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u/mayoinajar · 8 pointsr/snails

Get a container, small enough not to lose track of them but big enough for a small food bowl. I guess tupperware or something similar? I'd normally suggest a kritter keeper, but they look a bit too small for one lol. I'd get one of those square, semi flat containers, like this, so that it's small but still has enough floor space. A taller but less wide one would be better, but I couldn't find any solid options.

Poke some holes in the top for air, put some pesticide free dirt in the bottom, get a small bowl to put their food in, though I'm not sure where you'd get something small enough. It still needs to be heavy so the snail can't lift it, so small plastic containers are out, but nothing too big. Seems a lot of people use bowls like this one, though usually it's for larger snails.

Make sure you spray them with water near daily. Keep the walls and floor moist (but don't flood it), feed them pesticide free/organic veggies (and some fruits, but it's said that citrus can hurt snails in large doses, so just be wary, especially because of your snail's size), get them a cuttlefish bone (found in the bird section of pet stores) for calcium to help keep their shell strong. You'll likely only need one as they're pretty big. I'd snap it in half and just put one half in at a time, preferably on top of something so that it isn't dirtied up from the, well, dirt.

I think that's mostly it?? Honestly this may be too much info lol, you only asked for where to put them.

Good luck with them! What're you gonna name them?

u/RubberMan00 · 3 pointsr/snails

I do have an e-book on snails (no pictures so that it works with the Paperwhite) that should be free on Kindle Unlimited ( )


It's actually for Garden Snails (Cornu Aspersum), but as a general guide, you look after all snails the same way.

If this is not to your liking, just ask any specific questions and I'm sure they will get answered.


Good luck, and have fun with your new pets!

u/returntobabylon · 1 pointr/snails

I’ve never used Reddit and I don’t actually know how to add text to the post, but would this be beneficial to my garden snails? I already give them veggies and fish food and a cuttlefish bone. I’m not in a pinch or anything, I just have this in the house already so I was curious :-) This is the Amazon page for this particular turtle Food.

u/the--doldrums · 2 pointsr/snails

when you say critter keeper are you talking about this? i have an old one that i was thinking of using. are there any size restraints/recommendations?

u/Das_Maechtig_Fuehrer · 2 pointsr/snails

I'm not sure but this is the moss I use and its safeMoss