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u/NobleHeavyIndustries · 22 pointsr/Patriots

Read Keep Your Eye off the Ball. Read The Essential Smart Football. Pay for NFL GamePass. Watch the Coach's Film (All-22). They've archives going back to 2011. It's especially helpful if you watch a game (or series of plays) you're already familiar with. Get pen and paper out and take notes. Watch what each player is doing, both before and after the snap, and be ready to rewind over and over and over and over.

There's a lot of good analysis on YouTube too, if you are a learn-by-watching type.

>Start here, on Brett Kollman's channel. He's a former NFL Network production assistant. Most of his videos are story heavy and analysis light, but that video is about how to watch film.
>Sam's Film Room, with Samuel Gold, a writer for the Athletic. Good for beginners. I think he started out at r/nfl.
>The QB School, with former Patriots QB, JT O'Sullivan. Focuses on quarterback play, both good and bad.
>Dan Orlovski's Twitter has a bunch of quick analysis videos, usually focusing on QB play.
>Peyton Manning's Detail is wonderful show, but is stuck behind a paywall at There are two short videos free on YouTube. Resourceful people can find it elsewhere as well.
>Strong Opinion Sports, with Division III NCAA QB Zac Shomler. He has a lot of football video podcasts, but also a QB film analysis playlist.
>Baldy Breakdowns, with former Cowboys OLineman and current NFL Network analyst Brian Baldinger. No true focus, but has great insight into offensive line play.
>Gamepass Film Sessions. NFL Players and coaches analyze their own plays. The full version is on NFL Gamepass. I'm a particular fan of the one with Joe Thomas.
>Voch Lombardi. Focuses on talent evaluation and line play. Funny as fuck.
>The New England Patriots YouTube channel has Belichick Breakdown and Coffee with the Coach. Breakdown is the more analysis focused of the two.

If you're REALLY interested, the resources are out there. Good hunting.

u/DelRMi05 · 12 pointsr/Patriots

Just a friendly reminder for those that may not be aware. Peyton and Tom are friends. They have dinner together, they keep in touch. They are both very competitive. Anyone who hasn't yet should read the Brady Vs. Manning book by Gary Myers. It's a quick read and gives some great insight. Peyton's skits are hilarious, and he definitely feeds into the media's perceptions about the two.

u/Old_School_New_Age · 3 pointsr/Patriots

Have you been down on your ability to test well for long? If you have, I may have a remedy, or at least a partial correction.

It's this book. And it really helped me out of a psychological jam a few years back. It was recommended to me by my therapist, who went to meet the author, Dr. Burns, at one of his local speaking engagements.

What it does (I quit my anti-depressants ~a year later, thanks to this book) is it allows you to examine your own thought pattern, as if looking at a map. It addresses things you don't even think about, like how perfectionism can be self-destructive.

I felt better, mentally, when I finished chapter one. It's been in print so long it's probably available at the library.

u/ryaneatsworld · 5 pointsr/Patriots

A few points in favor of Dale and Holley.

  1. They just added a 3rd man and IMO the best patriots blogger out there, Jerry Thornton. Thornography
  2. Michael Holley wrote this great book on the patriots rise to dominance. War Room: The Legacy of Bill Belichick and the Art of Building the Perfect Team
u/JinterIsComing · 10 pointsr/Patriots

There's pretty good book on it too if you want to check it out. Also, "1 vs 199" would be an awesome title. If they ever made that, "Duel of Fates" has to be the theme song.

u/mbsdca · 1 pointr/Patriots

Yeah was definitely something else, just on a different level and they/fans had so much confidence then (in the defense anyways) . Have you checked out the Superbowl year dvd's? They have all of the games highlights and playoffs etc. They also have the 3 games to glory DVD's.

You can get them all reasonably priced on amazon.

u/Tgunner192 · 9 pointsr/Patriots

Micheal Holly's book Patriot Reign goes into fascinating detail about how BB and Romeo Crennel devised the defensive game plan for SB 36.

Not only did it work, every team in the league copied it and the "Greatest Show on Earth" never won another game. They opened the 2002 season 0-5, Warner was benched and The Show ended. Not only did the Patriots win the game, they laid a blueprint that took apart and destroyed one of the most effective offenses in NFL history.

u/Afin12 · 3 pointsr/Patriots

Hmm. Interesting. We've only ever heard Bill speak off the cuff. Why is he doing this? Is he a military history buff? I would guess that his management style is somewhat influenced by military culture. I'm reading War Room: The Legacy of Bill Belichick and the Art of Building the Perfect Team right now and I can see a lot of similarities between Belichick's leadership/organizational style and the time I spent in the military.

