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u/RollCakeTroll · 5 pointsr/cigars

Hey there, welcome!

One thing I have to say is that since it sounds like you've ordered online, you're going to have to be patient. Really patient.

First of all, you need to season your humidor. This is because the wood is bone-dry and if you put your cigars in there, the wood will actually soak up the moisture from your cigars! So, the wood needs to be humidified to not do that. Most people here like the easy Boveda method. Drop a Boveda 84% pack in the humidor and leave it for two weeks. Ouch. Yeah, it does suck but the alternative is sponging it down with distilled water. Emphasis on distilled because tap water, mineral water, filtered water, etc has impurities that can taint your cigars. This can be faster but the sudden shock of water to a dry piece of wood can warp the wood slightly and hurt the seal. Since I assume you got the cheapest humidor you could find,(I don't blame you, I have two really cheap humidors I picked up when I started) it's likely going to lose its seasoning in a few months and/or not have a completely perfect seal. This is fine for a few months till you decide to upgrade as a start.

Most of reddit highly recommends the tupperdor approach with your cigars. This is the one most people use (largest size). Combine that with the cedar tray (optional because it has to be seasoned) + hygrometer and you'll be rolling. No seasoning required, which is nice. Obviously it's not as nice looking as a real humidor, but it's cheap and super functional. Your goal is to seal the humidity in, and tupperware does that very well.

Okay, now that storage is out of the way, your cigars. They're not going to be in great condition when you get them. They need minimum 2 weeks rest in a seasoned humidor (or tupperdor, no need to season this because plastic won't wick away the cigar's moisture) with humidification. Most online cigar shops just have their cigars in a giant warehouse and they will be dry. Plus shipping swings in temperature, you have got to let them acclimate.

So yeah, that's a lot of waiting and really hard to sit on cigars and not smoke them. It gets a lot easier when you've got a collection and you've got two weeks of smokes. But starting out, it sucks. So what can you do? The best thing to do is check out your B&M (brick and mortar) if you have one close to you. They'll have cigars already ready to smoke as soon as you buy them. It will not be nearly as cheap as online (taxes plus upkeep of a physical store are much more expensive), but you will have a tobacconist right there who can recommend you things to try based on your tastes. Plus most B&Ms will let you smoke your new acquisition right there in a relaxing environment with some cool people to talk to. That's worth the premium to me alone. If you do buy from a B&M, only take one or two with you (only what you will absolutely smoke in the next few days). They'll generally seal it in a bag for you and that will keep the cigar fresh for a couple days. Since you don't have storage (yet), it's best to come back again later and get a fresh one from their humidor until you have storage.

Keeping cigars is pretty simple once you have the storage. Best way is to honestly get the Boveda packs of your choice (65% or 69% are the most common choices) and toss them in your storage container. They pretty much do all the work of adding humidity or removing humidity. Just toss it in and keep a hygrometer to monitor the RH and make sure nothing is going crazy in there, but they take pretty much all the thought out of the equation.

When? Whenever you want to. Where? Wherever smoking is okay. (though I do recommend cigar bars or stores, always a great environment to kick back and relax in) How? As long as you enjoy it. There's a bunch of "rules" but if you like smoking with a bic lighter and dipping your cigar in brandy, then do whatever you like. You paid for the cigar, so do what you want. Maybe if a friend gave you a nice cigar you might want to be a little respectful to it for your friend's sake, but you get the idea. I guess the only thing I could say as a hard rule is don't cut the cigar too low, else the wrapper will start to unravel.

>and have that time to think of what to say to my family, something along the line of, "It's something I've wanted to try," and indeed it is.

You're an adult spending your own money.

Okay, okay, I get it. I probably wouldn't tell my mother how much I smoke cigars either even though I've long moved out.

Eh, if you've got anyone open in your family to smoking a cigar with you, I'd get one to smoke with them. Sit back, relax, and maybe they'll understand it a bit more.

u/robotsongs · 2 pointsr/cigars

They're not that far between. And frankly, instead of the one you're pointing to, I would go for one of these instead(though there's no variety there, which seems to be what you're looking for...)

That $100 one you pointed to is kinda alright, but really, IMO the G2's and the Black pearls are really poor smokes. Like I couldn't finish the Pearls I've had and the G2 I smoked was finished only because it was going to be my last smoke for a week or two, so I wanted to savor every last moment. I definitely wouldn't go back.

If I was you, I would get a Bally 100-ct humidor or even this smaller Capri and then get a nice sampler from Famous-Smoke (who I find to have much better samplers) (or get one of CI's nicer samplers cheaper on

Something like one of the Famous Smoke Best of Samplers. From that bunch, I think the Best of Dominican, the Best of Medium Bodied or the Best of Full Bodied selections are pretty damn great. (Also check out the Best of Camaroon or Best of Habano samplers... good stuff in there. However, I have been enjoying this 2010 Awards Sampler from that has a wide selection of mild to full, small to big smokes. That might actually be a great starting place, though I really would recommend that, if you go with that one, you append it with a couple singles of Arturo Fuente Short Stories and a couple Padron 2000's in both natural and maduro.

Hope that helps. Typically, though, those humi+cigar deals are filled with house-brand filler smokes and it's not actually as good a deal as it seems. Your call.

u/Eldridge33 · 3 pointsr/cigars

This is off the topic, but just as a side thought:

Everyone has their own preference when it comes to storing sticks, but if I may - as a new smoker too - Read over this. This was my experience.

" I've literally smoked a handful of cigars up to this point. All came from the local B&M and have been great. Super knowledgeable, helpful bunch of guys, that weren't rude to dude "wet behind the ears".

I enjoy the hobby, a lot.

I got a humidor, couldn't regulate it very well (50 count humi at $50, and only gave it 2 weeks), got frustrated with it, returned it and went the tuppedor route.

All seems really well with my tuppedor set up.

  1. Cigar Oasis Caliber IV Hygrometer
  2. 2 Cedar Trays
  3. 1 Sistema 1870 Klip It
  4. 2 Boveda 69% (60g)

    I let the tuppedor do its thing with only the trays, bovedas, and Hygrometer (no cigars) in it for a day - it settled at 72 degrees / 69 RH in no time. This is a set it and forget it solution. I love it!"


    As someone new to the hobby I would recommend saving yourself some time and frustration. I know you have already purchased the humidor and its on the way, but if at all possible, you may just consider the Tupperdor route. Switching how I stored my cigars freed my mind and allows me to focus on whats really important - researching good sticks and enjoying them. Two weeks was a long time for me to constantly think about and attempt to season my humidor. And i researched and cross referenced everything on line and at my local B&M. The owners (three dudes) at my local shop all highly recommended the tupperdor route. These are guys who have been smoking cigars longer than I have been alive (30+ yrs).

