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u/AnthonyGonsalvez · 3 pointsr/india

No side effects, just use it as it is intended. Definitely noticed benefits, but I also avoid junk/fried food and colas and try my best to eat healthy stuff.

I use it with one spoon of creatine, one big spoon of peanut butter and a banana sometimes. You need to drink lots of water if you're consuming creatine. Yeah, I have noticed some improvements, my shirts are getting tighter from forearms and I can't fold my arms in front of my chest without tearing my shirts.

I use ON whey protein, it's considered to be the best one out there in terms of mixability, results and everything else.

One 30 grams scoops has like 24G protein and everything else is negligible. Calories is around 120, so if you can easily get a low calories high protein diet with one scoop or more. When you are lifting heavy weights, your muscles will break, to repair and build new muscles protein is necessary. Since whey protein is almost 90 percent protein that is in liquid form, it gets easily absorbed helping in muscle growth.

u/IceThavakalai · 2 pointsr/india

Welcome. I would recommend you start with A History of South India by Sastri, gives you a good overview (be prepared to get a lot of your existing ideas changed though). Move onto A history of medieval India by RC Majumdar. Feel free to dive into Romilla Thapar's History of India series - don't start the other way though with Thapar. Majumdar is THE Indian historian, Sastri, THE historian that chronicled South India, the later historians like Thapar draw heavily on their books anyways. You want a better understanding of medieval India - Jadunath Sarkar is the only source you need to consider. His The Fall of the Mughal Empire covers over some 1500 pages, extensively the period from 1650 to 1800.

There you go, for just Rs 2,000, about 2,500 pages and seriously you would know more about Indian history than idk 95% of the people out there. You can after this branch out into western authors, the Thapars, Habibs etc.

About Kulothunga, well I cracked open my History of South India AND Colas by Sastri - no dice. If anything my memory was correct, till 500 AD all these religions existed in peace though Buddhism was in terminal decline thanks to how dogmatic it had become. Jainism was running rampant, when Saivism and Vaishnavism countered it with the Bhakti movement. The Bhakti movement was mostly saints running around circle jerking each other to death with really high funda arguments - take the schism in the Vaishanavites as an example for how...pointless these arguments were. The Vadakalai branch believed the grace of god had to be earned, the Tenkalai believed by...believing in Vishnu, his grace was a given. That was it, I am picturing a bunch of these guys wearing namams, sitting in a thinnai and arguing each other to the death.

Sastri has nothing on any persecution, and honestly I would rather trust Sastri than Kamal.

Oh, in re-reading these parts, some bonus fun facts - Kulothunga built a Vishnu temple, he sent a trade mission to fucking China and made a huge profit, he lost Sri Lanka (the last Indian king to hold SL) to Veerabahu. On religion, there was some sect called the Radha sect whose only ambition was to be gopis in heaven and get banged by Krishna. They prepared by having monumental orgies on earth - we had hippies before hippies were cool yo! That is 'avar kulcha' :p

u/[deleted] · 8 pointsr/india

Here is a list of 5 books specifically in an Indian context

  1. "India since Independence" by Bipin Chandra. It is a well researched, thorough, and succint book on India's journey after attaining independence. It chronicles the significant events accurately, and doesn't leave any aspect untouched.

  2. "Every loves a good drought" P Sainath is among those, fast dissappearing breed of journalists who reports on poverty related issues from the hinterland. He single-handedly thrust the issue of farmer suicide in the Vidarbha region onto the mainstream through his dogged journalism. This is one of his earlier books in which he details extreme poverty and the policies that sustain it with his own keen insights.

  3. "The Meadow" . One of the authors is Adrian Levy who is an award winning investigative journalist. He has also written a book on 26/11 attacks; The siege. In 'The Meadow', the authors investigate the kidnapping of ten Western backpackers in Kashmir during the height of freedom movement in 1995. The book explains how their lives became pawn in the geo-politcal struggle, the role of Indian army during the event, while at the same time providing a good understanding of the Kashmir Issue. Highly Recommended.

  4. "The Discovery Of India" It is a scholarly work on India's history.

  5. "Gunahon ka devta" by Dharmveer Bharti. It is the only fiction book in the list, and probably the last hindi novel I finished. I read this when I was still quite young (I think in eight or ninth class). The characters, their complexities, ambitions, are etched very nicely. If you are still not sold, read the first paragraph.

