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u/neovngr · 1 pointr/Trucks

> These are the flush mounts I have, they are pretty damn bright for reversing.

And you just cut holes in your bumper and put them in? Looks like it'd be a pretty straight forward install, am very much liking this approach! How'd you place them, like are they more centered or off to the sides? Presuming the latter!

u/OhioJeeper · 3 pointsr/Trucks

Get one of these.

I''ve had the same one for the last few years, I don't know why it took me so long to buy one but they making clearing off my truck super easy.

u/BiWinning85 · 2 pointsr/Trucks

I have a 5.4l 3v. I have done a little research on them (as I want to know if my engine will grenade).

The 5.4L 3v does have some issues. However if you are diligent and do some preventative maintenance/repair, it can last and is a good motor.

The spark plugs that come from the factory are 2 piece plugs and seize in the head and snap off. When this first started happening this meant getting the head pulled to fix it. Now, you can buy a cheap tool, swap them out with a high end 1 piece and itll never happen again.

Now on to the cam phaser issues. The cams have a cam phasing sprocket. That change the cam lobe timing, giving better efficiency at low end (i think. It would seem to me if you build a car and get to choose which side has the best efficiency, I would do it at high speed).

These engines are notorious for these failing and costing big money. However there is a cheap kit you can get before hand, to prevent the problem.

Here is a video of the 5.4l 3v spark plug "hot extraction method". The motor is brought up to temperature, then shut down and the plugs are changed hot. Ontop of that, you use a 3/8 impact gun and they come out fine.

TL;DR this motor has quite the reputation but dont let it dissuade you if its a nice truck and you can turn a wrench and buy a 40$ torque wrench.

u/RaceCeeDeeCee · 1 pointr/Trucks

I don't use a tonneau cover so I can't help with that, but for snow brushes I have one that extends to like 6', and has a rotatable brush head on it with a brush on one side and rubber squeegee type thing on other side that I always leave crossways, like a broom. Easy to push and pull the snow off my roof, windshield, and hood from one side of the truck. I just push a strip off the far side, then pull a strip back towards me, then repeat.

Before I started buying this type of brush, I always climbed up in the bed and brushed the snow off the roof that way. Screw all those who don't properly clean the snow off their vehicles!

Edit: similar to this one

u/Thanks_for_that_too · 1 pointr/Trucks


This: Loctite Heavy Duty Threadlocker, 0.2 oz, Blue 242, Single

Versus this: Permatex 24200 Medium Strength Threadlocker Blue, 6 ml

Which do you recommend?

u/TyGreeny · 2 pointsr/Trucks

I have a Street Guardian hard wired in my 2012 F150. Haven't needed it so far but I'm very satisfied.

Join us over in /r/dashcam

u/LeonAquilla · 3 pointsr/Trucks

Its tricky but the secret is don't drive like a maniac with dogs in the bed. Having dogs that weigh 50+ helps too.

I do have a couple of these though. Highly recommend them.

u/mrtramplefoot · 1 pointr/Trucks

These for stuff like that shovel would be nicer if you're always going to put it in the same spot Original Quick Fist Clamp for mounting tools & equipment 1" - 2-1/4" diameter (Pack of 2)

u/slayfire122 · 1 pointr/Trucks

These are my favorite places to shop online (not necessarily in that order). There is also Amazon for some parts like this.


u/ieatwhatieatbabies · 3 pointsr/Trucks

I agree, LOVE this body style.

When I first bought the truck a few years ago, used and relatively decently taken care of, I changed the plugs immediately (they were bad..).

One thing is, if you're going to tackle the job yourself:

This tool will save you. I broke 3 out of 8 plugs. I ran one piece champions but they ran terribly. So I went back OEM motorcraft plugs and if it comes time to change em again, I am not worried because I have my lisle tool. =]

u/dlesinski · 3 pointsr/Trucks

I bought one on Amazon for like 25 bucks a while back. The app I used with it, Torque, is only available on android. Really good app though. No problems with the scanner itself. Had a good range too. Will post link when I find. Btw I know for a fact that there are other apps that work with this scanner. So don't worry if you do not have android.


u/Knight-of-Black · 2 pointsr/Trucks

This is what I got a month ago.

