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u/skittleslover21 · 3 pointsr/menstrualcups

First of all congrats on your new adventure! Sorry it has been so tough. :-/

You can trim some of the stem so it isn't so uncomfortable when you have it in just make sure to leave a little to grab hold of if

It is impossible to suction your uterus out pulling on the cup, so no worries there.

When taking the cup out you MUST release the suction before trying to pull on the stem. To release the suction you grab the very bottom of the cup(above the stem) and squeeze, from there it should easily come out. I know it seems like a good idea to practice while not on your period, but when you are on your period you have a lot more lubrication to help you and ease discomfort.

Don't give up! I found the diva cup can be hard for beginners as it is a stiffer silicone than other brands. I personally like the lunette brand
Amazon has a lot of cheaper brands read the reviews and see what you like.

You can also find a lot of YouTube videos that show techniques for putting in and removing the cup. Good luck!

u/bealsash71 · 3 pointsr/menstrualcups

Amazon sells these awesome cup sanitizers that would be perfect for your situation. I can’t imagine it’d be easily to boil your cup in a dorm unless you have a hot plate. I have the one I linked and my co-worker uses this one as well, I love it. Super simple to use and so far it’s worked as well if not better than boiling it on the stove. I always felt like there was a small chance that it wasn’t getting as clean as it could by boiling in a pot but that could just be me. I also recommend a cleanser made specifically for menstrual cups, like the saalt cup wash, I use it maybe once a day during my cycle in lieu of disinfecting. Regardless, I hope this helps!

u/tinarob93 · 2 pointsr/menstrualcups

I'm don't have many suggestions on how to remove your Lunette any faster other than to say you'll get faster with practice.

You could try a different cup, either one with spill-proofing or one with higher capacity. Assuming you need a fairly small cup ...


Cups with spill-proofing:

Femmycycle Petite

Formoonsa Medium

Imari Rose cup


Small-diameter cups with higher capacities than Lunette small:

XO-FLO Mini 31-37ml

Fun Cup Small 30-35ml

Casco Small 26-30ml


The Rose cup is hard to get outside of Japan, but it is my go-to cup. The anti-spill rim isn't truly spill-proof, but it does help to cut down on mess. You might get this one out faster than the Lunette.

Femmycycle and Formoonsa have a truly spill-proof rim that should prevent spillage even if you drop it on the floor so long as the cup isn't over-filled. You might get a little blood on your finger-tip popping out the rim to pour, but very mess-free. The "Medium" Formoonsa is about the same size as the Petite Femmycycle. "Small" for Formoonsa is a 10ml "training" cup that comes with either of the other sizes. The cups do not have to open completely, so it may be a bit quicker to get them in as well.

The higher capacity cups I list are just a few that I found that are 41 or 42mm diameter and hold enough more that you might notice the difference. There are others in the range of Casco, but the increase is small enough I only listed the one. XO-FLO and Fun Cup are the ones I know that are a significant increase.

Note: I'm probably smaller than you are, and need a very small cup, myself. The cups I mentioned that I have personally used successfully are Femmycycle and Rose Cup. My other suggestions are based on third-party recommendations (reviews online, that sort of thing). I used Lunette Small as well, successfully but not the easiest for me to insert.

u/Espe_193 · 2 pointsr/menstrualcups

I haven't tried the one you linked or any cup with a drain but i do have a Super Jennie that I absolutely love its a rounder cup with a shorter stem best cup iv'e tried so far :)

u/umm_beans · 1 pointr/menstrualcups

So here is what I was referencing when I said that... maybe this was more so a mistake on Amazon's part? Not sure who is responsible for the info included in the screenshots:

Also, on Lena's site they say:

> Most people can wear either size Lena Cup but choose one over the other primarily based on flow amount, cervix height during menstruation and general physique.
At Lena we do not believe that age and birthing history play a significant role in choosing a menstrual cup. Mothers with multiple births are happily using Lena Small while teenagers, with a heavy flow, choose Lena Large.

>Lena Small is ideal for users with a normal flow.
Lena Large is suited for users with a heavy flow.


Now I will admit they say that "most" people can use either size and that the size chosen is based on flow + cervical height, etc. but when I was looking at the product on Amazon, I was mostly just seeing the description of the sizes to be based on flow rather than cervical height. I will admit some fault on my part due not being thorough (even though I thought I was) but you can see what I was basing my decision on in those screenshots I linked.