    Along with these 5, one of my favourite book is "The banality of Evil". It deals with something which confounds me still, just how the seemingly nice, sane people come to support the purest manifestations of evil. What drives such public sentiment ? The book gives some of the answers.
u/bliss_tree · 11 pointsr/india

Sample these:

The book Asura:Tale of the Vanquished: The Story of Ravana and His People, by Anand Neelakantan, also available in Hindi, Kannada, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu and Italian, which looks at the story from an alternative i.e. Asuras' perspective.

The book is one amongst the 2012 Crossword toppers, says Excerpts from the book-description page:

> The book has aimed to demystify the blunders done by the Deva clan, which is represented as conventional and prejudiced. Also, it throws light on the liberation enjoyed by the Asuras.

> Descriptions about Vamana and Mahabali are given along with the meeting of Jataya and Ravana. Also, described is the Agni Pareeksha underwent by Sita. An unusual angle is shown about the human emotions. A new but logical outlook is thrown at the people in regard to the varied practices that were witnessed in this epic story. Also, the book makes people consider the fact that the Brahmins, back then, followed unreasonable practices.

Ravana worship seems to be common among Gond tribals in Chhattisgarh also; read this story:

> Ravan is revered in this part of world, Gond tribals in Gadchiroli, parts of Chhattisgarh offer prayers on Vijayadashmi

Also this:
> Celebrating Ravan: As the rest of the country burns effigies of Ravan, the writer visits a Gond village in Maharashtra where the ten-headed king is worshipped as god, The Hindu, Oct-2015

Besides, if you are a history/literary buff, read this logical take on Ramayana, from 1910s, titled 'The Morality of the Ramayana' by Mr. T. Ponnambam Pillai, from the The Tamilian Antiquary 1907-14 archives. It's in English.

u/evil-prince · 1 pointr/india

Check out Audio-Technica ATH-M20x seems the best you can get in mid-range from the reviews.

You can check out Sony products as well. They tend to last longer, unless you're going for their basic models. Cousin has [Sony MDR-XB450] ( Running fine since almost two years, tbf I found it better than Sennhieser HD 202.

Sony Extra Bass MDR-XB550AP looks good as well.

PS: Non-affiliated links.

u/sajeevck · 1 pointr/india

The 18 days book had some amazing artwork.

this one feels like a "motion comic" rather than the flowing animation they had in the original trailer

the voice acting (english) is a bit cringey as well. Alan Moore's Watchmen has a fantastic motion comic version. here is Chapter 1, give this a watch!

u/meanthinker · 1 pointr/india

Well then I guess maybe your grandfathers story needs re-thinking.

Judges don’t make the law, they enforce it — do you have an idea of whether the laws themselves were fair? Of how much money was extracted from India over 250 years? Were the British colonising the world to do it a favour?

And should your idea of history be coming from a novel?
This book describes only the period of WW2 and is blood-curdling.

u/user_sam · 1 pointr/india

Regarding the air filter masks, i went with this, after reading the reviews from this and this.

The first reviews led me to the importance of N95 and other certifications. The second from its Amazon product page tells me that people who have used it are generally satisfied with it. You can also see that it is much cheaper in the US.

Hope this helps and i'm open to other recommendations. What are you guys buying/considering?

u/bot_for_sure · 1 pointr/india

I would suggest you going for Sennheiser CX-180. They are available on amazon for around Rs 700. Excellent sound quality, better than most of the earphones you will find under Rs 1000 range. I know they are over you budget but you'll be getting 2 years of warranty, that means if they stop working, just go to the service center or courier them and they will replace it on the spot.

I have been using then for over an year now and because of my extensive and rough use, one of the earphone always stop working after like 4-5 months and they simply replace them, without any hassle. Make sure that you have sennheiser service center nearby. They have like 3-4 service centers all over the india(pretty low!)

Link to service center in india-


Link to the product-

u/pi3141592653589 · 8 pointsr/india

I will recommend the following book.

From what I understood reading Upanishads, the message is very similar to that in Bhagvad Gita. Our actions are driven by our senses and the selfish desires they drive. The main message of both the books is to overcome your selfish desires and do what is good for the society. The only way to figure out what is good for the society is by making yourself wiser and meditation is emphasized as a way of understanding yourself and your relation to the world. Only then you can figure out what you can do to improve the society you live in. There is no single way of achieving this. It depends on your personality. You can improve the society by doing social work, acquiring knowledge, worship, by going in to administrative services and working for betterment of the society etc.

