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u/chartinboy · 1 pointr/ebookdeals

Full disclosure, I wrote this book! To celebrate the launch of my new book, The Hollow Traveller( UK / US ), I decided to make my first book available for free this week through Saturday!

u/asymon · 4 pointsr/ebookdeals

The Last Wish:
Sword of Destiny:

The last story in SoD describes how has Gerald and Ciri met, and there's one about her parents.

Also, short stories are better IMHO.

u/GThunderhead · 2 pointsr/ebookdeals

I had "Go" too. There was a "Read The World" promo last year as well, so maybe that's where it came from?

I checked and looked up "Go" and the author.

My Japanese is rusty (okay, nonexistent), but it doesn't look free to me.

It's possible others are free, but I don't know.

u/horatzica · 3 pointsr/ebookdeals

Also the second book of the series, Foundation and Empire, is on sale ($5.99):