    The owner said this to me (paraphrasing):

    "It isn't about having a fancy storage case. Its about enjoying time spent with good people. If someone gives you sh*t about how you store your cigars, but either they don't know what they are talking about, or they are an a**hole and you shouldn't waste your time on em. I've been using tupperware for over 10 years, and I'll never go back. Now --- if the president came over, then I may spring for a fancy box!"


    Just a thought.

    T Eldridge
u/---YNWA--- · 9 pointsr/cigars

Hey! I'll offer up some noob advice since I just started a couple months ago myself and had these same questions. Firstly, welcome to the sub and to the cigar world in general. Hopefully you'll really enjoy your first few smokes and become a BOTL (brother of the leaf)! So here's the good news - a "starter kit" like you are asking about is actually so good that it can be a "lifetime kit." Many people here who have been in to cigars for many years still use this system. A humidor is very nice, but the cheaper ones aren't that great, and even the more expensive ones are truly not necessary. You can keep cigars in just as good condition in the setup I'm about to tell you as any that are kept in expensive humidors, generally. So what you want is nicknamed a tupperdor. Just like it sounds, it's tupperware made to be a humidor. The key is that it has to be airtight. So your basic glad snap lid things aren't usually good enough, but the ones that are airtight are still cheap, they just have snap tight latches and usually a rubber seal around the lip. This one is what I am currently using. Actually many people here use it as well. If you scroll down on that page you will see the "other people bought" suggestions are for a Spanish cedar cigar tray and a digital hygrometer, so you can see many people buy these for this purpose. [This is another option as well.] ( This one has the cedar lining in it already but holds fewer cigars and displays differently,
your call. Then you will need a humidity pack like this one from Boveda. They are cheap and this size works for up to 25 cigars I think. Anyway, you simply put it inside the tupperdor with your cigars and close the lid, that's it! The Boveda packs will maintain the humidity int he box at 69%. There are other levels you can get like 72%, and that's more of a personal preference I think. I found that 69% was very common so I went with that and it's been working well for me so far. Also, you don't actually NEED the cedar tray, but it does have some benefits for long term storage of cigars. I actually grabbed some thin Spanish cedar sheets out of a used cigar box and laid them on the bottom of my box for now. Works fine. As for the hygrometer, it's also not required for your needs. I still don't have one. The Boveda packs do their job very reliably. So there you have it, an inexpensive and very reliable way to store cigars for the short term while you test out the cigar world, and it will work long term if you like it and decide to keep smoking. Certainly others with more experience than me will chime in here if I made a mistake or three, this sub community is pretty great. Anyway, enjoy and if you have more questions fire away!

u/d_r0ck · 7 pointsr/cigars

Definitely read the wiki cover to cover for all the general specifics.

To answer your questions:

> Do I leave them in the wrappers they came in when I store them in the humidor?

The wrapper is the outer most layer of tobacco on the cigar. Cigars consist of filler, binder, and wrapper. What you're referring to is the cellophane (cello) and it's really up to personal preference. I think a good rule of thumb is "store them how you buy them." If they're in cello when you buy them, just leave them in. The pro is that it'll protect the wrapper. The con is that it supposedly won't age a quickly, but that's a) supposedly and b) we're talking about storing cigars for years and I'm guessing you're not at that step yet.

> Is distiller water ok to use for the humidifier?

Yes, this is what you should use. What kind of humidifier are you using? If you're using the floral / foam puck, pitch it and get some 69% or 65% Boveda packs. You need about 2 packs for every 50 cigars you're storing.

> How long can I store em' before I smoke em'?

The short answer is "forever under ideal conditions." Ideal condition is about 68F and 68% relative humidity (RH). You may want to let them "rest" in your humidor for a few days after you buy them because sometimes they're over/underhumidified at Brick & Mortar (B&M) cigar shops.

> Advice for tasty cigars?

  • Smoke slowly (one puff per minute).


  • READ SOME MORE. Edumacate yourself.

    Welcome and good luck! PM me if you have any more questions.
u/pickboy87 · 6 pointsr/cigars

Here's my advice since I literally just started a few weeks ago. This is exactly what I wished I knew before I spent money on random cigars from various sites.

  1. Depending on how many sticks you plan on getting at a time, invest in a tuppedor. Don't waste your time with a wooden humidor (at least right now). I picked up these from amazon and all my ~40-50 sticks sit comfortably in there.
  • Plastic "humidor"
  • Hygrometer
  • Boveda Packs, although I might lean towards the 65% next time. Also, you only need 1 pack in a tuppedor, 2 is overkill. They can also be recharged, so don't throw them away when they dry out.

  1. If you have a nice brick and mortar tobacco store (not a hole in the wall place that caters only to e-cigs and accessories) near you, visit them and ask questions. If they are worth their salt, they should be fairly knowledgeable about cigars. They will point you in the right direction. I stupidly didn't do this and just kind of bought random shit online and have had mixed results with what I bought. The stuff I've bought at the store has been much, much fresher too. However, you will be spending 30-40% above what you'll pay online. I found it worth it for how much time and effort the staff spent helping me, but it is quite a bit more expensive.

  2. If that's not an option, look for sampler packs online. You can find cheap options that include a bunch of different sticks so you can sample a variety. I would suggest looking at smallbatch mixes find a price you're comfortable with spending (30 to 40 should be plenty, maybe buy 2 of the $30 to $40 packs so you end with ~10 cigars) and in the comment section of your order mention that you're brand new to cigars. He should be able to make an excellent mix for a new smoker. Use code "rcigars" for 10% off (without the "", not sure if valid for the mix).

  3. Also, if you don't come from a background of smoking cigarettes, stick with the mild to medium strength cigars. I smoked a few full strength ones from the samplers I got and they kicked my ass. It was unpleasant to say the least. If you DO plan on smoking a full strength cigar, smoke on a full stomach and drink something sweet with it. Sweet tea or a pop of some sort works well to quell the nicotine content.

  4. Accessories. All you really need is a decent cutter and a torch lighter and you're all set.
  • A cutter
  • A butane lighter
  • Fuel [Note, you can use cheaper fuel, but your lighter may get clogged with shitty zippo butane fuel.]
  • Some sort of ashtray. You don't realize how nice it is to have one until you don't have one and have no place to rest your cigar.

  1. If you do find a cigar you enjoy, try buying a 5 pack of it. Let it rest for a week or so and try them out over the course of a month or several months and see if you enjoy them as much as you did the first time. See if they get better with age. I have far too many 1 offs that I enjoyed, but would I still enjoy them a month from now? 2 months from now?

