopefully she spoke to the owner and he tells them to STFU. In fact, since they apologized, I'm wondering if someone didn't already tell them.

  4. I smoked for fifteen years and tried seven or so times before I was finally able to quit. I know this sounds like bullshit, but what helped me was a book called The Easy Way to Quit Smoking by Alan Carr. It's not too long and it's a really easy read. Seriously, changed my life. For the price of two packs (or less?), what have you got to lose? YOU CAN DO IT!!! Good luck :-)
u/RankWeis · 2 pointsr/cigars

I used to smoke cigarettes, I love a cigar still, but I did not use medication for it.

Everyone says the withdrawals are bad with a cigarette. They do suck - but that's not the hard part about quitting. And it's the only part medication will help with.

Check out /r/stopsmoking and Allen Carr's book ,

PDF here

Good luck!

u/Fat_Maestro · 2 pointsr/leaves

Not cannabis, but Allen Carr's book on working smoking (nicotine) was helpful for me. Helps you realize that with addiction, you think your giving something up when really you're only gaining. There is no benefit to smoking nicotine. You have just trained yourself to believe there is

Allen Carr's Easy Way To Stop Smoking

u/paloooz · 2 pointsr/trees

yeah tobacco is definitely addictive. i dont smoke that anymore, i quit after i read this book

im not the kind of guy who reads self help books for but some reason that one worked on me

u/filmdude · 2 pointsr/NoFap

My emotional pain runs so deeply that it was unmanageable for most of my life. My shame was no longer just an emotion. It was how I defined myself. I was a shame-based person and I didn't think I was worthy of love.

It starts with stopping the addictive behavior. This is the first step. Just admit that when you are using, your life is complete shit. That's what the 12 Steps means when they say that they admitted that they were powerless. They are saying that the drug has removed all their power to make good decisions from their lives.

You might say that this is easier said than done. I would agree with you. But even 6 days is a HUGE achievement.

I'll give you my short sell about what worked for me early on and what I would recommend. First thing that really helped me was therapy. Pick someone who is certified to help with sex addiction and who does couples counseling (as they will understand personal relationships better)... If you need help picking a therapist I can totally message you more advice. They key to therapy is that it will give you someone who you can confess all of your mistakes to. There are things that most addicts have done that they have told no one else. It is important to understand that you are capable and worthy of love. A therapist will demonstrate that someone who knows all of your mistakes and fuck-ups can still love you. This helped me immensely.

The second thing I would recommend is reading and educating yourself. One of the first steps in recovery is education. Question everything you thing you know about addiction. Read from a bunch of different methods. Don't be afraid to pick and chose which things work for you. Try different ideas out and see if you like them. Remember that all great methods of recovery will usually insist that their way is THE ONLY way... Patrick Carnes implies this, 12 Steps flat out preaches this, Joe Zychik says this, group will say this... don't listen to any of them when they says this. They just think that because it worked for them, it is the only way. I have found to not be true.

Here is some material to start with. Remember to take it all with a grain of salt. The important thing is that these resources will help you start to question your inner-addict.

(it's my own words, so I hope that doesn't come across as narcissistic. I just think thinking about these things is extremely important in early recovery)

This book is great for dealing with shame. It has helped me greatly with my own struggle to deal with my past and make peace with my mistakes and accepting myself as a person.

This book is not written for sex addiction, but it shows how recovery can be an extremely positive experience. I would definitely recommend reading it and substituting "porn and masturbation" for "nicotine."

There is a free PDF download on the website. I really like this book because it gives concrete strategies for overcoming porn and masturbation addiction. Read it all with a grain of salt. And approach everything in your initial recovery with skepticism.

I'm not a huge fan of Patrick Carnes because he seems to miss a basic idea about recovery that I think is important. But this book really is great for exploring your addiction. I would recommend it in small doses. It is highly interactive and it is sometimes very challenging to work with. This book is best used with the help of a therapist.

Get rid of your unhealthy habits! You deserve to be happy! Here is a lifehack for not bringing your phone to bed at night. This trick was essential to my recovery.

u/curtains · 2 pointsr/science

Check this book out if you like. It seems to work.

edit: ocm09876 also recommended this book, just noticed.

u/RunningInKumamoto · 2 pointsr/Fitness

Hey wo/man, I struggled with quitting smoking for way too long, so if you wouldn't mind me making a recommendation...pick up a copy of The Easy Way by Allen Carr. I found out about this book from the r/stopsmoking sub, btw. Great people over there.

u/forever_pdx · 2 pointsr/AdviceAnimals

Its been said in other comments, but all I did was read /r/stopsmoking and saw a recommendation to read that was it, that book literally turned me back into a non-smoker.

u/_Sir_Acha_ · 2 pointsr/videos

This book really helped me: Allan Carr's Easy Way To Stop Smoking

It's annoyingly branded & he talks way too much about his Easy Way program, but the meat of the book is very insightful and helped me change the way I think about cigarettes. That's the key I think. Best of luck!

u/Zippityzeebop · 2 pointsr/GoForGold

I can't do it with a Reddit post. But the book I linked below will do it. The entire book just talks about how smoking has no positives and all negatives and really makes you realize how foolish it is to smoke. It worked for me, and I have loaned it to 3 other people and it has worked for them. Its totally worth the like 12 bucks it costs

u/memento22mori · 2 pointsr/todayilearned

Thanks for posting this link, I'm not a smoker, but my significant other is. I've already began reading it, and I don't want this to sound harsh, because I'm confident that this is a good book. I've noticed there are quite a lot of typos in the intro, half the time he says "he" instead of "be" and in a few places there is a number "1" instead of an "I."

You might not know, but are these errors in the hard copy of the book as well? Actually I just noticed that there are entire lines of text missing in a few places, I can't imagine this going through a publisher.

Wow, I just looked it up on Amazon and it has 875 ratings which average 5 stars. I used to work for Amazon and that's the best rated book I've ever seen. I appreciate the recommendation, and this may seem like a silly post, but I've already typed this out aha.

u/potholderz525 · 2 pointsr/Drugs

Look up the book Easy Way by Allen Carr, truly saved my life. Makes not smoking enjoyable. Like after you read it you will understand there really is no severe withdrawals and it's all brainwashing that makes you think it's hard to quit. I can get blackout drunk and never even desire a cigarette. Read some reviews if you need convincing.

u/SoBoredAtWork · 2 pointsr/pics

>"I've been good, one drag won't hurt." And it doesn't hurt, but the second and third "One drag won't hurt" turns in to a full cig and slowly drags you back in.

YES. I've quit maybe 6-8 times before and it never worked because of this.

This past time, I read this book and at some point during the book, I said that I'll never have a cig again and was happy with the decision. It was a "FUCK YEAH!" moment, rather than a scared, uncertain one.

It's been 1.5 years since my last one - after smoking about a pack a day for 12 years.

Good luck, all! You got this.

u/stanhoboken · 2 pointsr/AskReddit

Don't do e-cigs man. They don't work. it only continues your nicotine addiction that you need to break.

Read this book and be free.

You can smoke while you read it but when you get to the last page I guarantee you will quit and it will be so easy.

