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u/dcunited · 2 pointsr/Texans

If you're looking to spend some money you can buy this book, but if you hang out around here long enough most of it will be covered at some point; it does organize everything though.

Like Wham said, it takes time/studying, but a lot of it is just terminology; "Cover" formations is, for the most part, just the number of safeties providing help over the top of the CBs to protect against the deep ball.

Even after you know what to look for, it can be baffling in real time.

u/bubbles212 · 3 pointsr/Texans

He's from SA but lives in Houston, like OP said. He also put this out with Bun B, and wrote a pretty great reverse ranking of all Texans QBs for Grantland a few years ago.

u/darthjuggernaut · 3 pointsr/Texans

Much like my brown butt babies, more details cannot be stopped, but alas, I have run out of material, much like my bowels a few hours after habanero wing night.

Now that I have your attention, I would like to share with you the greatest invention known to man: Poo-pourri.

I use that shit everytime I take a shit, and I come out smelling of roses... well more like Fruit Loops (I actually call the product Fruit Poops because of the similar scent). Also, their commercials are hilarious: Poo-pourri Commercial

u/G_L_J · 3 pointsr/Texans

It's midnight, this free talk is insanely early.

Also, it's the 27th, which means that my latest manga acquisition ships today. Ignore the cover art, because honestly the story couldn't be farther from a fan service story if it tried.

If you're into horror comedy, you should definitely look it up on one of the plenty of free manga reading websites. There's a chapter where she creates the Flying Spaghetti Monster, a chapter where she splits a girl into two perfect copies, a chapter where she creates power rangers, and a chapter where she puts a dog's brain inside of a 40 year old man because she felt sorry for the dog's little girl owner.

It's weird as fuck. I love it.

u/Matthewmarra3 · 4 pointsr/Texans


FYI my wife bought me a JJ Watt jersey as a gift for my 2 month old daughter and it’s super cute. Not sure if it’ll fit so soon but probably by 1 month it will be close enough!!

u/quickonthedrawl · 2 pointsr/Texans

Some good suggestions in here.

To add: Check out this book, Take Your Eye Off the Ball by Pat Kirwan. It's got a great breakdown for how to watch/analyze football when you're ready to go beyond just watching the QB, RB, and WRs.

u/iammattchambers · 4 pointsr/Texans

I actually don't think it's a gross oversimplification. The two offenses are undoubtedly similar in both assignments and terminology. But don't take my word for it, take BOB's - He's said multiple times on the Texans podcasts that the patriots may have a different term for a specific route combination or protection call, but that we run "basically the same offense." This is why when we brought in former Patriots WR DeAndrew White last year, BOB said:

>"His assignments, he knew. He was in a similar offense to this before at the Patriots."

And it's not just DeAndrew White. There's a reason why the Patriots have signed our WR's in the past. Keshawn Martin, Nate Washington, Demaris Johnson all played in NE for a time after they played with us because of how similar we are. This NESN article about Washington's signing with the Pats says the same thing:

>Washington knows New England’s offensive system from his year with the Texans, playing under head coach and former Patriots offensive coordinator Bill O’Brien. The Patriots had success trading for Martin, another former Texans receiver, last season. They also briefly brought in ex-Texans receiver Damaris Johnson last season.

Beyond the similarity, I just don't buy that they're going to learn a ton from Stephen Anderson about us anyway. There's a reason why PatDStat said of this exact rumor, "If the Patriots are using Anderson for “info” the Belichick has fallen off as a coach this past off-season."

Make no mistake, the Patriots have studied all of our DW4 tape front and back already. If BOB has developed any playcalling, personnel, or situational tendencies with Deshaun, the Patriots know about them by now. Steve Belichick, BB's dad and great coach in his own right, harped on film study so hard in his book that if you're going to lose to anyone, it better be off of plays and gadgets not previously shown on tape, which you can prepare for ahead of time.

As for what's not on tape, Anderson probably doesn't have much to offer there either. By all accounts, Stephen Anderson didn't practice much at all with DW4, because he couldn't come close to sniffing 1st or 2nd string. He wasn't in the gameplan meetings for Week 1, and he wasn't with the 1st & 2nd teams working on installation. He was a back up TE fighting for a chance to make the squad as a 4th stringer. Do you really think he had the chance to take note of every player on squads and plays he wasn't a part of?

u/LdZppln · 3 pointsr/Texans

That Planet Earth series is legit if you have yet to see that one. Discovery did one on North America that was awesome too.

u/SCREW-IT · 4 pointsr/Texans

Never said he didn't deserve it. Just unlikely that Rodgers doesn't get it

Unless he plays like he did against the bills.

I will stand behind my bet.

u/Muun · 3 pointsr/Texans

I recommend this. It's my grilling bible.

u/Shotgun_Mosquito · 1 pointr/Texans

from what I understand, he eats a mostly vegan diet, but supplements with fish oil, fish & chicken.

Here's his diet book ftw

Arian, on the other hand, is claiming that he's a "full vegan", foregoing ALL animal products. Tony supposedly did the same, lost 10 pounds before training camp started, and then was supposedly so weak that he could not lift weights.

u/DSmith96 · 5 pointsr/Texans

There's that one, I don't like the red tip on the navy one so i'd be inclined to go with the white one if you go for that one. And if you're being fashionable about it, white goes nice with a lot more colours.

Or this one, I quite like it

Or there's this one from last year's range, is proper Nike, you can get it in the other colours too, depends if you want a logo or the writing whether or not you go for this one

If you're fashion conscious i'd say avoid going for battle red ones, I find they don't look as good as navy or white.

u/CypSteel · 2 pointsr/Texans

Carpet Tiles

Highly suggest using glue instead of the black sticky tape that comes with it.

u/MisallocatedRacism · 3 pointsr/Texans

Read this:

Worked like a charm for me. Sounds silly but it flipped my switch after 10 years and a few failed attempts.

u/chemistNOTcookinMETH · 1 pointr/Texans

> based on a non statistically supported total bullshit argument

TBF you didn't refute anything either. Having a conversation about race relations is extremely difficult to have with an internet stranger. If you're genuinely curious about what white privilege is, and how it has affected this countries history, then I'd highly recommend The New Jim Crow. You might actually understand exactly what Kaep is trying to fight for, and why it's so important. Yes, Watt did something amazing. No one is taking that away from him. Kaep is trying to change what has been a problem for this country for centuries.

u/TheAlteredBeast · 1 pointr/Texans

So...saying that two specific play calls you meantioned were good means that I approve of the playcalls?

You're a dumbass.

Seriously, you seem to lack a very basic understand of football. We lost because of poor special teams play, and penalties that consistently put the offense behind the chains.

Click the link, buy the book, and learn something.

u/hookem1993 · 1 pointr/Texans

In case you run out anytime soon:

EDIT: Dude said something along the lines of "our fans are nice here but your fans are annoying in our sub blah blah"