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u/WellRenderedFat · 1 pointr/specializedtools

I used this earlier this year to redo my 3/4” western red cedar fence. It was gapped pickets before but I wanted it to be privacy style. This was awesome to reuse all the old boards. If the nails are extremely angled and set deep, it will take a chunk of wood out with the head. The nails in my fence were 11 gauge aluminum screw shanks and presented no problems. If you hold it flush the piston will create an additional divot in the wood that can be avoided by giving it a little space. I’m happy to own one though. I wanted to buy an extra piece so I could modify it and Air Locker hooked me up with a link and a reasonable price. Great CS.

It can also be used to drive things on through wood.

For anyone removing nails, I suggest adding this to the combo. Crescent 11" Nail Puller Pliers - NP11

u/ZWXse · 2 pointsr/specializedtools

They do make hand crank stirrers that work pretty well, but this looks more fun haha.

u/atomicbunny · 611 pointsr/specializedtools

I have one that hand cranks and separates them into rollable stacks. My kids love it.

for those interested

u/notquark · 6 pointsr/specializedtools

Wow, that’s a nice tool. 110 for the 1/2 shipped to the US.

Found it on amazon cheaper: Proxxon (23084) Rotary Ratchet 1/2 Inch Drive

40 with tax

u/SludgeFactory20 · 6 pointsr/specializedtools


This is the one you need. Best can opener ever and also a multi tool for opening many other things. For under 20 bucks it is well worth it.

u/reddexx · 37 pointsr/specializedtools

Yes, cool but for actual coin sorting you want one that is easier and faster to use, and drops the coins into rollers. While that one sorts, you'd still have to count out the coins and wrap them. Try this:

u/friedpotatonom · 1 pointr/specializedtools

I've found that this kind is better and results in less sharp edges.

Kuhn Rikon Auto Safety Master Opener, Red

u/krnl4bin · 2 pointsr/specializedtools

I used to have one of these and it was handy because unlike this one, it stayed on your thumb and you didn't have to remove it each time as you turned pages.

This one is perfect if you need it to stay open on the same page for a long time though.

u/Jes1510 · 2 pointsr/specializedtools

I bought some a while back to use with motors
CMS MAGNETICS 4" x 6" Green Magnetic Viewing Film, See Magnetic Field with this Magic Film to Learn Magnetism. Applicable for All Kinds of Magnets Including Neodymium Magnets, Lots of Fun!

u/BobbyDropTableUsers · 17 pointsr/specializedtools

It's just a design play. Electronic opisometers already exist:
...better grip, better reach, and smaller wheel too- so it's gonna be more acurate than a silver-dollar-sized wheel you need to hold awkwardly.

u/bennettpena · 3 pointsr/specializedtools

I also have one...every time a similar “new measuring device” shows up on reddit I’m over here with my 30+ year old one like ??? They even already make digital ones with hundreds of reviews on amazon...

Calculated Industries 6025 Scale Master Pro Digital Plan Measure

u/giftedandcursed · 5 pointsr/specializedtools

This one looks better because of a little base you have to put the nut on

Naomi Nutcracker with Spiral Spring - German Engineered Stainless Steel and Silicone Design (Black Silicone)

u/vahdkasoder · 1 pointr/specializedtools

Nadex Sort and Wrap Set with 350 Coin Wrappers - 4 Easy Wrap Coin Tubes and 4 Quick Sort Coin Trays, Color-Coded

u/SummerS0lstice · 1 pointr/specializedtools

Nadex Sort and Wrap Set with 350 Coin Wrappers - 4 Easy Wrap Coin Tubes and 4 Quick Sort Coin Trays, Color-Coded

u/e-wrecked · 5 pointsr/specializedtools

I have one of these bad boys. Had one when I was a kid, and I love pickles on everything so it gets a ton of use. So for those worried about the environment this is definitely seeing use, and I think more people should get one.

u/reallycooldude69 · 2 pointsr/specializedtools

There are commercial products like that as well -

I prefer just using a butter knife with a churning motion though, a little more effort but it's faster in my experience.

u/SweetAsACoyote · 11 pointsr/specializedtools

They sell them on Amazon! I bought a pack of three a while back

I just searched "book holder ring"

u/Belazriel · 3 pointsr/specializedtools

This Scotch Handband dispenser is amazing for wrapping gifts, but it's such a pain that it needs special (somewhat expensive) refills.

u/NoFunRob · 2 pointsr/specializedtools

As with many many things on, that item does not ship to Canada. This one on does.

u/SystemFolder · 1 pointr/specializedtools

Judging by the name and numbers on the handle, it’s this.

u/Thrifticted · 2 pointsr/specializedtools

[Here's](proxxon (23084) rotary ratchet 1/2 inch drive a 1/2" drive version

u/easyentry · 1 pointr/specializedtools

Proxxon makes one with the adapter at the handle.... I cant think of a single time in the past 5 years where this would have been necessary but I suddenly have an urge to buy a new ratchet set....

Proxxon (23084) Rotary Ratchet 1/2 Inch Drive

Proxxon (23083) 3/8 Inch Rotary Ratchet

u/CaffCafftheGiraffe · 2 pointsr/specializedtools

Scotch Pop-Up Tape Handband Dispenser, 3/4 x 2 Inches, 75 Strips/Pad, 1 Pad/Pack - Colors May Vary (96-G)

u/WanksterPrankster · 1 pointr/specializedtools

In looking for that spoon, I discovered that it's technically called a honey spoon.

u/elses · 3 pointsr/specializedtools

I bought that puller on Amazon...use is all the time with pallets
Crescent NP11 11-Inch Nail...

u/wolffy88 · 2 pointsr/specializedtools

From sharkmonkeyzero’s comment above

> Here is the only one I found with a quick search:

> Seem to be more commonly called edge rollers

u/sharkmonkeyzero · 22 pointsr/specializedtools

Here is the only one I found with a quick search:

Seem to be more commonly called edge rollers

u/GeneralDisorder · 1 pointr/specializedtools

If you go to WalMart you'd go to the stationery section and find the office stuff. Or probably the same place in Target.

I found a hand-crank coin wrapping machine on Amazon for $25

I believe the "Money Miser" coin sorter is electric but the manufacturer doesn't make new ones.

u/HungMD · 3 pointsr/specializedtools

there's another type that gets reposted regularly - this is the one is for large nuts, but there's other sizes. currently thinking about getting it -

u/norepedo · 14 pointsr/specializedtools

You don’t. You put the pickles into the container.

Pickle Storage Container with Strainer Insert, Food Saver (Green Lid) - by Home-X