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u/ravenswren · 1 pointr/chickens

Yes clean around wound. The flap has to go. It’s going to bleed when it’s clipped but that’s good cause you’re getting healthy tissue with blood vessels. Self-Adhesive Cohesive Wrap Bandage Tape by LotFancy, Elastic Non-Woven, FDA Approved, 10 Rolls, Assorted Colors (2Inches x 5Yards)
Remedy and Recovery Professional Groomer's Styptic Powder for Pets, 1.5-Ounce
Stash Tea Original Honey Sticks 20-3 oz Sticks Individually Sealed Portable Honey Tubes 100% Pure Clover Honey Kosher Certified Individually Wrapped Sticks of Pure Clover Honey, Sweeten Tea or Coffee
Dealmed Gauze Pads, Non-Sterile, Non Woven, 2" x 2", 4 Ply, 200/Bx
Manna Pro Theracyn Poultry Wound and Skin Care Spray
Silver Nitrate Solution, 0.1M, 100mL - The Curated Chemical Collection
SE CS100-6 100 Count 6" Cotton Swabs
10 - Black Twist Open/Close 2oz Refillable Artist's Bullet Bottles
Swan Isopropyl Alcohol, 99 percent, Pint, 16 OZ (Pack of 2)
Dynarex D1415 Povidone Iodine Prep Solution USP, 16 Fluid Ounce
Squip Nasaline Salt-box Of 50 Pre-measured Packets, 400 Ounce
Teenitor 3ml Pipette, Top Quality Disposable Pipettes Transfer Pipettes 3ml Eye Dropper for Essential Oil Pipette Makeup Tool 110pcs
Save A Caf Sav A Chick Electrolyte Vitamin Supplement 3 PACK/.25OUNCE
Gorilla 7500101 Super Glue Brush & Nozzle, 10 g, Clear
MedPride Nitrile Exam Gloves, Powder-Free, Small, Box/100
Panasonic ES246AC Bikini Shaper & Trimmer for Women with Compact, Portable Design and Adjustable Trim Settings, Battery Operated

Think that covers basics. Alcohol, self adhesive wrap, salt for saline, styptic powder, gauze, theracyn (antibiotic for superficial injuries), silver nitrate (only use with wooden applicators- strong cauterizing agent), pipette, electrolyte ( 1/16 tsp to 8 oz water. If chick is ill add honey for quick energy then mix solution with food to make mash), bottles, betadine ( I cut to 50% strength with saline), and gorilla glue with brush and dispenser. Oh and gloves and shaver:)

u/jnseel · 1 pointr/chickens

I’m new too!! But I’m further along than you chickies look like Real Chickens^TM 😭

My in laws bought me the book Storey’s Guide to Raising Chickens as a housewarming gift (knowing I wanted to raise chickens). I thought it was a nice gesture, but started flipping through the section on breeds to pick out what type of chickens I wanted, and holy cow. It’s like the Chicken Bible. I’ve read the whole thing cover to cover, dogeared pages, highlighted, and written in the margins. It’s a thick book and can be a little intimidating, but so so useful. I also have a good friend who is raising 32 backyard chickens, and has done a really great job of giving me her very crunchy, natural view on chicken raising. Between her, the chicken bible and this sub, I don’t think I’ll have any questions ever again! Feel free to PM me. I don’t have as many long-term answers, but I’ll help whenever I can!

u/becausenooneeverhas · 2 pointsr/chickens

Awesome. Congratulations on your new friends. My coops have four walls with a dirt floor and an vented roof. We dig corrugated metal into the ground for the bottom third of the walls (or the whole coop can be wood framed and the metal can be the walls and roof. Shipping pallets suspended by fencing wire for the perches. 3 square foot per bird, 1 nest per 3-4 birds. Straw/hay around the coop and in nesting boxes. We open the door in the morning and they run outside all day and go to bed by themselves at night. We do a head count, make sure no predators are in the coop, and lock the door with a pegboard display hook through a swivel hasp. A cinder block in front of the door works too, especially since that will hold it open during the day.

We use the deep litter method.

Where there are no trees we drive t posts in random places to deter hawks swooping down.

Chickens are fine with cold so long as you block the wind. They may need vasoline on their combs to prevent wind burn and frostbite.

They need oyster shell put out where they can get it if they want it. A good feed. Free ranging is fun for them. Treats are good scraps from the kitchen (watermelon, pumpkins, tomatoes, etc are my bird's favs).

u/GallusLafayetti · 5 pointsr/chickens

Fun, for people:

Solar rooster light

Smaller solar rooster light

Bouncer rooster statue

Useful, for chickens:

Egg skelter

Pretty saddles for hens getting a bit TOO much loving from a rooster

No chicken person is EVER disappointed by a new incubator - I recommend this brand and these models in particular as reasonably priced but very high quality small incubators.

Source: I'm a crazy chicken lady who owns everything linked above except the egg skelter and having received most of them as gifts I can say that they're all fricking awesome.

u/marriedwithchickens · 6 pointsr/chickens

My avian vet said that chickens lack the enzyme to digest dairy. It won’t hurt them, but they don’t benefit. She suggest probiotics for chickens that you add to their water. I had used a powder, but found a liquid that mixes better, and my chickens like it.

u/chickeeper · 2 pointsr/chickens

That really tripped me up at first also.
I went to Home depot thinking there would be an attachment for this type of thing. The only thing they had was a union. After some research I found out what I was looking for was a BulkHead Fitting. I did not even use silicon. There are no leaks and the [yellow nipples] ( work pretty well. They still leak a bit, but with a gutter under the dispenser it seems to take care of it.

u/HukIt · 1 pointr/chickens

Cozy Products CL Safe Chicken Coop Heater 200 Watts Safer Than Brooder Lamps, One Size Black

u/ribble · 1 pointr/chickens

definitely want to leave the heat lamp on at all times. is it light emitting, and you're worried about the light?

this is what i've been using with success (the lamp it fits in must have a porcelain socket or it will burn itself out prematurely): BYB - 150W 110V Ceramic Infrared Heat Emitter

u/mataburro · 2 pointsr/chickens

I use this. It's pretty expensive but it lasts pretty long. It allows the skin to breathe while keeping a barrier to the skin.

u/DrSuchong · 1 pointr/chickens

Found it from this site, and we have 3 Ameraucanas. My plan was to keep straw on the ground in the run, and in the coop.

For when it gets very cold, we were going to have this heater in the coop, and also a heated water bowl.

Any other suggestions you all have would be greatly appreciated.

u/AssassinChicken · 1 pointr/chickens

Do the gifts need to be for the chickens? I have a small backyard flock and I may or may not be more than a little obsessed with my girls. With that in mind, I've been thinking about asking Santa for some cute sloggers to use out in the yard and maybe this chicken purse, or here's the coin purse, for Christmas.

u/ManiacClown · 2 pointsr/chickens

It's one of those gravity-fed ones and it's inside a coop, so the sun won't be hitting it. We've got a heated chicken mat that we're not even sure works, but we thought that was maybe one possibility if we put it under the tray. I see there is a waterer warmer on Amazon, but I'm not sure if A) it works and/or B) using the mat would achieve the same results, not to mention the fact that no matter what I do I'm likely going to have to drill a hole through the coop to be able to run a cord out of it.