I was a pack a day for a longtime. I read this book, quit smoking, and lost 50 lbs.

Good luck my friend.

u/whammy_time · 2 pointsr/stopsmoking

A lot of people recommend Allen Carr's The Easy Way which really really really helped change my thinking about smoking (granted it still took me at least 2+ years to click and quit successfully so far), and I've also quite enjoyed the work of Joel Spitzer who has a website and a youtube channel.

u/troll_herder · 2 pointsr/loseit

First off, congrats on your progress, I know for sure 68lbs is a big piece of work ;) Actually, I can relate to that story so much, it's unreal. I started changing habits in the beginning of 2015 (cutting candy and soda, walking more), and seriously got into loosing it and starting to exercise in July/August, at that point weighing in at 135kg, my highest being around 145, so we've lost quite the same amount, in a similar time frame, even my goal weight is the same - 85-90kg :)

I've also been on a really stubborn plateau twice in a row now, it's so discouraging. For me it's not family, but colleagues and friends around me that I have to watch eating that "delicious" junk (while teasing me with it), and the stress is at work ;)

Just don't give up and do what you know is right, allow youself some(!) slack during the holidays. But don't stop to log, even if only roughly.

I smoked basically a pack a day for 15 years, and quit over night in October. As for you, the cigarettes were an appetite and hunger killer, so it was easy to maintain 1500 cals and less (6'2" male, just turned 34), once I quit it got a little harder after a few days (as tastebuds regenerate and things taste so much more intense, you wouldn't believe).

I HIGHLY recommend Allen Carr's book "The Easyway to Stop Smoking". You don't need any replacement such as carrots, and you don't have to deal have withdrawal symptoms and a hard time with it, stopping smoking is nothing but a liberation and in the end is actually suprisingly easy. I wouldn't have believed a book would make a difference, but this book is probably one of the most helpful and important I've read in my life. Read it, you have nothing to loose.

As you said, some days it's harder than others... But don't pressure yourself, what's the hurry? We can do this, let's have at it! Good luck and have a nice few days off, and let's look forward to a thoroughly successful and superlative 2016 :) Cheers

u/KKilljoy · 2 pointsr/tifu

I'm just gonna leave this here

I would mail it to you if I could. This doesn't make it easy, but it changes your whole mindset about quitting when you are already ready to quit. And the harder it got for me to quit, the more it strengthened my resolve. I started smoking at 14 and quit at 34 and I was where you are now. I had other medical problems that left me bored and in pain and smoking up to 3-4 packs a day at times, 2 packs pretty normally.

You can do this when you are ready. Unfortunately this whole book could be said in a fucking pamphlet but no one pays for a pamphlet. It's the best $10 you'll spend. It's worth infinitely more. Take all the rage you have right now and remember it. Take all the addiction you have right now and remember it. Read this book. And one day when you are ready, use all these things to succeed. You can and will do this, I wholeheartedly believe you will get there.

u/SIM0NEY · 2 pointsr/stopsmoking

I don't know how much reading you do, or if you listen to books or anything, but I recommend Alan Carr's book, The Easy Way to Stop Smoking!

I finished it about 2 weeks ago, and honestly, I feel a little dumb for not realizing that I should be mentally approaching it this way by myself. It seems so obvious now. One thing I realized with the book, is how much it could benefit my friends that quit through sheer willpower and are still miserable months after their quit.

I think the book is most beneficial for two different people:

  • You're biggest issue is the psychological addiction to smoking. You have an addictive personality in general and even escaping the physical dependency isn't going to relieve your struggle. You may have even quit long enough to escape the physical dependency in the past and now smoke again anyway. This is me.

  • People who have quit successfully, usually cold turkey, or at least surviving the quit at this point on will power alone, but more specifically, the subset of those people who are miserable, still struggling, and consider it an uphill fight every day to consciously not smoke.

    Those two types can be impacted the most by Carr's book if they're willing to accept the ideas the book is preaching.

    I have a friend whose about 14 months removed from his last smoke. Even as recently as 3 weeks ago, when we're all hanging out and partying, and people go out back to smoke, he would hang out there, and even ask me to blow my drag in his face.

    I recommended Alan Carr's book to him a couple weeks ago, he finished in like 3 days (it's pretty short), and since then has told me a couple of times that he's never felt stronger in his quit than he does now. Says he feels like an idiot for unnecessarily torturing himself over the last year by "putting smoking on a pedestal" as he put it.
u/AcidChuggingMushroom · 2 pointsr/kratom

This may sound absurd, but there is a book named The Easy Way To Quit Smoking by Allen Carr that has been a life changing read for me, I couldn't recommend it more highly! I thought it was a joke at first, an easy way to quit smoking, hah! I had been trying to quit every other week for the better part of a year and I just kept failing at it. Then I read the book and I quit and it was insanely easy, not only easy but even enjoyable! And I was a pack a day smoker. Make sure to check out these Amazon reviews as well, thus is the real deal!!!

u/ThreeHolePunch · 2 pointsr/Foodforthought

After 18 years of smoking Allen Carrs' The Easy Way to Quit Smoking was the 1 thing that actually worked for me. I tried nicotine gum, e-cigs and lozenges but every time I would be back to smoking in 3 weeks to 3 months. That book let me quite smoking and nicotine with relative ease.

u/PetrRabbit · 2 pointsr/pics

On a serious note - if you haven't successfully quit yet, read Allen Carr's Easy Way to Stop Smoking (start by reading the reviews), and instead of thinking "this project would go great with a smoke," you'll be thinking "fuck yeah, I tackled this project and didn't need a cigarette to enjoy it." I read it and quit cold turkey the day after without much struggle about 5 months ago, just a friendly tip.

u/TheOmahaNightblade · 2 pointsr/stopsmoking

Get this book now!

It will honestly help a lot. I'd been trying to quit for 3 years. I read this book and quit. It was easy. You're young. You don't have to have years of these shitty, hard times. Please, go to the library or buy that book, and do it soon. It saved my life.

u/Flanery · 2 pointsr/leaves

When I quit smoking cigarettes, I knew it would never work if I had stressful projects or deadlines coming up. I didn't set a date or anything, just waited until it was easy street at work for a few weeks, chose a normal day like any other and just told myself over and over that I just wasn't smoking cigarettes anymore. After failing over and over for years, one time it just stuck.

A lot of people, myself included, have had similar experiences with weed and are still smoking, waiting for the "right time" to quit again. It can be a setback and it's hard not to make up excuses for yourself, but one time you're going to try a little harder, more consciously, and you're going to quit and it's going to stick. Decide when that is for yourself, take control, make it happen. I'm trying to do the same, and so are many others.

While not specifically weed related, I think a lot of concepts from Allen Carr's Easy Way To Stop Smoking can be very useful in tackling the mental hurdles of quitting weed.

u/JayKayVay · 2 pointsr/Advice

Fun fact : In the 80's/90's cigarette companies made advertisements that purposefully caused anxiety in smokers (Silk Cut being the best known), one particular advert that they used was a poster with an image of a babies mobile over a crib...the mobile had an anvil, a chainsaw, etc. and they specifically chose to run this advert with the warning 'Smoking while pregnant endangers your baby'. Do you know why they did this? Because it makes parents anxious...when smokers are anxious they smoke more.


