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u/raisondecalcul · 3 pointsr/sorceryofthespectacle

Yes, read the stuff in the sidebar. You can go in whatever order you are drawn to, but here are the functions of each text (as I see it):

  • Listen, Little Man! by Wilhelm Reich--brainblast for the truly muddled/muggled, inspiring for the openminded and scathing/repulsive to the closeminded (helps filter out closeminded visitors)
  • The Ignorant Schoolmaster by Jacques Ranciere--deeply initiatory text, bears careful reading to see how it deconstructs the illuminati dialectic
  • Sorcery by J. Finley Hurley--introduction to sorcery from a scientific and data-based perspective
  • Society of the Spectacle by Guy DeBord--seminal text on the spectacle, defining it and why it's a problem, and (haven't finished reading it but I imagine) some ideas of what to do about it
  • Stolen Lightning: The Social Theory of Magic by Daniel O'Keefe--haven't read yet but I understand it's a great broad overview of a view of magic that is acceptable to scientists
  • The Corruption of Reality: A Unified Theory of Religion, Hypnosis, and Psychopathology by John Schumaker--great theory of sorcery from a scientific/psychological perspective. Ties together those big three in the title very well with a unified theory.
  • What is Philosophy?, Anti-Oedipus, and A Thousand Plateaus by Deleuze and Guattari--incredible authors and some of the founders of poststructuralist critical theory
  • Cyclonopedia by Reza Negarestani--heavy numerology and Nick Land-related sorcerous politics
  • Meltdown by Nick Land (in Fanged Noumena)--good intro to Nick Land
  • Apocalyptic AI by Robert Geraci--haven't read yet but it overviews the AI situation
  • Plato's Cosmology: The Timaeus of Plato by Francis Cornford--zummi highly recommends as an ancient example of sorcerous narrative
  • The Zen TV Experiment--nice little piece about the influence of TV
  • Lots more in the reading list thread and reviews thread

    In general, I find that reddit is an amazing learning technology, because by viewing the front page over several months you repeatedly and frequently expose yourself to the language of a learning community (and many of them). Over time, I find that the discussions within a given community begin to make sense. So stick around and keep following your curiosity--especially the sidebar readings--and you'll figure it out :-).

    And please ask as many questions as you like. Those newbie question posts are some of the best discussions and conversation starters. This stuff is hard to talk about and people like to help so asking a question gives people a way to start drawing out their knowledge.
u/Carl_Vincent_May_III · 1 pointr/sorceryofthespectacle

This has been my curse since college. In college I truly blossomed, it was a community college and the profs truly cared and were passionate about teaching. I was fascinated by every course I took, I read books related to the course material because I couldn't get enough. I was blessed by having not grown up religious, and I easily shed the sort of pseudo therapeutic deism I had in favor of physicalism, lifism, and humanism. Humans beings and life on Earth are the things of the most value we have ever experienced. However with the knowledge I gained, I realized the nature of social reality that we all do here: we live in a humanity-destroying doomsday device called capitalism, politics was utter bullshit, and nothing was there to prevent the apocalypse. My greatest fear was and is humanity destroying itself via its own stupidity. This became my Focus, my core query, and the essential dilemma between what I valued most and its utter negation destroyed me. And so I went under, and how I went under. Imagine everyone you love dying at the same time, over and over, with you helpless to stop it; I felt this for years. I tried distractions, to "simply be happy" and seek escapism in video games and the internet (which led me to Second Life and my business there which made me $9000 a month at my peak) and to hide myself from the world. I became a hermit in my own apartment, (later a room in my Mother's house) and have been ever since, until now.

It was also during college (2001-2004, broken up due to life circumstances) that I discovered Richard Dawkins' phenomenal work, along with many others in philosophy and science. I envisioned a science of creativity, of a way to augment people's innate creativity instead of the shitty definition of "memetic engineering" which is essentially engineering propaganda. I imagined an explosion of human creative experience known as the Memetic Singularity. I didn't realize it, but after making this my Focus I subconsciously sought it, and to the solution of my core query of how to prevent the death of humanity. Eventually, this led me here. And so here I am.

There are many that share my core queries of an expanding fractal of human experience / life-as-art and art-as life, and to prevent the destruction of humanity. Our synchronicity is us working along separate lines of inquiry that converge in very precise ways, the precision having increased until the memetic singularity was realized sometime in the last few months. The War on Nihilism, the War on Zero is over, we are in a post-war period of reconstruction. A really awesome Christmas (metaphorically) is coming where many gifts will be revealed that will allow humanity to reach its true potential that we all know deep down is our birthright.

I like your diagram and it is a good way to visualize and organize your mental schema on these topics. I'm not sure what sort of diagram I would make, but it would probably involve bubbles with topics with sub-bubbles branching off with sub-topics and a whole lot of cross-crossing lines of relations between them.