Spy Tec A118-C Capacitor Edition Full 1080P HD Video Car Dashboard Camera

Does everything you need a dash cam to do and its at a fair price.

You can mount it up high above and behind your mirror and it records great quality video.

Also pretty discreet too.

No complaints whatsoever about this dash cam.

u/usefulbuns · 1 pointr/Trucks

All my research says that's the absolute best CB radio. It's a bit big for my personal taste though.

What do you think of this one?

Midland CB Radio

u/PJMD · 1 pointr/Trucks

Have a 2007 silverado z71 that I purchased at 67k miles. First thing I noticed was the truck was burning oil. Bought the range tech AFM disabler and it was the best purchase I have made on this truck. Completely fixed the burning oil problem and the shifting and throttle response is much better.

u/DedRok · 2 pointsr/Trucks

FYI, instead of paying 100s for new lights, you can spend 15-20 bucks and buy sanding kits for your lights to make them more clear. You tape around your lights with painters tape and you put the special buffers onto a drill and after about an hour you got clear lights. There are multiple kinds you can get, but here's one off of

u/slideyaboard · 3 pointsr/Trucks

I've never purchased one of these since my Silverado came with a back up camera but if I didn't I was going to purchase one of these:

Esky 170° Viewing Angle Universal Car License Plate Frame Mount Rear View Camera, Waterproof High Sensitive 8 IR LED

Never had anyone I know purchase one of these but it seems pretty practical for trailer purposes. I believe it connects to to your phone wirelessly.

Edit: I'm not sure how or if it could work, but you could buy two. One for the truck and one for the trailer.

u/MozeeGrad · 2 pointsr/Trucks

I know the boost I was getting because I was using the Torque Android app with this Bluetooth adapter.

The total investment is around $25 for a full scanner with live data. Check it out. It's worth it.

Edit: It will be closer to $29-30 now I guess

u/TB_Fixer · 1 pointr/Trucks

2004 through 2008 F-150 5.4 liters have the retarded spark plug design, and I usually recommend replacing them every 70k miles, and installing new plugs with anti-seize applied around the electrode/sleeve.

It is possible to remove them without breaking if you perform a fuel Injector flush (special dealership service using jungle juice and a canister to provide you're own fuel pressure) and change then right afterward while the engine is still semi-warm.

However if you are doing it in your driveway without such services, they will likely break and a special tool is needed for removing the remaining piece of spark plug.

Works very well, but you'll want to move some components aside to give yourself some room for the more rearward cylinders:

u/LJ-Rubicon · 3 pointsr/Trucks

Replace the emblem

bearfire 2005-2014 Ford F150 Dark Blue Oval 9" X 3.5" Front Grille Replacement Badge Emblem Medallion Name Plate

Get your windows tinted (pay the extra for ceramic)

Upgrade speakers / head unit

Get caught up on maintenance

Enjoy it for what it is, a reliable full size pickup

u/DoctrVendetta · 1 pointr/Trucks

weeelllll, the cheap way would be to cut out the existing muffler and to put in a new muffler (rather than replacing all the pipe), you can get a muffler cheap, i went with a thrush glasspack for $30 and it sounds great, but i know a lot of people like the flowmaster 40 just a quick google Here but that's a dual out so you'll need to buy some more piping to put infront of your other tire. There's also the flowmaster 44 here bit more but a different sound, also a single out, so you could keep your piping, as long as it isn't rusted. If you have a cel on for your cat, i'd recommend replacing that too as long as the truck is under 190k miles otherwise i would just say fuck it and leave it be. You can also just go with a really cheap muffler for about $40, which will muffle the sound of the engine just a bit, but not much and you get the true engine sound (minus what's blocked by the cat) or you can just cut out the muffler and stick a piece of pipe in there for full engine sound (idk what your laws are on mufflers and what not).

Edit: don't buy from my links, search some more, just didn't have time to search fully for cheapest buy, also there's tons of youtube vids of different mufflers and their sounds, granted you'll get a different sound as you have an older, and most likely different engine than that of the youtuber.

