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u/srubek · 1 pointr/druggardening

Have you tried “a popular online auction website”? That’s where I got mine, planted them in spring (kinda late, like...late May), and now the plants are 8’ tall. Super easy, to facilitate growth: I legit just had my first year planting my garden from seed. I have a thriving balcony (nearly “walkthrough”) garden, now. I had no idea planting from seed was so easy. I normally start with transplanting plants. Now it’s gorgeous. Will send pics of entire garden if interested.

Morning glories, cbd cannabis, Passion flower, red Krishna holy basil, khat, a rare yellow saffron, California poppy, red corn poppy, wild dagga, Klip dagga, pretty much, entirely a garden full of herbal therapies. My Mary is getting super stinky buds, too!

And yes, I can’t wait to toke a fresh joint of a Klip dagga flowering plant that I raised myself. Tip; don’t get frustrated if it is just leaves - they typically don’t start growing pods until they’ve hit 6’ tall.

Until then, they just grow huge leaves (to hold the nutrients, just, I presume..,) and then after hitting 6’ they grow pods at the top, then start cascading down the entire plant, from top to bottom.

Just do the following:

  • get seeds from eBay (I can attest that Klip dagga is easier to grow than wild dagga, from seed, based on summer progress) - leonotis nepetifolia (you don’t need seed pods, I just grew these from seeds alone).

  • plant them in a regular sized planter with many drainage holes punctured in the bottom,

  • with miracle grow for the soil - one meant for only raised potting beds/planters (they drain a bit easier)

  • began with planting 20 seeds in a single typical shelf planter - 3.5 ft long 8 inch wide common at most every gardening store

  • I know it seems like that’s a lot of seeds, but only 4 out of my 20 thrived, and no other plant behaved like that. They were the strongest out of their bunch, and evenly spaced themselves apart, taking all the resources to the “proven winner” seeds, taking resources harder than any other seeds.

  • I hope you get good sun wherever you plant them, and especially pointing east-facing would be lovely - they love the morning sunrise - that’s when I get a batch every day

  • periodically use a small amount of a water soluble 20/20/20 fertilizer when watering, once a week, at least, thrice a week, at most. Klip dagga seems to love this even ratio and just prefers it to all other fertilizers: I use jacks 20/20/20 from amazon - “dirt” cheap (haaa) compared to retail stores.

  • in 3 months, you will have a thriving posse of Klip dagga plants.

    I promise as long as you have sun and don’t neglect them, you too can make this happen, in the spring/summer (warmer days of the year, in your climate, wherever it may be).

    I think tonight I’m gonna toke what I grew for the first time, so much better satisfying growing it myself and confirming it is klip dagga, rather than getting “Klip dagga petals” from an eBay seller and ending up with subpar unclean wild dagga or whatnot, worrying about adulterants, etc... this is as pure and homey feeling as it gets.

    Best of journeys! I believe you can do it!

    TLDR: you can - i believe in you!
u/chemicalclarity · 8 pointsr/druggardening

Okay, you can't go wrong with a monotub then. Most commercial growers I know use them because they're fairly bullet proof (this is an extremely relative term for mushies) and are low cost. To get going you'll need the following, please be aware that there are no real shortcuts and cutting costs initially will ultimately cost you time and money. Rather get the correct kit second hand, than substitute with an inferior product.

  • 10 x pre-poured petri dishes - this isn't essential for the beginner, but I would recommend it. That said, they're $30 on amazon, so they might break our budget

  • Cheap Chinese Pressure Cooker $34 you absolutely need a pressure cooker. If this is a little pricey, check out craig's list, FB market place, or Gumtree depending on where you are. They're big pots and people get sick of them, so they're easy to pick up generally. If you're buying second hand, get them to bring it to pressure before buying. You wanna make sure the seals are good. Charity shops are another good place to look.

  • You want a plastic tub to build your monotub with. Get 2, because you'll also want a still airbox - these are 15 bucks, but you may be able to find them cheaper locally.

