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u/RndmHero · 2 pointsr/missoula

Sorry I'm late to the thread but I figured I'd offer my $0.02 on the Testy Festy.

There's a great short-story in the Chuck Palahniuk book Stranger Than Fiction that does a great job of painting a picture of the festival. There are a bunch of photos and videos on the website as well.

It's something that's fun to do just so you can say you've been but it's a lot of wasted bikers and people who are naked that you don't necessarily want to see naked. If you're there while it's going on you might as well check it out!

u/myheadhurtsalot · 3 pointsr/missoula

Get a copy of this book and start knocking them out. As far as camping spots, good luck getting much info outside of campgrounds, good camp spots are like hunting spots, they're good because no one talks about them.

u/brentsopel5 · 2 pointsr/missoula

Not a problem!

Welcome to Missoula! (or whenever you get here)

Be sure to grab an Intex and join all of us on the river this summer :)