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u/ninetynein · 1 pointr/PenTurning

The bare minimum setup from my perspective would be:

  • A vice (or something else to hold the blanks) and a handsaw with a small kerf. Maybe a dovetail saw or something. This will let you cut the premade blanks to length. You won't really be able to make your own blanks easily without a bandsaw
  • Then you have to drill out your blanks. If you don't have room for a drill press, you might be able to get away with hand drilling them. I did it for a while, but you either have to be very good, or use a larger blank (I was the later). Otherwise, maybe a hand drill drill press setup? And some good drill bits. The sizes depend on the kits you buy.
  • Gluing in the tubes to the blank doesn't take any special tools.
  • A Pen mill (aka barrel trimmer) works ok in a hand drill as well. This is required to trim the end of the glued up blanks. Again, sizes depend on the kits.
  • For a lathe, if you're really tight on space, the Taig lathes are pretty good.
  • You'll need a couple turning tools. Maybe a bowl gouge and a parting tool? Don't go too high end to start with.
  • You can use the above vice above as a pen press, which you need to put your pens together.
  • Sand paper from 300 down to 800 grit. Some people use sanding pads as well down to 12,000 grit.
  • Paper towel and CA glue to finish.

    That's about the bare minimum I think. I'm not endorsing any of the brands I linked to here. They're just in there for reference. The lack of a drill press would probably cause you the most problems, but you'll survive ;)

    I hope that helps!
u/Jq1801 · 1 pointr/PenTurning

I just picked this up. PSI Woodworking PKMBCM2 Turn Between Centers Mandrel System #2MT I'm liking it so far

u/corbillardier · 1 pointr/PenTurning

Nope. Cheap HSS tools did the job! Took a while, u wasn't too bad to turn, actually. I don't think there are different aluminum hardnesses, the listing I bought it from didn't mention that.

Remington Industries 0.50RD6061T6511-10 1/2" Diameter, 6061 Aluminum Round Rod, 10" Length, T6511, Extruded, 0.50" Diameter