Putting aside for a moment the fact your sister may just be an irresponsible asshole (sorry)...


Addicts know better than anyone what drugs do to them, do you honestly believe that sh doesn't know smoking is bad for her and the baby? I don't believe anyone can be that ignorant. Just like any other addiction it's like a tiny little monster fighting for it's own survival, when addicts are confronted they will dig their heels in and the anxiety over the threat of stopping (plus the risks to pregnancy in your sisters case) will just make that little monster fight even harder for survival. Sometimes an intervention can be enough to kick an addict into helping themselves, but if they're not ready to quit this is what happens.

If your sister can't help herself - with smoking or other addictions - then why would that be any different now? As sad as it is addicts aren't always able to quit just because they're pregnant, you've got to be able to accept that if you want to help - she may not be able to quit, but there may be ways to run damage control to reduce her smoking. If this is about helping her and her unborn child I'm afraid you do have to try to look at it this way and try to get her to quit without using guilt or pressure.

I know it seems counter-intuitive, and you're concerned about her child, but you need to stop pressuring her as it's not working. I would however hold your mother responsible for enabling this with your sister, going via her may see less resistance and it would be an indirect way to get to your sister.

On what I said about the advertisements at the start of this replying, well this is why some modern anti-smoking advertisements now avoid shock tactics - it was found that shocking information about smoking doesn't help, but showing people how to reduce or stop smoking along with that can. Print out information on smoking risks when pregnant (don't give them to her, leave them for her to find herself so she doesn't feel bullied), but also information on how she can quit smoking and information on positive changes for a healthy pregnancy so she feels more empowered to do all she can for that baby.

I'm a HUGE advocate for Easyway, I quit smoking this way (after 11 years of smoking 20-30 per day - I hated smoking, it nearly killed me, but I still couldn't stop myself), I always suggest getting a copy of the book to leave around for a smoker to read when they're ready. It may be worth trying if nothing else.


u/10GuyIsDrunk · 2 pointsr/androidapps

I played the fuck out of the latest Pokemon game while I quit, was a great distraction. Also obtain (however you have to) this book and give it a read.

u/Valkerian · 2 pointsr/bjj

I can't comment on quitting weed or booze but I can comment on how BJJ helped me quit smoking cigarettes. Step 1, however, is to read Alan Carr's Easy Way To Quit Smoking. It's a short read and puts quitting into a much better perspective for smokers.

I used a visualization technique for dealing with cravings. I personified the craving as a monster that I can picture. I used the thing from the Mucinex commercials. Here's a page with a few examples:

I imagined him as a sparring partner so I can beat the cravings. The thing is, he's thirsty. And the only way he can have a drink is if I have a cigarette. My job is to beat him mercilessly until he dies. So I just don't let him have a drink. You can use your own imagination for the metaphors of battling the craving but this one worked very well for me. It just made sense.

Finally, after I felt I had won the battle of cravings (took 2 weeks tops) I realized that smoking is no longer an option. Just like heading over to my ex-wife's house, laying down in bed, and expecting felatio, it simply wasn't an option.

These techniques can be applied equally well for quitting anything that gives you cravings. And booze/weed cravings are much easier than nicotine cravings.

I haven't smoked a cigarette in almost 5 years.

Just my 2 cents. Good luck in your journey of self-improvement!

u/Danjour · 2 pointsr/quittingsmoking

Have you tried the self-help type fix? I was a pack a day smoker, then a vape pod a day smoker, then a two pods PLUS the occasional cigarette a day smoker and “Allen Carr’s Stop Smoking The Easy Way” smacked the addiction mindset out of me. I was able to put down my JUUL and I’m two months clean without any serious issues.

You can DM me anytime if you want one on one assistance. I HIGHLY recommend this book, it’s worked for a lot of people, it’s got a good amount of celebrity endorsements and it’s extremely easy to read in one or two days. Might have saved my life

It sounds like a snake oil type remedy, but my Primary Care Doctor recommended it to me and once I finally read it I felt dumb for not reading it earlier.

It basically gives you new frame works to think through the reasons WHY you smoke. It doesn’t use scare tactics, and actually they encourage you to smoke WHILE reading it. He tells you when to light up and everything.

I know it sounds kind of stupid, but it’s basically hypnotherapy in book form and it fucking works.

Edit: here’s a link to the book on amazon just to give you one less excuse-

u/BipolarMoron · 2 pointsr/stopsmoking

If you have not already heard of the book, I highly recommend the book Allen Carr’s Easy Way To Stop Smoking

It has absolutely revolutionized my thinking on smoking, cigarettes, being a nicotine drug addict and returning to my life as a non smoker.

u/The39bus · 2 pointsr/Parenting

The only thing that ever worked for my wife was to read Allan Carr's Easy Way to Stop Smoking.

There are thousands of five star reviews on Amazon. Try it, it really works for most people.

u/TexasGrill · 2 pointsr/stopsmoking

Buy this book NOW Allen Carr's Easy way to Stop Smoking

(TLDR at the bottom)

I had been smoking for 40 years. I liked my smokes. I enjoyed the time alone outside, it was relaxing. But I knew that I needed to quit. I checked out this subreddit, learned about Allen Carr's book, and bought it April 17th, 2017. I didn't set a quit date, and the book sat on my nightstand for months. I refused to put it away, because it reminded me every day and night that I should read it, and that I wanted needed to quit.

I finally got around to reading the first chapter. It blew my mind. I won't spoil the surprise here, but that first chapter lead me into the next and the next, then I put the book down for a few more months. One day, in early January, I "made it real" by deciding that I would no longer purchase cigarettes.

It's been an interesting 26 days. I know I'm a non-smoker now, but the cravings still come, and once or twice a day they really come strong, but thanks to the support in this forum, and my wife, I have made it this far.

TLDR: With Allen Carr's book, and a lot of support here, you CAN do it! We're all here for you.

u/TM1323 · 2 pointsr/stopsmoking

I would read this book, help me put a whole new perspective on what just one more pack of cigarettes really means.

I'm 10 days in, and it's been amazingly simple. The first day was rough, because my subconscious was constantly playing tricks on me. Thoughts kept creeping on.

"Just steal a puff of your friends cig."
"Just smoke one more cigarette today to fight off the cravings and it will be much easier."

Just think of what you get out of that cigarette. The ONLY thing you're doing is fighting off withdrawals, and ensuring that they're going to continue. Good luck! Each day gets easier, as you learn how to keep yourself busy and fight off the devil on your shoulder. It's SO worth it.

u/LotsOfButtons · 2 pointsr/stopsmoking

I would seriously recommend Allen Carr’s book, it address’s everything you’ve said and more and he articulates all the obstacles you face in a very direct no bullshit manner. I torrented the audiobook but felt guilty after my first week smoke free was just so damn easy so I bought the audiobook off Amazon (for 20% of the money I had already saved).

