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u/JJiggy13 · 6 pointsr/bengals

The canned is not as good as the frozen or fresh, but you'll get the idea. Order a can of Gold Star Chili as well if you want to compare them. Skyline or Gold Star is the great debate in Cincinnati. To serve, boil some spaghetti, heat the chili. Pour the chili on top of the spaghetti, top with a generous amount of shredded cheddar cheese. Get some oyster crackers to snack on on the side.

u/Cocaine_Nose_Job · 3 pointsr/bengals

The printer I went with was a kit from amazon - learning curve exists, but a fun hobby.

Another option would be 3rd party printer service (shapeways) or as some others have suggested, check libraries and maker spaces.

Its a great hobby!

u/juttep1 · 3 pointsr/bengals

3D printers are expensive. You'd save a lot of money by just purchasing some monster clay, some sculpting tools and a smooth on two part resin and latex starter kit. And obviously some paint. Then you could make whatever type of mask you wanted. It's. It not as hard as you'd think. You just sculpt the clay to how you'd like it, then brush on your latex, create the plaster structure to support the latex mold and the. Mix the resin and roto cast it. Then finish however you desire.

u/MotorBoatUrAnus · 1 pointr/bengals

700 miles checking in. Boom! Its a little pricy, but its like $3.50 a can back home so it isn't too bad.

u/alloutclasswar · 4 pointsr/bengals

it’s this lil guy not bad for $80. Pretty crispy up to like 60” but haven’t tried much more than that.

u/bluesquid10 · 2 pointsr/bengals

NFL Men's Cincinnati Bengals T-Shirt Active Light Long Sleeve Tee Shirt, Medium, White

u/drfuzzphd · 3 pointsr/bengals

"In stock. Usually ships within 3 to 4 days. Ships from and sold by My M&M's."

...and look at the 2nd picture.

u/about_that_crazy · 6 pointsr/bengals

OTA antenna? If you don't have one, get a decent one on amazon for like $30 (there are cheaper options too). I know it won't help you today, but it comes in handy when dtv goes out due to rain/snow or when there are contract disputes.

u/davidguydude · 3 pointsr/bengals

It will be cold as fuck, bundle up good and bring some of those hand warmers

he will likely catch a bit of harassment, but it shouldn't be all that bad.

parking will fill up early. it will be a lot of traffic, but imo its worse at the end of the game when leaving.

i dont know exactly where 333 is, but imo, this stadium has some of the best views from the upper levels compared to the old stadium especially.

who dey!

u/pegcity · 1 pointr/bengals

It's like our answer to the ugly Christmas sweater, or 3 wolf moon!

If you missed the whole three wolf moon thing a few years back... you must read some reviews of that bad boy.