I mean, if Bill wants me to come play, you know... I'll show up on time for team meetings n' stuff.

u/uuillis · 44 pointsr/Patriots

Oh, for sure. I put it up on Amazon if you guys are interested. Thanks!

u/VinosD · 1 pointr/Patriots

There are several others that go into other aspects of his career. Going over the same information just a different narrative presentation. An Education of a Coach I enjoyed very much.

New book came out this year Belichick: The Making of the Greatest Football Coach of All Time I'm gonna give that a read soon.

u/r3agansmash · 1 pointr/Patriots

Jerry Thornton sports writer for Bar Stool sports came out with a fantastic book called From Darkness to Dynasty the first 40 years of the NE Patriots. DEFINITELY worth the read.

Amazon Link

u/exodus1028 · 3 pointsr/Patriots

A football life: Bill Belichick
Year of the Quarterbacks - The Brady 6
those two are must watch

Do your job - The 2014 NE Patriots

is pretty decent

last but not least, not particularily familiar with, but might be worth a watch: History of the New England Patriots

as for books
currently reading Warroom by Michael Holley. after that I already have Patriot Reign and Education of a Coach sitting there waiting on the bookshelf.

u/schadkehnfreude · 5 pointsr/Patriots

I'm not even a Patriots fan, but this article was fucking gold.

Some background information on Michael Rosenberg.

Before Rosenberg made it to SI he was a sportswriter in Detroit. I should mention here that Detroit is to shitty sportswriters what Kenya is to long distance runners. Most of you probably don't follow Michigan football, but in 2009 Rosenberg, who worked for the Detroit Free Press, didn't like then-Michigan coach Rich Rodriguez. That's fine. He gets paid to have an opinion and since Rodriguez had led the team to a 3-9 record the year before, few others in Ann Arbor liked Rodriguez.

The problem is that Rosenberg used his bully pulpit to tell bald-faced lies in penning an expose about "rules violations" that occurred under Rodriguez at Michigan To hear Rosenberg tell it, Rodrigeuz was running the equivalent of a Third World sweatshop in Ann Arbor. As fellow U-M grad and columnist Jonathan Chait pointed out, it's a pretty shoddy journalistic practice to assign someone with an agenda on a subject to do investigative reporting on that same subject. The meat of the allegations boiled down to Michigan was making their football players practice well and above the weekly time allotment of twenty hours. Horror!

To belabor an obvious point, Division I football players spend well in excess of 20 hours per week working out and training. The coaches may only be officially conducting practice for 20 hours, but if you want to be seeing the field you're lifting weights, studying film etc. at all hours of the week. Still, when it rains it pours and Michigan was just not a good team. The NCAA and the university did their own investigation... and found a half dozen instances where players stretched fifteen minutes past the alloted time while supervised by a graduate assistant. The NCAA slapped Michigan with probation to make it look like it Was Doing Things It Was In Charge of Doing. The notoriety Rosenberg earned from his scoop helped catapult him to his current position at Sports Illstated.

TL;DR - Michael Rosenberg can eat all the bags of all the dicks.

u/samacora · 6 pointsr/Patriots

Go big or go home!

But more realisticly check their YouTube channel and their website they do loads of character profiles and introductions etc. Good places to meet the team as it were

u/AfterReview · 2 pointsr/Patriots I ordered these rings about a week ago, and I'll share how I'm going to display them.

One each, on five of these

You're WEL-come!

u/BillionaireNick · 11 pointsr/Patriots

Anyone know where I can get a NASA hat like Marty always wears?

Edit: nevermind, found it.

u/djimbob · 2 pointsr/Patriots

Obviously while fans would rather read a biography, it would be so cool if he did something like Football Scouting Methods: 2nd Edition by Bill Belichick.

u/rsoxguy12 · 1 pointr/Patriots

I feel the same way CinnamonToastCrunch5 does. If you have followed the team closely, you'll know most of the stories. I would also recommend checking out Brady vs Manning: The Untold Story of the Rivalry That Transformed the NFL. Although its a little outdated now (I believe it was written before Manning's last SB victory), there's more stories in there that I had not heard before.

u/JimboLodisC · 2 pointsr/Patriots

as long as they've read this book, that's my only condition

u/ColtEastwood · 1 pointr/Patriots

$5 and $4 on Amazon, hell yeah!

u/cocineroylibro · 1 pointr/Patriots

I'm reading Thorton's From Darkness to Dynasty. I've been a fan through a good portion of the dark times, but I wasn't cognizant of how bad it was as a kid, I just knew they generally sucked.