Edit: also forgot you may/most likely will have to buy a 1" to 2" transistor tube (just random numbers you'll have to measure your pipe) you'll also need someone to weld it on, or they have clamps to exhaust but they're like $7/ea and you'll need 4 if you are needing the transiting pipes, or you can buy some exhaust tape which is like a welding type tape, idk how to explain it, or you could just take it to a shop and pay $25 for a guy to weld it, which is the longer term option.

u/vettenyy · 1 pointr/Trucks

As someone with an older truck, with plastic headlights that get that haze over them. Meguiars Headlight Restoration kit had mine cleaned up and looking/functioning like new.

Also, my black plastic fender flares had oxidized, and hitting them with a magic eraser got them back to looking new.

u/cancerousiguana · 18 pointsr/Trucks

I have one of these on my truck. It's a keyed lock that prevents the tailgate from being removed but still allows the tailgate to open and close. Much handier than locking and unlocking the handle every time and more secure than a hose clamp. Also no tools required to remove the tailgate. Only $20

u/cycobiz · 3 pointsr/Trucks

I have a Street Guardian SG9665GC v3 which sticks directly to the windshield. If you have a tinted strip at the top of your windshield then it's basically invisible.

It's powered by a standard USB cable, so I just tucked the cable into the headliner, then pulled the driver's side door seal and tucked the cable into the A-pillar. Ran the cable down to the fuse panel and plugged one of these 12v to 5v USB adapters into an add-a-circuit that has key-on-power.

As for the rear cam, I got a B40 camera (same form factor as the Street Guardian, with cheaper components inside) and ran a second usb cable tucked under along the edge of the carpet, up the C-pillar, across the rear headliner, and down to the back window.

u/GeneralMotors4lyfe · 2 pointsr/Trucks

This might be your best bet. I've had it for a couple on months now and not too bad. Got up go 80 MPH multiple times with no problem. Use a 2" PVC pipe from Home Depot and spray paint it black then get two eyehook screws and call it a day!

I copied and pasted this from a different comment, I wanted you to know about this as well!

u/jumpiz · 3 pointsr/Trucks

Dashcams and Rearview Camera.

I am using a VIOFO A119 for the front and an A118C for the back.

I like to see my bumper when I park so I got a Back Up Camera License Plate Frame and a RearView Mirror Monitor ($25 and $22 delivered).

The angle of this camera is 170 degrees so it's pretty wide. You can move it up and down to adjust your angle and lock it with a screw.

Connect the camera to the reverse lights so it turns on when you put it in reverse, the mirror monitor detects a signal and turns on with it.

The monitor even has 2 inputs, which you can use with a switch to mount one on the front if you want.

Had it for a year with no issues.

EDIT: Prices changed.

u/IJUSTWANTTOUPBOAT · 2 pointsr/Trucks

As others have said it's your money; do as you wish.

All that said; how bad were you really stuck?

You can get recovery boards to leave in your toolbox

You can get winches and pull anchors for use when you don't have a tree to strap to and mount them on a receiver plat form so you can remove it when you need to;

You can run an all terrain tire and you will get further than highway tread even on a 2wd truck- and your truck needs tires anyway why not go all terrain if you can find one that has decent road manners (I run firestone destination A/Ts and they have been just fine).

See the thing is- that entire list is all stuff that people hang off of 4x4s anyway!

So, buy recovery boards, buy a winch on a hitch mount, buy A/Ts and leave your stockers out in the garage. See if your truck still gets stuck. Still getting stuck? Upgrade to a 4x4. Sell your truck with the stockers on it, throw the A/Ts and recovery boards and winch on your new 4x4.

If you read off road magazines, most of them will tell you not to go off road by yourself in the first place. None of them will tell you to take a 2x4 off road, but none are going to tell you that a 4x4 simply will not get stuck.

u/I_eat_satans_ass · 0 pointsr/Trucks

Another ME chiming in here.

My prediction on FMA is you're gonna snap that flag pole right where those eyebolts pass through it. No fancy ass metal base would stop that.

I agree, get something proper: (plus is someone rear ends you, they can be tried for treason)

u/mkosmo · 2 pointsr/Trucks

Hell no! Not for that price! I purchased this one, which is the same exact thing (same parts, even) for a fraction of the price! Sorry :\