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u/beadyox · 1 pointr/randonneuring

I use this heart rate monitor with a Garmin Edge 500 and powertap hub.

You should be able to sync up the heart rate monitor with a smart phone though if you have that. These things aren't necessary, they just maximize training efficiency. At the very least, check out Tabata intervals and do those on the bike when you're riding those 10 miles twice a week.

u/dummey · 3 pointsr/randonneuring

It depends on the route and season. If it's going to be a wet ride with 14 hours of no sun, then I run a dynamo hub with lights. The S&P hubs are relatively cheap. And I pair it with a IQ2 LUXOS U, though I am looking into an Exposure Revo MK1.

For speedier rides in the 5hr zone, I'll strap on one of these. The beam is a bit narrow for road use and it is symmetric so you have to be careful about blinding drivers. A spare battery is also pretty cheap, so you can have 10hrs of for $60 which is probably the best deal anywhere.

Finally, if I am doing something short like a 300/400k (well some 400k anyways), I'll throw on an Nightrider Lumina 750. The 5:30hr rating may be a bit optimistic, or my lights are getting a bit old.

As for lux... yea it's a German standard thing. I always wiki it ( and look at the examples they have. You can also see an example of that beam here:

It looks about the same output as my Nightrider at 200lumens.

u/antarcticgecko · 3 pointsr/randonneuring

The theory goes that you have so many thousands of calories stored already that it shouldn’t be an issue but I never could do that even if I felt ok. It would just make me uneasy to go that long without eating. Granted this is after the weeks or months to get fully adapted to the diet. I try not to eat much on rides, just almonds and cheese for the longer ones. Some guys post that they have bulletproof coffee for breakfast and don’t otherwise eat all day. It’s possible I guess, you’ll just have to experiment. I’ve never found any pro athletes that do this so it’s all anecdotal from regular guys.

Check out this book by two of the most respected lchf guys around. I haven’t read it but it’s on my bookshelf and it’s well regarded.

u/Ilikethebike · 1 pointr/randonneuring

I picked up this bag a few years ago, and have simply bungee'd it underneath my saddle. It has worked incredibly well, is stable, and you can't beat the price!
Only con is it takes a bit to get to your stuff.

u/i_am_not_mike_fiore · 2 pointsr/randonneuring

Smartwool makes an ultralight short-sleeved base layer that's great for cycling.

I would rock that with bike shorts (wool shorts suck TBH) and pack a lightweight windbreaker or windvest for descents or if you run cold.

u/fennyrules · 3 pointsr/randonneuring

As well as the Spot ones mentioned, there is the Garmin (formerly Delorme) inReach series as well. They have more features but are more expensive and again require a subscription.

edit: If all you want is an emergency locator then something like this is a single use system that will alert the emergency services and doesn't need a subscription, but that is all it will do.

u/Chypsylon · 7 pointsr/randonneuring

The image is directly copied from an existing Rack on Amazon: <>

Don't fall for this scammer.

u/Dingo8urBaby · 2 pointsr/randonneuring

The book Distance Cycling has various century (and longer rides) training programs. I think it has an 8-week and a 15-week version.

Check your local library.

u/Speedy_Greyhound · 1 pointr/randonneuring

The bracket came with a Taiwanese light kit but is basically half of one of these with the carbon tube cut shorter.

u/randonneur16 · 1 pointr/randonneuring

No problem.

Current Shimano front derailleurs are total garbage and have a stupid, heavy and UGLY clamp with lame shims to bring it down to 28.6mm tubing.

For $30 you can get something like this:

instead of this piece of shit:

Also note that front "double" derailleurs will shift triples JUST FINE. I've got 2 bikes both running doubles up front that have triple rings.

See here for some more info on running a 'double' with triple rings: