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u/ARKnife · 2 pointsr/KnifeDeals

Sold by 3rd party sellers but fulfilled by Amazon.

Buck 112 Ranger Slim Pro on sale here.

There seems to be a sale on these knives all over the internet (Knifecenter and BladeHQ have them on sale as well) with some versions already being sold out which makes me wonder if the model haven't been discontinued by Buck (so they lifted the MAP).
If anyone heard anything please share it with us.

As for the knife - great EDC option IMO, light, slim, great steel (S30V with BOS HT), micarta handles, thumbstuds for one handed opening, backlock and a deep carry pocket clip (which is very wide and quite hideous but does the job well).

Plus the knife is made in the US and feels classic (great looks too IMO).

Some users have been complaining about the quality (mainly some bladeplay) but my 112 that I ordered from Amazon a few months ago is pretty much flawless.

One thing to keep in mind is that the pivot couldn't be tightened and the knife seem to lack washers (but breaks in pretty well).

u/Riley_UK · 1 pointr/KnifeDeals

The "Victorinox Fibrox Straight Edge Chef's Knife, 8-Inch" is on sale on Amazon for $36.95 which is about $10 less than you'll find it most places.

Generally regarded as the king of chef's knives at the $50 price point it's quite rare to see it available with Prime for under $40 on Amazon.

Some "best chef knife" style reviews which all feature the knife in question:

EDIT: Here's the camelcamelcamel page which shows the history of the price on Amazon:

u/walkingagh · 2 pointsr/KnifeDeals

Thanks in for 1! Amazon reviews were quite favorable at almost double the cost!

u/Lazerr · 1 pointr/KnifeDeals

I was browsing camelcamelcamel and saw the link to it here.

Looks like it saves a couple bucks which is always a good thing.

u/homebrewfinds · 2 pointsr/KnifeDeals

Hard to pass up, I grabbed one. The link in that post helps support gear trails. If you're opposed to that here is a direct link.

u/slc_blades · 2 pointsr/KnifeDeals

Officially Licensed RAMBO II MC-RB2 Officially Licensed First Blood Part II Survival Knife 15.38-Inch Overall

I found this with a quick google search? It’s modeled after the one from the second movie though it looks like

u/delta_frog · 2 pointsr/KnifeDeals

Haha I ended up going with the titanium version because of the satin blade. I paid $212 for it which is way below retail and you got me so excited I couldn't resist. Basically decided to pay MSRP because I also ordered some ceramic ball bearings for it as well as some Nano Oil and a pocket clip. So basically I paid the price of a stock knife for the knife and all the mods I wanted to do.

Also I noticed that the deal you posted had multiple vendors with Prime but some of them charged tax and some didn't. Poke around a bit and save yourself 12 bucks.

EDIT: here is the knife $148.95 no tax This is sold by 100% reputable vendor with prime shipping available except no tax on this one unlike the one sold by the Amazon vendor.

EDIT 2: Proof Pics!

u/cragar79 · 1 pointr/KnifeDeals

I look at it as being pretty similar to the Emerson/Kershaw CQC-4KXL which is made with 8Cr14MoV.

Speaking of, it looks like Amazon has those for $25 and change right now, which is a hell of a deal. I have one and I really like it. It's big and scary sharp, plus it has the wave opener.

u/MrLuthor · 5 pointsr/KnifeDeals

Seems a little spammy as this is the only post ever on OP's account.

If you are looking for a budget 8-Inch Chef Knife check out this.