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u/rdchat · 1 pointr/ScenesFromAHat

"Tonight I feel like listening to something really old school. Give me some Elvis music in the original Latin."

u/DwellerZer0 · 3 pointsr/ScenesFromAHat

"As our hotel accommodates guests of all faiths, we shall no longer carry books of faith with reassuring and positive messages that imply order, such as the bible and the q'ran. Instead, we have made available A Million Random Digits with 100,000 Normal Deviates to reassure our guests that the universe is indeed a cold and meaningless chaotic place with no deeper meaning."

u/ekolis · 1 pointr/ScenesFromAHat

Sounds like a book I read as a kid...

u/metal_fan · 4 pointsr/ScenesFromAHat

"What do you mean, we can't make a movie of Crap Taxidermy ? After 'The Mummy,' Universal will be knocking down our door to produce it!"

u/LuxNocte · 4 pointsr/ScenesFromAHat

I just knew this had to exist (NSFW for anyone completely not paying attention)

Even better, the Fuck Saw adapter.