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u/DigitalMindShadow · 1 pointr/softscience

I would highly recommend that you read this book to gain a better understanding of how evolution by natural selection works.

u/dumbasswaiter · 1 pointr/softscience

That guy bites the SHIT out of his cuticles...I used to do that. Very cool video though. Already ordered the film. Super cool.

u/jrhorn424 · 2 pointsr/softscience

I've rarely met anyone who is "SUPER against" X, and could be persuaded by evidence. However, a good place to start is with Ben Goldacre's Bad Science. He has a Ted talk if you can catch your wife on an open-minded day.

u/[deleted] · 2 pointsr/softscience

This book is a fairly scientific, soft-science, in fact, look at DMT medical trials. It is easy to read, informative, and free of a lot of connotations that one might find with a more -- how do you say -- ethereal interpretations of DMT experiences, despite the book's title.

There is also a documentary by the same name and it covers much of the same topics in the book, but is a bit more Earthy-crunchy.

I have zero experience with DMT usage.

u/squeaki · 2 pointsr/softscience

I can identify with this. I've not studied it but I have read, and continue to pick up and put down, this book, maybe you know it.