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u/mamacrocker · 7 pointsr/creepy

That was a good creepy story. There's a great book that uses actual, weird old photos and builds a story around it. It's a pretty quick read & I wish he'd do a sequel.

u/kathartik · 3 pointsr/creepy

five minutes of research tells me it isn't an "internet myth". the burns archive, for one, not to mention the 3 volume Sleeping Beauty book series, which was published in 1990 and is what brought post-mortem photography back into the public consciousness.

I mean it wasn't beanie baby levels of popular, but I feel like you're downplaying what it actually was.

that said, I absolutely agree that this woman likely isn't dead, but I can see why people would make the comparison.

u/Skreamsayonara · 6 pointsr/creepy

I loved these videos so much! Even bought the DVD. If anyone is so inclined to watch ALL of them in special formatting heres the link:

u/CrazyInAnInsaneWorld · 1 pointr/creepy

Got a book to recommend. Michael Talbot's The Holographic Universe Dr. Talbot bases his theory on the structure of the universe on the Holographic principle and brings up many ways he hypothesizes that NDE's/OBE's, as well as "Past Life Memories" are not necessarily our experiences, but are still materially a part of us. It puts an entirely new perspective on Lawrence Krauss' "We are stardust..." quote.

It should give you an interesting shift in perspective to the event listed here.

u/ColdRamen · 150 pointsr/creepy

Death of the Family.

If you've not read the New 52 Batman stuff you should. It's really great.

u/darkmooninc · 2 pointsr/creepy

I just bought this GOD WHY DID I BUY THIS?

u/Slick1ru2 · 1 pointr/creepy

On the Blu-ray, or perhaps it was the DVD since I rented it, The Haunting In Connecticut is a short documentary about how it was once normal in America to keep deceased relatives in the home for a funeral and it was common to take photos with them. The author that narrated the short had done a picture book on the topic, now out of print and selling for astronomical prices on Amazon used. The documentary is only available on one version of the film, not sure which, and IMO it's better than the film. Here's the description.

Memento Mori: The History of Postmortem Photography" (10:26) has author Stanley B. Burns talking about this odd practice.

Here's the book.

Here's someone looking at the photos online describing the once popular phenomena.

u/Losgunn · 10 pointsr/creepy

Evan Dorkin(author) and Jill Thompson(artist), the hardcover edition is available at Amazon for $17.17.

u/gingerfer · 2 pointsr/creepy

Amazon has what I'm assuming to be all of them in one hardcover here.

u/themandober · 1 pointr/creepy

Hey /u/Trevor_Roll, if you have a chance you should read Richard Rubenstein's The Cunning of History. It expounds about the idea embodied within this quote, and is a thorough but relatively short read.

u/Pirani · 91 pointsr/creepy

That's spasm, perhaps the spookiest Halloween prop ever. Buy it here.

u/abbeynormal · 9 pointsr/creepy

Indeed they are! They're from a kids book called Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark..

u/TrustMeImLeifEricson · 1 pointr/creepy

There are a few short stories on Dark Horse's site and there's at least one hardcover collection.

u/w4rfr05t · 3 pointsr/creepy

The first thing I thought of was this, but I can't remember any illustrations in it.

u/TheScotchDivinity · 1 pointr/creepy

I don't know where you can find it online (my parents gave my kids a hard copy of the book), but you can order it for a penny at Amazon.

u/Meaning_Raptor · 3 pointsr/creepy

Hey guys look at this since the game got cancelled people are selling their Playstation 4's with the demo on it for a lot of money

u/veryblessed123 · 1 pointr/creepy

As part of my Rescue Diver certification the instructor recommended we read Michael Ange's Diver Down. Its a collection of real life diving accidents and how to avoid them.

This poor fellow must not have taken this advice...

u/AJM69 · 2 pointsr/creepy

I remember those stories; good God they were scary! Why the hell my elementary school library, I don't know, but I thank them nonetheless.

u/315retro · 17 pointsr/creepy

Oh I know what this is from!

There's also a vinyl art toy based on one available from unbox industries but it's a bit out of my price range unfortunately.

u/Lallo-the-Long · 11 pointsr/creepy

It's dangerous to go alone, take this

u/SeaWitchyUrsula · 4 pointsr/creepy

Damn this was a great story!

Read this, then the two missing puppies one, just now purchased the anthology for 17.22 w/prime. Link below was from the 9 mo old creepy post of the other story.

u/wbgraphic · 3 pointsr/creepy

The core story arc of "Death of the Family" ran in Batman #13-17. Those issues are collected in Batman volume 3.

There were, of course, related stories in other titles. The complete "Death of the Family" story consists of 23 separate comics.