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u/C41n · 6 pointsr/couriersofreddit

Most useful item to make the job easier for me is my magnetic car mount. It makes it super fast getting my phones where they need to be.

I have used two of these for over a year and they are great quality.

There is a shorter version also.


The next most useful thing I have is my uber and lyft stickers, plus my lyft amp. In my city cops let you get away with things more if they think you are doing ride share. IE parking illegally, driving around slowly with hazards on looking for an address, jumping four lanes of traffic to get to that parking spot.


I use two phones. My personal phone is connected to my car and plays my music. My work phone is connected to my in ear bluetooth. This allows me to play my music as loud as I want and still hear my apps without the notifications coming though the car speakers at full volume. This one is not for everyone but it also gives me the option to move one app as needed to another phone and or having gps running towards two addresses for stacking orders.

Both phones are protected by aotterbox defender and tempered glass screen protectors.


For bags the newer grubhub bags are really nice. I also have some nice velcro bags that I bought so many years I cannot find the website any longer. Velcro is much faster than trying to find a zipper every time.


A good flashlight. I edc a zebralight sc 63w and that is a great pocket light. For finding addresses though I keep Esimar D1 thrower. This thrower will put out a crazy bright focussed beam of light. Highly recommended.


Edit to add -

Not an item, but knowledge of your cities grid and the address system. Most cities have some sort of rhyme and reason.

My city; Portland, OR -

Odd addresses are always going to be on the north or west side of the street.

The river devides east and west. Burnside north and south.

Twenty blocks is about a mile. An address at 1010 E Burnside is near the corner of Burnside and tenth, between 10th and 11th, closer to 10th.

Knowing this can help you a lot! Your city will be different, but most likely has some system.


A dashcam. $100-$200 will pay for itself in case of a not at fault accident.

u/GlitterCritter · 1 pointr/couriersofreddit

A lot of folks are mentioning padding - padded (gel) seat covers, padded shorts, etc. Not bad advice, but I kind of think a lot of the benefit of good bike shorts (regardless of what kind of junk you have) is that it sort of holds stuff in place and compacts it down a bit, you know? You might even have to arrange your labia a bit when you put the shorts on, to make sure they don't get tucked in there in a way that they're gonna get more pressure on them rather than less... you know? Hard to explain, but try (reading my mind a little and?) messing around with that.

And yeah, do watch out for underwear hems and stuff.

Good luck! :)

Edit: Also try bamboo fiber underwear. Or also any kind of boy shorts that don't have the usual kind of hem that briefs do.

u/BoomrPovrtyIs19Prcnt · 0 pointsr/couriersofreddit

> Literally it influences the life of everyone here.

No it doesn't. If you think it does, maybe you're co-dependently hooked into GH? That's just my opinion.

Let go and Let God, lol.

But you know what? I heard a brilliant writer, what was his name? ...Casey Gerald....say on NPR that Wall Street is the Vatican to the business community in America, and I think that is the most brilliant thing ever said about Wall Street.

Wall Street is the freakin' Vatican, and I guess Trump is the current Pope, so that's why he won the presidency. It's a religion - a BELIEF system - just as valid (or invalid) as any other region, I guess.

I don't worship the Vatican or the Pope, therefore, on financial matters, I am usually judged to be an apostate on Reddit - there so many True Believers here.

u/Beautiful_Demand · 1 pointr/couriersofreddit

Portable Drink Carrier and Reusable Coffee Cup Holder by Drink Caddy - 4 Cup Collapsible Tote Bag with Organizer Pockets Safely Secures Hot and Cold Beverages - Perfect for Food Delivery and Take Out

This is the one I use. It gets me a lot of compliments and makes my life easier.