  2. Oh, and generally stay away from infused cigars. They use shittier tobacco since they can mask it with flavors. The girlfriend still likes these, but I think she's starting to come around to a natural sweetness/chocolate taste instead of an artificially infused one. Plus they stink up your humidor and can potentially ruin the taste of your other cigars in them if they are in close contact.

  3. Online sites that I've enjoyed purchasing from and ship quickly:
  1. Look up retrohaling. You'll taste more of your cigar this way. Warning, it does burn the hell out of your nose the first handful of times you do it. Start with a mild cigar instead of a full strength one like I stupidly decided to do. :P

    Hopefully this helps.

    Edit: Many edits to fix errors and add additional info.
u/AztexLA · 3 pointsr/cigars

Hey fellow Angelino welcome! That's not a bad buy for that price especially for a starter set. The sticks are just to help you get your feet wet there are a few in there that are decent for beginners. I can't say much about the humidor but usually when they combine them in a cheap set like that they aren't the best quality. If you don't care for aesthetics I would recommend getting a tupperdor and throwing in there some 65 RH bovedas. You just stick the cigars in there and a boveda or two and you are golden! Also check out r/cigarmarket for future buys it's a great place if you are looking to get samplers at a great price people will help hook you up!

Hope you enjoy your stay!

P.S. What school do you go to?

u/TheOneGuyFromNowhere · 5 pointsr/cigars

I haven't purchased a lot from TNT, but I think you'd probably be better served buying some name brand sticks you'll be able to get in the future. TNT isn't really well known for high quality cigars. If it's between those two options, definitely grab some sticks from Shad. Lots of other good places as well, with name brand sticks.

As for the Humidor, honestly, wood Humidors are more trouble than theyre worth. Grab a gasketed Tupperware like this as well as some 65% Boveda packs and you'll be in great shape. These will keep your cigars in perfect shape, with the least amount of maintenance.

u/splat313 · 3 pointsr/cigars

Like the other commenter said, tupperware containers provide very good seals. You want one with a gasket.

Sistema KLIP IT Rectangular Collection Food Storage Container,236 Oz are pretty popular and they almost exactly fit two spanish cedar trays that you can also find on Amazon. The trays arent required, but look and smell nice. That will fit two boxes of cigars, so say 30-50 loose ones

Boveda packs are little packets that absorb or release moisture to bring the air to its stated humidity level. They are very widely used in humidors, especially tuperware. A 65% pack or two and you're good to go.

For like 20-30 bucks you can have a setup that will preserve cigars for years. Just keep it in a cool area of your house like the basement. I think 65-70 degrees is ideal.

Hygrometers will report the temp and humidty. You can get an electronic one off amazon for like 10 dollars. Its not required as I've never heard a boveda pack failing.

u/--fix · 4 pointsr/cigars

TO ALL NOOBS looking to build a tupperdore. Or seasoned guys looking to build yet another: [Here is a great piece of tupperware](] on amazon. I recently got it and I couldn't be happier. Great size, great seal, and even has a moisture tray (I just put my boveda packs under that).

Here's a great Humidity/temp gauge

For humidity, Boveda packs are the way to go. A lot of the guys here suggest 65% humidity. Mine is at 69% but I may cut back, we'll see.

Also smoke a Drew Estate - Undercrown. Medium bodied cigar with great flavors and a really nice sweet taste throughout. (Sorry if you've seen me say this many times, it's a great cigar haha)

EDIT Here's another, cheaper tupperware option suggested by /u/nicknameisnub

u/RubberHeels · 1 pointr/cigars

Wow, a lot is happening in this post! Firstly, congratulations on your recent marriage.

Spain is the best for cuban cigars. A monte 2 for your first cigar is also a great start and a great way to make a memory with your dad.

The tupperware is a good makeshift humidor. I would recommend getting some of these in the 65% or 69% Rh variety. One will easily work for a tupperware container. They are also pretty accurate, so a digital hygrometer might not be necessary in the short term, but in the future I would definitely consider buying one if you start to get serious about cigars and want to hold them for any length of time.

Again, congratulations!

u/TheGiant117 · 9 pointsr/cigars

Full Album

This is my biggest haul yet. I’ve spent the last few months working my way through lots of singles. I still have some more I want to try(hence more singles in the haul) but I did find some that I could be happy smoking every day until the end of time. Oh, and the Mayans MC show just started and I’m stoked to start watching.

In the bottom left of the picture are a few cigars I picked up from B&Ms. I get the urge to check out every B&M I see and have to buy something.

The two boxes in the top left are from ihavanas. Partagas Serie D No. 4 and Hoyo de Monterey Epicure No. 2. Never had either one but they’ve been suggested highly by many people.

Everything else is from Fox. If anyone needs more convincing to order from Fox, check this out. I purchased the box of Tatuaje Tattoos, two Boxes of Oliva Melanios, and the 13 singles directly below them. All the 40ish singles below that, to the right of that, all the swag and accessories, were free. A sick Jet Line tabletop lighter, a Lotus tabletop lighter, a 3 finger leather case, an Oliva ash tray, hats, cutters, golf towels, and of course the handwritten notes. u/lvsquared seriously hooked it up! I’m already a customer for life, but now I want to move to Arizona when I retire and work at Fox. Golf, cigars, and whiskey. Sounds like heaven to me.

Check out the album for pics of the tupperdor. I got this Iris Weathertight bin from the container store. This is the 36qt size which I had to upgrade from the 19qt size when I placed this order. This holds about 200 cigars how I have it set up, but could hold much more if you were to keep them in ziploc bags. It has a foam gasket on the lid to keep it sealed. I open it once a day to get some airflow in. I use a Caliber IV hygrometer which I glued some angled metal to and placed magnets on the outside of the box to keep it viewable from the outside. In the bottom of the tupperdor I placed some cedar wood planks to enhance the aroma and act as somewhat of a humidity sponge. For humidity I use 8x 60 gram 65% Boveda packs. To hold my singles I bought Feathergrain wooden drawer organizers. These are the 6”x9”x2” size. I put some hot glue on the bottom of them so they will nest in each other and not slide around. They hold my singles beautifully.

Thanks for reading. I’ve gotta let these babies rest now. I can’t wait to try each one in a month or so.

u/updog357 · 2 pointsr/cigars

There is a lot of good suggestions so far, I'm going to add some links and try to provide additional info.

These are the two hygrometers that I use: $14 or $24. They both work great and I see them in pictures of other people's humidors. Your call if you want to go with something else. If you do, make sure that it is digital and can be calibrated.

