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u/dbatchison · 21 pointsr/educationalgifs

This will probably sound lame, but one of the most interesting history books I read was "Russia and the Golden Horde"

It gives a comprehensive breakdown on the impact of mongolian leadership on the development of the early russian state and also serves as a great introduction to the long history of medieval peasant revolts which are a constant in Imperial Russian history.

I had an awesome professor that let me do a custom course on the history of uprisings and revolts in Russia and it was some of the most fascinating things I've ever read, there's so many amazing stories from pugachev up to the bolsheviks. Personal favorite book is about the Anarchist Women that help assassinate Tsar Alexander II 5 Sisters: Women against the Tsar

u/radong01 · 4 pointsr/educationalgifs

It's true. Only 60 million make it into the top 1%, with $34,000/year. Half of that 1% (29 million) live in the US. The number comes from Branko Milanovic's work, and his book The Haves and the Have-Nots.

Here are some articles on it from well respected organizations:

However, keep in mind they all cite the same source, which is Milanovic and his book, and were all written at around the same time, so I assume it was Milanovic's publisher paying a PR firm to get these written. But that's pretty much how most media works now days. So if you are still skeptical of the number, I suggest reading the book, or finding some of Milanovic's published papers and reading through the methodology used to come up with his numbers.

Another fantastic book on the subject is Thomas Piketty's Capital in the Twenty-First Century. I highly recommend reading it. Picketty actually expected huge amounts of controversy when he released his book, and was surprised to find out that not many people disagreed with his methodologies and conclusions. Which is pretty scary in itself.

u/Stepwolve · 5 pointsr/educationalgifs

I've been using this one off amazon. It's a bit pricey, but will honestly change how you wake up each morning. Each morning It goes from a very muted red (like early sunrise) all the way up to a full bright white light like a solar lamp. And you can adjust the brightness/lightness of it like a lamp for normal use. I love using it at the lowest light level before bed, and any time you turn it on or off it fades the brightness/darkness so it's not a shock

u/Omnipotent0 · 6 pointsr/educationalgifs

This is the best video on the subject I've ever seen.
Of you want to learn more I very very very strongly recommend this book.

u/GogglesPisano · 5 pointsr/educationalgifs

I've been fascinated by Celtic art since I first saw photos of the Book of Kells, Book of Durrow and the Lindisfarne Gospels many years ago.

I found this book that explains how these complex drawings were made. It's amazing how something so complex can be made with such simple methods.

u/XUtYwYzz · 1 pointr/educationalgifs

Code: The Hidden Language of Computer Hardware and Software is one of my favorite books and covers this topic. It's amazing.

u/FlyingFunderburke · 5 pointsr/educationalgifs

Here's a similar kit on Amazon. this often gets posted crediting the kid for building it, definitely a cool toy though.

u/Morophin3 · 1 pointr/educationalgifs

This is a good book on the subject that I enjoyed.

u/McGrude · 19 pointsr/educationalgifs

> There is a debate among scientists as to is viruses are actually alive

An interesting book that spends quite a few pages discussing this is Life as We Do Not Know it: The NASA Search for (and Synthesis of) Alien Life by Peter Ward.

u/Moeparker · 11 pointsr/educationalgifs

I bought this soap. It lasts for months. It's fantastic.

Amazon Prime Link: $5 for the bar of soap:

It even has the indentation from the Mallet hit

u/Pitterpatter119 · 4 pointsr/educationalgifs

We have this one and have been really happy with it.

VIVO Pink Electric Commercial Cotton Candy Machine/Candy Floss Maker with Bubble Shield (CANDY-KIT-1)

u/tha_dood · 111 pointsr/educationalgifs

This is at least twice as expensive as just buying an airzooka which works 10x better.

u/TheBrontosaurus · 8 pointsr/educationalgifs

The Beekeeper's Lament is a book following a single beekeeper. Interesting and informative.

u/lypse_love · 2 pointsr/educationalgifs

It’s almost like this already exists...

Really tho, I don’t have time/patience to do that. Just do it tightly at an angle and call it a day.

u/iRasha · 174 pointsr/educationalgifs

Here you go!

Olive Oil Nablus Soap (1 count)

If that link doesnt work (because I’m on mobile), just search Nablus soap on amazon

u/Chaiteoir · 2 pointsr/educationalgifs

Those are recreational-use baseballs and not made to official MLB standards like this one:

The dead giveaway is that the "recreational" balls have a solid cork-rubber composite centre but MLB official balls - as seen in the gif - are wound string around a small solid centre.

u/ITSigno · 3 pointsr/educationalgifs

Did you mean to do [this]( "Secura 8100MC 1800W Portable Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner, Gold")?

[this]( "Secura 8100MC 1800W Portable Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner, Gold")

u/MediocreGimp · 2 pointsr/educationalgifs

Found the canadian! That's too many loonies for me.

Here is the same thing with more FREEDOM and GUNS

u/RckmRobot · 11 pointsr/educationalgifs

> > I was thinking, "Hey, they could make cooking devices like this.." and then realized they already have had them for years, and I'm a dumbass.

> They actually can't and don't...

Then what is this?

u/MidEastBeast777 · 6 pointsr/educationalgifs

Yup, Ferdinand de Lesseps was the one who was given much of the credit for the construction of the Suez Canal. He tried to do the same in Panama and make the whole canal at sea level but failed miserably and almost bankrupted France.

The book by David McCullough on the Panama Canal is an amazing read

u/Lifts_Things · 2 pointsr/educationalgifs

Here is a whole book on the circulatory system for you.

It explicitly mentions “Vascularity is enhanced by extremely low body fat (usually below 10%) and low retained water, as well as the muscle engorgement ("pump") and venous distension accentuated by the vigorous flexing and potentially hazardous Valsalva effect which characterize competitive posing. Genetics and androgenic hormones will affect vascularity, as will ambient temperature”

Vascularity is a real thing and it is most effected by lower body fat.

u/AlfredoEinsteino · 327 pointsr/educationalgifs

A sunrise alarm clock really helped me, especially in winter. (I still have a back-up alarm on my phone though.) It's a light that gradually gets brighter over the course of a half-hour and then it sounds an audible alarm at the end. The light's enough to get me awake enough to realize that my alarm is going off.