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u/eagr · 2 pointsr/snackexchange

I live in the UK so I was interested to find out about this as I've never seen it. Is it this?

We have some fizzy elderflower drinks and elderflower cordial but not fanta branded specifically.
Anyway best of luck, I hope you find some :)

u/Meowstercat92 · 1 pointr/snackexchange

I hate Jaffa cakes, but my brother loves them. He buys them all the time from amazon: . They come pretty quickly, and you can get a pretty consistent, cheap supply.

u/projhex · 2 pointsr/snackexchange

Not exactly a trade.. but you should pick up some Lottie's Original Yellow hot sauce.

By far the best sauce I've ever had taste wise, and it's spicy too. Scotch Bonnets are no joke.

u/onlinesecretservice · 2 pointsr/snackexchange

Hello fellow UK dweller too nice 59p drinks.

It’s honestly the best flavour of Fanta I have ever had. It comes in a red bull style tall can and is from Poland!

u/laika_cat · 2 pointsr/snackexchange

> ドラえもん 人形焼 ~ カスタード ~ &かすてぇ~ら焼 カステラ ドラエモン

FYI this specifically says they have custard (カスタード) in them. It might be the closest to what you're looking for. Snacks here are very seasonal and/or limited; you might find a snack you like once, only to return to the same place a short time later to find it's not there. Rotating out flavors and such is VERY popular. Can't tell you how many times I've found potato chips I love, only to never find them again.

I suggest looking through this Google search to see if you see what you bought.

Worst comes to worst, custard-filled castella cake (sponge cake) is a popular item here. I know custard momoji is pretty much the same thing you've described.

u/magus424 · 1 pointr/snackexchange

Have you had Kasugai Gummies ? (especially the kiwi ones [linked])

Unfortunately I don't live near a supply anymore, but if you haven't, seek them out - best gummies I've ever tasted.

u/BrainKatana · 8 pointsr/snackexchange

Amazon has several types, in bulk. This one is pretty cheap for the amount:

u/Caroao · 2 pointsr/snackexchange

fyi amazon has them at a not-unreasonnable price, if you don't get any luck and are willing to deal with third party sellers

u/Leo1103 · 3 pointsr/snackexchange

if no one can find them to trade you can get them online they ship free with amazon prime

u/zylophone · 3 pointsr/snackexchange

if you can't find someone from JP to send them, you can also get multipack assortments on Amazon

u/ZappBrannigansLaw · 10 pointsr/snackexchange

I assume they are the same. I guess I will be ordering some as well!

Nissin Instant Cup Ramen Nakiryu Tantanmen 149g (Set of 4cups) Japan Import

u/BaroNessie · -1 pointsr/snackexchange

Just wondering if you peeked on amazon? They are here!

u/WuzFuz12 · 6 pointsr/snackexchange

Exchanging is more fun but if it comes down to it you can order them off Amazon

u/sayuriaiona · 2 pointsr/snackexchange

Would these happen to be them?

ドラえもん 人形焼 ~ カスタード ~ &かすてぇ~ら焼 カステラ ドラエモン

u/ItsJustReeses · 2 pointsr/snackexchange

As /u/-clinton- said. They have quite a few

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/snackexchange

wasabi peas comes to mind, if you consider wasabi spicey.
for chip dip, I mix sour cream with avocado and sriracha hot sauce. the chips need not be hot themselves then.

u/refurbed_soul · 1 pointr/snackexchange

I can send some to you.

jolly ranchers

Will that work?