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u/PoodlePPusher · 1 pointr/Hounds

Thank you! We love her so much :) It is comparable (and preferred by most of the reviews I read) to the Ruffwear Front range harness. She is wearing this Harness by True Love:

We have had it for about a month and it's worked out great. She likes to pull and it's held up so far.

u/BonchiFox · 5 pointsr/Hounds

I recommend Don't Shoot the Dog! by Karen Pryor--Karen Pryor is click-training advocate who specialized in behavioral psychology and marine mammal biology ( also has a website, hosts clicker-expos around the states, and dog trainer academy.)

The second book I recommend is The Other End of the Leash: Why We do What we Do Around Dogs by Patricia B. McConnell. Patricia McConnel is a University professor of Zooology, trained ethologist, and CAAB ( Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist)

These two wonderful ladies are extremely insightful and break down different types of training. :) Good luck!

u/midnyghtchilde · 2 pointsr/Hounds

Oh, Premier Pet makes a bunch of them - [on Amazon] ( but most pet stores carry a few of them too.

I use the Kibble Nibbler Ball for his meals, and other toys for some kibble throughout the day - he loves squirrel buddy, but I also have the waggle bone, large twist n'treat, the mushroom, and the barnacle. He figures them out fast, but it does slow his eating and make him think!

He also [loves this toy] (, which is way better than the similar Kong Wobbler in that its slower to dispense and better balanced (he figured out how to get the wobbler to balance on its side and just dump the kibble out in on big pile!)

u/singingserpent · 2 pointsr/Hounds

First, she is a gorgeous girl!
I have a couple of Chilly Dog wool sweaters from Amazon. The sock monkey sweater in XL fits my 80ish lb bluetick well. He has a deep chest. The other one I bought was the Green Cable knit (XL) This one I don't like as much--it fits well in the chest but is so long in the body that it hangs over his tail. There are several sweaters in that turtleneck style that are cute, but probably won't get that kind again. I bet for your girl the L would work.
I like the Chilly Dog since they are made of 100% wool, not acrylic. The wool stays warm even when wet and doesn't get smelly as acrylic.
I am not a super fan of dressing up dogs, but I live in the upper Midwest, and when it is 10F or lower, my hound needs that extra layer!
Now if I could only find a pair of booties that would stay on his big paws!

u/ksbsnowowl · 1 pointr/Hounds

> We can clip the leash to the front of the harness and this helps her from pulling.

Yeah, front-clip harnesses are the only thing that has muted my Plott's desire to pull as hard as she can. Wish we had known about the harness you linked when we ordered one for our girl. I'll definitely keep it in mind for a replacement in a few years.

u/marileejean · 1 pointr/Hounds

We got a Petsafe collar from Amazon
It's fine but I don't feel strongly about it.

u/asire_ · 2 pointsr/Hounds

I have a sensation harness for my Plott. It's worked pretty well in combination with teaching her loose leash walking.

Back hooking harnesses are going to actually encourage pulling. I don't care for head harnesses as I've had bad experiences with them. Prong collars need to be fitted by someone who knows what they are doing. I personally find them overkill for correcting typical Plott "I just want to sniff" type pulling. I have one for my other dog. She isn't a hound.

u/CallieCatsup · 1 pointr/Hounds

Ours used to do this all the time, so we got him a bark collar:
He has learned not to do this and we don't always need the collar anymore, but if he does start back up again, we just pull the collar out. If he can't bay at the other dog, he loses interest in harassing them and does something else.

u/this_dust · 1 pointr/Hounds

I've got a redbone and a blue tick and the only thing ive found that works is a sock/vibrayion collar. We have one that has noise, vibration and shock settings. We start with with the noise then move on to the vibration and lastly the shock. Usually just the noise works.

This is the one we have