In terms of the social aspect of smoking this is what postponed my quitting for the best part of a fucking decade and now I feel like a prize twat. It is not difficult, I quit on a Wednesday and was sat outside the pub on the Friday drinking all night with smokers and didn’t touch one and it didn’t bother me.It will only be a problem if you don't really want to quit.

My best advice to you would be to analyse every thought you have trying to justify smoking in any way, shape or form and ask yourself whether it is your rational mind talking or whether it’s your addiction trying to kid yourself (SPOILER: it’s your addiction).

u/slcjk · 2 pointsr/radiohead

This is what I used to stop. Half way through the book I broke my pack in half and never looked back. That was 8 1/2 years ago.

It's worth it... I promise.

u/Kanchi555 · 2 pointsr/UWMadison

You could scrounge up a copy of Allen Carr's Easy Way to Stop Smoking. I have heard very good things.

u/m84m · 2 pointsr/worldnews

For anyone here who actually wants to quit smoking I suggest you read the book The Easy Way to Stop Smoking by Allen Carr.

u/hyperstupid · 2 pointsr/stopsmoking



If you buy an E-Cig make sure you buy one from a physical store near her house where the ability to refill is readily available in physical form.

I had an e-cig and because the cartridges had to be ordered online I simply quit using it and started smoking again.

u/silveraw · 2 pointsr/Fitness

A lot of people have had good luck with Allen Carr's book Easy Way to Stop Smoking. it comes pretty highly recommended from /r/stopsmoking. Personally, I used the replace the habit method. I bought an ecig and use that. I haven't had a smoke for a month now. For chewing they have rocky mountain snuff, which I have a couple friends that used that with some success. /r/ecigs has a lot of info on ecigs, but they are a pretty controversial method of quitting smoking. You still keep using nicotine, but you quit using tobacco to get it. They also haven't been around long enough for long term studies to be done. But AFAIK it is the same as breathing in fog from a fog machine with nicotine in it. Plus you can get it in snozberry flavor.

u/chopperharris · 2 pointsr/Christianity

By far the most successful way I know of giving up smoking - and also the easiest - is the Allan Carr book ( I know at least a dozen people who have given up this way, and I used it myself years ago.

u/horillagormone · 2 pointsr/islam

Since I don't smoke and never have you'd have to take my comment with a pinch of salt. A work colleague told another to read a book that helped a few people stop smoking. I was also recently reading about people trying to gradually quit smoking by switching to vapes and e-cigs first.

u/dhpye · 2 pointsr/stopsmoking

First off, congrats on ditching menthol. Discovering that you have some level of willpower is very empowering. It won't help you quit cigarettes, but it certainly must be nice to know that you're not powerless.

I smoked for 20+ years. I tried quitting by just about every method available. I was pretty miserable when quitting - my wife just dreaded the prospect of dealing with me, because I was a complete prick.

So, I read Allen Carr's The Easy Way to Quit Smoking. The book promised to make quitting enjoyable, which seemed like utter nonsense. I read the book, quit cold turkey, and it was enjoyable. No problems whatsoever - my wife was utterly dumbfounded.

Right now, you're fighting an enemy that you don't understand. Once you get it, quitting is as easy as turning off a light switch.

  1. You do quit, each and every day. When you sleep, you deprive your body of nicotine for 6-8 hours. Nicotine has a half-life of about 45 minutes, so you go through withdrawal each and every night of your life. If nicotine addiction actually had any power, you'd be waking up through the night needing a smoke. This doesn't happen for anyone.

  2. Nicotine addiction is a really simple (yet effective) brain hack. The symptoms of nicotine withdrawal mimic the symptoms of stress or panic. It's just a mimic. Cigarettes don't ever calm you - they only remove the symptoms that feel like anxiety. Nicotine does absolutely nothing for your mood, or concentration, or whatever you might think it does. All it does is add a layer of fake anxiety and fake stress that you must constantly suppress by smoking.

  3. Once you recognize the brain hack of nicotine for what it is, it really loses all power over you. It's astonishing, but nicotine addiction gains all of its power through faking you out. Once you stop falling for it, the symptoms of withdrawal are trivial.

    Yes, cigarettes will kill you, and your death will be for absolutely nothing. Fortunately, it doesn't have to be this way.

    Willpower really has nothing to do with successfully quitting. Willpower is what keeps you smoking, despite a horrifying prognosis, and social pressures, and the money you're spending to kill yourself. Quitting is much easier than the hell you're dragging yourself through.

    Pick a weekend, and read the book. Get yourself some menthols, and smoke as much as you'd like. Once you understand the nature of the fight you're in, and how stupid it is, you've all but won the war.

u/thetrufflesiveseen · 2 pointsr/OkCupid

Highly recommend the book "Easyway to Stop Smoking" by Allen Carr.

u/patch5 · 2 pointsr/stopsmoking

You'll see people reference Allan Carr's Easy Way to Stop Smoking all over this subreddit. It has some fantastic stuff that'll reinforce your attitude while you're quitting, and your attitude is fundamental to the process. Ultimately, it's really only as hard as you make it for yourself.

u/shadyood · 2 pointsr/Cigarettes

One thing that helped me was reading this book. May seem sort of kitschy but it’s legit.

u/pseudoforce · 2 pointsr/india

A new office building has come up near my office. So many girls of that office smoke, i have never seen so many immaculately dressed girls smoking at one time :-). My only problem is they don't properly smoke, i was a smoker for 8 years so i know when i see a faker.

Btw, that book has worked for millions and it will work for you. Good Luck.

u/DiscoFingerz · 2 pointsr/OpiatesRecovery

> Any pointers on this?

My two humble recommendations;

  2. Make a promise to someone that you simply cannot let down. (I promised my son 7-years ago that I would stop smoking and I did).
u/ferocity562 · 2 pointsr/AskWomen

Allen Carr's Easy Way to Stop Smoking. I read the version that was called The Easy Way to Quit. He has a bunch of different versions now, but I've heard they are all pretty much the same. This helped me quit smoking after 18 years as a smoker. I'd tried multiple times before using a bunch of different quitting aids. Read this book and quit cold turkey almost four years ago.

u/ewiggle · 2 pointsr/getdisciplined

Yah know, it seems like you've got a way with words, a good imagination ...

Because of that, I suspect you would be a good candidate for the easy way to quit smoking.

The book requires that you continue smoking until you've finished it, which greatly reduces the barrier to entry for anyone who isn't ready to quit.

And I'm not telling you to quit. By all means, keep smoking until you're good and ready - because you can't quit on your own accord unless you're ready to anyway. But being aware of what your body is doing, how it's suffering, and what's going on in relation to the nicotine is really really helpful, I've found, in giving the user a lot more conscious power to decide left or right with informed firmness.

The opposite of that would be the honeymoon stage where you pick up smoking and only recognize the most obvious effects, that release of tension caused from relieving the withdrawal that you get every hour or so, ignoring any insidious conflicting thoughts which might subtract from your feels. Basically your brain is not accepting additional input during the honeymoon stage and so it can't really make an informed decision.

Kind of like that moment of feel when you have to pee really bad and finally get to a stall - and that feel is the only thing your mind can think about, the entire rest of the world fades away lol.