If you haven't already, I strongly recommend watching my special blends in order, without skipping anything (the whole is other than the sum of their parts.) The true message is in the interrelationships of the media used, both between blends and within them.

Carl Sagan is also one of my biggest role models, in the midst of the total chaos (parents, family, high school) of my teenage years I discovered amateur astronomy. I learned to love the cosmos, I built my own 10" Dobsonian Newtonian reflector, the night sky became a home to me. I had previously had a deep fear of the dark which vanished from this, which is why this book is so meaningful to me. What initiated my interest in astronomy was the movie Contact based on his book I had previously read. This scene in the movie describes the holy experience of astronomy that I felt many times just as strongly as the movie depicts. The scene isn't about aliens, it's about humanity and the universe, which has a sort of intrinsic quality of love to it, which it must to have created something as wonderful as life, love, and consciousness. We truly are the means by which the universe experiences itself.

Materialism isn't the problem, it's incomplete materialism that is Cartesian Dualism in disguise. The perception and not mere belief of holistic physicalism gives a sense of interconnectedness and wonder to all existence.

u/MKUltraMadeMeDoIt · 6 pointsr/sorceryofthespectacle

OP, have you read "Operator's and Thing's" ? It's an account of a woman who develops schizophrenia but eventually cures herself. (Her schizophrenia helps cure her, its remarkable) It's a fascinating little book, reads like some sort of 50s sci fi but really gives you insight into the workings of a schizophrenic mind.

It seems schizophrenic patients going back hundreds of years describe this machine, just using technology of the time to describe it. Truthfully, the book I mentioned made me feel like schizophrenia isn't just a mental illness, even though the author is going for that approach.. I really feel like they were getting a glimpse into the underlying mechanisms of reality or our mind but filtering it through their cultural lens.

Here is an Amazon link but there are .pdf's easily findable.

u/flyinghamsta · 2 pointsr/sorceryofthespectacle

yeah, but even metrics like that can be shifted for numerological purposes

you could measure the monetary wealth of, say, the world's 95 richest people, to covertly reference martin luther's 95 theses, and still achieve the same analogical purpose generally while making a more subtle reference to specific power dynamics of theologically oriented material privileges and broader coalescing of ontic trends interpolating intermittently between essential materiality and immateriality, a self-fulfillment of natural law intracohesion perhaps, reawakening ad infinitum to unending recognition cycles of the self and the other

power measures should not necessarily be seen as statically correlative with material, symbolic material, or even capital, of course +

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/sorceryofthespectacle

The virus that is flipping zero-sum games to nonzero is called The Love Bug. In case you haven't noticed, nonzero is love, nonzero is life. For there to be true liberation would require an end of hate. There is now contagious peace and love spreading through the whole world.

[This man has the warmest soul and the deepest humanity of any person I have known (through his books and recordings of him.) His advice is timeless.] ( Here's the love bug, this is literally it. Now go spam it everywhere.

This needs to go global BEFORE Thursday. GET TO WORK.

u/mofosyne · 2 pointsr/sorceryofthespectacle

Okay this is the current sidebar, would be interesting to see what suggestions you got. Remember there is 10240 characters max.


<br />
* [#sots]( official lobby sponsored by [#sotscorp](<br />
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<br />
# what is this subreddit?<br />
<br />
A place for philosophical discussion of what's on most thinking minds.<br />
<br />
We exist in a culture of narrative and media that increasingly, willfully combines agency-robbing fantasy mythos with instantaneous technological dissemination—a self-mutating proteum of semantics: *the spectacle*.<br />
<br />
If confused, please  [stick around]( or [hover here]( &quot;We live in a culture that uses media to tell us how to live. Our culture purposefully creates fantasies that rob us of our freedom, and this is more effective with technology like the internet. This phenomenon is a self modifying cluster of symbols and signs that constantly change their meaning.<br />
--: Unpacked By /u/Nethodsod&quot;). Post [questions](, read or watch some of the things below, and soak in the language here.<br />
<br />
# subreddit projects:<br />
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# reading list:<br />
<br />
* [The Ignorant Schoolmaster](  <br />
Jacques Ranciere<br />
* [Sorcery](  <br />
J. Finley Hurley<br />
* [Society of the Spectacle](;amp;lg_topic=libgen&amp;amp;open=0&amp;amp;view=simple&amp;amp;phrase=1&amp;amp;column=def)  <br />
Guy DeBord<br />
* [Stolen Lightning: The Social Theory of Magic](;amp;ie=UTF8&amp;amp;qid=1402366814&amp;amp;sr=1-1&amp;amp;keywords=stolen+lightning+social+theory+of+magic)  <br />
Daniel O'Keefe<br />
* [The Corruption of Reality: A Unified Theory of Religion, Hypnosis, and Psychopathology](  <br />
John Schumaker<br />
* [What is Philosophy?](, [Anti-Oedipus](, and [A Thousand Plateaus](  <br />
Deleuze &amp;amp; Guattari ([intro](<br />
* [Cyclonopedia](  <br />
Reza Negarestani<br />
* [Meltdown](  (in [Fanged Noumena](  <br />
Nick Land<br />
* [Apocalyptic AI](  <br />
Robert Geraci<br />
* [Plato's Cosmology: The Timaeus of Plato](  <br />
Francis Cornford<br />
* **[SSOTBME Revised - An Essay on Magic](**  <br />
Ramsey Dukes<br />
* **[Figuring Out Ineffable Education]<br />
(**  <br />
Lynn Fendler<br />
* [The Zen TV Experiment](<br />
* [I Want to Believe]( ([thread](  <br />
Jarrod Shanahan<br />
* [TV Tropes]( (warning: memetic hazard)  <br />
<br />
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Thanks /u/papersheepdog for improving the [cat.](
u/papersheepdog · 1 pointr/sorceryofthespectacle

