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u/gun-nut · 1 pointr/holdmyfries

I really like my Lansky Deluxe 5-Stone Sharpening System

It's how I sharpen my dozens of knifes. Is not as fast as a small belt sander but it's a lot more relaxing and I can get my knifes shaving sharp. I don't even own a razor (I have a beard but I still need to clean up the edges sometimes) and it works on all of my knifes.

u/jhallen2260 · 0 pointsr/holdmyfries

Magic Fairy Flying in The Book Butterfly Rubber Band Powered Wind Up Butterfly Toy Great Surprise Gift (6PC)

u/MakeYouAGif · 2 pointsr/holdmyfries

I have this one attached to my nightstand and it's perfect.

u/TWeaK1a4 · 1 pointr/holdmyfries

Yeah I had a SALA that was like this:

We were climbing ski-lift towers which required being a nimble: laying prone, curved ladders, etc. I got stuff stuck with the SALA several times. I started wearing the other departments basic petzel harnesses after a week.

u/Trey5169 · 1 pointr/holdmyfries

I definitely thought it was one of those pop cap guns, with the sparks and everything, until you mentioned this.

u/MyNameIsRay · 7 pointsr/holdmyfries

After about 20 years of riding pretty seriously, I've learned that lesson the hard way, and won't go cheap any more.

Those bikes seriously just fall apart, I can't get a day out of one before I bend a rim or snap something.

But, then again, you get an entire bike for the cost of a name-brand tire. (EX: the online sale price for my tires is $55, each, they retail for $80. A cheap kids bike is $60-100)

u/the_ocalhoun · 26 pointsr/holdmyfries

This thing.


The reviews on this thing are golden!

u/vamosatumadre · -5 pointsr/holdmyfries

All else being equal, the obese contribute more to income inequality, which is the largest cause of hunger worldwide. Read this book, it cites sources:

u/knightsmarian · 2 pointsr/holdmyfries

If users really want a bedside option for that panic moment, get a small three digit gun safe with a spring loaded door. Here is an option for under 100 USD.