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u/m4gpi · 1 pointr/housekeeping

I have two cats and all hard flooring, on a single level. I bought a “cheap” robot vacuum and it has changed my life. It is a Ecovacs Deebot N79S; at the time it cost 300$ full price but I got it on sale for 150$ (during US Black Friday). It is designed for hard floors, a small place (my apartment is maybe 700sqft) and to deal with pet hair. It has a small hepa filter.

There are many similar models now of varying price ranges, that are designed for low floors and to deal with pet hair. I have to clear the floors before running it (pick up toys, small area rugs, etc.) and empty the capture bin after each use, but it’s amazing. Honestly it does a better job than I would with a push vacuum, because it gets under the bed and into small corners where the dust bunnies are. It has a few different modes, and can be run from a smart phone over wifi, but I haven’t really bothered with that. The best thing is I can start it up, and leave the house. I run mine 1-2 times a week.

If you want a standard vacuum, it’s important that it has a hepa filter to capture pet dander.

Also, as you’ve noticed sweeping is almost pointless - a Swiffer dry cloth mop is much better at actually clearing the pet hair from floors. You can make your own cloth mops, and they work pretty well if you are opposed to the disposable mops.

u/-Mediocrates- · 1 pointr/housekeeping

Deodorant stains are caused by baking soda and/or aluminum ingredients in the deodorants. So its important to avoid deodorants that use these ingredients if you want to avoid these stains. With that said, its a lot easier said than done as the Aluminum prevents sweat, and the baking soda is a very cheap effective odor repellant (it also can cause rashes because it changes the pH of the skin basic btw)


I've been using (and making my own) natural and organic deodorants for about a decade. I've pretty much tried them all (or close to it). Hands down the best natural deodorant I have ever used (and still use every day) is by ORGANIC 101. They are USDA certified Organic (so you can actually trust the ingredients), they use zero baking soda (so no rashes), no aluminum (or "alum" which is used to to fool customers), it wont stain clothing, and works all day for me, unless its over 100 degrees or I work out at the gym (to be expected though). I cannot recommend it enough. All their scents are legit but lately Ive been using the Lemon Haze and I love it.


If interested maybe check it out. They also offer a 30 day money back guarantee:

u/JillMatthews · 3 pointsr/housekeeping

The saying is, never trust a maid with clean knees. All through and proper cleaning requires bending over. It is the nature of cleaning.

First step is a very thorough vacuuming with a proper vacuum with plenty of suction. This means NOT an upright vacuum. I use the Meile vacuum. I have a C3. You can get one at a proper vacuum store or on Amazon. Miele Complete C3 Marin Canister Vacuum Cleaner - Corded

Baseboards should also be vacuum and then wiped down with cleaner and cleaning towel. I use an all purpose cleaner from the Clean Team. You can get cleaning towels from them as well.™-Red-Juice-Concentrate-32-oz-bottle-Makes-20-16-oz-bottles_p_54.html

On the floor, after the vacuuming, I use the sh-mop system. The pads are replaced with several clean pads while cleaning so no dirty pad is going on the floor. Wood floors can scratch so fresh clean pads are needed. SH-MOP Deluxe KIT Includes 4 SH-Wipes, 1 SH-Micro and Aluminum Handle

On the floor cleaner, I like Bona. Bona® Hardwood Floor Cleaner Refill, 128 Fl Oz (Pack of 1)

u/katgoesmeow- · 2 pointsr/housekeeping

Home Comforts: The Art and Science of Keeping house and Martha Stewart's Homekeeping Housebook are my favorites. The Martha Stewart one is more broad than the other which makes it a better reference, however, Home Comforts has a very extensive section on fabrics and laundry that is so helpful and much better than Martha's.

u/littlebittykittyone · 1 pointr/housekeeping

I use this big bottle of Nature's Miracle Advanced For Cats and it works pretty well, though I've seen people talk about there being better brands. With cat pee the spray bottles are a waste of money and you need to buy the big jugs and soak that stuff! Cat pee has stuff in it that clings to surfaces and is really hard to get out.

u/MoonOverJupiter · 2 pointsr/housekeeping

What was in the cleaner you used? You might need to use something mildly abrasive non scratching, like the scrub side of these sponges.

If mild detergent in water isn't doing the trick, try adding ammonia to the blend. Be sure to have good ventilation, though.

u/0penlyGinger · 1 pointr/housekeeping

Get this awesome thing (after cleaning the dirt off first though:

Bestanx 2.0 Cat Self Groomer Wall Corner Massage Comb with Catnip, Perfect Massager Tool for Cats with Long & Short Fur (Grey)

u/herdaz · 1 pointr/housekeeping

I have this one, so $175. Not too bad! My cost per use is down to about $30 bucks at this point.

u/Aphrilis · 1 pointr/housekeeping

I’ve never bought sodium carbonate before...
does this look ok?

“Natural Washing Soda or Soda Ash, or Sodium Carbonate, 2 lb (32 oz) Multi-Purpose Cleaner, Water Softener and Stain Remover, Eco-Friendly Packaging (Also Available in 4 oz, 11 oz, 1 lb, 5 lb)”

u/meginmich · 2 pointsr/housekeeping

Maybe a natural drain cleaner, like this:

Or just google how to kill algae, there are lots of articles on how people do it for pools & other places where algae isn't wanted.