For a Tupperdor or other Humidor, try to figure out how many cigars you will likely have on hand. Lets say you only are going to keep 5 on hand, if so than the Plano 3440 is a great option. If you go with a different container, make sure that the lid has a gasket (see pict 2) and there are clamps to ensure the container stays airtight.

u/Im_clean · 1 pointr/cigars

A herfador is pretty awesome.

I do have the Alec Bradley "The Burner" tabletop lighter and really like it. It's not fantastic for windy days though...

I know you said no cigars but really.... Cigars. In our wiki we have a great recommendations section look in the special occasions section for some really nice gift cigars.

u/Econn98 · 1 pointr/cigars

$30? This one was my first humidor.

Quality Importers Desktop Humidor, Capri-Glasstop

and still works great. Holds humidity where I want it (68%-72%) constantly with one of these guys.

Drymistat Humidifier Tube

Best part - the glass top. You get to stare at your beautiful, sexy, glorious sticks!

u/krdshrk · 1 pointr/cigars

Correct. Boveda packs are true 2-way humidification. If the humidity goes high, they will absorb some of it as well. They do an excellent job of keeping humidity when the humidor is seasoned properly and has a good seal.

Wooden humidors do take a bit of maintenance. I would recommend looking into a Tupperdor type setup. Get a plastic tupperware type container that has a good seal. We generally recommend the Sistema Klip It 232 Oz - the price on amazon is fairly high right now but Target will have it for $14'ish. Combine that with some Boveda 60g packs (recommend 65% RH) and you're all set. You can even get a Spanish Cedar Tray to help organize. Will fit perfectly inside.

u/Puckfan21 · 5 pointsr/cigars

I got you.

Container like this but this same one can be found cheaper at Target. You may need to use a free ship to store pick up option.

At least one of these, but two can stack in the above container.

A digital hygrometer. I use this guy.. Feel free to shop around obviously. Avoid analog hygrometers and make sure to calibrate it before trusting it. Techinally you could get by without one, but it's nice having the confirmation.

Two of these (65% for tubberware, imo). The four pack is $6 more if you want extra, buy two tupperwares or whatever.

u/SamSlice · 2 pointsr/cigars

The cigars left to your dad probably haven't been maintained. While it may have been good/better than your swishers, cigars are waaaaaaay better when properly maintained. At this point, the cigars you have probably aren't worth keeping. Premium cigars need to be maintained in a humidified environment, and part of the cap (the closed bit) needs to be cut in order to smoke them (unlike something like backwoods).

Some of my favorite "entry level" (really, you can start with smoking with whatever you like, taste is taste :) cigars are the Perdomo 10th Anniversary Champagne, the Man of War Ruination, and the Undercrown. These cigars vary a bit in taste, and can help you draw out your palate pretty well (though really, you can smoke whatever you like).

There is a great reccomendation page in the wiki (and the wiki is very useful for just starting out, it will contain everything in depth!). For buying cigars, I'd suggest finding five-packs of things you're interested in on CigarMonster, where a five pack will average around $20-25.

For maintaining your cigars, I'd suggest a larger tupperware container with a good seal. Take the tupperware container, wash it well with soap and hot water (to get the plastic smell out), get two or three boveda packs, and just drop them in there with your cigars (take the boveda packs out of their plastic wrappers, but don't tear them open). Bingo!

It's a great hobby, and really doesn't cost a lot to get into. Just stay financially responsible, and don't smoke when you can't afford it :)

u/siacn · 2 pointsr/cigars

No problem, didn't bother me just warning you before the brigade got here. hehe.

Okay, so there's at the top of this reddit links to some cigar recommendations you can check out.

For a humidor, I 100% recommend an air tight plastic food container with a 62-69% Boveda humidity packet.

This route is the cheapest, works VERY well, and lets you focus on spending money on cigars for right now. Unless you just really want to throw down a bunch of cash on a pretty wood box (Hey, I've done it).

If you don't already have a spare food container, I really like the 29 cup Sistema Klip It container. It's bpa-free, food safe, seals up very well, and is a good shape for cigars. You can fit 75-100 sticks in one of these. I umn, have.. 8 of them now.. haha.

u/meesebyte · 4 pointsr/cigars

Link to the product on Amazon.

Humidor + 10 cigars for $30 (This does not seem to be the same humidor, but I ordered one and I'll see just how different they are.) This one is much better quality than the first one!

This is my first humidor, and I was impressed by the quality when it arrived. I would have expected something of this quality to be too rich for my blood.

In following the advice of a reviewer, I'm currently calibrating the hygrometer with salt water in a bag, and I'll charge it up with a shot glass of water tonight!

Edit: hygrometer is broken. It wasn't calibrated correctly, and the needle ceased to move (broke?) when I tried to adjust it. I've contacted the vendor to see if they'll send me a single hygrometer.

Edit2: I'm returning it to Amazon due to the broken hygrometer and buying the $30 + 10 cigars instead. Hopefully I have better luck with that one.

u/mrliquidjesus · 5 pointsr/cigars

The good news is is actually a fairly well respected site by this sub. I can only hope that's where he got it =) We even get a nice 15% off with them. (See the side bar - Cigar Deals)

That being said, grab a couple of these bad boys - Bodeva 84% packs. You should only need one to season your humidor. Follow the instructions on/in the package.

For calibrating - Install the analog one, and forget it. Its now a glorified cork for your humidor. Grab a digital one and a calibration kit.

Welcome to the family!

u/ZMan941 · 3 pointsr/cigars

To chime in with the other people suggesting food storage or travel humidor type products:

Food storage is cheap and offers lots of sizes. My personal favorite is the Sistema Klip It as they have separate hinges (as opposed to molded in "living hinges") and a gasket that can be removed for cleaning.

The downside to any food storage option is durability and how secure the cigars are inside. Unlike dedicated cigar products, they won't have the grooved foam to help secure your cigars in the lateral direction.

Travel humidors are basically hard plastic cases. One brand used to be owned by OtterBox, if that gives you a sense for the material. Many of them look like Pelican cases, but they tend not to have the pressure relief system or be of the same quality plastic as a Pelican. Some common brands are Cigar Caddy and Herfador. They are certainly more rugged than food storage but are more expensive for their storage space. However Field Supply has fairly regular sales on some similar cases.

[Here](] is an example of the 40-count travel humidor they sell. It went on sale for $20 instead of the $32 it is normally at a bit back, but at the time I decided that I didn't need another travel humidor, so I bought the Two-Pistol Case instead. If you notice, they are the exact same case, just with different foam. It's a nice case, although I will say that the material is not up to the same level durability of a Pelican/SKB/ect level of case, but it was also about 1/3 to 1/4 of the cost.

