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u/schadkehnfreude ยท 5 pointsr/Patriots

I'm not even a Patriots fan, but this article was fucking gold.

Some background information on Michael Rosenberg.

Before Rosenberg made it to SI he was a sportswriter in Detroit. I should mention here that Detroit is to shitty sportswriters what Kenya is to long distance runners. Most of you probably don't follow Michigan football, but in 2009 Rosenberg, who worked for the Detroit Free Press, didn't like then-Michigan coach Rich Rodriguez. That's fine. He gets paid to have an opinion and since Rodriguez had led the team to a 3-9 record the year before, few others in Ann Arbor liked Rodriguez.

The problem is that Rosenberg used his bully pulpit to tell bald-faced lies in penning an expose about "rules violations" that occurred under Rodriguez at Michigan To hear Rosenberg tell it, Rodrigeuz was running the equivalent of a Third World sweatshop in Ann Arbor. As fellow U-M grad and columnist Jonathan Chait pointed out, it's a pretty shoddy journalistic practice to assign someone with an agenda on a subject to do investigative reporting on that same subject. The meat of the allegations boiled down to Michigan was making their football players practice well and above the weekly time allotment of twenty hours. Horror!

To belabor an obvious point, Division I football players spend well in excess of 20 hours per week working out and training. The coaches may only be officially conducting practice for 20 hours, but if you want to be seeing the field you're lifting weights, studying film etc. at all hours of the week. Still, when it rains it pours and Michigan was just not a good team. The NCAA and the university did their own investigation... and found a half dozen instances where players stretched fifteen minutes past the alloted time while supervised by a graduate assistant. The NCAA slapped Michigan with probation to make it look like it Was Doing Things It Was In Charge of Doing. The notoriety Rosenberg earned from his scoop helped catapult him to his current position at Sports Illstated.

TL;DR - Michael Rosenberg can eat all the bags of all the dicks.