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u/SimplyPsychedelic · 2 pointsr/paradisofestival

The Gorge winds at night (and day 1 last year) can be crazy chilly! I think last year it got down into the low 40's at night, but when its been 90+ degrees all day 40 can seem like FREEZING! Make sure to get a locker to store your jacket/onsie in! (Bringing extra clothes into the venue is probably my #2 for most important things!) To go along with bringing extra clothes you want to make sure to get a fire blanket to put on top of your tent. It keeps out the hot and cold! Make sure to pay for really cold nights and hot as fuck days!

1 is get a water backpack it will save your life!

I also recommend ear plugs! You can get them pretty cheap on amazon. I got these last year and they were great!

This year I found these... it came with 2 pairs.

If you have a Facebook there is a Paradiso tips and tricks page you should check out!

u/BGFlyingToaster · 2 pointsr/paradisofestival

A good canopy is such a huge asset at Diso. There are 3 properties that you should think about:

  1. Size. Don't go huge. 10' x 10' is the largest that I can recommend due to the high winds.
  2. Weight bags. You can buy these separately, but they're a requirement in my book. There are some that use sand and others that are just bulk weight. Either way, you need these.
  3. Study construction. If you look at enough online, you'll start to notice that some don't secure the canvas to the frame as well as others and some have frames which aren't as sound. Read the reviews and look for people commenting on use in high winds.

    Here's the one we have and I certainly recommend it, but it's a bit expensive: However, you'll probably never buy another one. It comes with the weights and 4 walls that zip up, which is awesome if you want to turn it into a changing room.

    We move our tent partially under the canopy, with the open end facing away from the direction of sunrise. That way, when the sun rises, it doesn't touch our tent and we stay cool and can sleep in as long as we want.
u/PulpyJay · 1 pointr/paradisofestival

I'll be bringing a beer pong table so if you're into drinking games feel free to come by! My two friends and I love to share our games and learn new ones. We'll also have bocce, frisbee, and maybe molkky?? Not sure what it is exactly but we'd love to figure it out with you guys!

u/amesaroni · 3 pointsr/paradisofestival

Coleman Sundome 4-Person Tent, Green this one is super roomy and durable, me and a friend share a 4 person which is only like $50 and its suped roomy and nice for such a cheap price

u/dubies · 1 pointr/paradisofestival

I read that camelbaks are allowed but I just want to make sure this specific model is ok. It's the Camelbak M.U.L.E hydration pack 100 oz.

CamelBak 1115001000 M.U.L.E. Crux Reservoir Hydration Pack, Black, 3 L/100 oz

Any chance you can verify? Thanks for all you do!

u/yayblah · 1 pointr/paradisofestival

Yeah they're a little lower than what's recommended but they'll work. They've got the vitamins but are lacking magnesium, which helps with jaw-clenching. And TUMS taken when you drop will extend the roll.

Also get some antioxidants like this to take before:

The antioxidants will help you feel less fried the next day.

u/mvcase9 · 1 pointr/paradisofestival

I always recommend Decibullz. I've been using them for a year now and they are a life saver. The best part is that they are custom molded. I have a big problem with earplugs staying tight and comfortable in my ear, so decibullz really help with that. I also recommend buying the lanyard to connect the two plugs together to avoid losing them!

u/USCMatthew · 2 pointsr/paradisofestival

This is what I have been using for years. They last a good while and are pretty cheap. There are some higher priced versions as well, but the base one is honestly fine.

u/The_Jasp · 1 pointr/paradisofestival

bought last year and has been with me for 3 festivals now. works really well, taller than other poles, holds two flags, and collapses to fit in your car!

u/radical_shaun · 4 pointsr/paradisofestival

This tent has been great. It fits a queen size air mattress with room to stand and change. The dark material keeps it a tad cooler and lets you sleep a bit longer.

u/knguyenning · 2 pointsr/paradisofestival

Matthew, thanks for the reply. Another question, this bag is essentially the same as above but with an additional front mesh pocket, is that still ok?

u/jwBTC · 1 pointr/paradisofestival

> I could not recommend (ENOUGH) picking up a hydration pack if you don't have one.

I think I FTFY.

My personal favorite if I don't have a camelback is getting a misting water bottle:

O2COOL Bottle Mist 'N Sip Top:

u/ddressedupandinlinee · 1 pointr/paradisofestival

But in all seriousness, I think a tacky spray-on type of glue (safe on skin) exists.

Would something like this be what you're looking for?

u/keziahthemessiah · 2 pointsr/paradisofestival

I am bringing a grill to the festival. I know I need to buy a fire extinguisher. From your knowledge, is this one going to be suitable for their standards?

u/Merchantmarinesea · 4 pointsr/paradisofestival

I found some plain black Tom's at Ross and swapped the laces out for [these light up ones from amazon] (