Just keep in mind that while travel humidors give a listed number of cigars, that only holds true for a certain ring gauge and below. Larger cigars will take up more space and you'll lose capacity.

u/barbellsandbooks · 1 pointr/cigars

I was concerned that I had to keep things really, really stable temp wise. I can definitely find a dark spot in the house that will hold mid 60s within a few degrees year round, I was just worried because nowhere in my house holds an even temperature. If the temperature isn't staying where I want it to, that can definitely be the next step.

That's my next question. This is bigger and cheaper than the largest Brilliance that I can find on Amazon:

Any thoughts on that vs. the Brilliance?

As for that last bit, I figured, but I need to be careful with that. Thank you for the help!

u/nonfiction_1968 · 2 pointsr/cigars

Bovedas are a great idea, but you still wouldn't be able to really tell if it's leaking or would be able to tell it's not holding depending on how fast the Boveda dry out but you wouldn't know if your humidity is at 50% or 65% and leaking.

I have 3 of this one they are pretty cheap and work great. That would be my suggestion to be safe.

u/LetterOfSnake · 1 pointr/cigars

Funny, I have the exact same hygrometer and thought I had a serious humidity problem in my tupperdor about a month ago. I ended up putting 5 65% Boveda packs in it and it still read low, which led me to become suspicious since the cigars out of it were smoking great.

Checked it using the salt test a few weeks ago and sure enough, it was reading way low. Battery replacement didn't help. After recalibration, it worked well, but now I noticed it is off again. I think these must go bad after a while. Other Amazon reviews say the same thing.

I did some browsing and have settled on this one for my next hygrometer:

The reviews on it seem strong. Haven't ordered it yet since I've used Boveda packs for years and pretty much trust them to the point that I probably don't need to use a hygrometer anymore, so urgency is low.

Good luck with whatever you end up doing!

u/Idontlikeredditors6 · 17 pointsr/cigars

Lets start before Cubans, and I'll assume you know nothing about cigars and just start from the beginning.

Okay, as far as humidors go, there are a bunch of options. The quickest and easiest way is to buy a tupperware container that seals well and a few boveda packets (you can get either on amazon). I'd recommend 65% if you're using a "tupperdor" (69% for a wooden humidor...of course depending on the climate where you live etc...). Rough rule of thumb is to use one 60 gram packets for every 25 cigars the container can fit. We'll get more into wood humidors later.

The next thing you'll want to have is a digital hygrometer. You can snag one for 15-20 bucks on amazon. If you're using multiple tupperdors, I wouldn't worry about having one in each, just switch the meter to a different container every week or so to make sure they're staying good. With boveda packets, you shouldn't have a problem. Anyway, when you get your hygrometer, you want to calibrate it. The packaging or instructions may say that it is calibrated at the factory and does not need to be tested. Ignore that. Get a bottle cap, fill it about 2/3 up with table salt, and a few drops of water. Put the cap in an airtight container (a zip lock bag will do) with the hygrometer. Wait a day, and see what the hygrometer says. If it says 75%, you're good. If it doesn't, adjust it until it does, and then leave it in the bag a few more hours to make sure it stays there. You will find that you may develop your own preference for the Relative Humidity (RH) of your cigars, but it your container is reading in the mid sixties to the low seventies, you're around where you want to be. Keep an eye on the temperature, too. I like to keep mine below 70 degrees F. If they get into the high seventies, your cigars may literally begin hatching beetles.

Now onto wooden humidors: these are much more of a pain in the ass than tupperdors, in terms of setting it up. As far as a specific model, there are a ton and it depends on too many things to specify from the information you gave. Personally, I'd recommend a humidor that can hold more cigars than you plan on needing. My first humidor holds fifty cigars. I now have another 25 count (although, that was free and I didn't need it until I figured "fuck it, might as well fill it"), a 100 count, and two tupperdors. So as far as picking one out, I'd recommend again going bigger than you think you need, make sure it is at least lined with spanish cedar, and just check reviews to see how it seals. Every humidor will have bad reviews because a lot of people don't know how to season them, so look for reviews from people who seem to know what they're doing. And I'd personally stay away from anything with a glass top, it's just another place it can lose a seal.

Speaking of seasoning, you have to season a wooden humidor, which means to sort of saturate the wood to the correct humidity level. If you don't, the wood will eat up the humidity being released by your humidifying thingamajig instead of it being all for your sticks. There's a couple ways to do this: you can get distilled water (or a premade solution of distilled water and propylene glycol, it really doesn't matter) and wipe the wood down with it, with a barely damp cloth or sponge. If you get the wood too wet, it will warp and the humidor won't seal. Then leave a bowl or shot glass filled with the distilled water in the humidor and let it sit a few days. Note that the water being distilled is not optional, do not use any other water, no tap, no spring water. Only distilled water. You want nothing in the humidor except spanish cedar, cigars, and moisture.

The easier way to season a humidor is to buy boveda seasoning packets. They regulate the environment in the humidor to 84%. Buy the same amount you'd need if they were regular bovedas, one per 25 cigar capacity. Put them in the humidor, close the humidor, come back 14 days later and take the packets out. Replace them with (I'd recommend) 69% packets. Put cigars in over the course of a few days (you don't want to add them all at once, it will swing RH levels).

I'd recommend this for a tupperdor, in the largest size:

I have this humidor, I like it:

I also have this smaller humidor which I'm still seasoning, but it seems to seal well enough:

Seasoning packets:

Packets to regulate RH (pick whatever RH you'd prefer, I like 69 for wood and 65 for tupperdor):

Distilled water/propylene glycol if you want to go that route:

Hygrometer (I like round ones because a lot of humidors will have a cutout for the shitty analog hygro they all come with and the round ones will fit there):

Someone let me know if I missed anything.

Edit: I didn't mention beads, the "soak this weird thing in distilled water" humidifier or kitty litter because I really don't think there's a good reason to steer someone towards them, but I really haven't ever used any of it so if someone wants to add something about those, please do.

u/Cogs76 · 6 pointsr/cigars

You can also try putting some distilled water around the lip of the lid to see if that helps. It will swell up some and may seal better. It could just be leaky and letting your RH out. 63% is still a good RH to store them at. A lot here do 62-65%.

Did you check the hygrometer is a sealed bag with a boveda to be sure its reading right? It may need calibrated. Put it in with 72% pack and be sure it read right around 72% after 24 hrs.

A sealed Tupperware may work better. This is a popular choice.

u/Thinkinaboutu · 1 pointr/cigars

NP :) Let me know what you end up going with.

Here is one thing that you should really consider. Cigar's are very sensitive to humidity. That's why(as I'm sure your aware) cigar's are stored in humidors, where the humidity is controlled, and held at a very precise level. Since you don't have a humidor, I would highly recommend one of the following two options:

  1. Give the cigars to your brother a two or three weeks before the bachelor party. Obviously tell him that your intention is to smoke them together. Then he will be able to place them in his humidor for safe keeping.

  2. Use a zip-lock bag and a boveda pack. A boveda pack releases and absorbs moisture to maintain an exact level of humidity in a confined space. A zip-lock bag is a cheap, airtight container that will allow you to store the cigars with the boveda pack. Put in a drawer(somewhere away from direct sunlight.

u/nicknameisnub · 2 pointsr/cigars

You could use the 72% boveda I'm sure in a plastic bag but you will need to make sure the bag is airtight. I know the bag that comes with it is airtight and includes a 75% boveda pack. I bought it out of ease and not having to hassle with salt test and anything else. Make sure you adjust your hygrometer if the rH is too low or too high.

This is the hygrometer I use and some others would recommend on here The dial lets you adjust accordingly.

As for the glass top humidors i think most people gravitate towards them out of looks because you can see the contents. I personally have never used one because of leaking. I purchased a nice desktop humidor for myself just bc for a birthday present one year. Now for extra storage I just use tupperware containers.

u/DunNahNahNahPatman · 2 pointsr/cigars

F.e.s.s. Fess Storage versatility...

Yes I got it off Amazon. The hygrometer is great and visually I like it when I peek in my office to check the humidity. Checking the trends were convient when it was settling out. Definitely recommend the 65 boveda because I started with 69 and it would fluctuate between 68-71 because of how well the systema holds humidity.

u/kds1398 · 3 pointsr/cigars

Not related to seasoning, but 3 things you should be aware of:

  1. These cheap humidors with glass tops/panels on the front are very likely to leak. I guess every now and then you could buy one that doesn't by luck, but I'd just assume that it's as leaky as a sieve and seal it to avoid problems. Most people seem to use aquarium sealant like this one to seal the edges from the inside and eliminate the issue.

  2. The analog hygrometer on the front should be treated as decorative only and you shouldn't rely on the readings as they are well known to be very inaccurate even after calibration. You should pick up a digital hygrometer and use that inside your humidor. I have 4 of this one in my humidors and they have been good to me. I know that this digital hygrometer should fit in that slot, but it's quite expensive. One way or another, since you should already be sealing the glass, I'd seal around the hygrometer as well.

  3. The humidification system they provide is probably the same foam filled crap that's in most of these. You should throw it away immediately and switch to one of 4 solutions: boveda 65% packs (4 should be the minimum for your humidor, you can use more if you want), 65% Heartfelt beads (I use the large tube in a similar sized humidor and this is my personal preference), HCM beads (not too familiar with these, but I know they are popular and work well), or kitty litter (Exquisicat crystals from petsmart is the popular option here).
u/thedogsbollies · 3 pointsr/cigars

When starting out always go for the tupperdor route. It doesnt matter what the environment is the cigars remain the same rh.

​ The default setup for a new cigar smoker is this: Systema container | cedar tray | Boveda 65 | Hygrometer. You could get away with not buying the hygrometer as long as you use the Boveda's but It's always good to know the rh. Other recommendations: The Cuban Crafters Perfect Cutter and another great tool to have is the PerfecDraw, not cheap but worth every penny.

u/angryqueso · 2 pointsr/cigars

So I'm not exactly sure what you mean by water pillow. However, if it looks like this then it's probably a Boveda pack, which are very popular humidification devices, and for good reason. They take the guess work out; you just throw one in with your sticks. I'm guessing that's what they included with your shipment, and it's what myself (along with most everyone else here) would recommend you use to humidify your cigars in a humidor.

So to answer your question, yes, you're fine to leave them in a bag with a boveda, if that's what you have. But if you are buying/have bought 50 sticks, I'd recommend the upgrade to a tupperdor.

u/matatasmatatas · 2 pointsr/cigars

Yup! It's what I use for my cigar boxes and for aging. I love selecting a cigar from a nice wooden humidor, so my active rotation is in one that's been doing ok so far, but you can't beat a tupperdor for precision.

Any large plastic container with a hermetic seal works; for loose cigars, people love the sistema klip it with cedar trays, they apparently fit together well.

u/BigB_117 · 7 pointsr/cigars

Tupperdor. Can be any size you like pretty much. They cedar trays are completely optional.

Buy this:
Sistema 1870 Klip It Collection Rectangle Food Storage Container, 232 Ounce

And this:
Boveda 65% RH 2-Way Humidity Control for Cubans, Oily Wrapper Cigars & Wooden Humidors, 4 Count 60-Gram Packets (Humidifier/Dehumidifier)-by Boveda Inc

Then add a hygrometer like this:
Cigar Oasis Caliber IV Digital Hygromter by Western Humidor

If you want trays, I like these and two of them fit with room to spare around the sides for your bovidas and hygrometer.
F.e.s.s. Fess Storage versatility Cedar Tray with Adjustable Divider

Store in a cool part of the house. Done.

u/MordacthePreventer · 1 pointr/cigars

Me as well.
Also consider one of these. They get recommended pretty regularly.

But, honestly, my zippo+jet drop-in like what /u/katmaipinnacles recommended has worked just fine so far.

u/dvandriesen · 3 pointsr/cigars

I have 2 of these

They fit 2 cedar trays perfect. Looking for something a little bigger. Yours looks like a great option. How big a boveda do you need for yours? 320g

u/Zoochillin · 1 pointr/cigars

If you're willing to bump your budget up to about $35-40 you could get them a table top lighter. Not many people have them and it's a super cool accessory. I know I'd be thrilled to get one for Christmas. =)

u/jl_snorlax · 1 pointr/cigars

Far and away my favorite is this from Amazon. The 503 torch is sold by a ton of sellers, holds a copious amount of butane, easily adjusts flame height, and includes a soft flame.

Its pretty much perfect and even fits snugly in my herfadors.

u/Sniperman · 1 pointr/cigars

they always say get the biggest humidor you can afford, that being said, amazon has some nice ones starting at around 30 bucks.

also (reputable) has imperfect humidor sections, which has had great feedback. very small imperfections for a fairly good discount.

i got mine (presidente dos by CC) at ebay for 50 dollars. love it.

reason you should get the biggest one you can afford because,
1 youll buy more than you think you will having storage.
2 should not underfill or overfill, too many cigars and they wont breathe, too little and the environment wont be ideal, can fluctuate.

ps. toss the green stuff inside the humidifer, replace with beads (NOT getl) cheaphumidors again has them, also heartfeltindustries.

pps analog hygrometers are not very good, tend not to be accurate most of the time and prolly need constant adjusting. recommend getting humidor with a digital one or eventually buying one along the line avg cost 15-20usd

u/CanadianAirsofter519 · 1 pointr/cigars

Plugging the hole is pretty easy. You can use pretty much anything you want. For mine I got those foam ear protection plugs. The ones you squeeze and then put into your ear and they conform to provide protection. I put two of those into the drain pipe, stuffed them in and then covered with a small layer of silicone. This way if for whatever reason I need to undo this it's just a little silicone on top and the foam ear things will just push out with a straw or something. You can even use tape...but for $5 for a tub of silicone is a no brainer when you will be storing potentially thousands of $$ of smokes. Why save a few cents now to loose many dollars later. But as I said, as long as it plugs the hole you will be fine.

Next for the hygrometer, I would recommend something such as :



Both will get the job done. Also get a couple, so you can put one on bottom and one on top shelves.


In my opinion there really isn't too much difference between the two. You will actually find a few companies with this "style" of meter. They just might have different button placements, but i'm almost 100% all of these are OEM'd by the same company in Asia and then they just do a few different touches (such as buttons, and placement) for different vendors. Either way, when ever you get a new hygrometer throw it into a ziploc with a Boveda overnight to confirm it is accurate. If it's within 1%RH (+/- 1) of the Boveda you are good to go.



u/Heisenberg_r6 · 1 pointr/cigars

Spanish Cedar Cigar Tray, Adjustable Divider, Fits Large Humidors, Made with Solid Spanish Cedar, by Quality Importers

This tray is listed with the “frequently purchased together” it was the one I got with my sistema and it seems to fit nicely

I love the reviews for food containers it’s dominated by cigar guys and you see the occasional soccer mom review 😆

u/Chitties_6941 · 5 pointsr/cigars

Never used any of the tubes, but I love these travel humidors. Very sturdy, good seal, worry free with a small Boveda pack added to it.

u/k00k · 3 pointsr/cigars

Agreed, that's what it looks like. Do yourself a favor and get one of these, so you don't cut too deep. I love mine:

It's also available on Amazon if you prefer:

u/Braxo · 2 pointsr/cigars

I used Boveda to get my humidor ready.

First. To keep my current cigar stash at the correct levels, I purchased one of their 72% large packs. I put that in and touching my cigars into a gallon zip-lock bag and sealed it. I then put that sealed zip-lock back into another and sealed the outer one. Figured this would create a double-wall environment.

Second. To get the humidor ready, I threw in an 84% Boveda pack. You're humidor looks a bit bigger - so I would throw in two. Close the humidor and let it sit for two or three weeks. This is called seasoning the humidor.

Third. After the two or three weeks, throw out the 84% packs. Then, open your zip-lock bags and place your cigars in your humidor. Also, place the 72% boveda pack in with your cigars in the humidor.

Enjoy your cigars.

One thing you'll prolly want as well is a hydrometer, I use this one and it works fine. You can keep this next to your cigars in the humidor and have it always on so whenever you open the lid you can view the relative humidity (RH). If you notice that the hydrometer is showing a lower humidity than like 67%. Then I would use Boveda's 75% packs and you may need to use multiple (be sure they are rated at the same humidity).

Replace the boveda packs whenever they get hard - should last you two months or more.

u/davenugz · 1 pointr/cigars

There is a digital hygrometer that will fit in that front hole, but amazon reviews don't look too good for it. They sound like they can possibly just be user error though because it's the same brand (hygroset) as the very popular hygroset ii that people use inside their humidors.

I thought about getting one myself to try to see for myself, but there were 2 factors working against it. First, it's more expensive than the hygroset ii (internal). And second, I think it ruins the look of the humidor. The analog that comes with the humidor looks a lot nicer. Since you have a glasstop, it's easy to look at a hygrometer sitting inside the humidor.

In case you're curious though, this is the front mount digital.

And this is the hygrometer I ended up buying.

u/redditiem2 · 2 pointsr/cigars

I love my Alec Bradley "The Burner". It holds a lot of butane and has a big soft flame. You have to be real careful with touch ups though. :)

EDIT: Doh I just saw you said you were going to buy a burner anyway... Well just make sure you purge all the gas and air out of it before you refill. I've heard of these things breaking it that purge isn't done properly.

u/TophatsNTaters · 2 pointsr/cigars

Like the others said, get a digital hygrometer. The analog ones are junk and shouldn't be trusted. The Caliber IV is a good choice. Also, you'll want to calibrate it using one of these. I put containers of distilled water on every level and left it for a few days. Just let it do its thing. Lightly moistening the shelves and drawers will help, but don't overdo it because they can warp.

As for humidification, the general rule of thumb for Boevda is one 60g pack for every 25 cigars that the container is ABLE to hold (for example, if it's listed as a 100 ct you'd need at least 4 packs). You might want more than just 12 of the 60g packs. 65% is what you want.

Our wineadors seem to be similar in size so for reference, I use 6 of the 320g packs (one on each shelf/drawer) and the humidity is rock solid. It might be excessive but keep in mind that you can't have too many Bovedas since they're self-regulating. The more you have, the longer they'll last and work more efficiently.

Another thing to note is if you have a drain plug at the bottom of your wineador is to plug it. It's just another spot for humidity to escape.

u/tobaccowhacko · 5 pointsr/cigars

Welcome to r/cigars!

First thing you need to do is get rid of that paper towel asap! You will over humidify your cigars and you might get mold too! Go to your local B&M and get a boveda pack or order one online. Then use an air tight tupperware container to hold your cigars and humidity. Super cheap and many many people use this as an option. As for building your own. Get an ammo can or a gun case and line it with spanish cedar. It will hold humidity perfectly and you'll get your woodworking skills a bit wet for your next bigger project.

u/Hydrox22 · 2 pointsr/cigars

I found an Insignia 8 bottle at Best Buy for $49 in store, it shows $79 on the site. I measured it out and these will fit perfectly in there sideways. I'm using kitty litter as the humidification per a few sites I read about building one.

u/soloz2 · 3 pointsr/cigars

Here's what I use. Saw some recommendations here, and skimmed the Amazon reviews to see lots of people using this setup too.
Spanish Cedar Trays
And two 65% Bovedas

This setup will easily hold 50+ cigars. You can fit two of the trays, and the Bovedas fit on each end. I haven't had more than 27 cigars at a time in it yet, but they all fit in the top tray along with my hydrometer with some room for a few more. Right now, the bottom tray has air packets to help regulate humidity by reducing empty space.
Here's a pic:

u/BuckinFuffalo · 2 pointsr/cigars

I have this exact setup.

I actually ended up using both sides. Took the other side over and bought the wife a new winecooler.