(Here is the Amazon link too, for reference so you can scroll and see the chart in the screenshots if you want: LINK)

u/ssilverlake · 1 pointr/menstrualcups

$13.99 US. (Just get the 30 day prime trial for free shipping, you can cancel before its over and after you get your pads if you dont like it or dont want to spend the $12 a month)

6 pack bamboo pads and a wet bag, thats the medium but you can also scroll to the small or large or get different prints. They're pretty cheap seeing as when I searched on etsy (the recommended) site for cloth pads it was $16 per ONE pad. And if youre using it as backup the bamboo is absorbent and soooo soft and comfortable against the skin for long days. Using seventh generation disposables are also an option for those days when you want to do good by your body and the environment but cant spring for a reusable option that day. Once finished fold the pad in half and clip the buttons together and throw it in the wet bag to take home and wash. The 6 should last you way past all day and still leave 3 for the next. I hope this helped!

u/WhiteRabbit3377 · 2 pointsr/menstrualcups

My first cup was a Sckoon (the smallest) which was great to start with, however there were a few problems. Sckoon is one of the softest cups and I had a difficult time getting it to open properly most days (great for my lighter days though).

I purchased the Yuuki off of Amazon and it came with 2 sizes and was only $25. It shipped from Russia but arrived quickly and is a much firmer silicon so it opens more easily.

Because it's relatively cheaper (2 for the price of 1) you may consider the Yuuki so you could test out both sizes.

I have a very heavy period days 2-4 and find that I typically only have to empty every 4-5 hours vs. 2-3 with the Sckoon. For me I felt like it was a better investment to try to find my goldilocks cup,

Good luck!

u/RedPaddles · 5 pointsr/menstrualcups

First, you need to know how high your cervix is. If it is super high, some cups won't work for you (you won't be able to reach them to break the seal, so you can pull them out) , the same is true if it's super low (they maybe sticking out and feel uncomfortable). It's easy: insert a finger and check how much of it is inside until you reach what some describe as the tip of a nose - that' s your cervix. Measure how much of your finger went in against measurement of various cups.

Second, you need to know your width (not precise width, just if you are too tight for a large cup -most brands offer various sizes, the larger, the wider, unfortunately.

To get you going, if your cervix is very high, you'd need the Lily cup or the Ultu cup or similar elongated shape.

If your cervix is neither high nor super low, you could try the Saalt - Target sells his one in stores, not sure about the retailers you listed,or similar shapes.

If your cervix is very low, you could either get away with cutting the stem of a Saalt or similarly shaped and sized cups or you may need something like a Femmycycle low cervix or a Meluna shorty (not available on Amazon - would take a while to get here)

Of the cups mentioned, I think I've only ever seen the Saalt in a store, in Target. If you have Prime, you can get cups in a day or two and you have more choices, I would urge you not to limit yourself to what you can find at retail stores, as the fit and comfort can make or break the experience. The ever present Diva is NOT a good choice for quite a few people -yet for a long time that was the only one available in stores. BTW, you can totally practice when you are not on your period.

I don't have experience with any of the above mentioned cups except the Meluna, and this is by no means a complete list. There is a putacupinit quiz that you can google, and there are lists, but they don't list all the cups and people miss out on great brands by using those tools, and the quiz is also off for me, so I assume for others as well. My very favorite set is completely unknown (Unicup from amazon), for instance and the quiz came back with a cup so wide it would NEVER fit me.

u/ampersandator · 4 pointsr/menstrualcups

First of all, wow, my compliments to you for your tenacity!

Have you seen the Flex Cup? It's new, started on Kickstarter as the Keela Cup. It has a ring grip that attaches to an internal pull string, which breaks the seal of the cup as you pull it. They're not quite available yet though, and are predicting that pre-ordered cups should be ready to ship in Spring 2019 (March to May.)

Of the cups available right now... as the Tampax cup is very firm, and the FemmyCycle is very soft, I'd be more inclined to recommend the Merula. (It comes in XL too.) The stem is longer, and ladder-shaped, so it essentially has three rings. You can trim the stem one ring at a time if it's too long. It does have a smaller diameter than the Tampax - 46mm instead of 53mm - but honestly 53mm is extremely wide and not something you'll find outside of disc-shaped cups usually. With the ladder stem you might be able to sort of twist it by the stem to break the seal.

