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u/urban_dixonary · 1 pointr/askTO

Hi OP. In response to your edit... I knew it had to be something more than just 'socialization.'

> the adults constant in her life either neglect her growth or are afraid of their own shadows and quite un-encouraging

Here is where you're nailing the gist of the problem. This is likely the root cause of the fear you see manifesting in your child's behaviour. It seems your own influence is currently quite limited, unfortunately. Which means, that the time you do get to spend with her, should be as valuable and enriching as possible.

> I enrolled her in swimming lessons a few months ago (Ultra one), but the instructors nor I could convince her to dip her head below the water. The gist of my question is, how can I do differently, or do more so that she grows up a strong independent.

TONS of kids have a fear of dunking their heads below the water. Yes, even at her age, as I did. This is totally normal, and this specific example I don't think is something to dwell on.

OP, while I don't think anything is wrong with encouraging her physical play time activities, I think you need to target her security and comfort levels on a mental level first. Whenever she exhibits a fear, stop what you all are doing, look her in the eyes and calmly ask what is bothering her. Knowing she has a confident and capable adult around who can address her fears in an objective manner, will do leaps and bounds in helping her understand that the world does not have to be a scary place, even if the home she resides in deems it to be. A very important resource I think for all parents is the book Hold On To Your Kids written by 2 prominent family psychologists.

Bottom line: yes, encourage play time. But please do not feel the need to push her beyond her comfort level (not saying you do). I would also advise against using the words "Be Brave" too much -- bravery is an important virtue, but it is not the prerequisite for an independent person. You could try things like, "I know you can do this if you really wanted to"; "If you aren't ready today, that's fine, maybe we can try next time?", etc. Too often society pressures us to feel if our kids don't do something, they won't turn out to be independent, and I'm here to tell you that's a crock of b.s. As long as you provide a steady, solid support system for her, she will develop into herself in her own due time. (Sorry for the long post!!)

u/earthyTara · 6 pointsr/askTO

Enter your postal code to find comm centres and times near you for free drop-in programs geared towards babies.

(I'd like to include my 2cents here also: go and expose your baby to social environments as time out of the house, but just don't feel pressured to do so. There is this notion in our culture that we must 'prime' our babies to socialization when nothing could be further from the truth. What they actually need is a long term relationship with a fully attached, fully loving caregiver(s). I think this should be required reading for all new parents:

OK back to our regularly scheduled program. Have fun out there!

u/TotoroTheCat · 2 pointsr/askTO

I like to go to the park and chill on a bench while doing breathing exercises. Sometimes I listen to the Rain Sounds app on my phone (with earbuds), as I find the sound of rain and thunderstorms to be calming. Anti-anxiety medication is also very helpful (for me), first few days on them were rough, but it was smooth sailing after that. Eating healthy and getting lots of anaerobic exercise (running, cycling, etc.) is also helpful. I wasn't able to cope with just the natural remedies, and needed drugs to get me out of the rut I was in, but that's just me.

My doctor recommended this book, there's a lot of good techniques in there that helped me (and there's a torrent of it floating around online).

u/tdotohdot · 2 pointsr/askTO

I've had some close calls. You can see in the stats that isn't particularly safe but I enjoy it and do my best. I got one of these for my bike and it helps to blast cabs and j walkers. much more effective than a bell, which I still use for passing etc

u/iLikeToBiteMyNails · 1 pointr/askTO

Check out Starting Strength. Best program for newbies IMO. Just make sure you start with light weights and don't start challenging yourself until your form is solid. There are ton's of forums out there for form checks.


u/bigfriendyo · 2 pointsr/askTO

I ordered mine on Amazon.

Easy to build, classic exec style, and very comfortable and sturdy

u/JMJimmy · 2 pointsr/askTO

Something like this is good so you can go with him and keep the speed a little slower. As he grows up you can start waxing it to increase the speed before he graduates to his own high speed tube/sled.

u/lilfunky1 · 2 pointsr/askTO

> Same here LOL I was like, did they mean the bikers ringing the bell? That can’t be too loud can it?

^^^^^bike ^^^^^airhorns ^^^^^actually ^^^^^exist, ^^^^^just ^^^^^sayin' ^^^^^;-)

u/braindeadzombie · 2 pointsr/askTO

Depending on the size/shape of the windows, a product like this might do the trick.

You can find them by searching for Window insulator kit.

It’s double sided tape and plastic film. You put it in place, then hit it with a hair dryer to make the plastic shrink. When it is all tight it’s mostly invisible.

u/mujshaikh1 · 1 pointr/askTO

If you want to buy oneline then you can check website. Check the link!

u/just-stop-it · 2 pointsr/askTO

If you're looking to purchase textbooks, I would see what they are using at a nearby college for their intro level French courses. They should have all texts listed in the course descriptions, and you can usually buy them from the bookstore even if you are not a student. You may even be able to get one cheap if you can find someone selling theirs at the end of the semester.

This is the text they're using at Seneca College according to their course outline.

u/caucazoid · 2 pointsr/askTO

The Bible:

You could make a business on his radical designs for the handicapped and take a huge shit over any AODA requirements.

Some think he's a nazi because he thought you should never change link colours and they should always be underlined.

u/6ickos · 1 pointr/askTO

check out The Ward.

Here's the synopsis:

> From the 1840s until the Second World War, waves of newcomers who migrated to Toronto – Irish, Jewish, Italian, African American and Chinese, among others – landed in 'The Ward.' Crammed with rundown housing and immigrant-owned businesses, this area, bordered by College and Queen, University and Yonge streets, was home to bootleggers, Chinese bachelors, workers from the nearby Eaton';s garment factories and hard-working peddlers. But the City considered it a slum, and bulldozed the area in the late 1950s to make way for a new civic square.

> The Ward finally tells the diverse stories of this extraordinary and resilient neighbourhood through archival photos and contributions from a wide array of voices, including historians, politicians, architects, story-tellers, journalists and descendants of Ward residents. Their perspectives on playgrounds, tuberculosis, sex workers, newsies and even bathing bring The Ward to life and, in the process, raise important questions about how contemporary cities handle immigration, poverty and the geography of difference.