  • Nitrile Gloves 6 bucks

  • Canning Jars, You need 4, I'd go with 6 in case of contams

  • Coco Coir - get this at a local nursery or hydro shop, it's overpriced online
  • Grain, some people have a preference, but IME Barley, wheat, rye and sorghum (milo) are all great. Stay away from WBS - it colonises slowly. great for master jars, but not my favourite for growing. Source locally. Avoid health shops, look for animal feed stores

    Check Out Roger Rabbit's How to Grow Mushrooms Videos They're old and cheesy, but the advice is rock solid. You may have to torrent full copies, I'll leave that in your hands.

    Personally, I found growing mushrooms to be a challenge. It's not difficult, once you know how to do it, but it fucking is when you don't. For me, forums were a total cluster fuck. Shroomery was the worst. There's tons of incredible growers there, but also a lot of dickheads who post teks for the sake of posting teks. Not knowing the difference between a dickhead tek and a pro tek was my downfall. Then one day, a buddy showed me where I was going wrong, and it all clicked into place very quickly. I strongly recommend RRs Vids for the first timer. They'll give you a good understanding of the basics and get you to a crop. Feel free to PM me for additional help, especially when you get to prepping grain.

    Stay away from the exotic strains for now. Get cubensis. Get Amazons (They're my favourite, and the mycelium is aggressive which makes it a little more forgiving to the beginner). Galandoi ALT7 (truffles) are super easy too, because you don't fruit them. They just take a lot longer.

    Using the kit I've outlined you should be able to produce 100 - 200g of dry shrooms within six weeks. I'm sure I've forgotten a couple of things, please watch the videos. When you get the inevitable trichoderma, don't give up. I really sucked at growing shrooms when i started. Keep logs, understand sterile technique, and keep pushing. It'll come. Ultimately, I ended up doing 40 tubs at a time with loads of strains running at a time. I do not recommend this, but I was able to pay for my wedding and an epic honeymoon over 16 weeks of growing hard
u/GrowerAndaShower · 3 pointsr/druggardening

u/Psych0nut This. Research and actually put into practice sterile technique, learn WHY you're doing what you do, and start off with multiple small batches(keeping track in a notepad what you do in each batch) until you're at minimum getting 60-70% of PFtek without contamination. You will need a pressure cooker for any grain based substrate.

Starting big and hoping for the best just to screw up on a minor detail and have to throw it all out though is a waste of money. Once you get the basics down though, scaling up is easy. Trust me, from experience, start small.

When you do scale up, my favorite method was spores>agar>grain>grain>grain>bulk substrate filter patch bags

Agar Recipe(Also, JOIN THIS SITE. My favorite shroom community):


u/psycoanalyitic · 2 pointsr/druggardening

I am currently using this soil it says it is "free draining" but those seem to consist of mostly organic ... Should I get some perlite to make it even more free draining ?

I also have the same brand fertilizer which says 1.4 : 0.7 : 2.7 on the label will this work ?

Thanks for your help

u/ItsMyOpinionTho · 2 pointsr/druggardening

Hey man. I don't grow anything but weed so I don't know much about your plant but in the flowering stage of cannabis if I get a bug infestation I used potassium bicarbonate (there's recipes and how to mix it online with soft water) or you could use the traditional Dawn dish soap spray which also works. Neem oil has previously worked for me too but what I had to do was place a bamboo stick in the soil and drench the soil so that all bugs go to the bamboo stick as it's free from neem. Next day I just remove the bamboo and that will usually solve it for me too.

