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u/SleepyTexan · 7 pointsr/noveltranslations

Finally had some more time to read, picked up books mostly on Kindle Unlimited with some exceptions on Novel Updates.

Stuff in bold is stuff I really like and can recommend, stuff italicized is stuff I'm not sure about but you should probably read anyway.

Picked up

Arcane Ascension: (Kindle)

  1. Sufficiently Advanced Magic

    LitRPG, School, Dungeon/tower

    Story had a pretty decent hook in the beginning, characters are decently fleshed out although I do hope book 2 has more character development.

    The MC is a recovering loner with interesting family dynamics due to an unfortunate grandfather, militant father, and a missing brother.

    I would have enjoyed this story more if I read it in chunks as the author is trying to create something new with depth and that ruined a bit of the immersion for me.

    After reading 2/3 of the story I took a break and read other stuff before coming back to it and the last 1/3 was very enjoyable; then again the last bit was mostly plot development instead of world building.

    Completionist Chronicles: (Kindle)

  2. Ritualist

    LitRPG, cleric?, puns?

    Same author as the Divine Dungeon series linked below.

    Compared to the Divine Dungeon series this story is much more enjoyable since the MC is human and already has a personality.

    Divine Dungeon: (Kindle)

  3. Dungeon Born

  4. Dungeon Madness

  5. Dungeon Calamity

    Dungeon core, cultivation, puns?

    Pretty interesting premise but it is my first dungeon core story; story is pretty good and told in the POV of two MC's, a dungeon (Cal) and some shepherd who learns to cultivate.

    In book 1 Cal is still developing as he was just Born which made it slightly more difficult to get into due to not much character development but the different POV's makes things easier to read. If you're okay with book 1 which was enjoyable but focused more on setting the foundation of the story then you should like books 2 and 3 much more.

    Awaken Online: (Kindle)

  6. Catharsis;

    LitRPG, Anti-hero?, Necromancy, glass cannon

    A bit of an aside but this really made me feel nostalgic for Legendary Moonlight Sculptor even though there isn't much in common.

    The prologue set the tone for the the story and while it could be too soon to tell I'd say he's only mostly anti-hero.

    Story is a bit cliched and there isn't much tension but it's pretty well written and does a nice job overall differentiating itself.

    Fields of Gold

    Mild Mary Sue, hunting, isekai, reverse harem?

    Phew, finally have something to fill the void that is Volare. (Even though I have 3 other novels I'm bulking up to binge later)

    Just when I think I'm free of all food porn from previous completed novels they ambush me with this. y u do dis /u/Etvolare (and Myst), some of y'all have gotta be foodies and I'm concerned it's a criteria in novel selection.

    Another Mary Sue story with hints of a reverse harem but that's probably unlikely. Her immediate family loves her but everyone else.. fuck 'em, except for maybe that one gentle aunt.

    The S-Classes That I Raised

    Time rewind, yandere, taming

    Weak asshole MC turns over a new leaf with his time travel and patches things up with his younger more OP brother.

    Ascend Online (Kindle)

    LitRPG, Crafting, taming

    Solid story but it's a bit average, pretty good read overall but character development is kinda weak.

    I’m the Evil Lord of an Intergalactic Empire

    Mecha, "anti-hero", ^^^ha! futuristic, isekai, misunderstandings, long life span

    MC gets betrayed pretty badly by his wife due to the involvement of a third party who gets off on the grief and misery of others. MC reincarnates to another world and is mistrustful of women, gets abandoned by his parents and ends up doing some territory management in the pursuit of being evil later.

    Demon King, Retry!

    Overpowered, loli, misunderstandings, territory management?

    Think of this as a more lighthearted, shallower take on Overlord for a younger audience, maybe.

    A Demon Lord’s Tale: Dungeons, Monster Girls, and Heartwarming Bliss

    Non-harem harem?, Wish fulfillment

    Strong MC with a soft spot for ladies.


    Still reading

    Trash of the Count’s Family

    Restaurant seems to be going well, some more of Cale's background is being very slowly teased through the story which makes it all the more understandable he wants to chill.

    Ascending, Do Not Disturb

    Apparently another story where cuteness is justice regardless of gender; two justices have been unlocked so far: cuteness and deliciousness.

    The Beloved Imperial Consort

    Strict mother and chill father? That'll be a fun baby, smart little monkey.


    Lucia is hangry and the damn grapes aren't in season yet.

    The hubby is gonna have some serious blue balls if he doesn't find something to busy himself with.

    Assassin Farmer

    The assassin organization has changed hands with the death of the idiot boss.

