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u/Bigreddoc · 3 pointsr/Strongman

I don't have much experience with natural stone lifting but am tempted to sign up for a comp in December just because it has a natural stone to shoulder event. I just wanted to share some stuff that might be interesting to some of you.

Martin Jancsics Youtube Channel Martin was in the documentary Stoneland. His channel has a couple of how to videos and then him lifting various stones around Scotland.

Historic Stone Lifting Facebook page Run by Martin Jancsics. I am pretty sure you can try to coordinate trips to Scotland to lift stones here. He also has a book on stone lifting coming out co-written by Dr Bill Crawford, also from Stoneland and one of the announcers of the 2018 Arnold (don't hate him for that).

Stones of Strength book Written by Steve Jeck & Peter Martin. A short book that details the history of some of the most famous stones around Europe, tells about the author's trip around Scotland to lift several stones, and ends with a brief section about strength training for stone lifting.

u/jamie_bricks · 11 pointsr/Strongman

So I got my belt signed by Big Z this weekend at a seminar after Maryland's Strongest Man

Signed belt here

I can now log press 200kg thanks all to the good mojo now in this

But in all seriousness, I had this EliteFTS belt signed this weekend on the outside on the back. It is a smooth leather finish on the outside, so I am a bit concerned about making sure the signature stays there for as long as possible without fading or smudging.

I had him use a Sharpie permanent marker so realistically it should be good. However, ideally I'd like to continue to use this belt, as it is my only belt for overhead/front carry events I have (I have an Inzer ratchet belt as well but the ratchet gets in the way on log/keg/front carries).

Is it stupid of me to think it is possible for me to continue using this belt without ruining the signature? I looked up a few things via google and saw that some people used this with leather to maintain signatures. Anyone have any experience with that?

Any tips/suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thanks guys!

u/exlaxbros · 3 pointsr/Strongman

For you and /u/MCRmagician, a deer drag harness works perfectly well so long as you aren't dragging actual tractors or trucks with it. Great for cars, tires, and sleds of reasonable weights. $12

For stones, I am a fan of the stall mat AND tire combo. /u/MythicalStrength is doing a good job demonstrating this in one of his recent videos after I finally talked him into giving it a shot.

u/Yayyuh · 3 pointsr/Strongman

It looks like the dudes in WSM wear Rehbands on their elbows (from watching it at least), but it could just be a similar design. I got a pair 4 months ago to squat with and I love them. Never used them on my arms though.

Maybe you can ask Mr. Shahlaei about it in his upcoming AMA.

u/devinhoo · 3 pointsr/Strongman

Cheap-o chalk is better than no chalk. I only know because I used to rock climb a lot, which is very grip specific. Non brand chalk blocks are usually pretty cheap, and they'll go a long way. E.g. Rogue sells chalk for $12 for 8 blocks, which is hard to beat especially considering that it's one of their "3 ships free" deal. (But as an addendum, Black Diamond White Gold chalk isn't that much more expensive per pound.)

u/yeomandev · 1 pointr/Strongman

Does anyone here have the CFF Log? Looks like it's 10 inches. (

It seems like it would be a good (inexpensive) training tool. What do you guys think?

u/aRapedApe · 3 pointsr/Strongman

I have been wearing Merrill's J87313 for years, currently on my second pair, about to buy my third. I've tried just about everything from Chuck's, Sambas, running shoes, etc. and found these to be the absolute best option for me. They provide a lot of stability, are grippy as hell (have done several truck pulls in them with zero slippage, while rock climbing shoe wearing dudes were slipping!), the sole is firm, and has a nice contour for heel strikers like me, so I can roll from heel to toe. These are my number one go to for pretty much anything that's not overhead or deadlifting (normally go bare foot).

u/LaurenceShahlaei · 4 pointsr/Strongman

Hi Pagit85

I can't say I have, no. I did some rock climbing when I was younger but I'm old and heavy now :(

I've never really followed any of the popular squat routines tbh. I learned quite quickly what worked well for me just by picking up tips all over. That said, I did enjoy this 20 rep squat routine when I was starting out and I continue to use high rep squats in my training from time to time.

u/Strongman1987 · 2 pointsr/Strongman

I have a J-ship scale with a 150kg/330lb weight limit. Thing works great for me, had it for years.

u/ryanmercer · 3 pointsr/Strongman

> What do you guys do when you're feeling the grind?

From a guy that's been classified as morbidly obese for half his life, and loves to squat, knee sleeves & stick roller helps me a TON. I use this one and go crazy on my quads which always seems to help with any knee pain. It squeeks as it rolls which can get a little annoying but eh.

Edt: added a &.

u/shul0k · 1 pointr/Strongman

Why do you need a second dumbbell?

I got a couple of these set screw collars that are awesome for keeping the weights in place. They use a 1/4 inch hex key which is mildly inconvenient.

u/iLiftHeavyThingsUp · 1 pointr/Strongman

I bought some nordic lifting heavy duty wrist wraps the other day. 50% off. $20 total. Though they were on a flash sale at the time and actually got them for $13.

u/MythicalStrength · 5 pointsr/Strongman

> I have never been able to find IFSA 2005 but the lineup was incredible and 2005 WSM might be the worst WSM lineup of all time.

I got this back in 07, not even realizing how cool it was at the time. Lotta big names in it.