u/KaneinEncanto · 1 pointr/couriersofreddit

lol... I'd hope not. You can drop $20 or $30 and get equally as good pizza bags from Amazon, if not better. Plus no branding. For $23 this is the one I picked up last year for running with UberEats, still using it and it looks almost as good as the day I bought it. And around here most of the Mom 'n' Pop joints don't bother with their own delivery drivers so I see pizza runs a plenty. :D

u/wanderrtaur · 1 pointr/couriersofreddit

I can get DD bags cheaper, around $4 or $5 at the local office, but considering mine only lasted two weeks, you can kinda see why I didn't bother buying another one. Plus it really sucks for Denny's and IHOP orders which are usually wider than the bag, so I got these: which have held up well. And remember, if you have a Discover card (and likely other cards), it's possible to get your stuff from Amazon for free.

u/GameShowKid · 3 pointsr/couriersofreddit

I've used this one for a year and a half and I've been very happy with it.

u/jdmejia · 1 pointr/couriersofreddit

I use this pretty much the easiest thing. You can still use a cd with the mount in if you need to. Although I don't ever use a cd

u/MySpaceTomsAccount · 1 pointr/couriersofreddit

~$21 as of this posting, I have one and use it as my lunch bag. Works well.

Coleman 28-Can Backpack Cooler

u/lmj0203 · 1 pointr/couriersofreddit

Man, I've been looking for those black bags for the longest.

also another good bag

u/deliverydriver69 · 2 pointsr/couriersofreddit

Maybe I'm missing something. Why would you use this instead of just a fast charge car charger? This is what I use for my S8:

u/SimplyTheJester · 2 pointsr/couriersofreddit


I actually have a stretching routine that includes the standing calf stretch that I've been doing since I was 14. I checked out YouTube back when this happened and I added a few more calf specific. But the only thing that stopped it was simply taking time off delivering for a couple of weeks.

But even that was just keeping it from getting worse. I looked online for some calf/foot massagers and was going to buy an expensive one, but I figured I get a cheap one until I went back to delivering so I could actually afford it. I got the Theraflow massage roller. I expected it to be somewhat of a waste of money because it was so cheap. But surprisingly, after a couple of days it actually started to reverse the pain. I never even bought the more expensive electric massager for about $200 because this $15 piece of wood rollers did the trick.

u/919hornet · 2 pointsr/couriersofreddit

The shrink wrap comes from Walmart. It's in the office supply areas near tape/rubber bands, etc... It's a blue handle with a 6" shrink wrap roll on it.

I wrap the drinks so that the lid doesn't come off, it take two rounds of wrap to get it to stick. This is the same stuff businesses used to wrap pallets of stuff.

The cargo organizer is kinda like this, but came from Walmart. Sadly, it's cardboard inside and is wearing out, but it was only $19.

I had to cut slices in it with a razor to get the straps to run thru the bottom.

The saddle bags are now very worn, but look like these:

This is a temporary setup, I have the fiberglass to make some new ones, but these work for now.

I don't like the backpack because it's not comfortable over long runs all day long. With this setup, I can go all day long.

u/OddJackdaw · 2 pointsr/couriersofreddit

> This is an ‘09 Toyota Prius with the HID headlight upgrade from the factory. To get an OEM bulb that will last you any time at all, you’re looking at well over $100 per bulb.

Why in the fuck would you buy replacement bulbs from the factory? You just claimed to have been trained as a mechanic, so I can't believe you are this naive.

$27 for a pack of two.

Sure, $13.50 each is more than the $10 I had guessed, but I think you can afford it.

If you really are concerned about the bulb life, here is the OEM Phillips brand, two for $80 or one for $46. You can still afford that.

And AutoZone sells Sylvanias for $16 each.

>You’re going to come in here and give me a hard time for what? So you can feel powerful? You think that you could possibly be the judge of whether or not whats going on in my life is a valid reason to let a couple minor things slide? Get real dude, you aren’t as powerful as you think you are.

You are the one who is literally bragging about how lucky you got by getting away without a citation for all these violations. Someone made the very reasonable observation that you should take it as a wake up call and use the opportunity to get them fixed, and that sent you into a self-righteous temper tantrum. Dude, grow up and fix your shit. The fact that you were "trained as a mechanic" only makes it worse, because these violations are all trivial to fix and inexpensive, you are just too fucking lazy to do them.