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u/bullcitythrowaway0 · 1 pointr/bullcity

Nice, she's usually pretty booked out, but her balayage grow-out always manages to be a beautiful color. It never looks ashy/copper, I don't know how she mixes but I always love the grow out color so I only have to see her 2-3x a year. She understands asian hair too, which is sometimes harder to find. Also, as long as we're talking hair which I loooove, she recommended the Oribe hair mask which I splurged on since I'm a diehard Oribe fan. Due to being broke, I've had to switch over to bumble&bumble invisible oil shampoo/conditioner which I bought on sale during black friday and it's a pretty good dupe. The oribe hair mask extended the color/quality of my balayage by a significant amount of time, like at least a few months. I recommend getting it if you can, it's worth the investment, because when I got lazy and stopped doing weekly hair masks using that stuff, the difference is very noticeable. I used it weekly after one balayage and never used it after my second, to run an experiment (and also life got in the way) and it's a very noticeable difference. Leave it in overnight if you can. It lasts forever too because you only need a tiny bit, I still have it, I wish I had learned about it years ago but oh well. It's a splurge but it's now on my holy grail list and I've tried a ton of products. They also have this dry shampoo paste which I like a lot better than the sprayable kind.

Also as long as I'm here if anyone can recommend a good dermatologist....

u/19mine · 4 pointsr/bullcity

I use a cassette adapter to listen to my iPod in the car. You can get one from stores like Best Buy, Radio Shack, or Target. Shouldn't be more than 15 dollars. Good luck. No one should have to listen to the radio.


u/dandeliondreamer · 2 pointsr/bullcity

Ah, Kewpie is delicious! You can get it on Amazon here. Free shipping with Prime.

u/TheKillingVoid · 6 pointsr/bullcity

Sounds like you need a Yard enforcer -


The light sensor on ours was rubbish so I added a cheap timer from Walmart. Works like a champ now.

u/Independent · 2 pointsr/bullcity

What Le Crueset items would you trade for a cherry Morocan tagine? Got a decent mid sized Dutch oven you'd like to trade? The tagine has been used twice, and is essentially new minus the box.

Edit: I'd also be interested in a good heavy, lidded sauce pan.

u/djslowclap · 2 pointsr/bullcity

Cracked screens are easier to replace than you’d imagine on most phones. Here’s a replacement screen for your phone. There are plenty of youtube tutorials online to show you how. As long as you know how to work a screwdriver and have reasonably steady hands you should be fine.

Double check your model numbers etc. I would at least buy the screen in advance of taking it somewhere. There are kiosks in most malls and I saw someone mention the Compare one.

u/project_valient · 8 pointsr/bullcity

Buy a 50 mile antenna from Amazon or BestBuy: I have this one and depending on the TV I hook it to I get between 20 and 35 channels, local news, NFL, works well.

u/runs1note · 0 pointsr/bullcity

Here's a link to the episode on Amazon Instant. There were some nice areal shots of Durham, but I think one or two Raleigh shots mixed in.

u/zoeconfetti · 3 pointsr/bullcity

You can order these from Amazon tonight and have them Thursday and then fill with your own tap water.

u/5zepp · 1 pointr/bullcity

If you're interested you can buy an OBD scanner for ~$10 that bluetooths to your phone and read the code. It might give you some insight to why it's triggering the check engine light. I have this one, but you can get them even cheaper.

u/curveship · 2 pointsr/bullcity

You can read the first few pages in via Amazon's "Look Inside" feature:

She says the neighborhood is almost evenly split racially b/w black white and latino and that there's a Food Lion in or near it. OWD? Lakewood? If her stats are from the 2010 census, it shouldn't be too hard to identify which neighborhood matches.

u/Schmetterlingus · 2 pointsr/bullcity

After vaccumung and trying everything for months, the only thing that worked was using alpine flea chemical. All the natural bullshit never worked. Gotta use the shit exterminators use.

PT Alpine Flea & Bed Bug Pressurized Insecticide - 20 oz.

Basically you give your pets capstar to kill all the fleas on them, vacuum to wake up the eggs and get the fleas hoppin, spray this and evacuate for a few hours. Then vacuum again every day. It should work.