Sorry, haha might've gone too far there.

u/So_Ovary_It · 1 pointr/funny

This book made all the difference for me- The Easy Way to Stop Smoking by Allen Carr;

I quit and never looked back thanks to that book- I've lost count of how many years it's been now. Went from a pack a day to not giving any fucks about cigarettes.

u/andshewas_45 · 1 pointr/AskReddit

Current smoker here. I quit once for six years and two years picked it up again. I am reading this book -[] which is very helpful. I highly recommend it. You can also search for a free downloadable copy. Sorry I don't have that link. But it is easy enough to find.

u/BlaizeDuke · 1 pointr/CringeAnarchy

Check out Allen Carr's Easy Way to Quit Smoking

It really helps you change your mindset. Such as you aren't quitting smoking your escaping smoking. It helped me a lot.

u/agolightly · 1 pointr/funny

Allen Carr's Easy Way to Stop Smoking

u/InvestsInVests · 1 pointr/LifeProTips

Read this book. I know thirty plus people this has worked for, including myself.

u/Davey503 · 1 pointr/ADHD

Oh boy, good luck my friend. I have been struggling with this for years. I finally got off cigarettes by switching to a vape that i thought i would have an easier time tapering down. Ehhh, not a bad idea in theory but now I'm kind of in the same boat as you.

The only things that I have found that have had a lasting impact on me are a) switching to a brand/flavor that I don't like so that when I do cave, I don't end up enjoying it and start to rethink the next time I want a smoke/vape and b) getting someone to help hold me accountable.

Also, the only self-help book I have ever found remotely useful is Allen Carr's Easy Way to Stop Smoking. Something about the way it's written appealed to my ADHD brain and I found it very useful without being demoralizing. I, uh, still need to finish it though (typical).

u/Tall_for_a_Jockey · 1 pointr/Advice

Not an ex-smoker, but look into Verenacline (aka "Chantix") and read this.

u/ExCalvinist · 1 pointr/cringepics

Have you read the Allen Carr Easy Way to Quit Smoking? It worked for me. I went from more than a pack a day to nothing in only two attempts. Carr comes on like a con artist, but if you're willing to give it a shot, it breaks the psychological addiction.

u/DeathsDesign72 · 1 pointr/stopsmoking

I honestly cxould not say, after reading the Easy Way book, we did not need to have to replace it with anything, it was a full 30 hours after we stopped smoking that I stopped and thought, oh wow, I have completely forgot to not think about not smoking'

So we didn't have to replace it with anything because there was no void to fill, no craving, no withdrawl or anything.

If you have not read it yet, I recommend reading the easyway book.

TI got my wife the one written for women, that way we both could read at the same time.

u/fofgrel · 1 pointr/Economics

Take it from an ex-smoker; they won't quit until they want to quit. External pressures usually increase rather than decrease the desire to smoke.

If you want to help them, get them a copy of Allen Carr's Easyway to Stop Smoking and tell them just to keep it on the bookshelf for when they think they're ready to quit.

u/wasabicupcakes · 1 pointr/mentalhealth

It wasn't easy. Not going to lie but if I can do it, anybody can. I wanted to give up smoking because I really could not afford it anymore. I had smoked for over 20 years and I thought "How am I going to do this?"

First, read:

They say that Carr is responsible for getting half of England to stop smoking.

Second, put this app on your phone:

I also listen to stop smoking videos on YouTube.

I struggled for a few months because again, I really didn't want to quit but after four months, I found myself "not thinking" about cigarettes.

u/WhiskeyRider69 · 1 pointr/stopsmoking

Congrats on 6 days! If you haven't already, you should consider reading Allen Carr's book. I think it might help you in dealing with this for the future.

u/oneconfuzedman · 1 pointr/LifeProTips

I've known people who found Allen Carr's book to be extremely helpful in quitting.

u/ShoesToBed · 1 pointr/IWantToLearn

This is the book that people tend to recommend the most. It completely deprograms you of your habit and really changes the way you think about smoking. By the end of it you will be able to quit cold turkey.

For example one of the things it says is to not use distractions like suckers. He says it reinforces the idea that you are incomplete without cigarettes, instead of an addict in a constant state of withdrawal.

u/StoneKnight19 · 1 pointr/trees

There is an /r/stopsmoking sub that is helpful for people trying to quit cigarettes. Also recommended is Allan Carr's book Easy Way to Stop Smoking. Additionally I have read that increasing the fruit you eat helps reduce the cravings. Good luck! You can do this, I am several years tobacco free myself & it is great.

u/Dreadnaught_IPA · 1 pointr/shittyadvice

Read this book.

I smoked for 15 years and quit 3 years ago. My father-in-law smoked for 30 years and went from smoking 3 packs on Monday to ZERO cigarettes on Tuesday. This was 5 years ago, he is still a non-smoker.

I know 6 people who have read the entire book and all 6 are non smokers. I have never met anyone who has finished the book and still smokes. It is literally a 100% success rate.

When you are ready, this is how you will quit.

EDIT: So I just realized this is for r/shittyadvice. I thought it was a serious question. Oh well, I'll just leave it here, maybe it will help someone anyways.

u/djta1l · 1 pointr/news

Obligatory quitting smoking book.

It's legit helped me change my mindset a few times. The only reason I've failed is because I strayed from the directions.

Seriously, if you're struggling - check it out. Google it + pdf if you can't afford it.

u/elcids · 1 pointr/entp

Allen Carr's easy stop smoking, made me realise how stupid smoking was. I have quitte smoking for 1 year and 2 months now.

u/Emmas25 · 1 pointr/MtF

I like Allen Carr's insight method - it's just brilliant - and he shows how we've been programmed/brain-washed to believe it takes will-power to stop smoking - when in fact, after one sees clearly, nothing could be further from the truth!

u/eczajnik · 1 pointr/gifs

If you want to stop smoking: Order this book and thank me later. Also /r/stopsmoking

If you don't want to: Keep smoking

I became non-smoker 9 days ago and it's awesome!!! :D

u/alcaholicost · 1 pointr/pics

I read the book ["the easy way to stop smoking"] ( By Allen Carr, in five hours and haven't wanted to smoke since. Jan, 10, 13. I wasn't trying to quit I wanted to look like I was, to get my wife to quit nagging about quitting. I had failed at least a dozen times before this. It was painless, and I have no cravings. Good luck.

u/webdevguy1984 · 1 pointr/stopsmoking
  1. Quitting is easy, and people who tell you it's difficult are doing it wrong. In fact, I enjoyed it (30 a day for 9 years under my belt)
  2. Read The Book
u/itswhere · 1 pointr/AskWomen

Try reading this book, it sounded ridiculous to me that a book would help but a lot of people on reddit recommended it and it really did make it easy. It even tells you to keep smoking while you read it!

u/Urrrhn · 1 pointr/SuicideWatch

Don't compare yourself to other people. The race is long and in the end it's only with yourself. Other people are very successful, but they also don't have to deal with some of the things you're dealing with. That's not fair, but you're also not as bad off as some other people in the world; it's all about perspective. Don't let those men take advantage of you. Please respect yourself enough to realize that you deserve happiness; we all do.

