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u/k_tiara_von_lobster · 5 pointsr/TrollMUA

If you want to wear mascara while you're recovering, you can get a new tube and apply with one-time-use spoolie brushes. You can also get them at Sally Beauty. Just make sure you don't touch the brush to your lashes, then put it back in the tube.

u/Manolo_Colon · 4 pointsr/TrollMUA

LOL, get any surprising colors? Also, I'd just like to drop a link to a good bathroom read (seemed apropos).

u/Lumberchick · 1 pointr/TrollMUA

I vary between a soft and hard angle. When I started I got the too faced brow envy kit which was really helpful because it came with guides that I could follow along with. I also use a MAC clear gel to hold them in place as i brush them up I trim off the excess hairs with an eyebrow razor (you can find them almost anywhere.

But if you do this make sure you take off a little at a time, a little goes a long way.

Another thing you could do is get them Plucked by a professional. Plucking is ok but my electrolysis says that its a bad thing. Meh, I'm sure its fine for eyebrows.

Another way you could go is to get them threaded (which is nearly the same as plucking)

You could always go and get them waxed too but that wont thin out the hairs, only plucking and threading will do that ... unless you do that after, or they do it there too. (in my experience the waxing techs don't take excess hairs out.)

Wether you decide to get them waxed, plucked, or threaded make sure you ask around and use yelp to try and find a good place that does it. There are some places out there that are just not good.

At the end of the day just remember if you screw up, its just hair. it grows back. Life will continue.

u/Prettywhitecat · 3 pointsr/TrollMUA

BONAMART ® 6/12/24/36 Color DIY Fast Non-toxic Temporary Hair Crayons Chalk Pastel Gra...

The hair chalk is alright, the color definitely faded over the day, but there was no fallout on my clothes or anything. I also had to significantly wet the chalk to get it to color well, but the color was cool, a sort of faded eggplant grayish color. Haven't tried the other colors yet, we shall see how the lighter colors go…

u/TheInfanta · 1 pointr/TrollMUA

According to my amazon order history this is it. But it looks like they only have it in red now.

u/NightFury85 · 3 pointsr/TrollMUA

It is NYX Black Label in Citrine. It's smooth and long lasting, highly recommended.

u/missprecocious · 3 pointsr/TrollMUA

Thayer's is what I use. I think you can get it at health stores, too! I also use it occasionally throughout the day if I am feeling greasy when I am not wearing makeup around the house but don't want to dry out my face by washing.