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u/Cakeybaby · 3 pointsr/rochestermn

We lived for two years in an apartment with outdoor parking. It wasn't terrible, but it wasn't great. Whenever it snowed we were at the mercy of the plowing company: if they plowed the lot we might get to leave, if they plowed our cars into their spots we were going to spend 30min-2 hrs digging out. In those two years it never got terribly freakishly cold, but I scraped a lot of ice.

Since we've moved into out house (this whole winter) I've only had to scrape ice once while we were traveling. Its a minor hassle but being able to see right when you want to go in the morning is amazing. I'm too short to get all of my windshield and it would frost back up almost immediately. Not an issue I have anymore. Also I never have snow in my car anymore. If we got ice and snow I would always have to chip one door open to start the car to loosen the rest and my interior would be covered in snow regardless of my best intentions. Not anymore.

Unlike the past two years it did get freakishly cold this year. Having our car in the garage meant it started every time. I drove my husband to work on those days so the car could stay inside during the day and some of his coworkers didn't make it in until hours after they should have been.

If you're going to leave your car outside I would suggest getting a really good ice scraper. I purchased this one a few years back and it has worked 100% better than any plastic versions. The ice comes off in once pass and leaves no streaks. Amazon has a few options for this style.

I know you're from Ohio, but Cleveland has been upgraded to USDA zone 6. We're Zone 4b. If you're not a gardener it probably doesn't mean much to you, but those numbers mean we get about 20F colder than Cleveland in the winter. Winter isn't fun here. There is a lot of wind, a lot of hills, and when it snows it goes for it. Best advice: Pick a place you like. If parking becomes an issue you know what to look for when you pick a new place.

u/kevarh · 3 pointsr/rochestermn

I lived on 25th St NW and had pretty good coverage, KTTC, KXLT, PBC (Iowa an KSMQ), KAAL, and KIMT. I moved further north and west and dropped Iowa Public Television, KTTC and KXLT.

I have this antenna indoors.

Check out Antenna Web, they are a pretty good indicator of coverage.

u/n0esc · 4 pointsr/rochestermn

Sorry to hear about your dog.

Never been in there but try the garden center across from Costco. Seems big enough that they would have one or be able to order. If that doesn't work, Amazon is your next best bet.

u/lunasolarian · 1 pointr/rochestermn

I bought an older version of this: Looks even nicer now! I bet there will be some good Black Friday deals too.

u/MedCityMoto · 7 pointsr/rochestermn

You should really just run your own router. Depending on your ISP for all your networking is not what I would recommend personally, as an ex-Charter worker and former network engineer.

Depending on what you're willing to spend, you can get a refurb Asus RT-AC1900 from Amazon for $88+$10 for a 3-year warranty through Amazon, beating the original $180 pricetag by a large margin with the same 3-year warranty from Asus. Great routers, great range. There are cheaper ones out there that'll do the trick, but that's my go-to for something on a budget that'll still absolutely be very fast and reliable.

Edit: Something to remember about your wireless networking is that you want it as central to your usage area as possible. If you've got it at the corner of your kitchen stuck between your fridge and microwave and you're 40 feet away in your living room, there's your problem.