Start with small things. You say you barely eat. This has a HUGE effect on your mood and how you feel. Just start by eating a little better each day, fruits and veggies and all that. Then maybe stop drinking a little less. Take little steps. Sure when you look at everything you should change, it's too much. So start small. Smoking has a huge effect on you. You're constantly living in withdrawal from one cigarette to the next. This book made it super easy for me to quit smoking. Maybe it will help you. If you can't afford it, download it. If you don't know how to download it, just PM me and I'll walk you through it.

Hang in there, try to make your life better for yourself. Small steps every day lead you to a better place.

u/SterlingArcher80 · 1 pointr/Advice

Read this BOOK!! I know it might sound silly that reading a book could help you stop smoking, but if you really listen to the advice in this book it will change your mindset towards smoking. I smoked for 15 years and quit in under a month. I read it twice and I've never looked back. Good luck!

u/LynxSys · 1 pointr/Fibromyalgia

If you want to quit smoking read this book.
I read it and just stopped smoking without even trying within a month. I haven't smoked for 2.5 years and never will again. As for Fibro pain, mine started getting much worse over the last 2 years, but EVERYTHING else is so much better. I couldn't imagine having to deal with this pain while being a smoker. Read the book, it will either work or not, but if it does, then hey, yay!

u/kungfu1 · 1 pointr/pics

Ex-smoker here. I hope this gets enough upvotes, because I feel everyone should read this book:

It is for anyone quitting, or friends/family supporting someone who is quitting. The best part about quitting is you already are an ex-smoker. Right now. This very day, you are already an ex-smoker. You dont have to carry that label around with you any more, and it doesnt have to be what defines you as a person.

There will be challenges. Lots of them. You might fail. I did. Keep trying. Challenges will come at obvious times, and non-obvious times. These range from drinking (as some people have mentioned) to things such as having a cup of coffee, to after sex, to stressful days, rainy days, the changing of the seasons... you name it. Nicotine has a 1-2 hour half-life. This is why people generally smoke once an hour unless you chain smoke. It stays in the blood for 18-20 hours. That's it. Everything else afterwards is all psychological addition.

Just remember. Keep telling yourself. You are already an ex-smoker. Read the book as well. It will help you.

Godspeed. You are no longer "a slave to the weed."

u/AnotherParaclete · 1 pointr/islam

Lol. There are a number of ways to quit, but e-cig companies are pouring millions (literally, over 100 million last year) to convince people that e-cigs are not dangerous and that they may even be useful to help with quitting.

Much more effective

u/neribr2 · 1 pointr/AMADisasters

> I never read Allen Carr books and I have a formed opinion on him

Ohhh reddit never change.

The guy from the AMA is NOT Allen Carr himself. He is dead. (he transcended to God status).

And Allen Carr's book is amazing; ask anyone from /r/stopsmoking , see the insanely positive reviews from the amazon page (which were there way before the "Era of Fake Reviews").

Also he wasn't smoking when wrote, where did you get it from.

I do not mean to sound like a douchebag, I'm just slightly pissed that you criticize a VERY good book without reading it.

u/reagan2024 · 1 pointr/psychology

I tried Chantix and can totally understand how someone on it might want to kill themselves.

I didn't quit on Chantix, but I did after reading Allen Carr's book

One of the difficult things about quitting smoking for me was overcoming the deeply ingrained belief that it is difficult to quit smoking. I haven't smoked in almost ten years.

u/repliesinbooktitles · 1 pointr/AskReddit

Easy way to Stop Smoking

For me it was easier to just quit as opposed to slowly quitting or using cessation aids. I'm an all-or-nothing smoker. Before you quit plan out some things to do instead of your smoke breaks. Exercise, TV, etc.

u/lordgodofcevapi · 1 pointr/OldSchoolCool

Fellow biker, non smoker here. I wasn't always a non smoker, but I remember when I became one as opposed to a smoker.. or even an"ex" smoker.
We actually had to condition ourselves to smoke. No one ever took their first puff and said "hey.. that's delicious!" Smoking slowly became an (extremely) temporary relief from withdrawal, from a useless highly addictive poison... that doesn't even get you high! . There's a big old movement online about taking seminars or classes to learn the Alan Carr method. It seems the company has become a little capitalistic (Since Alan has passed) to steer people towards classes, considering that most people have excellent results assimilating Alan's teachings from a simple paperback.
Listen, I'm not affiliated with it in anyway. I just endorse it because it exponentially increased the quality of my life. I don't need to factor in the money I've saved when I buy my next bike as if I've made some kind of sacrifice ( No disrespect intended). It was a ridiculous behavior in he first place and everyday I laugh at how stupid and disgusting it was. Here's a link on Amazon, you can get the book for around ten bucks used. I wish you all a good full long life full of deep potent breaths.

u/diorgasm · 1 pointr/microdosing

alan carr’s book helped me - i started to view cigarettes not as a “treat” , but something gross and harmful.

u/GAF78 · 1 pointr/WhitePeopleTwitter

I smoked for 20+ years. Tried everything. Quit and started back countless times. This actually changed my thinking and helped me get free.

u/QubeZero · 1 pointr/Buddhism

Apparently (from what I've read), this book is quite effective and has helped numerous people.

u/Grindstaff · 1 pointr/AdviceAnimals

Do yourself a favor and read this

You will see smoking in a new way and you really will wonder why you smoke. The guy who wrote it was a 60 a day man and actually tells you to keep smoking while you read the book.
My only regret is that I didn't read it a long time ago. Go on, give it a try :)

SOURCE: I smoked for over 30 years and stopped after reading 1/3 of this book. No pangs, never went back; feel great.

u/xscootypuffsrx · 1 pointr/pics

This book is amazing. It works if you want it to. My wife and I quit smoking 6 years ago now and it was the easiest thing ever. Neither of us have ever thought of smoking again. Other people smoking do not bother us. Please, if you want to quit smoking get this book.

u/veragood · 1 pointr/awakened

If you want to think even more, I can point you to the Holy Bible of addiction books. It's written from the perspective of quitting cigarettes but the ideas in it are universal. It's incredibly pertinent to awakening, as well. It cures people, without judgment and without shame. High magic.

u/eyehate · 1 pointr/LifeProTips

Fuck that, OP.

Buy them a pack of cigarettes and Alan Carr's The Easy Way.


u/aria12 · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Hey, the listing for the book you have on your wishlist doesn't have any available.. can you add this one instead please?

u/immirinbro · 1 pointr/bodybuilding
u/hollow_hippie · 1 pointr/Austin

Have you tried the easy way?

u/-Skater_Dude- · 1 pointr/vaporents

This book was a game changer for me. Puts things into a different perspective. Even if you aren't looking to quit smoking or don't smoke, I HIGHLY recommend this amazing book. I quit instantly about 9 years ago after reading this. I read it again 2 years ago just because it's such a good read.

u/U53R-N4M3 · 1 pointr/stopsmoking

Personally I did the audio book version of "The Easy Way to Stop Smoking" by Allen Carr Audiobook. This is what I used. You can get one free audio book when you sign up and then cancel after downloading the book so you can get it for free.