There is a v-shaped cup with a ring, it's called the Lily Cup One, but its collapsible design and extreme softness may make it hard to insert if you can't reach very far inside. It would almost certainly not have the suction issue when removing, though.

I can't recommend using forceps - seriously, please don't - but maybe some finger grips would help?

u/marypies78 · 2 pointsr/menstrualcups

I too have been searching for a large capacity cup. I have a limited budget, so I can't comment on the higher priced options like the Super Jennie, Merula XL & FemmyCycle (all are $40 & up). I do like my Yuuki classic (sz Large), but it's a very firm cup, which isn't for everyone. Amazon sells a 2 pack with the classic firmness & the "soft" version for about $30. I just bought a very large capacity cup called Venus for $20 on Amazon. It has a listed capacity of 47ml & is a medium firmness like the Diva cup. I have about another week until I can use it on my cycle, but I did a 'dry run' & it was great.

u/napkween · 3 pointsr/menstrualcups

I wouldn't advise getting a used cup. Duchess cups are 2 for $18 on Amazon. I've never used them but a friend of mine approves. Here's a link

The Pixie cup is another good deal at $15. It comes with sanitizing wipes

Just search Amazon for "menstrual cup" and you'll see plenty of affordable options

u/catgirl1359 · 1 pointr/menstrualcups

Amazon has many good options! If you tell us a bit more about your anatomy and needs we can make better recommendations. Here are the well known FDA approved brands under $40 on Amazon:

There are a few more but these are some of the favorite brands that you can find lots of reviews and info for.

u/chuckiestealady · 1 pointr/menstrualcups

The original Lily Cup or the new Lily Cup One for beginners ? I have never managed to get a seal at all with the original ergonomically shaped Lily Cup so I gave up on it. Haven’t had the chance to use my new Lily Cup One yet as my periods are often three months apart. Sorry I can’t be more helpful!

u/JimmyMus · 2 pointsr/menstrualcups

Fun factory $40 for two. I've tried several and I think these are the best. Nice silicon, soft, flexible, shaped to your body.

u/ndoring88 · 2 pointsr/menstrualcups

Woo! Check out this one too

Ziggy Flat Cup

Its flat which i’m thinking could be good for what I think we should nickname a T-pain cervix ( because it gets low)

i just figured out how to do links ! watch out reddit world.

u/zonumnire · 3 pointsr/menstrualcups

What about the gloves the stylists use when dying hair? I am pretty sure those are latex but reusable.

edit: Something like these maybe

u/wishiwasAyla · 1 pointr/menstrualcups

i've had this one on amazon for over a year, and i love it!

u/erin_said · 1 pointr/menstrualcups

I have the same problem you do on my heavier days, and I switched to the Yuuki cup. The large capacity one is just as tall (long?) as a Divacup, but a little bit wider/shaped differently (fuller? it doesn't taper off as much at the bottom) so it has a huuuuuge capacity. The small Yuuki cup is a little shorter, but still has the same capacity as the regular Divacup, so that's what I use on my "normal" days now. I keep my Divacup in the car as a backup.

Here's a link to the Yuuki cup on Amazon. You can get the Large and the Small for $25 (so $12 each).

u/FoxxyRin · 1 pointr/menstrualcups

The Dutchess Cup was one of them. Very similar to the Diva cup, but the silicone was so thin at the base that I had trouble with insertion. As for the other cup I tried, I can't remember which it was, but it had good reviews on Amazon. Unfortunately, I had ordered it when I was using my sister's Amazon so I don't have access to which one it was anymore.

u/resident_trashcan · 2 pointsr/menstrualcups

The Ziggy cup is available on the Canadian Amazon. It's a bit hard to find as searching it doesn't in my results but here's a link to it: also has the Ziggy:

u/din_the_dancer · 1 pointr/menstrualcups

If I found the right cup (google found me this: it kinda makes me think of the Yuuki cup. Maybe Lybera?

I don't have any experience with the Iris cup so that's really all I got.

u/piratepasty · 1 pointr/menstrualcups

Think I found the iris one under irisana cup on Irisana Iriscup Menstruationstasse S Rosa not sure how that price compares to the other ones you're looking at. I bought the latessa S but after seeing some of the videos of the iris cup , I think latessa will be quite firm? I've never tried another one though to compare.

u/vaginathings · 2 pointsr/menstrualcups

They make menstrual cup steamers. Menstrual Cup Sterilizer - Kills 99.9% of Germs with Steam - 3 Minutes and Your Period Cup is Clean!