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u/dark_lab · 1 pointr/VapePorn

I can't see at all how that would help. There's such little motion being generated in the process. Those liquids need to be blended! I use a small hand mixer at the last step before I cap my bottles which seems to do a great job and save me from shaking manually. This is the one I use with the thinnest attachment (it actually flares out when you're using it). I have also read good things about magnetic stirrers, but it seems overkill for the scale I'm mixing at. But for everything I've read and gathered, an ultrasonic cleaner does nothing to help in the process of blending liquids. If you don't want to shake (like me) then I would highly recommend the mixer I linked to. I'm confident it will give you much better results over your ultrasonic cleaner.

u/onem0hit · 3 pointsr/VapePorn

It may not be necessary to have a torch, but it helps immensely when trying to build contact coils.

As far as convincing someone that the torch is safe, i would suggest going with a high quality torch. I like the blazer line, and have been using one for over 3 years. I also use it a lot now that I don't smoke and can never find a lighter, so it could be purchased to 'light charcoal'.

u/eschatonik · 1 pointr/VapePorn

I think it's worth it if you have a few mods and like to keep them as clean as possible as often as possible. The thing I like best is that it cleans those really hard to reach grooves and threads that you'd otherwise need a toothbrush or something like that for.

I picked up this one, mostly becuase it has a heater, but in retrospect, I should have saved $30 and just used hot water to start with:

u/[deleted] · 2 pointsr/VapePorn

Uhhh... I had a Ego case in white just like you. Before this one I considered...

Mostly amazon because I had credit there. I looked elsewhere but never found anything I liked. I don;t like the metal black box, because they look like a makeup brief.

u/flower1988 · 1 pointr/VapePorn

Currently I use a Magneto Mod with an [IGO-W] ( (which requires drilling, if you arent willing to drill I suggest the [IGO-w3] ( of something else with air flow control) TOBH is also a really good brand that i have never seen any problems with. If you are trying to quit smoking no build is expensive due to the fact that you are spending way less than what tobacco costs. The periphs I use are:

[Ohm Meter] ( This isnt my exact model... I just don't suggest Fast tech to anyone anymore.

[Wire] ( (I use 28 gauge, because I tried the Russian first, when I run out I plan to use 26 guage for lower ohms and more wire)

Cotton balls (I used to use Ekowool... it is ok, I never really see much of a difference between that and cotton as far as quality goes. Cotton is easier to loop within your coils and WAY cheaper)

[Charger] (

[Batteries] ( (you are going to want atleast 3 of these.)

Nail clippers

[Forceps] (

a leatherman

and that is about it.

u/MechanicusAnimus · 2 pointsr/VapePorn

This stuff. I'm really happy with it so far. I got the Vulcan a couple months back and I've used maybe 4 or 5 pieces so far, and that includes ones I've wasted on coils that I didn't like or changed out after a day or two for whatever reason. I use a little more than half a piece per dual coil setup and it works great.

u/leftovernoise · 2 pointsr/VapePorn

This thing is cheap and pretty damn solid. Just imagine, never having to clean out those syringes again! You just drip the flavors and pg/vg/nic in and zero put the scale once you reach your target weight with that ingredient. It's ez pz

u/oldmanskillz · 1 pointr/VapePorn

It is simpler than it looks,

ehpro kayfun lite plus clone base with M-tank, then a standard center steel section coupled to a second M-tank, with the top cap screwed on there. The chimney is extended using a repurposed pipette thing like these HERE Drip tip is a cute boy from 101vapes

It is filled with 80% Indigo RiffRaff, 20% Cola Freeze from EJC - a fruity cool type of ADV, but maybe I should fill it with some Absolute Pin, just to see how long it would take to finish one tank... :p

u/FyourKarma · 1 pointr/VapePorn

I use a 220 grit sanding sponge on my copper mod. But I don't mind the little scuff marks it leaves. Or you could pick up a polishing kit..Amazon has them for $12.

Dremel 684-01 20-Piece Clean & Polish Rotary Tool Accessory Kit With Case

u/ssppyy · 2 pointsr/VapePorn

I roll with something like this

u/311kx · 7 pointsr/VapePorn

DNA 250 Color, Freemax Mesh pro tank, and 18650 battery wraps from amazon.

Don't judge my dirty hands, just got home from working at said steel shop.

u/voodeux_thatyoudo · 1 pointr/VapePorn

Clapton wire is the same as any other wire when it comes to wrapping. I personally use a pair of hemostats and if you don't have a pair in your builders toolkit you're doing yourself a disservice in my personal opinion. It allows you to click the stats on the wire itself and give your the tension you need for nice tight coils without feeling like you are trying to cut into your fingers.