If you have tried all these then I have no idea how you'd remove them. Sorry if I couldn't help but both of these methods would work on a cannabis plant. Good luck!

u/bigbug1983 · 2 pointsr/druggardening

This light is not the best by any means but for $20 works great. I use it in my humidity tent for seedlings. It will get you by until you can invest in something better.

u/DeepThoughtDavid · 1 pointr/druggardening

Consider getting a small grow light. They're inexpensive, small and unobtrusive, and most of all lots of fun! No more cloudy days for your seedlings, and they'll look super sexy under that fluorescent lighting.

u/Eric5989 · 1 pointr/druggardening

Heats not really a big issue. They can take colder temps, just not under freezing. If you are in a garage, someplace cold, you should look into building an enclosure, or buying a tent you can heat.

The bigger they get, the more light they need to keep growing.

Blurple or full spectrum lights can work, but something like this is way way better. Look into indoor weed growing set ups.

u/Trichonaut · 1 pointr/druggardening

Depends on how much you’d like to spend. An HLG65 would probably be perfect for her, you can find em on Amazon here.
HLG 65 Quantum Board LED Grow Lamp Veg & Bloom 4000K

If you’d like to go with something cheaper I would just try and find something that puts out more than 100 Watts.

u/climblime45 · 1 pointr/druggardening

It’s actually an oil diffuser that I’m just putting water in to try to up the humidity, but here’s the amazon link :)

Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser, URPOWER 300ml Wood Grain Ultrasonic Cool Mist Whisper-Quiet Humidifier with Color LED Lights Changing & 4 Timer Settings, Waterless Auto Shut-Off for Spa Baby

u/ArsenicSulphide · 6 pointsr/druggardening

Think less about individual plants, and more about total space available to grow. Not really worth it unless ~20 square feet can be planted. In the Northern Hemisphere, the best time to scatter seed is February/March on receding snow (i.e.: end of Winter).

This is a great book, which covers all the bases:

u/bovineblitz · 2 pointsr/druggardening

You can also use those spiral CFL lights to supplement. I used to put them on power strips with cheap bulb adapters, it's pretty easy to set it up so you can adjust their positioning. It works well for side lighting.

There's LEDs with articulating arms that might be nicer nowadays but CFLs are cheap and versatile.

u/run-come-quick · 1 pointr/druggardening

I'm thinking about adding two of these LED lights above the window in order to increase the light they get, thoughts?

I will start watering them in April, once every 3-4 weeks.

u/vdj98 · 4 pointsr/druggardening

I find trichos have the ribs sucking in like that when they are dehydrated. The uneven colouration could be due to a number of different reasons, although I'm leaning towards trace element deficiency (the mottled colouring reminds me vaguely of iron/manganese deficiency in citrus). You can buy trace element fertilisers, and if I've had a sad looking plant, no matter the type of plant I've used it on (including trichos) it seems to bounce back pretty quickly. I've heard of azomite rock dust recently which seems to be a highly rated source of trace elements too which you might be interested in checking out.

Edit: I realise you were probably talking about the circles which appear to be scale. You can scrape them off but I've never had too much of an issue with leaving them on either.

u/meolon · 1 pointr/druggardening

This book: The Psilocybin Mushroom Bible has simple step by step instructions of basic and advanced methods with abundant photos.

u/theotherme412 · 1 pointr/druggardening

I’m quite familiar with how the legal system works, just not with plants. In my world, the word is intent, and evidence to support that intent.

I could have a high opium yield poppy simply for decoration, no harm no foul. If they’re scored and other supporting evidence showing cultivation for illegal purposes, that’s more of an issue.

Intent is the key. Proving intent isn’t easy, especially for personal use.

I’m just looking to mess around and see if I can make some pretty flowers that double as a painkilling tea.

Looking at these, thoughts? Earthcare Seeds Giant Poppy 250 Seeds (Papaver Somniferum Giganteum) Non GMO - Heirloom

u/ImmortanGreg · 2 pointsr/druggardening

You mentioned the presto 23qt. Are you talking about this?

Presto 01781 23-Quart Pressure Canner and Cooker

My local store has that on sale for quite a steal. I just saw it listed primarily as a pressure canner and initially dismissed it. I could easily pick that up and be within budget because of the deal on it!