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PSI Woodworking CSC3000C Barracuda Wood Lathe Key Chuck System
Includes: (1) Barracuda2 chuck body, (4) self-centering jaw sets, (1) woodworm screw chuck, (1) spindle adapter, (1) gear key, (1) Allen wrench, (8) screws, (1) storage caseBarracuda2 chuck body is 3. 5" Diameter and weighs 4 lbs. ; pre-threaded to 1" X 8TPI and includes 3/4" X 16TPI spindle adapter#1 step jaws: 3/32" To 1-3/8" & 11/16" To 2-3/8"; #2 round jaws: 7/8" To 1-1/2" &1-1/4" To 2"; #3 wide bowl jaws: 3-1/16" To 4-3/8"; pin jaws: 1" To 2-1/4"With the variety of included jaws, The CSC3000C will mount most turning projects onto your Lathe; including bowls, spindles, pens, other small turning projects, and much moreThis is a C-Series Chuck; Compatible with all additional C-Series Jaws and accessories: 7-3/4" Jumbo Flat Jaws (CJAWFJ2), 5" Small Flat Jaws (CJAWFJ1), Set of 2 Alligator Jaws (LCALJAWS), Pen Blank Drilling Jaws (CJAWPEN), 8-1/4" Super Finishing Jaws (CJAWXL), and more!
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7 Reddit comments about PSI Woodworking CSC3000C Barracuda Wood Lathe Key Chuck System:

u/ninetynein · 4 pointsr/PenTurning

Pen turning is an excellent hobby! For making pens, some things you'll need might include:

  • pen blanks, a pen kit, and bushings for that specific kit

  • a way to drill the blank to glue in the inserts. If you don't have a drill press, then you can drill on your lathe with a chuck, a face plate, and a way to hold the blanks like some pen jaws. If you do have a drill press, then to ensure that you're drilling vertically, some people use a pen vice

  • Once the blank is drilled and the insert is glued in, you need to to trim it with a barrel trimmer

  • then you put it on your lathe by putting the bushings on either side of the blanks, and sliding the whole thing on a mandrel

  • Then you turn it, finish it, and assemble it. Some people use a pen press

    Note: Of course there are a million ways to do everything. I don't promote any of the links, they're just examples to show what the tools look like.
u/Killdrith · 3 pointsr/woodworking

I use:

^ that system, and it's wonderful for being able to quickly change to many useful chuck grips.. and the grips are all wonderful.. but the bite is pretty bad.

I have some veneer around though, so I'll try that!

u/dilespla · 2 pointsr/turning

Don't sweat it, I have the same lathe. It's not some one off oddball, so you can find anything you want for it, just like the Jet mini's and stuff.

I have this chuck, these pen jaws, and this pen mandrel. Oh, and this drill chuck.

The chuck comes with everything you need to get started with bowls and such. All the other stuff I use for pens.

u/TeamBenny14 · 2 pointsr/turning

The step jaws are the smaller ones, and used to hold smaller pieces. I would recommend against that chuck, as that style is a pain to open or close the jaws and also hold your piece (it usually takes two hands, so you cant easily also hold the piece of wood). For an $40-$70 you can get a better chuck, with more jaws that uses a single chuck key to open/close the jaws. Hope this helps.

u/early_dismissal · 1 pointr/woodworking
u/zpodsix · 1 pointr/turning

So just hauled my grandfather's lathe home and was anxious to start making wood chips and dust. Found a roughly straight oak log and went to town after de-barking.

Lathe I used. More info shows that it is a 12x42. After finishing the piece I noticed that the tailstock is seized up and not sure how to go about in repairing. I dosed with PB blaster and will let it sit for a day. I'm sure the friction and heat helped the bearing /s ... stupid I know.

Minus heating up the tailstock, the wood borer'd oak, and the dull chisels everything went well. I am looking at this set and this chuck, would these be good for beginner use? Looking for some feedback.

u/bobasaurus · 1 pointr/woodworking

I have this chuck:

It's maybe a little cheaper than the super nova if you count the jaws included, and it works great. Quite a bit pricier than your lathe (and mine), though. Allows you to do lots of cool shit.

I'm not sure if any of the threaded inserts available for it will match the OP's spindle, though.