I cannot emphasize this enough that this is how I interpreted it after reading the books a couple of times. I am not an expert.

u/piece_of_addwize · 1 pointr/india

> good trimmers i could buy you to trim

Thanks. I've got one already.
This one to be precise. Going strong even after a year.

u/vaibhavganesh · 3 pointsr/india

Nah stay away from that ! I have never heard of the brand in so many years...

UN, ON and Arnold are the go to ... Muscletech and Cellucor are pretty solid too !

Stay the fuck away from generics. You could fuck up your liver bigtime...

Yeah man ! PM me anytime... I aint a pro like Suhas but I am more than qualified to help out. Also do check out r/fitness and subscribe to a couple of no bullshit youtube fitness videos for form checks ... buffdudes is an awesome channel that would help you !

NINJA EDIT : since i got so any many pings regarding subscription ... Refer the above comment for it ! Also here is what i am subscribed to..
It is unavailable as of now! But you can try for other brands here

u/Marodra-sama · 1 pointr/india

Try Audio Technica ATH-M20x. Everything about it is awesome, except for the super long cord (about 10ft).

u/bublum · 1 pointr/india

Absolutely love this product by Sennheiser! Keep losing it, keep buying it.

EDIT: Just realized your budget is around 2K. In that range, you will get much better earphones I am sure.

u/prince147 · 2 pointsr/india

SteelSeries are mainly for gaming, they provide isolation and good comfort.

Audio Technica ATH-M20X Professional Studio Monitor Over-ear Headphones (Black)

These if you want great sound.

u/ymmajjet · 6 pointsr/india

I have been using mine for almost 2 years now. Good noise isolation and the earbuds are comfortable.

They give you 3 different sizes for the earbuds from which you can choose the most comfortable one.

u/lallulal · 2 pointsr/india

You can get really decent ones in 500 to 700 range. Something like this:

The next level of earphones will be in 1500 to 2500 range. This is great:

I personally would not spend more than 2500 on earphones.

u/HJain13 · 3 pointsr/india

So then don't replace the HDD instead order this caddy (confirm about the thickness of caddy 9.7mm vs 12.x mm, if you don't understand what I am talking about see the product page and video I linked down below, for any doubts, feel free to DM)

and refer this

and Enjoy!! did this myself yesterday

Plus screwdriver comes with the caddy

u/dev_tomato · 3 pointsr/india

I've been using these for the past 3 years. Didn't find any others that sounded better, the highs and the lows sound perfect on this, also many famous recording studios use this. They went recently out of stock on Amazon and Flipkart. Should be back soon, I guess. I got them for Rs. 1800.

u/black-0ut · 3 pointsr/india

I have been using this since last year. Battery backup is really good and charges real fast. Can be used corded as well as cordless. Highly recommend it. Buy two blades one for pubes one for shave. Before this I had one more trimmer so I never had to buy a new blade for myself. I think you can get them on Amazon.

u/sanskaridaddy · 16 pointsr/india

Bro you can't do anything to solve it.We can't file noise pollution as in western countries for such religious BS.

it's better for you to buy an earplug and sleep well.


u/cyclonus · 2 pointsr/india

I'm going to be in Delhi for a layover mostly. Was thinking of this 3M mask (I'm US based). Not sure if that'll work.

The vogmasks look real nice though. Thanks for the reco.

u/Moon_Slayer_ · 3 pointsr/india

Sennheiser CX 180
I have been using it for the past 1.5 yrs...good value for money & very durable...sound quality is also good

u/ssjumper · 1 pointr/india

Do earplugs help? I think they'd work for dogs. Like this

u/th3cr3w · 3 pointsr/india

panasonic rp-tcm125. costs only 600 bucks and the sound is great.

u/mrfreeze2000 · 1 pointr/india

OP I got these based on a recommendation here

They're expensive but very good. It is a bit difficult to breathe through them but they work really well

u/mmapza · 1 pointr/india

If you are referring to this then I have already read it. All it has is character descriptions and some proposed art which looks amazing. There is a second one Volume 2: Secrets and legends but it's only my wishlist. From what I remember, Grant Morrison wanted a animated series originally. Both these books were published with whatever content they had come up with. The end goal was always the animated series though.