Or buy the paper version at Easy way to Stop Smoking on Amazon.

u/logicallyillogical · 1 pointr/tifu

Oh man... If you want to try again read, "The Easy Way to Stop Smoking" by Allen Carr. This works and no side effects to your colon.

u/drtcxrch · 1 pointr/DatingAfterThirty

Yeah, no offense, but that would be a deal breaker for me as well, whether you intend to quit or not.

Also, pardon the unsolicited advice, but I was a heavy smoker for 12 years--the kind of person that everyone thought would never quit and I quit with ease with the help of this book and I haven't touched or even wanted a cigarette for 12 years now: There's not better time to quit than now. Smoking really is going to be a deal breaker for a lot of guys, sorry to be blunt.

u/greatmagnus1 · 1 pointr/technicallythetruth

PSA for any smokers with even the slightest thought about quitting: look up the book "Allen Carr's Easy Way To Stop Smoking", read all of those sweet sweet reviews, and find yourself a copy!!! It sounds impossible, but it really works - I used to be a heavy smoker and was incredibly skeptical at first, but I told myself that I'd at least read the book even if I wasn't ready to quit. I've now been smoke free for 6 months, and I've never felt better. Addiction is nothing to joke about!! Smoking is a hard habit to quit, but you can do it!

u/PopularSoftware · 1 pointr/Showerthoughts

You should pick up Allen Carrs Easyway to Stop Smoking:

Definitely changed my life forever and reverses the brainwashing. Honestly, you have quit for so long and reading this book will change your perspective on cigarettes, making you a happier nonsmoker :)

u/Pparadela · 1 pointr/portugal

Posso falar-te da minha experiência - quando tinha 19 anos comecei a fumar. Durante 3 anos fumei todos os dias. Uma pessoa com quem trabalhei e que fumava dois maços por dia deixou de um dia para o outro e recomendou-me este livro. Comprei-o e quando o acabei de ler parei imediatamente de fumar. Como ainda era puto, e parvo, achei que passados uns meses podia fumar com os copos. Voltei de novo, mas o raciocínio por trás do livro estava lá e consegui parar de fumar sempre que quero. Já tive períodos de meses sem fumar, outros em que voltei durante uns dias, hoje em dia fumo só quando bebo álcool. Se o livro funciona? Deveras, mas depois tens que ter disciplina e não derrapar, coisa que comigo nem sempre acontece.

u/l0udpip3s · 1 pointr/dataisbeautiful

Try reading this book. I've heard it really helps, surprisingly. Especially if you actually want to quit.

u/the_blue_arrow_ · 1 pointr/loseit

The book teaches a mental tool to resist food cravings and accept that some hunger pangs are ok. I agree, the cover's "as seen on tv" but the material works for me. It doesn't even reccomend a meal plan.

r/quitsmoking loves Allen Carr's book, it may too be junk science but it also attacks your relationship with nicotine and gives you a few mental tools to quit.

u/toddersbud · 1 pointr/GetMotivated

13 years here in March. One of the hardest but most rewarding things I’ve done. I will say that I’m down to about 2-3x per year where I think about going back. Super easy to resist at this point though. I always say NOT ONE DRAG. that is the key for me. How I quit? Alan Carr: Allen Carr's Easy Way To Stop Smoking worth $12 if you are on the fence

u/manticore116 · 1 pointr/funny

> Allen Carrs the easy way to quit smoking

Is this it?

u/human_steak · 1 pointr/funny

My dad was a smoker since I was born (har har), and tried to quit several times. A few years ago, he read this book and it worked for him. He says he gave it to all his friends afterwards, swears by it now. I don't know if it'll work for you, but give it a try I guess?

u/bruinblue25 · 1 pointr/AdviceAnimals

I was a smoker for fourteen years. Quit smoking after reading this book. Good luck and congratulations!

u/mophan · 1 pointr/stopsmoking

Yes, she has been wanting to quit for some time now... same as myself. It'll be great for our health and we will easily save $300 a month we won't be spending on cigarettes. I like your recommendation of getting two copies of the book. It's only $14 on Amazon, $28 if I get two copies. Not a lot to spend if it leads us to quit. Thanks for the recommendation.

u/DjMesiah · 1 pointr/nyc

Our discussion aside for a moment, this book was an immense help for me:

I highly recommend it.

u/music4mic · 1 pointr/todayilearned

what i was thinking.

I think they've known for a long time that smoking in America in on the decline, so they:

  1. target people in other countries and still export tobacco.
  2. Start buying up 'Quit Smoking' type properties.

    Sidenote: I quit 4 months ago (probably my 15th attempt) and did it cold turkey for the first time. All I can say is that while nicotine replacement may help some people, it always kept me hooked and coming back for more. Cold turkey + The Easy Way to Quit Smoking are what worked for me.
u/lpjaok · 1 pointr/stopsmoking

I will leave the more substantial and effective advice to people who have quit for a longer period of time, although I know many former smokers and I am very optimistic regarding my future as a non-smoker ...

There are a few tough-love posts that identify good approaches to quitting (posts by dm86 and Synth3t1c are good examples), and you should see what people who quit think of Allen Carr, an author whose book sounds a little flaky but is actually very good.

Every person I know who has quit says the same thing: It is not easy, it requires tremendous determination, but a life after cigarettes is infinitely better than one addicted to cigarettes. I have also heard the first step is to begin to refer to yourself as a non-smoker, not just someone trying to quit smoking. If you feel unnatural doing this, it may be difficult to stick with it and really quit. You have to honestly identify yourself as a non-smoker.

u/RocketQ · 1 pointr/TrollXChromosomes

Go you! If you're having trouble with it or have a relapse don't beat yourself up too badly. I totally recommend reading Alan Carr's book on quitting smoking, I'm reading it at the moment and it makes a lot of sense!

u/tama_gotchi · 1 pointr/AskWomen

Apparently this book is fantastic.

I'm not a smoker but a friend of mine read this book while trying to quit, he said the book really helped him and he hasn't gone back on them since.

u/WhatsUpWithTheKnicks · 1 pointr/NoFap

For those of you who want to quit smoking:

  • Why is it so easy to quit smoking cigarettes, but so hard to not start again?

  • The problem is NOT nicotine!

    Fact: nicotine addiction is one of the easiest to overcome. Every smoker knows that: you are in a situation were you can't smoke for a couple of hours. What happens? You take it easily. Yes, you are happy when you finally can light one up again, but during the period you experience no greater troubles. (For example sitting in an airplain or in a hours long meeting.) Compare this to a heroin junky or an alcoholic, who would get serious withdrawal symptoms after s short amount of time without her drug.

  • So what is the trouble?

    Not so much the nicotine-addiction, you can kill that of in a matter of days or weeks. But the thoughts! All the time during such a smoke-free period (like I alluded to in the prior paragraph), you may not suffer physiological withdrawal so much as psychological one!

    Constantly thinking about the next opportunity to smoke.

    The pain is in thought.