    MC has plenty of people waiting on her now (much to her distaste) and new house(s) are being built for her and her hubby's brothers.
    Edit**: forgot to add the Arcane Ascension series and labeled the ones on Kindle Unlimited.

u/MooseMoosington · 4 pointsr/noveltranslations

The Dao of Magic is a more westernized type cultivation story. The Dao of Magic has some pretty interesting ideas, and for the most part is a great read. It is not without its flaws though, but they give the story character in their own way.

Unsouled is the first book in an ongoing series of wuxia/xianxia inspired books that is released on Amazon. I feel it is really well written, though I got bored halfway through the released books. It's still great, it's just hard for books to keep my interest, and is nothing against the author/story.

I haven't really read many English stories that are purely wuxia/xianxia though, but I have noticed wuxia influence in all manner of fantasy webnovels nowadays. I know there are many more wuxia/xianxia original English stories though; I just can't think of them off the top of my head.

u/Danadin · 1 pointr/noveltranslations

I quite enjoyed the highly derivative but original English language story The Slime Dungeon available on Amazon for 4 bucks or so. People usually post free unauthorized translations on this subreddit but this story is a definite fit for what you're asking and well worth a couple bucks if you have them to spend on a book.

u/DivineZephyr · 6 pointsr/noveltranslations

Seeing as how I basically spent my free time throughout the majority of my middle and high school years on this website (just reading, I assure you), I figured I could add a few not-too-shabby recommendations. Keep in mind these are rather old since I stopped trying to find NEW authors some time in high school. These are the ones I've bookmarked, but I've gone through so many in Sci-Fi/Fantasy that I'm almost certainly missing many other stories worth reading.

  • The Preacher Man - In my opinion, this story is in an entirely different realm from the rest of these. An absolute must read.
  • Backscatter - Same author.
  • The Fate of Terra - Uncompleted, causing one of the greatest literary pains of my life. He also wrote Path of the Necromancer, a story just as good, which has since been removed due to another writer obtaining the rights to continue it on another site.
  • Everything by Lien_Geller, but especially The Missing Dragon
  • Falling in Love Bit By Bit - I'm a sucker for androids.
  • Dream Drive - Also check out Contractor, a non-NSFW published novel of the same literary caliber.
u/Leigie · 2 pointsr/noveltranslations

While it feels like free stories should just be a thing, it is important to realize that it isn't and people don't usually write/publish/translate a book for free. Buy the book if you can. Also, I recommend Sector 8 (Perimeter Defense Book 1) to anybody that likes science fiction space battles.

u/Nordic_Marksman · 1 pointr/noveltranslations

I have a book that I think would help that was on Amazon and DB also recommended it after I had bought it. It's not super expensive and it has a lot of explanation about language that isn't in apps and similar resources.

Introduction to learning Chinese

I hope this is of some help on your journey to cultivate in the Chinese language. :)

This Book

u/-Sora- · 1 pointr/noveltranslations

I can't really see any translated novels that I read and someone else hasn't already recommended, but here are a few English ones:

Worm, it's a completed web novel with a lot of chapters. Although I dropped it halfway through, I think it's a really good read (and has tons of good fanfics as well).

Daniel Black (book)

Contractor (book)

u/ManWithaPlan223 · 3 pointsr/noveltranslations

Heres the synopsis:

At fourteen-years-old Nolan had been known as one of the most intelligent young minds in the Canadian city of Collinsville. Only two years later and he has degraded into a common delinquent, spending most of his time skipping classes, playing video games, and getting into more fights than he cares to admit. His once record high academics were on the tail end of a gradual decline, a by-product of the growing indifference that had begun to fester after his parents' recent divorce. Unfortunately for Nolan all of his worries dissipate like smoke in the wind when he abruptly loses consciousness and wakes up in a forest that is completely foreign to him with nothing but the clothes on his body and the alarming awareness that this new environment is not one where he can survive on his own.
After wandering through the hellish wilderness he eventually encounters a strange group of hunter-gatherers that are exaggeratedly stronger than regular people, and manages to gain refuge within their village. When several of the nearby settlements are subjected to vicious genocides, the people around him begin to fear for their safety. By this point, however, Nolan is prepared to do whatever it takes in order to survive in this haunting new reality, a determination that solidifies with the chance discovery of a bizarre stone ring, an ancient object of magic and myth.

It's like a wuxia mixed with high fantasy/epic fantasy, there's a cultivation system martial skills and medicinal pellets etc I really liked it, the writing style basically reads like the synopsis

u/JoeGlenS · 1 pointr/noveltranslations

Zaregoto: Book1 and Book 2, Death Note: Another Note, and XXXHolic: Another Holic from the best mystery author IMO, NisioisiN

Also note, that NisioisiN is the author of the monogatari series (Bakemonogatari, Kizumonogatari, Nisemonogatari, Nekomonogatari, Kabukimonogatari, Hanamonogatari, Otorimonogatari, Onimonogatari, Koimonogatari, Tsukimonogatari, Koyomimonogatari, Owarimonogatari., Zuko-Owarimonogatari, Orokamonogatari, Wazamonogatari)

There are a lot of mystery/horror novels in, it's just nobody translates them, just like there are a lots of BL novels that aren't translated

EDIT 1: I would like to add Ballad of a Shingami series

EDIT 2: .Hack// Another Birth series

EDIT 3: Utsuro no Hako to Zero no Maria

u/doug89 · 2 pointsr/noveltranslations

The Daniel Black books are pretty good. Unfortunately there are only three at the moment.

It's about a man who has a string of bad luck and at his bedside at the hospital a goddess from another world appears and offers him a new life if he will become the guardian for her last priestess and keep her alive in the apocalypse.

I like how he uses magic in the universe, always experimenting and coming up with new inventions.

u/ralkij · 2 pointsr/noveltranslations

Even though I see your edit if you still want to it seems like there is a paperback version of it here from third party sellers. My only advice is to find a way to make sure it is legit and an english version.

u/ricardolecocq · 2 pointsr/noveltranslations

if you find a good recomendation, let me know, i would be interested as well.
Try the Kingkiller chronicles, MC goes to magic college and all.

u/_SnesGuy · 1 pointr/noveltranslations

Try some LitRpg? The Way of the Shaman is pretty good. I'm waiting for the 3rd book to finish being translated.

u/SpiderHack · -1 pointsr/noveltranslations

offhand probably not enough to be definitive.

but here are some:

I can't find the one with the %s but generally 'accepted' fact that in the US there is ~30% liberal and ~30% conservative and ~60% in the "middle" (I'd argue they are really more evenly split than that, but that is the old %s at least.)

Edit: there is some really good books describing how to USE this type of knowledge to your own benefit Among many others.

u/shady8x · 1 pointr/noveltranslations

Daniel Black series has some similarities. 1, 2, 3. That MC is using magic to re-create modern marvels, during an apocalypse, after being brought to another world, oh and he is protecting witches... There are a lot of similarities and the story is very interesting so I would suggest reading it.

u/rwxwuxiaworld · 2 pointsr/noveltranslations

A few things things.

One, the wuxia novels translated (such as Little Li's Dagger) are NOT webnovels, these are published print novels.

Two, as far as I am aware the earliest OFFICIAL modern wuxia translation is the John Minford translation of 鹿鼎记, 'The Deer and the Cauldron' by Jinyong in 1997. Again, however, this is a published NOVEL, not a webnovel, albeit all of Jinyong's classic wuxia novels are very long.

Three, it is incredibly hard to date the earliest 'fan' translation, and there were actually 'revisions' of spcnet that resulted in old translations coming down, as well as forums before SPC as well.

u/HuanXu · 2 pointsr/noveltranslations

If we're talking "officially" translated rather than fan-translated, then there are older works.

The Deer and the Cauldron and Flying Fox of the Snowy Mountain are two wuxia novels that were published in the 90s, for example.


And you could also consider classics like Journey to the West (xianxia-esque, first published in abridged form in the 40s), Water Margin (wuxia, first published in the 30s apparently), and Romance of the Three Kingdoms (wuxia-esque, a single chapter was first translated all the way back in 1907 apparently).

u/keladx · 2 pointsr/noveltranslations

I would recommend The Traveler's Gate Trilogy by Will Wight.
Book 1

u/cidqueen · 2 pointsr/noveltranslations

top recommendations are Secret of the Old Ones

and Awaken Online

a few things on royal road legends and check out the litrpg facebook page for more recommendations

u/starfyre7 · 2 pointsr/noveltranslations

The Phantom Server series and the Perimeter Defense series are both Space Opera LitRPG.

u/believingunbeliever · 1 pointr/noveltranslations

> Teamfourstar doesn't monetize any of their dbz abriged videos because doing so would get them in trouble with copyright. Commercial usage, while not a completely deciding factor, makes the usage almost always lean towards unfair usage of the copyrighted material. (of course, there are exceptions, such as when the work benefits the public)

That's because their work is not sufficiently transformative. Plot, characters, and even the depiction and look of characters is exactly the same with the exception of voiceovers. If they used their own animation and original terms they could monetize.

If you sufficiently distinguish your work it's fine. Let me introduce you to Barry Trotter and the Shameless Parody. You may also have heard of "Weird Al" Yankovic.

> That is not what I meant. The reason it's non-commercial is because it can be argued that you are paid for your service, and not fo the content itself. Especially so if said person also does other work.

That's rubbish. Payment for service is still commercial work. Whether you pay for a specific piece of content or a service doesn't change that it is commercial.