To me it looks like that the project got nowhere and has been abandoned, since I don't really see any updates anymore.

>Its on youtube as a motion comic, a medium which I think you're unfamiliar with

It was never marketed as a "motion comic". It was marketed as an animated series. I except more than a slideshow with background music when it is marketed as an animated show

u/puneet1991 · 1 pointr/india

I use these. They are pretty great, but don't have mic.

u/mujerdeindia · 1 pointr/india

That beauty known as Little Black Classics Box Set is back in stock at Rs 2649. Also, you can get an additional 15% off with Citi Cards if your cart is 5000 or more, thus making it a steal price of Rs 2250.Perfect for gifting or that bookshelf :)

u/nomi_nomi · 2 pointsr/india

Supposed to be a good translation. Contains all that one needs to know.

u/uday11 · 3 pointsr/india

Just read this book Asura - you will find interesting things about birth of sita and more about ravana.,

u/NoToiletNoShower · 1 pointr/india

with the help of this. You have to check what is the size of your optical drive. The optical drive, HDD and caddy has the same SATA port.

u/ppatra · 4 pointsr/india

Philips QT4011/15:

It used to sell at 1.5k but price has increased in the last few months.

u/STEDHY · 3 pointsr/india

May I suggest Sennheiser CX 180 Street II In-Ear Headphone without Mic. If you are looking for an earphone that provides a balanced audio, nice vocals and not too much bass then Sennheiser CX 180 are meant for you only.

Company provides 2 years replacement warranty and moreover they do the replacement genuinely.

Ps. Not meant for rough and tough use as the wire is delicate.

u/new_neo · 1 pointr/india

Home thought of buying some stuff I have been meaning to..

What do you guys think about this trimmer(I hardly go for a clean balde-wala shave, mostly maintain a 3-day look):

u/cdasx · 3 pointsr/india

This penguin collection of 80 classics, which was up for ~ ₹2700 earlier, It's still a good deal at 3000! And not to mention beautiful.

u/trippy_baba · 2 pointsr/india

Are you sure ? It's listed on Amazon.

u/TheWyzim · 1 pointr/india

I’m the same, I have never shaved in my life. I had a scare in my childhood which makes me irrationally afraid using blade on my skin. I use a trimmer with 0.5 setting and get a close trim. It looks like third day beard after a close shave. Just buy a Philips trimmer and trim using comb over it and you’ll be good to go. Watch videos if you need help.

u/SabashChandraBose · 1 pointr/india

Wait, that's the premise of Asura a pretty amateur piece of fiction, but nonetheless advocates the same idea.

u/sakhtaadmi · 2 pointsr/india

Well, It doesn't say I can't. Whereas this thing says it has a policy. So external HDDs are allowed to be returned.

u/_2_4_8 · 1 pointr/india

Has your helios arrived OP?

Also, wanted to add: If anybody does buy a laptop that has a DVD drive and you don't intend to use it, you can easily turn into a second hard drive using this caddy.

Most laptops that come with a DVD drive have a 5400rpm slow hard drive. One can swap the 5400 hd for an ssd and insert the 5400 rpm drive into the caddy. That way, an ssd of 120gig will host your OS and applications while the 5400 HD of 1TB can host your multimedia.

Keep in mind however that this may effect your battery performance marginally. Also, check what the size of your DVD bay is, popular ones are either 12.7mm or 9.5. And buy a Sata one unless your laptop has IDE relics in which case you're in desperate need of an upgrade.

u/kuttappan-peter-mon · 1 pointr/india

This was recommended by someone here, although I haven't bought it myself.

u/Neo_007 · 5 pointsr/india

if you are a audiophile. Audio-Technicia is way to go. lower price version still little bit expensive but worth the price. you will not regreat.

u/backFromTheBed · 2 pointsr/india

Headphones/Earphones Deal

Sennheiser CX 180 Street II In-Ear Headphone are available at their lowest ever price ₹699.

Sennheiser HD 180 Over-Ear Headphones are available at their lowest ever ₹798.

If you can spend some more, I'd personally recommend SoundMagic E10C In-Ear Headphones, which are at ₹1399. I had bought them from headphonezone about two years back at ₹1980, and they are still as good as they were the first 100 times of listening.

u/Laboe · 6 pointsr/india

At the risk of sounding complacement, maybe India isn't in need of dire saving. After decades of being in the doldrums, it's finally rising at a quite rapid pace. GDP per capita is starting to reach critical mass. India in 2020 will be where China was in the year 2010 according to the IMF(PPP-adjusted).