    The tobacco industry is very successful in implanting mental structures in the smoker's brain.

  • This keeps smokers to return to cigs again and again.

    I learned all this by experience, I smoked for years and I am free since nearly a decade. Without any mind games left.

    I learned the theory by reading the book that gets recommended in every major quit-smoking reddit thread.

    I suggest reading it twice. Once to get the basic picture. And the second time to really get it, which will undo the brain-damage the tobacco industry instilled in our brains in the first place.

    It just works. The author is a genius who just explaines to you in a clear manner what's going on. After you groked that, you will just not want to smoke any longer. Hence: easy way out.

    Hope that helps!

u/Pesholinkec · 1 pointr/AdviceAnimals

Well... When i started coughing blood and listening to my heart going nuts, I realized that i should stop smoking. If you ever want to quit smoking, try reading this book, it helped me.

u/jforres · 1 pointr/femalefashionadvice

This is an aside, but my gf finally quit smoking. Two things helped. First, this book. Second, she switched jobs and most people in her new office don't smoke. Maybe it's a good time to encourage him to find a new gig? Best of luck <3

u/QuanRas · 1 pointr/financialindependence

I haven't seen anyone mention this - read The Easy Way to Quit Smoking.

I know it sounds absurd that reading a book can help you kick a nicotine habit, but it's worked for a lot of people (myself included). I had my last cigarette before I'd even started the last chapter. That was almost 8 years ago!

Within 2/3 days of finishing the book I found myself in a situation where a week earlier I would've definitely had a few smokes (social gathering with some friends, including booze) and it was shockingly easy to say no. It quickly became an automatic no, and still is.

u/mostoriginalusername · 1 pointr/pics

I quit with Chantix, which makes the nicotine just not work, and so when I tried to smoke, it just tasted like shit and did nothing to me, so I would take a couple drags and then toss it. It does have side effects including horrible nightmares for some people though, and is only available through your doctor, but for me it was very helpful. For my wife it gave her horrible nightmares and she couldn't take it.

There is also a book by Allen Carr called the Easy Way to Stop Smoking which has helped a lot of people I know.

u/AirFell85 · 1 pointr/ar15

A lot of it is the pressure we put on ourselves to quit, and the fear that generates. I'm sure this whole thread makes you want to go out and smoke...

Anyways, I started smoking when I was 13, I quit when I was 32. It was actually pretty easy. Just can't make a bunch of noise about it, or bitch and moan.

u/usrname_is_taken · 1 pointr/AMA

Not a question, but this could be worth a try:


helped a lot of people I know quit.

u/Zephy73 · 1 pointr/OneYearOn

I'm right here with you. [This book helped me out tremendously] (

u/white_shades · 1 pointr/stopsmoking

Hey OP, just passing through from your previous pupper post(Rick Rossy is a canine heartbreaker, btw😍😍😍). I hope you've hung in there and are still smoke-free! I quit nearly 8 years ago after reading a book called The Easy Way to Stop Smoking by Allen Carr. It's actually pretty uncanny, every single person I know who read (and completed, because many start reading and then stop) the book has quit smoking.

He basically undoes the brainwashing smokers have been subject to in such a convincing and empathetic way that you can't really argue against any of his points. I don't want to say too much, but he talks about how he was a 5 pack-a-day smoker who would break down in tears after numerous failed attempts to quit. Then one day he woke up and had an epiphany, told his wife he was done with cigarettes (she was like "Yeah, sure, I've seen this movie before), and then he never smoked again. He would use his epiphany and reasoning skills with close friends, convincing them to quit too, wrote this book, and has helped millions of people around the world quit.

Honestly I can't recommend it enough, and good luck staying smoke-free! It's so amazing later on when you have to think about how long it's been since quitting, just keep your eyes on the prize!

u/kookiedookie · 0 pointsr/NoFap

Read this to stop smoking: Easyway to Stop Smoking - Allen Carr (

Really effective. I had been a heavy smoker for 2 years, and this book helped me to quit cold turkey. Last cigarette on November last year, havent smoked since

u/verywittywilde · 0 pointsr/stopsmoking

If you haven't already, you really need to read Allen Carr's Easyway to Stop Smoking. The book will help you deal with the psychological addiction which is more powerful than the nicotine addiction, if you ask me.

u/reagan2016 · 0 pointsr/pics
u/IEB · 0 pointsr/pics

Dude read this Book before you take drugs for it

u/Throwaway-613567 · 0 pointsr/AskReddit

Allan Carr's easy way to stop smoking. Mind blowing! I'm smoke free since 7 years now and stopped cold turkey. Best book ever.

With his other books I also stopped drinking alcohol and lost 50 lbs. He does a "reverse brainwash" which seems to really work for me. Sometimes he gets a little too spiritual, but i just ignored those parts.

u/reddexx · 0 pointsr/self

I am lending you my strength, support and assurance! You're going to get through this, you're going to quit smoking, and you'll come out grinning ear to ear. I should know, I've been where you are...

I'm a former smoker and life-long denture wearer. I was born with a congenital tooth formation disorder (dentata imperfect) and my teeth never grew in white and beautiful. Instead I was "blessed" with teeth that were stubby, brown and flaking. I wore dentures over busted teeth from age 5. At age 24ish, I finally had all my teeth pulled. Let me tell you why it was great.... but before that:

How did I quit smoking? I'll tell you exactly. But first, let me tell you that it took me years and many many tries at quitting smoking to find my way to quit. What worked for me may not work for you, or for others. But what always works is keep on trying to quit smoking using new methods until you find the one that works for you.

After trying cold turkey (many times), laying bets, the patch, online support groups etc., I finally found freedom and withdrawal-free peace with Allen Carr's The Easy Way to Quit Smoking.

Withdrawal free, no shit. Probably why it worked for me. So try it, it really is easy. And whether or not Carr's book works for you, keep trying to quit smoking and never give up until you find what works for you. You too will find it, and it will literally be the best thing you've done yet.

And about the dentures? You're going to love 'em. Once you no longer have to hide your busted old-teeth, once you can laugh and smile and flirt freely with perfect teeth you're confidence and social success is going to soar. You know how many people wish they could have perfect teeth? And lucky you get to have them.

Be brave, be strong, keep trying until you quit for good. You're going to come out smiling and confident with your best life yet ahead of you. Sending you virtual hugs!

u/TypeNegative · 0 pointsr/stopsmoking

Congrats!! What a great decision.

I would recommend not to do any NRT. This will just prolong the suffering.


u/limpfro · -1 pointsr/pics

Circle Jerk response to quitting smoking incoming...

Even if you have quit smoking I suggest you read Allen Cars Easy Way To Quit Smoking.

I suggest reading the book. Much more indepth and informative.

[For the cheap.]

For the rich.

Dissects addiction in such a way that you will never crave it again.

u/EatYourPills · -1 pointsr/pics
u/YonansUmo · -16 pointsr/TrueReddit

As someone who used to smoke a pack a day for years and then quit, I can say with complete confidence that an addiction to cigarettes is all in your head.

It is a fabricated product of the media. Realizing that from a book I read was how I was able to quit and never look back.