The cedar trays on Amazon fit, but are almost too large. I ended up putting a cigar oasis on the glass of the door so the fan can help circulate air up.

I originally struggled with humidity staying constant. I now run a big bowl of kitty litter VERY wet and I'm getting a fairly constant 66/66.

It's expensive, but looks great and functions well.

u/Ohrobohobo · 3 pointsr/cigars

Are you looking for a humidor for him to present to friends? Or just something to help him with cigar smoking? A Tupperware container cleaned out (lemon juice helps with the plastic smell) seals a lot better and is easier to maintain humidity.

I would have a raging boner if presented with a tupperware container with a digital hydrometer (~$15-20 and you can get on amazon no problem) some bovedas, (only need one in the tupperdor , also Amazon) and a cigar or two. It'll serve the same purpose, you won't need to worry about seasoning the humidor before he can use it (it takes time to do "right" and lets him know you care about him. This is my opinion, as someone who doesn't show off their humidor, and lets me spend more on smokes and have the same purpose.

u/cozmanian · 1 pointr/cigars

This one is my first and I love it. I have put a drymistat tube in and also a digital hygrometer. Stays around 68% humidity now. Just make sure to follow the directions with the humidor in seasoning it correctly and to calibrate your hygrometer. Simple salt with water in a bag (you can find specific instructions elsewhere) is good enough.

drymistat -

digital hygrometer -

I realize those put it above 30 bucks... But you can get the digital hygrometer and drymistat later. Just calibrate your analog hygrometer and use either distilled water or some type of "cigar juice" in the humidifier disc and it should work fine. There are a few ways to keep the humidity levels right.

u/Unique_NY · 1 pointr/cigars

It won't necessarily break your cigars, but that kind of humidity can induce mold in the right conditions. They may also smoke kind of wonky. Definitely look at 65% RH ones!

Also nab yourself a hygro. Something like this will work fine once it is calibrated. That way you know if your cigars are in ideal conditions.

u/Xxdrkwngduckxx · 2 pointsr/cigars

Quality Importers Desktop Humidor, Capri, with Tempered Glasstop, Cedar Divider, and Brass Ring Glass Hygrometer, Holds 25 to 50 Cigars, by

I personally bought this one, right now I'm seasoning it, but reviews say it's good and from all the ones I looked at this one seemed the best for the price.

u/johndalton44 · 2 pointsr/cigars

I use these and like them a lot.. The bottom slats are only covered in Spanish cedar, but the sides are pure Spanish cedar all the way thru. They smell great and I can fit 5 trays plus boxes in my 48qt cooler

u/Bentwookiee838 · 1 pointr/cigars

Ive gone through 3 of this model. Given the other 2 away. I mainly use tupperdores but i like to keep one of these for things i plan on smoking. They average about 4rh off. The first one i had was great at only 2rh off. I would suggest as the others have switching to bovedas. Get a 4 pack of 69 and i would bet you will stabilize at 65. Dont mess with cheap hygrometers. Get this one below. Usually accurate +/-1

u/miketaff · 1 pointr/cigars

If you like that one you will love this one. Go down to what people also bought and get 2 of the spanish cedar shelves. They fit perfectly Nd have enough room for that hygrometer in the front and 2 bovedas in the back. I have 8 of them. They keep my sticks dead nuts at 63 which is perfect for Cubans.

u/mozetti · 3 pointsr/cigars

There are a lot of us from DMV on here, and several good cigar shops in the area as well. What area in D, M, or V are you located?

If your humidifier has the green material in it, you probably want to pitch it. Eventually it will start to get moldy, which will then transfer to your cigars. The Drymistat tubes are good, and a lot of people here use Boveda packs (also available at most cigar shops). Other than a calibrated hygrometer -- again, common opinion here is to go with a digital one -- you're good to go with you humidor.

u/Lukekk · 1 pointr/cigars

If it has to be bought from amazon, my friend and I each have this one of these right now, performs quite well. However, if you can, I would actually try out cigarbid for humidors, they usually have all the standard humidors for a great price if you can pull the bid off.

u/pjstar34 · 1 pointr/cigars

I've been using this round Xikar hygrometer and I have no complaints. It doesn't have a calibrate button but it's only off by 1% so I just remember that when I'm reading it. There is a rectangular version of this hygrometer, which might work better for some setups, but the one on Amazon is neither sold by or fulfilled by Amazon and I tend to stay away from anything that isn't sold by or handled by Amazon.

u/Ric1917 · 2 pointsr/cigars

Buy a large plastic airtight container, like this one that is highly recommended

Grab a few boveda, I use 65% personally

2-3 will be enough. That will keep them good for a long long time. I would unwrap the boxes and prop the lids open when putting them in the Tupperware, just for airflow.

Also, congrats on the wedding!

u/afc-egs · 1 pointr/cigars

Thanks! I don't really feel comfortable saying what I like about cigars yet, because I would most likely be guessing or talking out of my ass. I tend to enjoy some scotch with them, I don't know if that is any help. I have looked into some sort of storage device because I tend to smoke 1-2 on the weekends rather than mid week. [This] ( was recommended in another thread I read and also looked into seasoning them correctly and keeping the humidity at a good %.

u/catsdoinit · 1 pointr/cigars

When your lighter runs out of fuel, it is important to purge and refuel properly. This may be the problem. Who knows? I got a lighter with a 5 pack that also sucked.

This lighter is a pretty good deal, a few of us have one. I have a $60 lighter, but to be honest it's not that much better for doing the same job. I have had this lighter for over a year, it does the same thing. My old standby is a $5 torch from walmart.

I would encourage you to give wood matches a try.

u/debotehzombie · 3 pointsr/cigars

Cuban Crafters Perfect Cutter

Can't wait to get my own, I'm stealing my girlfriend's dad's at the moment. Best cutter I've used, perfect cut every time and it's like cutting warm butter.

u/jdub922 · 5 pointsr/cigars

Until someone more knowledgeable chimes in and asks for more pictures... PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE put those in a tightly sealed tupperware with some sort of humidification device. Preferably a Boveda pack

u/thawhizkid · 1 pointr/cigars

I'm shocked no one has mentioned the 503 torch that we all love and adore here. While only being a single torch, it holds a TON of butane. It's really a great product.

u/redlegs15 · 1 pointr/cigars

If you're worried about the cut, you could always go for a Cuban Crafters Perfecto cutter (I'm sure other companies make the same style cutter). Always the perfect cut in my experience with it. Like other great accessories, offers a lifetime warranty.

u/etakmit · 2 pointsr/cigars

My first and so far only Tupperware container came from a recommendation here on Reddit. It was this guy:

So far it's fantastic and holding steady like a champ.