So its just a decade behind. A big concern is the slowdown in jobs growth. That would cause significant instability if the trend persisted, given that India has about 1 million new entrants into the labor market every single month.

If you look at absolute povery measured by the world bank, the numbers have come down dramatically. India's TFR will also basically converge to replacement rate levels by 2020, something which is necessary to avoid instability and more rapidly increase the wealth of each citizen.

Chidabaram had an interesting talk recently where he talked about India today and its potential. He essentially said neither India nor China could ever reach Western levels of prosperity on a per-capita basis. I wouldn't be so certain. The main constraint today is energy, specifically oil.

That can be overcome(see EVs). Then you have food and whatnot, but that will be possible to bypass by growing your own food in a lab. Water usage can still be streamlined far more than it is today, even in most developed countries. Add to this the general decline in violence over the past several millenia, and you have a decent foundation to build prosperity on. The major risk out there is climate change.

u/ChumbaWambah · 3 pointsr/india

Not Cholas alone, but this book gives factual information of the entire South Indian empires.

u/calvinwalterson · 11 pointsr/india
  • Intel G4560 Pentium Processor For around 4.5K to 5K in local market

  • Msi h110m pro-vh plus approx 4K in local market

  • Kingston 4GB DDR4 RAM for approx 2.5K

  • WD Blue Desktop 1TB approx 3.5K

    It will not cost more than 15K rest of the money can be spent for Monitor or other accessories including mouse and keyboard.
    If you don't know how to build just visit a local shop and provide him parts list to assemble your Desktop.
u/spectrum800 · 2 pointsr/india

Are stainless steel trimmers long lasting(like atleast 2 years), or should go for titanium trimmers?
Some cheap titanium trimmers are available,

While several more expensive ones are stainless steel blade.

u/here-i-cum · 13 pointsr/india

Try foam nose reduction earplugs.. they work great..

3M 1110 Corded Foam, Noise Reduction Ear Plugs (Pack Of 10),orange

u/rl421403 · 7 pointsr/india

For budget headphone, Sennheiser CX 180 Street II In-Ear Headphone @699/-.

And if you pay with Amazon Pay, you get 10% cashback.

u/snakeskulls · 2 pointsr/india

Get these ear defenders. They work marvellously in blocking out noise.

I use them all the time at work and home. They are especially great in blocking loud sounds.

For sleep, get earplugs.

u/dhildo · 4 pointsr/india

Panasonic RP-TCM125

Swear by it. Using it since 2014.

u/darklordind · 1 pointr/india

> Also, since you are so sure not a single Southerner thinks Ramayan is a story of North v South

Never said this. Learn to read ffs.

There is a book called Asura: Tale of the vanquished ( which tries to tell a reinterpret ramayana from the perspective of Ravana. By the way, I have read it. It is much more relevant to the discussion rather than antiquated sources you found which primarily tell about how in the 19th/20th century, various people started their interpretation of Ramayana for political purposes including one where the britishers were the 'red monkeys' and depended primarily on Aryan invasion theory with Rama being Aryan and south Indians being dravidians. AIT is in the dumps.

Given you are asking, most of South Indian Hindus do not believe Ramayana as a war between South and North (I would like to say 80%-90% but I don't believe any one ever did such a survey and it is frankly a waste of time). Major hindu pilgrim places in Andhra Pradesh/Telenagana include Tirupati and Badrachalam.

Ramayana and Mahabharat have been interpreted and retold from many perspectives from Sita, Bheem, Arjun, Eklavya, Karna etc and these have come from various parts of India (mostly from Maharashtra and South India if you are interested and these are just the ones I read). They are fun to read and enrich the story. In fact, the Mahabharat that is played on TV is something that was collated from multiple sources in recent history - 19th century I think. These are great epics with a depth and it is a disgrace that all you could get from these is that Valmiki is racist.

u/anurag173 · 1 pointr/india

cheap is good. But they should work too. I have these and they're shit. Any suggestions?

u/romainmyname · 3 pointsr/india

Start with this and then read about social problems with this, Political Theory with this. Read The Hindu, IE and for finance read Mint.