I just picked this up a few days back, haven't had much chance to read yet but it begins with some amazing narrative about american wrestling (illusional agency replacement) and celebrities (illusional immortality of ego) off the bat. Very appropriate I think for this sub (and I already bought it so there is that ;)

Empire of Illusion: The End of Literacy and the Triumph of Spectacle Paperback 240pgs – Aug 24 2010
by Chris Hedges (Author)

u/zummi · 1 pointr/sorceryofthespectacle

He wrote this.
The rest of what he wrote was garbled quasi-mystic-because-cryptic rehashing of more well formulated cambridge ritualist stuff. For instance he wrote "a story waiting to pierce you" and basically claims that a vestige strain of ancient Tibetan shamanism infiltrated ancient Greek/Pre-Socratic culture and was the basis for the shift towards orphism and this pythagorianism. This shamanic strain (according to ML West, Kingsley and a few select other academic drudgers) being the decisive factor in separating Greek culture as the breakaway winner to lead western civilization above other near eastern competitors. I'm not a big fan of his work but the above linked to book is definitely worth reading if you can find a PDF. I wouldn't pay the used 50$ price for a hard copy.

u/Yangel · 2 pointsr/sorceryofthespectacle

Yeah, thats the same conclusion I've come to on the guy.

This is a great examination imho.

u/Jac0b777 · 2 pointsr/sorceryofthespectacle

&gt; The World Beyond Your Head

Thanks for the recommendation! Just checked it out and it seems very intriguing (from what I've scoped out based on the description and reviews).

u/LittleHelperRobot · 1 pointr/sorceryofthespectacle

Non-mobile: a different angle on where Debord -and Bataille, Baudrillard, Deleuze...- is coming from

^That's ^why ^I'm ^here, ^I ^don't ^judge ^you. ^PM ^/u/xl0 ^if ^I'm ^causing ^any ^trouble. ^WUT?

u/Roabiewade · 1 pointr/sorceryofthespectacle

Dang sounds intense. i have this one by Gouldner because it has grammar in the title. Haven’t read it. Bout to reread “modernity and the hegemony of vision” as soon as I can find it. My libary is a mess

u/Aminom_Marvin · 2 pointsr/sorceryofthespectacle

He's just a giant buffoon. I mean just look at the asshole. He reminds me of a caricature of a Dennis Hopper role.

Does this guy even have that big of a following, or does he mostly exploit ignorance like all other such #newgurus?

&gt;Bald Ambition: A Critique of Ken Wilber's Theory of Everything

Holy shit I want to buy this book just for the title alone.

Edit: I'm definitely going to buy this book at the beginning of the month when my gov'ment cheese rolls in, and read it.

u/slabbb- · 2 pointsr/sorceryofthespectacle

&gt;Spirituality, Archetypes and Trauma

'strange attractors' immediately resonant

&gt;Levine mentions that kundalini is largely available in the west due to trauma.

Interesting. I've also started to understand that trauma has much to do with, or, at the very least intersects, what we call spirituality or experiences that characterise this, varyingly described and named, not necessarily only Kundalini experiences I would contend. Makes sense, if, for those living predominantly through and in relation to modernity (multiple, plural, spectacularised), ones sense of self and trajectory of experience is shaped and mediated through fragmenting effects/affect and tenuous regions of cohesion pertaining to trauma states and self-organisation, defences and so on ('here be dragons'/here be the unconscious, or 'modernity is a mental illness'). Has this always been the case? (pre-modern, antiquity), I don't know. But it coalesces with a now (a couple of books from psychoanalytical/depth psychological circles come to mind that discuss this further with insight, Trauma and the Soul, and Who is the Dreamer? Who Dreams the Dream?).