u/Aunty_lover242 · 3 pointsr/india

Buy these you won't regret op and I use these when there are shitty functions with loud music.
[foam plugs]

u/elazy · 11 pointsr/india

I checked out the prices of some of items that I had bought in last 6 months. My finding:

  1. Gas Wars: Current Price: 585, My Purchase price: 503, Purchase Month: April 2014
  2. Sennheiser CX 180 Street II In-Ear Headphone: Current Price: 749, My purchase price: 696, Purchase Month: May 2014
  3. D-Link DSL-2750U Wireless N 300 ADSL2+ 4-Port Wi-Fi Router with Modem: Current Price: 2169, My Purchase price: 2028, Purchase Month: June 2014
  4. Transcend StoreJet 25H3P 2.5-inch 2TB Portable External Hard Drive: Current Price: 8099, My Purchase Price: 7598, Purchase Month: June 2014

    I haven't checked the prices of these items in last couple of weeks so I can't say if the prices have been increased specifically for sale or not.
u/Binatoned · 8 pointsr/india

Philips QT4011/15 Pro Skin Advance Trimmer

Have been using for over 3 years. No problem till now.

u/linkin4567 · 8 pointsr/india

Hey buddy, I have been on both the sides, one half of the college I had the same feelings as you, and other half i was the President,member and had dozens of meetings to attend and conduct.

I think it was a fundamental shift in my mentality where I wanted to take control of my life, instead of just cribbing. Join a club, volunteer somewhere, learn music, but whatever you do - promise yourself that you'll do it for 6 months no matter how much you hate it or it doesn't interest you.

These things matter not because of their value on resume, but building social circles, interacting with people from different places builds your character. And what you've said about depression, hang in there buddy, things always get better.

I would suggest reading this book:

u/pencil_the_anus · 19 pointsr/india

Which Philips beard trimmer are you using? I've had this Philips QT4011/15 corded & cordless Titanium blade Beard Trimmer for three years now.

Fucker is a buy it for life material.

u/IWillNotLie · 2 pointsr/india

Yup. India. Blew my mind when I realised that's how cheap it would be.

CPU : Intel i5 6402p

Motherboard : Gigabyte H110M-DS2

PSU : Corsair VS Series VS550

GPU : Zotac GTX 960 4GB DDR5

RAM : 8GB DDR4 Kingston HyperX Fury Black Series 2133 MHz

Hard Disk : WD 1TB Blue

Cabinet : XPro Cabinet Battlefield Black

Shitty keyboard.

Mouse : Digiflip GM001

Cheap TP-Link wireless dongle.

Screen : Micromax 20B22HD

Online, the cost goes up to 63k, but if you buy from a retailer, you'll get it about 4k cheaper, especially the graphic card, and they'll even assemble it for you if you pay them.

u/sammyedwards · 1 pointr/india

Not really. Genghis Khan razed down races of people, cities and empires, with no evidence left. There is still debate on whether WW2 was the bloodiest in history. You can read this acclaimed book-

Which uses statistics to argue how violence has decreased through the ages.

u/popfreq · 0 pointsr/india

> Hitler wasn't better during WW2

From our point of view.

Different countries have different interests. Israelis put a higher emphasis on tragedies that affected them directly. Americans put a higher emphasis on tragedies that affected them directly. So do the Russians, Amenians, Polish and every other people. We are Indians -- why should we, uniquely in the world, put others major tragedies, ahead of our own?

Remember -- Hitler was not genocidal towards Indians. Millions of Indians did not die because of him.

We should not be ignoring the fact that the death of millions o Indians is more pertinent to us.

> Nope this is simply not true,

It is. See Churchill's Secret War

> Churchill did is in no way comparable to the holocaust or the evil perpetrated by Imperial Japan.

It is ironic you say that, because in the first para I pointed out that India gave Hirohito 3 days of official mourning when he died. Hirohito was the head of Imperial Japan in WW2. He wielded the power in a pretty hands on manner, often overruling his generals/admirals. To ignore him is a pretty large gap for someone implicitly claiming to knowledgeable in "real history".

>There is a tremendous difference in degrees. To say otherwise is to lessen the victims of the holocaust and the victims in most of eastern Asia.

Many magnitudes more of Indians died due to British Rule. Even the period covered by Mike Davis' Late Victorian Holocausts has around 30 million. I have sympathy for the family of Holocaust victims, but it is you who are trivializing the deaths of tens of millions of Indians.

u/DaManmohansingh · 1 pointr/india

Food stocks from India (and from Australia Wheat stocks) were diverted to the Mediterranean theatre.

British Raj officials themselves pleaded with London (Churchill) to release stocks off food, British Army said Med theatre had adequate food stocks, yet the food was diverted to the Med.

The famine was in itself caused by scorched earth policy which messed up rice production in Burma. There was no way the British did not know that cutting away the rice supply from Burma would cause a famine like situation in India. Interestingly enough, according to Amartya Sen the British position is made weaker. He says food production actually increased and if they hadn't been diverted purposely to the Med, the famine wouldn't have even occurred.

The level of food supply is strangely very murky (some observers talk about a storm in 42 that wiped out an entire season's crop, Amartya Sen talks about excess food supply) but what is clear is India lost a fair portion of the rice imports from Burma (scorched earth) and massive food stocks were diverted to the Med.

However let me quote Madhushree Mukherjee,

>>The Japanese occupation of Burma in March 1942 cut off rice imports, of between one and two million tons per year, to India. Instead of protecting the Indian public from the resultant food shortage, the War Cabinet insisted that India absorb this loss and, further, export rice to countries that could no longer get it from South East Asia. As a result, after war arrived at India’s borders, the colony exported 260,000 tons of rice in the fiscal year 1942-43.

>>Meanwhile India’s war expenditures increased ten fold, and the government printed paper money to pay for them. In August 1942 a representative of India’s viceroy told the War Cabinet that runaway inflation could lead to “famines and riots.”

>>In December 1942, Viceroy Linlithgow warned that India’s grain supply was seriously short and he urgently needed 600,000 tons of wheat to feed soldiers and the most essential industrial workers. The War Cabinet stated that ships were not available. In January 1943, Churchill moved most of the merchant ships operating in the Indian Ocean over to the Atlantic, in order to build up the United Kingdom’s stockpile of food and raw materials. The Ministry of War Transport cautioned him that the shift would result in “violent changes and perhaps cataclysms” in trade around the Indian Ocean. (In addition to India, the colonies of Kenya, Tanganyika, and British Somaliland all suffered famine in 1943.) Although refusing to meet India’s need for wheat, Churchill insisted that India continue to export rice.

>>With famine raging, in July 1943 Viceroy Linlithgow halted rice exports and again asked the War Cabinet for wheat imports, this time of 500,000 tons. That was the minimum required to feed the army and otherwise maintain the war effort. The news of impending shipments would indirectly ease the famine, he noted: any hoarders would anticipate a fall in prices and release grain, causing prices to fall in reality. But at a meeting on August 4, the War Cabinet failed to schedule even a single shipment of wheat for India. Instead, it ordered the buildup of a stockpile of wheat for feeding European civilians after they had been liberated. So 170,000 tons of Australian wheat bypassed starving India—destined not for consumption but for storage.

>>Meanwhile, the United Kingdom’s stockpile of food and raw materials, intended for shoring up the postwar British economy, reached 18.5 million tons, the highest ever. Sugar and oilseeds overflowed warehouses and had to be stored outdoors, under tarpaulins.

>>Of course Churchill knew that his priorities would result in mass death. In one of his tirades against Indians, he said they were “breeding like rabbits” anyway. On behalf of Indians, the War Cabinet ignored an offer of 100,000 tons of Burmese rice from freedom fighter Subhas Chandra Bose (who was allied with the Japanese), discouraged a gift of wheat from Canada, and turned down rice and wheat volunteered by the United States.

>>The War Cabinet eventually ordered for India 80,000 tons of wheat and 130,000 tons of barley. (Barley was useless for famine relief because it had no impact on prices.) The first of these meager shipments reached India in November. All the while, the Indian Army consumed local rice and wheat that might otherwise have fed the starving. The famine came to an end in December 1943, when Bengal harvested its own rice crop—at which point Churchill and his friend Cherwell renewed their demand for rice exports. Source

I strongly recommend her book as well, it is from this (and Sen's to a certain extent) that I came to the conclusion that the Bengal famine was not a famine, but a man made genocide.

Churchill's Secret War: The British Empire and the Ravaging of India During World War II

The Bengal famine was no different from the Holdomor in the sense that it was death by starvation caused wilfully by a government that knew it's actions would result in the deaths of millions.